Reincarnated As A Villager – Table of Contents

God messed up. I reincarnated. Born in a countryside village, I’m surrounded by beautiful imoutos and a childhood friend who’s a girl. No electricity and no water, this will be the ultimate slow life!

Helping with farm work and animals, and yet my house turned into a huge shop where female adventurers happen to come around! Today is also very busy for me.

This is the story of my slow life.


Chapter 1 – I Reincarnated

Chapter 2 – A Satisfying Accidental Reincarnation

Chapter 3 – The Farmer (For Some Reason) Is Early

Chapter 4 – Two Customs

Chapter 5 – Morning Work

Chapter 6 – Mm… Good

Chapter 7 – Printed Woodblocks Make Excellent Teaching Tools

Chapter 8 – Goblins Appeared

Chapter 9 – Don’t Think About it, Feel it!

Chapter 10 – Big Brother is Dignified

Chapter 11 – It’s Fun to Be Alive

Chapter 12 – Mysterious Powers Are Super Convenient

Chapter 13 – Side Job

Chapter 14 – It’s Very Easy to Buy

Chapter 15 – Just In Case…

Chapter 16 – Super Useful Magic

Chapter 17 – Time For Lunch…

Chapter 18 – Do I have to work in the afternoon?