Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 33

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Well, we eventually just started chatting peacefully while we rest elegantly with cookies and roasted shellfish while drinking coffee (pseudo).

My thoughts? I revealed an unpleasant face to merchant that showed my disagreement. Truly, I still need training.

“Sorry, I hear that the merchant ship struck a Sea Dragon, but is the damage done to the ship more than the village can handle?”

Although there are many types of dragons, the sea dragons in this area are little more than giant turtles that eat small fish in the ocean.

“No, our ship isn’t damaged.”

“So, did its appearance cause some kind of uproar amongst the crew?”

Even though it did not attack the ship, it’s considerably large and might have spooked the crew.

“When I was young, I recall a merchant ship being sunk by one of those.”

“Ah, you did, that kind of thing…”

“Surely, there was a time like that.”

“That makes sense, the adults were talking about the ocean god’s blessing on larger fish.”

Incidentally, this was the village head. I’d have preferred not to hear about it.

Well, it is a fantasy world. It’s not surprising either way, and I met a god (?) before I arrived (more like I felt him). Moreover, various mermaids and fishermen live out on the sea. It is a world that cannot be denied when things go wrong.

“That’s believable.”

The village chief firmly accepts. Seriously! What?

“Well, I have not seen one, but grandfather said he saw one so I believe in mermaids.”

“…It’s known…”

Actually, I’ve been in communication with mermaids for the last four years, but I didn’t share that story.

“I said it was my grandfather, it was just luck he saw it in the distance, the dorsal fin.”

Isn’t seeing the dorsal fin just a fish? I guess it could be some giant like old man Poseidon, but I am somewhat disappointed.

“Well, appearances aside, the merchant ship was hit by the way of a sea god.”

Even if the merchant ship was a complete wreck, it’s ten times more likely that the collision would have shattered the ship.

“But it’s a tough boat because the ocean’s god hits it and it didn’t sink.”

“Maybe it’s a magic ship.”

“Magic ship, what’s that?”

I do not know the details but I’d say a ship that moves with magical power is a magic ship. The squat would be awfully small. The hull floats through the use of a manastone of wind and it all runs on wind as well. Well, it couldn’t be an ordinary wind stone, it’d need to be like a demonic stone of the wind dragon?”

Demonic magic stones exist, the art of machining (magically) and creating magic tools has existed for 500 years. Magic ships also have a hundred years of history (whether it is widespread or not).

This fantasy and unbalanced world. It’s funny I have a skill that so surpasses my previous life.

“A windy dragon… Ah, is that like the migratory dragons that are always flying?”

“Oh, the southern country will be summer now.”

The Lars letters seem to come from a subtropical country.

“The South country, I want to go there again.”

“I want to eat a banana again.”

“I’ve had Pao~”

“Understood, I’ll bring it next time.”


“Sounds bad when I just demand it.”

“I don’t mind. Just make sure to eat well.”

In my house full of food, whether it is tropical fruit or a sea delicacy, it is only material. So, when you eat it once a year it gives a nice seasonal feeling.

“As usual, Ba is generous.”

“What? Giving Happiness attracts further happiness. I do not mind.”

If a world becomes too happy, it can be scary.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 32

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Horse and carriage.

To move across the country, it could be said to be your life source.

So, asking someone to sell it would be like asking them to sell a leg. That’s unreasonable, right?

“A-chan, are you asking seriously?”

“Yes, I am very serious. Of course, I’ll pay accordingly.”

Is this guy really a merchant? Isn’t he kind of stupid?

“…if I accepted it, it’d be like a hundred gold coins.”


Well, that is the appropriate reaction. Even I’d expect it.

“—Don’t joke around! Who could just throw away 100 gold coins!”

This guy’s boiling point is surprisingly low. I was just returning the joke.

“Then let’s hear it, A-chan, how much were you planning to pay?”

“For a horse and carriage, some 200 silver coins should suffice!”

200 Silver. Well, if you speak of my previous life, it’d be enough to buy an automobile normally. So, when you think about it, that price would seem like common sense. But that didn’t fly out here in the countryside.

“Well, it’d be nice if you bought from someone else. Maybe they’d be cheaper. Why me?”

“Because I heard that your horse and carriage are the stoutest in the village!”

Oioioi, A-chan. Sticking me in such a predicament. So easily exposing your reasoning disqualifies yourself as a merchant.

But, the idea was read somehow.

“Village headman. If he were to sell his horse and carriage to me, would he be tax exempt?”

Did you hear that, Village head? Not talking but you seem to know the story.

“Huh? Why would I have to give him tax exemption?”

Well, what will you say to the village head?

“Because, without a horse and carriage, he can no longer carry firewood. If you ask, he’d have to pay a lot of money to have it brought in. Do you expect him to carry the firewood on his back? He couldn’t carry that much, even in an entire day!”

No, actually, I could easily carry it, but I have no obligation to tell them that.

“A-chan, what you have required of me. Even with 200 silver it’d accrue significant hardship. Do you take me for a joke? Huh, A-chan? Traveling the country on foot would ruin my body!”

Well, his boss will probably get it, I’m not interested. I wait anxiously.

“Well, A-chan. I don’t know how strong A-chan or his guard are, but you have to be tough to make it to the port city of Baldarin where there are ship technicians. It’s the season when orcs and other monster become active. Well, this neighborhood is relatively safe, but there are many mountains on the way to Baldarin.”

It’s one thing to travel around by boat, but I’m not ready to lose my horse and carriage over nothing.

“Don’t tell your boss this, but you need to offer good faith if you want a response of sincerity.”

There merchants whom I respect are zero. If a merchant can change loss into gain, I’d be the one to lose.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 31

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When I left the hut (workshop), there was the village chief and a young man.

I felt like the young man was somewhere in his 30s. Well, that was my impression.

“What do you need, Village Chief?”

“Well, this one seems to have some business with you.”

“With me?”

I look at the young man with puzzlement.

“A pleasure to meet you, I am Raj Elu. I’m from the Bajibadoru Trading Company.”

I didn’t know what this was about from the village chief’s explanation, but he seemed to be polite enough.

“Thank you, because my names a little difficult to say, you can just call me Ba.”

The glittery name my father named me is hard to say, so even my mom calls me Ba.

…Father, why did you give me a sparkling name that nobody can say…?

“Don’t mind it, even I can’t remember Ba’s real name no matter how many time’s I hear it.”

“Ha, ha…”

It’s fine if I don’t give people my true name anymore, isn’t it?

“Anyway, what do you want with me?”

I urged the young man to get to the point a little confused.

“Well, that’s right. To ask bluntly, could you please give me your horse and carriage?”


What is with this guy?

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 30

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“I’ll ask the questions.”

“Just don’t make any promises to the merchants. If they ask to talk to the elders, run away.”

“Oh, I will.”

Sharing advice with the village chief while heading to the merchant ship, I parked in the beach opposite from the rocky ground that houses the merchant ship.

This is a hut (workshop) owned by me.

Because taxes are paid to the village in a lump sum, it doesn’t apply to the land and buildings. So, I can build whatever I want as a long as I have the village chief’s permission and the village allows it.

Well, even if I call it a hut, it’s mostly made of stone. It’d be more accurate to call it a studio over a hut.

In such a workshop, baked shellfish caught last year off the rocks are grinded into a powder to make fertilizer, spices, or a fish sauce.

Since fishing is a job requiring physical fitness, children and the elderly don’t go out to sea and only work on the landing. Still, fish handling and drying are considered the work of ladies. I can only afford to work during a big catch. Well, I also help the settlement, but not every day. Children can play, but old men only have to look at the sea once (to see it’s a bit much).

When I was eight, I realized it’d be a waste not to utilize that labor, so I built the hut (workshop) and launched a marine commodity trading business.

There is a highway along our village, and there are rest areas where we can cross the ridge before crossing the village, so caravans come frequently. So, we sell leather shoes, throwing knives, leather bags, etc to adventurers and mercenaries from the seas and mountains.

Well, instead of working in earnest, the kids and elderly come in their free time to work arbitrarily.

Today, I mean, there are four people. Eight year old Ribs, Twelve year Old Dali, and the elderly Gigi who is sixty. (TN: It says four people but he only mentions three here)

“Good work, how’s it going?”

I go inside and say hello.

“Oh, it’s going well.”

Amaria-chan gives a greeting on everyone’s behalf.

“What are you doing today?”

“We’re making fertilizer today.”

“Have you collected it already?”

Normally, it takes about twenty days, but this time it is fifteen. They must be getting good at it.

“Oh, there was a good place, I caught a big catch.”

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 29

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When I reached the top of the small mountain (a mountain not twenty meters tall), I could see the harbor.

Basically, along the coast of this country, there are many cliffs and rocks like the Rias coast, not suitable for ships to come in, but with sandy beaches and places for fishing.

It is said our village started fishing by chance.

There were sixteen densely built houses and four boats on the sandy beach.

Since they fish in the morning, right now they’d be handling fish (bottom draw net) together at a beach workshop.

Fifty meters to the left of the beach, there was a huge boat beside a rocky field.

“Surely it seems like an island.”

It is five hundred meters away from here, but for this age I could understand how this size is hard to imagine.

It appears similar to western ships, but the shape is more like a tanker (if you can imagine arbitrarily).

I thought it could only be so big if it was able to dock, but it was docked. It spoke more the quality of the ship and the skill of the sailors that it was docked so beautifully.

Near the rocky place was an area for quick-load storage, and a lot of boxes were piled up there.

Four people were patrolling, men with swords looked around. One of them noticed us and informed the rest, one of them going into the ship.

“They seem vigilant, but what are they carrying?”

“I don’t know what. According to Naga, they burn a lot of wood at night to keep watch.”

It’s not something illegal, some kind of metallic imported item.

As you go down the mountain, there are a few fields with open spaces and a firewood hut.

In the open space, the young ladies worked, a few coming out as they noticed us.

“Mayor, what’s the matter?”

Among them, the biggest chatterbox came out.

“About the ship, has anything changed?”

“No, nothing — ah, there was something. The captain was having some problem with a youth. How about food?”

“Lady, how is the condition of the fishery?”

I asked the lady before the village head opened his mouth.

“Huh? Because the sea god has been in a good mood lately, we’ve had a good catch.”

“Are you keeping the fish?”

“No, I don’t. I always go to the village to sell it.”

Even if you are not a fisherman, any sailor will catch fish during a voyage (well, you poke it with a harpoon) and you eat, salted fish is also a fine preserved diet. It doesn’t have to be piled up. It won’t get eaten if it is piled up or you could lose it when you bump into a Sea Dragon. Well, I don’t care that much, I don’t want the fish. I’m just concerned about the villages access to food. It’s annoying, guys!


“Lady, if you have a big catch, give me another fish. Next time, I’ll bring a wild boar.”

“A wild boar! That’s great! I’ll pack you a barrel of fish myself!”

Compared to other villages, meat is often eating, but meat is still a luxury. From child to adult you’d be overjoyed if you had (chicken in the pot) once in three days.

“Bad, lady…”

“What are you saying? Because of you, I can eat meat, and the kids get work, so I’m here to say thank you.”

This is the result of daily work. You give and you get.

“We’re heading off.”

“Oh, I’ll get ready.”

You thank the lady and start the carriage.

“Village chief, I won’t talk during the discussion, but if you have some trouble I’ll help if I can.”

“Is that so?”

My negotiation skills are not high. I bargain with peddler Anchan often, and also shop with the caravan partner. At the very least, I won’t make a fool of myself.

Because the village chief knew it, he accompanied me.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 28

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“Sari Bali, I’m going to the harbor, what are you doing?”

Sari Bali is still talking to Shibada.

Although she’s an idiot, in this kind of country she still fits into the category of a pretty girl.

She doesn’t do anything for me, but she’s quite popular in my age group, and is loved by adults. Well, they probably see a foolish child as cute. Although, I don’t particularly think it’s adorable.

“I’ll stay here~”

“Hey, Shibada, don’t be charmed by Sari Bali.’

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

A small practice stone is sent flying, but it’s stopped by the trained me. I stop it with a pashi noise and hit a mark thirty meters ahead.

“Big Brother, you’re so amazing!!!”

“Wow, don’t be so surprised. I can afford that much.”

…Yikes! I got lucky, a little off and I would have lost their respect.

I returned to the coachmen seat of my wagon while deciding I would restart the throwing practice I’d been skipping tomorrow.

“Hey, hmm…”

When I swung my whip and started moving, someone called out.

When I turned my eyes towards the source of the voice, the village chief of the vine was heading towards me.

The chief of this village is still working hard at 62 years old. He’s never left the village, but as the only disciple of Obaba, given that the rotation of village heads is bad, you can kind of understand his story.

Well, I’m typically a good person, but it’s annoying not being good at cheating or lying.

“What do you want, village head?”

“You’re heading to the harbor. I’m sorry, but can you give me a ride?”

“Oh, I don’t mind.”

Because the countryside is wide, there is a kilometer between the sea and the village, and there is a small mountain in the way. It’s not far away in the country sense, but as you walk it will take a while and can be tiring. And if it’s between him and letting the general store lady catch me, you wouldn’t stay still either…

I confirmed he got on the carriage bed and then departed.

“Hey, so hmm… is it true what Samaba said?”

Samaba is the name of the general store aunt.

“I don’t know what circumstances she’s talking about, so I can’t talk.”

“Well, if that’s it, then sorry.”

“If it’s just gossip, no need to apologize.”

I apologize properly even if they’re a child. Really, you can’t behave too badly here.

“So, is the merchant ship big?”

“Oh, one or two merchant ships appearing in such a place isn’t so uncommon, but this is the first time we’ve had such a large ship, it’s like an island.”

I’ve seen merchant ships several times, but they were only about 20 meters. Because the village mayor is surprised, it’s likely more than fifty meters.

“How many people are there; did they have escorts?”

“There are about ten people with swords, the number of crew isn’t clear, but they have over forty people?”

“It seems like a pretty big merchant if that’s it. Did you hear their name?”

“Certainty, it was Barbond… err… Ba… what was it…?”

“Vadybirdle, was it not?”

“Oh, that was the name, is it famous?”

“In this Abelian, it is the best merchant. They don’t even lose to the marquis in terms of financial strength. Even the King’s assets can not win in front of Burbon’s personal connections and financial resources.”

Well, it’s impressive from a peddler’s point of view.

“…That, he was such a great person.”

If it’s Barbond, you’ll never run into violence, but the level of annoyance jumps up three stages.

“If it’s such a wonderful person, I’m not even sure… what should I do?”

It’s meaningless if I told you not the ask a ten-year-old child.

I’m treated as a child prodigy in this village. I’m recognized as a small sage that excels Obaba.

Well, I knew things that even the adults didn’t know. I was four years old when I started using characters and calculations. I not only became a pharmacist at the age of five, but I also started to self-study magic.

It could be likely I’d receive the heresy treatment normally, but since I was conscious of my reincarnation I took measures accordingly.

First of all, I don’t impose my knowledge. I taught only the things asked. I don’t talk to anyone in the village without knowing their relationship to our neighborhood. Helping the weak, cherishing the children. I don’t become arrogant and I don’t become pompous. I may be cheeky, but I don’t speak ill. There are many of things, if you use a little tsundere, heresy quickly turns to just a weirdo.

“Well, let’s go see.”

There is no choice in this village, but a useful card is held. If you don’t do anything stupid, you don’t loose anything.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 27

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-a pharmacist.

It’s common sense that there is a pharmacist or two in any village unless they sit at forefront of the human race like a Pioneer village.

Most learn from their seniors, as there are no institutions where you can learn. It’s rare to find a doctor who can diagnose outside of the King’s capitol.

Medicine doesn’t just involve the study of the human body like in the past, but also finding magic that can cure cuts and breaks.

Medicine can do stuff like lower fevers or treat poison, which is a culmination of years of gathered wisdom.

Well, at any rate, the role of doctor is passed down from parent to child, and this one has already been active as a pharmacist for more than sixty years.

Compared to the medical technology of my previous life, there is a difference compared to “Grandma’s Wisdom”, but in this age, there is no clinic in a rural town where driving is inconvenient. In this world, the pharmacist is a more general position.

It is a post which is important for the village that is surely related to the life and death of a person from birth to the graveyard, and they have as much voice as a village chief.

So, the pharmacists house, the Yakudokoro, is in the center of the village, built from wood and sturdy stone.

The reason for this is that the existence of the pharmacist is a life line for the village, and constant temperature control is necessary for the storage of some herbs.

When I opened the door to the drugstore, the smell of many herbs began to flow. You ought to get used to the bitter smells if you are born in the countryside, as you’ll smell the odor of livestock feces and demon giblets on a daily basis. By the time I was five I stopped noticing it.

“Obaba, are you alive?”

I called out to the inside of the house where no one was present.

Basically, medicine work is medicine making, so they’d be in the back studio.

“He’s alive.”

The voice of a young one came from the back. Kind of like a sister – errr – no, nothing like that. Yes. Ne-chan is the tenth disciple of the present Yakushi, and is a pharmacist apprentice who is now practicing, age 14.

One enters apprenticeship at about ten years of age, and the disciples are taught by doing, leaning by adventuring, herb gathering, and ecology on the field, and gaining experience at the medicinal branch office.

The survival rate is rather lower because they are fighting demons at such a young age.

Well, this is a village with a fixed population, and it’s impossible for there to be no natural disasters or demon attacks.

Well, fortunately this village had Oton and sister so the damage from monsters is usually minor. Natural disasters can also include water scarcity, and rarely famine, so the village’s ratio of pharmacists was high, but in neighboring villages it was usual to only produce one or two pharmacists.

“Well, Neve, are you studying hard?”

By the way, I’m the ninth disciple of Obaba and could be called a pharmacist. So, Neve is a sister disciple. A very cheeky, younger disciple.

“I’m working hard. I’m quite confident in my recent success.”

“Ha, ha, ha! If your keep at it, you’ll become a better pharmacist than me, Neve-kun!”

It’s not a translation thing. As a pharmacist came to be named, every day, every job is a steady progression with study. There is no goal there. This is the truth of disciples, that only through continuous work will they become a good pharmacist.

“Welcome back.”

He also welcomes me with a rumpled face.

Obaba is like a bean that had been grinding medicinal herbs forever. Obaba is 80 years old (who also seems to be too old to live that long). He’s the oldest in the village.

It seems unbearable to get older than this without having a quiet and soft personality. In this era, that’s an unusual personality trait. According to the talk from village chiefs, his personality hasn’t changed since long ago.

I don’t deny that at all, since he’s taught me not only medicine, but most of what I know.

This man is my teacher and is as important as my family.

“Neve, I brought food, help me take it off the carriage.”

The pharmacist is exempt from village taxes, and food is provided by the village and the village chief. However, it’s become more difficult. He lacks teeth these days, so Sepuru makes soft things for Obaba (and the live-in Neve) to help him out.

“Neve, I beg you.”


Well, as always, I leave it to Neve.

“Sorry as usual.”

“I do not mind… Okan picked up a soup that Tota hunted and brought back along with firewood- no problem.”

“Well, well, I will thank you.”

I don’t listen to anything while I know my own abilities. I won’t marry until I’m seventy years old.

“I brought enough for ten days, but if it’s not enough, let me know. Well, I think it should be fine, but depending on the situation, food shortages might come up. Put this guy in the basement for an emergency, and it might be better if you make medicine more, because I will save it if you don’t.

Because he’s rumpled, Obaba’s expression is tranquil, a man looking up to his teacher. You won’t lose to any of the disciples as long as you read the atmosphere.

“Don’t worry so, I won’t cause trouble.”

“Sorry, same as always.”

“Do not mind since you’re doing it on your own.”

It is good that you understand. It is worthwhile to have been born in this world alone.

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