My Top Ten ‘Another World’ Novels

So, as I continue to add books to the “List of Another World Web Novels”, this got me thinking about which books I like the most. I tend to be critical when I talk about books, stressing the things that bugged me over the things I liked… However, with a list of 50+ books, you’re probably wondering which books are the ones I actually think are worth reading. Or in other words, what are my top ten?

So if your time is precious, and you just want to know what I’d personally recommend, this is the list for you.

10. KonoSuba

What can you say about KonoSuba? This is a story full of awful people being awful to each other. Then again, Seinfeld was popular. So was Friends. KonoSuba is like those stories, but in another world coating. A group of dysfunctional heroes get together, and seemingly by accident, start to knock off the generals of the Demon King one at a time. It’s funny. It’s stupid. You’ll hate them and love them at the same time. I think this is probably one of the most consistently hilarious web novels you can find. Well, it did get approved for two seasons of an anime, so it must have something people love.

9. The Death Mage That Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time

I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed this one. It has a similar direction to Black Demon King in that bad things keep happing to this guy until he’s driven into a corner to the extent that he’ll likely be recognized as the next Demon King and become the enemy of God. The good thing is that in order to do this, the characters and the world actually make sense. In Black Demon King, they fall on cartoonishly evil characters that do this for no reason other than because they claim god tells them to. Death Mage does it better, the MCs rage and hatred for the people who wronged him didn’t come because they were cartoonishly evil, but from accidents, misunderstanding, and happenstance. God takes care of 100s of worlds and billions of people, to the point that he doesn’t even see one life as significant, so it makes sense when he ignores the Death Mage, and doesn’t really care about the abuse the Death Mage suffers because of his mistakes. Most everyone goes after him because they fear or hate him simply because of what he is. It can be a sad story, and a funny story, and while it isn’t as raw and brutal as certain other stories, it has great pacing, and amusing cast of characters, and has a mood that can actually change over time compared to the seemingly perpetual gloom and dread of Black Demon King.

8. My Disciple Died, Yet Again

It starts slowly, but it makes up for it by continually being hilarious. My Disciple Died, Yet Again, follows the tale of a developer brought into a Xian Xia world in order to fix all of the bugs. Bugs being the protagonists and antagonists that normally show up in these kinds of novels, whose actions would inevitably lead to the destruction of said world. It can be sad and heartwarming, but it is always hilarious, whether she’s peeking on the protagonist as he juggles girls in his harem, stealing one of his girls, or building a clan with the flick of her wrist, she’s just great, and so is this novel.

7. Arifureta

It should come as no surprise that a novel I spent a year translating which started this blog in the first place would be a novel I like. It shows up lower on my list for reasons I mention in my review. The story drags a bit, the change in tone is a bit meh, and the characters have little rhyme or reason to be all obsessed with the MC. Well, stories I truly don’t like tend to have nothing I can say about them, because they left no opinion on me, and I could talk about all of my quips about Arifureta all night long. It’s one of the better stories out there and the best “entire classroom transfers to another world” story I’ve read. The characters are memorable, and the idea of a guy dropped to his lowest point only to crawl back out and become Op’d is great.

6. In Another World With Summon and Support Magic

Better known as Boku wa Isekai, this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure. With a rather whiny protagonist, it can be annoying when you’d rather punch him in the face than deal with him. However, there is something great about the way this story is. Everything takes place in only a day per volume. You can feel the weight of the struggle to survive, as every distraction means more of the class is being murdered by orcs. It gives me a satisfying blend of survival horror mixed with RPG. If you can get over the often one-dimensional characterization, it’s honestly a fun wish fulfillment story as the bullied weakling becomes leader of the middle-school girls. It’s one of the very few another world RPG stories that actually considers group tactics and uses them as part of the story.

5. Shinka no Mi

Admittedly, the protagonist is a really whiny guy, constantly tsukkomi-ing the crazy world he’s found himself in, but that aside, there is something hilariously great about a guy who keeps getting ridiculously stronger even while he’s desperately trying to reign it in. The cast of characters are great, and when my biggest complaint is that the translator is translating it way too slow… that’s got to mean something.

4. Shield Hero

Shield Hero was one of my first experiences with another world novels, and still probably one of the best. It does get very long winded in the end, to the point I was skipping through arcs just to finish things up. Still, it had many memorable events that are hard to forget, and it achieved an epicness that many stories fail to. It ended on a note completely unlike it started, going from a jaded and persecuted hero just trying to do what’s right to a celebrated hero battling a god, but I think it’ll always have a place as one of the big stories that defined this genre.

3. Against the Gods

Some might argue it’s not ‘another world’, because he resurrects on the same planet… technically… although it’s a Xian Xia planet and the continent he started on is so far away  (it’s about twice the distance as traveling to the moon) that it might as well be another world. Plus, other worlds exist, and the story will clearly have him leaving his world eventually. This is a repetitive novel that uses the same formula over and over again, always upping the ante. Best in the region, oh, but you live in the smallest, most pathetic region. Best in the nation. Oh, but you live in the smallest, most pathetic nation. Best in the continent? Oh, but that is just one of three continents. Best in the world? Oh, that’s just one world of many. I’ve read many Xian Xia novels, and this is the only one I found myself returning to. Something about it just keeps me interested, even though the main character is closer to a villain than a good guy, no matter how much the story wants to convince you he’s not.

2. Dominion’s End

Although plagued with throwing too many elements at you, but the good thing about it always throwing something at you is that it never gets boring. I find Dominion’s End to be one of the most interesting stories being released. I keep going back to it and waiting for more chapters, and I just love everything this story has to offer. I like gender benders, so a woman trapped in a pretty boy’s body is hilarious. He has a deep and complex personality, conflicted between the need to survive and desire to protect his family. Once again, my biggest complaint on this story is that it doesn’t release faster.

Runner Ups:

Fimbulwinter:  This one would be on my list, except as an English written amazon novel with mature content, it technically shouldn’t be on my ‘another world’ list at all. However, the high octane adventure filled with colorful characters, fast quips, and great action makes it testosterone filled wish-fulfillment on speed.

Wizard With the Flower Blades: A good story, but ultimately a bit too generic. If it tried something a bit more original, the quality writing and setup would have excelled, but instead, it stuck savagely to the cliches, and thus was only a good example of everything you’ve already read.

Going Back and Forth Between Earth and The Other World with Space Time Magic: It was between this one and Death March. Some people like one, Some people like the other. To me, they are both slice of life done right, but the focus on a smaller group of characters and older in age cause this one to slightly win out. However, being a slice of life also causes the issue that the story is never really going anywhere, which keeps it from being higher on my top ten list.

1.  Release That Witch

I said as much in my another world list, but I can’t stress enough how much I love Release That Witch. A novel that functions more like a fantasy epic than a light novel, it’s full of strong characters, good pacing, logical progression, and a character whose only OP power is his college education. The female characters are strong. While it’s very much a harem, the women respect him on a level that approaches adult-like. It does frequently have chapters that focus on other characters, which can range from world-building and insightful to boring and just wishing they’d get back to the main character. I know this web novel might not be for everyone, but it’s one of a handful of novels on this list that felt like it deserves to be published, and so it makes it on my top list.


What is your top ten list?


Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 8

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“… I’m home…” My brother said while he came to my side.

In his left hand, he had the bow I made, in his right hand, he had one gray rabbit.

“I caught one!”

My younger brother had a timid personality where he was the kind of person to say the bare minimum necessary, however, he had a pleasant face and was thus really popular.

“You caught a large one, with one shot?”

He nodded in joy as soon as I said that.

“Wash your hands first before you get breakfast.”

He nodded and ran to the outdoor sink.

“Tota is a wonderful hunter, he catches something every day.”

These lines seemed to have come from mother.

But, generally speaking, it was abnormal that a five-year-old could hunt gray rabbits.

Compared to the rabbits of my previous life, it is quick like a cat and has brutal nails. As for hunting them, it wouldn’t be easy even for an experienced hunter.

I had given Tota the bow and taught him to hunt, from there his talent grew. He was able to hit his target in only five days. When I taught him throwing knives his talent bloomed again. This time, it only took three days. I was stunned by this, but mother was good with the bow and arrow so it must be inherited.

… Well, there are various races in this world, ranging from humans to human-like monsters.

“Hunting is good, but it’ll be more than we can eat if you hunt every day. The storage is already full.”

Hunt one in the mornings. Two or three animals throughout the day. Even if they didn’t need them now, they could save them for later.

We saved this much in case there was a famine, but perhaps we have saved too much? There is a storage room in our house, but it’s about the size of a gymnasium…

“Well, then I’ll take it over to granny.”

Some of the food is going to expire soon, and they needed firewood. Perhaps they should head to the village today?

As I thought about it, Tota washed his hand and arrived at his seat to eat breakfast.

When breakfast was over and I was drinking some medicinal tea, Tota opened a drawstring bag towards me.

When I took a look inside, I saw the ear of a goblin was in it.

It’s not a great sight just after we ate, but it didn’t upset me too much. If you live in a world with swords and magic for ten years, goblins become a daily event. Sometimes it’d be nice to see a dragon (not a real dragon, but a dinosaur-like creature the size of a rhinoceros) come out every once in a while.

“Spring has come.”

“No, goblins have nothing to do with spring.”

It was a sharp jab from my reticent younger brother. Truly, my bother can do anything.

“How many of them were there?”

“There were three.”

With three of them, is that a scout? Well, it seems possible that there is a larger group.

A standard goblin group for hunting would be around ten members. I‘ve heard stories (from adventurers) that certain hunting groups can grow to as many as thirty. If there are three, there could be a hundred, or if we’re unlucky two hundred or more.

“That could become a stampede.”

Demons such as goblins (things with intelligence are called demons) outbreaks are treated as natural disasters. If you know about them, the only option is to run. If you didn’t know, death.

Reporting to local nobles? I’ve considered doing this before, but they’d probably just abandon everything. The local lords’ army is less than one hundred soldiers. Though they are just goblins, they may be in a berserker status and with over two hundred the damage would be extensive. That’s only if they’re unskillful. If the situation was bad enough, the local lord may even sacrifice the village as a certain army tactic (a slave tactic).

You could always request for adventurers to help, though if the local lord had given up, there would be no reason they’d want to put their lives on the line. Well, even if an A-rank party accepted the request, there were less than 10 high-ranking parties in this country and even then, this village doesn’t have the kind of money to pay them.

Well, it’s good we knew. Immediately running away — at least, that’s what most of the general populace would do. However, regarding this village, no, this place has changed me with its warmth. I think about these things in silence.

“Well, it’s a good time then.”

Lately, I’ve been thinking I wanted some poison taste testers. Well, even though the goblins eat very poorly, if I want to understand poisons I’ll have to endure it. It’s also the season for bandits so I might get lucky and catch one.

“Tota, tomorrow we’ll go and investigate their location and numbers.”

“But, you promised to teach us magic!”

Ah, did I?

“Grr! Brother always forgets easily.”

Lately, my siblings started taking an interest in magic. They were already showing signs of being talented in magic too. Seriously, what kind of blood does my family carry?

Incidentally, neither Suppor nor Tota cared much about the impending stampede. After all, they’ve seen me massacre a group of club-wielding ogres and break large rocks in half. They experienced scenes that lacked common-sense and now they lacked common-sense as well. They’re already underwhelmed by the stampede.

“Ok, then, I’ll show you guys until noon. I’ll teach magic throughout the morning. Is that fine?”


“You as well, Suppor?”

“Mm… that’s fine.”

Having obedient siblings makes this bother happy!

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 7

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“A-chan, are you telling another story?”

My younger sister cried out as I burned letters into a piece of wood with a hot iron.

“Oh… I’m thinking about time to teach you more characters.”

Maybe if you lived in a capital or a big city, but in the countryside, there is no such thing as a schoolhouse. The literacy rate is to the point that maybe one in ten the letters.

Certainly, if you don’t know them, you can still make it, but if you do know letters, there is nothing to lose and you’ll live a better life. A life that allows you to read books will enrich your mind.

However, in this era with underdeveloped papermaking technology, books are expensive. It’s a rare item that you cannot buy unless you are a noble family, kind of like the special edition of certain books.

When I taught characters to the uncle at the pharmacy, I saved a little pocket money and was able to buy a book from the peddler for reading. My sister was interested and wanted me the teach. Although, I only remember about 17% of it.

I was studying at the time, and I still didn’t understand all the books I could buy like certain travel books, plant glossaries, and history books.

I leaned on fairy tales to teach characters by using their want to find out what happened.

I tried to make paper, but it turned out to be a lot of trouble, or so I thought. That’s when I realized that it didn’t really have to be paper.

There are so many trees that they just rot away. I have the power to cut down trees, and because I have Earth magic, I can create the irons to imprint letters.

Although a single story becomes a little bulky on an A3-sized plywood board, I made a basement with soil magic so there is room.

You can trace with it. You can read with it. I’ve made a multiplication table and teach arithmetic. It was as good to use for teaching material as leather.

Well, in my little sister’s case, she likes to study the alphabet while listening to the stories I tell. She is graded by being able to remember the letters and read them out loud.

“What is this story?”

“The Crane… No, I’ll tell you about the return of the Grateful Bird.”

“What a story!”

Her eye’s sparkled as she pressed forward.

It’s kind of like when a circus comes to town. In a world without much entertainment, this gave the feeling of bringing excitement to kids.

“I’ll tell it to you when I can. Mom’s coming back for breakfast.”

I pushed my sister back and moved to the breakfast table, lining up a bowl.

Today’s food was a stew of meat. Boiled egg. Pickles. Baked fish paste. There is no sense of unity, but it was normal for this village, it would be more luxurious at a lord’s table.

Breakfast gives you the energy you need to work, so the word in my house is to eat well and work well.

“Alright, let’s dig in.”

Even though I’m ten years old, as the patriarch I take the lead.

“Let’s dig in!”

“Thank you.”

Oh, that’s right, my brother came home.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 6

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When I returned home after cleaning out the barn, there was a sweet smell that awoke my hunger instantly.

“Are we having meatbuns today?”

If we compare it to my previous existence, this world sits around the medieval age, and a water mill would be considered the peak of modern technology. However, the level of magic and magic tools are high. In the countryside, there is nothing to see, but in the Capitol City there are cars fueled with magic stones and airships flying. There are everyday items (mostly for the rich) such as lighting fixtures and refrigerators.

Well, although these kinds of things sell in the city, I don’t know the details. With my three abilities I have access to everyday goods like refrigerators. Of course, their cookware is likely more abundant in the royal palace.

In my previous life, even though we had supermarkets, cooking by myself was just too hot and lonely.

This is a tough world, but it’s a blessed place for food. There are things like miso and tomato sauce. Various herbs grow that have usable oils. At the sea, you can fish and find kelp and shellfish as well. In the mountains, wild boars, rabbits, and birds can be hunted, so you never have to worry about meat. Though you can also run into an orc, their meat is delicious as well. If you travel a bit, you can find bamboo. Finding bamboo shoots is extraordinary.

Bread is a staple of this age, but there is a rule that only bakeries can buy bread. Because wheat is taxed by the country, everything is done through the bakery. Of course, there is always a way out, and you can buy wheat belonging to the commercial guild (there is a grocery store in this village).

Yes, as the old man always says, if you can’t eat bread, eat sweets. This is all too true. If you can’t eat bread, eat other things.

A meat bun, yes. Nan. Yes. Ramen for pasta. Cookies, yes, please. I know how to make this even if I can’t cook. I’ll just tell someone who can.

If I casually show my little sister, her abilities will bloom. Though she’s only eight years old, she’s managed to produce a meat bun not unlike the meat buns from my previous world.

Being a villager, is this kind of ability a waste? I disregard that sort of tsukkomi. It’s up to every individual whether they want to live a life of killing. If my little sister wants to become a chef instead, then that’s good too. Do what you love while you’re still alive.

“Ah, Brother. Please wait a bit. It is almost done.”

For a country house, we have a disproportionately large kitchen (a sink with two faucets, a cooking table, and a refrigerator with an ice bin) from which my sister works while cooking lively.

“Good, no hurry, Mother is still out there.”

Our house is a Japanese-styled home where dirt is forbidden, although the living room is set up in a western style. Although no snow falls in the winter, there is also a fireplace as it gets below freezing.

I take the jar from the fireplace and pour the contents into a cup located nearby.

There is no coffee or tea, but there are several types of medicinal tea. There are things like dandelion so you can make something similar to coffee. Now, this is my favorite drink.

“Mm, good.”

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 5

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Well, now that I’ve finished my morning habits it’s time to check the fields and livestock.

The main product of our house is ramno (ラムノ, can’t find a translation, possible persimmon?), but it’s not possible to support ourselves with just that (in the sense of how we’d appear to the public).

Although this country circulates currency, at its core we follow self-sufficiency and bartering.

The fields are roughly 3 acres, with half an acre given to the ramno. Half of the acres are meadow, and the other half go to planting seasonal root vegetables (sweet potato).

In this world, there is no word for crop rotation, but it’s a rule of thumb that planting the same things again and again is bad. For that reason, we plant different things every year to give them a rest. However, with no knowledge of fertilizer, recovery can’t catch up and this crop would become bad.

However, I have earth magic, my memory from a previous life, and we’re surrounded by the mountain and sea. Given the fact I was the son of a farmer, fertilizer making is familiar. So the lands of our farm always have a big crop. Because of this, the wild boars and blue deer frequently invade our land.

Of course, it’s surrounded by fences and earth walls as well as traps we set up, but they are desperate to live. They invade through many obstacles.

To make matters worse, gray wolves come to corner the wild boars and deer that get caught in the traps and fencing. Well, it’s not too much of a problem because we can gather the pelts from animals caught in the traps, but it takes time and effort. Making functional fences takes a surprising amount of finesse.

Also, pests are a problem. In a world without pesticide, it is only natural you’d find insects. While it’s true I can stop the pest problem with a barrier, there is such a thing as the eyes of the public, and I try not to use it so that I can continue to appreciate how hard this life is. Well, I use it in some places.

First, I look at the Ramno. I do not see anything suspicious in the branches and there are no insects. It seems to be going well.

Mother was pulling weeds when I entered the field.

“Mother, how are the fields?”

“There is too much nourishment so the weeds flourish.”

Ha… well, the goats are happy.

The usual exchange is made and then I head for the barn.

Most of the farmers have livestock.

Wheat famers near the center of the village keep beef (water buffalo-like) and chicken to cultivate the field. Farmers on the mountain side milk and feed goats, and use horses to carry wood (the horses are smaller but stronger in this world).

My house also keeps horses and goats as well, but I keep another type of goat for their hair.

Two years ago, a hawker came from the north with a special hairy goat that inhabits colder areas.

The long hair of the goat is durable and easy to thread for a bow. It also serves good milk and delicious meat. They have a strong fertility and live on weeds.

Though they were expensive, costing three gold for a pair (about 600,000 yen in my original world), it was a really good buy. They are a very useful livestock.

I open the door to the livestock which is secretly reinforced with earth magic and barriers, to find sixteen long haired goats and six normal goats for milking. I put out twenty chickens and the horses.

I’ve checked all of the livestock on the ranch.

“Yeah, everyone seems to be healthy.”

I am satisfied and enter the barn.

Although I call it a barn, it’s really a hole dug and spread out in the mountain two tennis courts in size.

Although the livestock are divided, they aren’t confined by a fence. There is no reason to bother since I know they won’t leave because it’s safe, comfortable, clean, and with plenty of water. I concluded that there is no issue.

“Well, it looks like a good turnout of eggs today. Pretty good.”

I collect the eggs in a basket and place them on the shelf near the door so that I can clean the goat’s and horse’s bedding.

The barn cleaning takes about an hour, which is easy thanks to this body that can carry five tons. I really appreciate god’s gifts.

“Alright then. How about some breakfast.”

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 4

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There are two customs I have every morning.

One is to bow to the morning sun for two beats.

This doesn’t come from some religious custom in my old life. It was something I started here since I turned six.

This is a world where the weak die and death follows you everywhere. You could call it survival of the fittest.

There is no police, and the medical care has developed very little. As custom for a world with swords and magic, monsters come out ordinarily, and thieves aren’t unusual either. A famine could easily come if the weather got worse. Still, taxes were a constant. This was before my time, but I heard that it was once normal to have to sell your own daughter to survive.

Although I have three abilities, this life isn’t smooth sailing. There were once or twice where I thought I would die, and I’ve seen people die six times now in easy and unreasonable ways.

This is a tough place to live. I know this because of memories from my previous life, so I understand. I should be happy I’m alive, it’s a blessing to be alive.

I’m always thankful when I think about this. I want to express it. I want to show that I am alive so that I do not forget about my past life, but live in the present.


“Thank you for our lives and being able to live this day.”

I bow deeply.

By the way, it never fails to rain or storm, but I have no problem because I can freely manipulate barriers.

My second habit is to visit the tomb of Oton.

Father’s tomb is right below the house looking from the front, under the big willow tree.

It is a grave with name of Oton carved into a kamaboko-shaped slate, with a sword stuck in with full force.

Compared to the tombs of my previous life it is a modest thing, but in this life it is a decent hero’s tomb (according to the talks of peddlers and adventurers).

Well, Oton is a hero, so I have no complaints.

Oton was the only exclusive adventurer in the village. He used swords and magic, and had enough ability to even fight equally with an ogre.

However, he couldn’t win against a group of orcs. He was able to drive them off from the village, but he died shortly after from his injuries.

He was a younger man than me in my previous life, so I couldn’t think of him as my father, but he was the one who raised me and protected us. I’m thankful for being alive and hold affection for him. I’d waiver rain or storm to prove that fact.


“I am really happy to be born as Oton’s son.”

I don’t bow, but I show a smile.

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