Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 14

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I made it.

I’ve created it, but for whom? I’ll think about it.

Although throwing knives are not common, a kunai can be used for many things, it was a weapon used by ninjas.

It is not specialized in slashing or specialized in poking. Both weight and strength are about half and half. Well, if you coat it with a barrier, the strength will dramatically increase, but there is still no use for it.

“Well, if I used it, I could pierce an ogre, but I can already use barrier bullets.”

Although I have power, I do not have much speed. Well, years of running through the hills and fields means I’m pretty fast, but there are a lot of demon beasts that can run over a hundred kilometers per hour in this world.

In fact, I once fought a gray wolf with a club, but they were unaffected by it. In the end, I had to make a pitfall with Earth Magic to defeat it.

If they come at me with speed and numbers, I’d need something I can use rapidly with high quantity. That’s when I came up with BB-sized bullets made from iron in order to decimate their numbers.

With this effective tactic, I can kill a group of goblins instantaneously, even though it’s noisy to walk around with a leather bag full of 2,000 iron balls.

It is effective for extermination, but not suitable for hunting. So, I just flick an acorn-sized piece of gravel with my fingers.

With this good body that can handle up to five tons, I wouldn’t be beaten by a pistol, but couldn’t I do something using the barriers. When I figured that out, my equipped pebble disappeared. So did my knife. It’s the ultimate super convenience.

“This one sucks.”

Well, if you do a lot one or two crappy ones aren’t unusual, the Kunai was returned to the iron sand.

“I guess the standard is the best way to go?”

It’s easier to create the standard forms, and they’re easier to use too. I’m sorry to the consumers (adventurers) for trying to change the sheath and box for each knife.

Pushing my right hand into the sand box, I imagined the classic arrow-type throwing knife and joined the sand iron.

Ten sets of three coppers. About 2,500 yen. Even cheap knives are six small coins. About five thousand yen. It is very easy to buy.

I can usually make about 60 to 70 knives from a batch of iron sand. Well, I collect them properly and put them in a box.

This time was 62. About 18 coins and 3 small coins. It’s about 15,000 yen, but the cost of materials is free. It only takes a little bit of work. You can make them within 20 minutes.

Well, since there is no demand, it will become surplus stock.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 13

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The cart that I made is not the same as a standard cart. By making the coachman seat high, I devoted the bottom to more storage.

That’s where the mud is flung. Since it’s rounded, not much gets in, but I still leave four buckets in there to keep stuff protected.

If we attach saddle bags to the horses and hooks on the sides of the carriage, it’s possible to further increase its load capacity.

I put the barrier-protected items for Grandma under the driver’s seat.

After placing it, I had more time so I headed back to the storage warehouse and brought cookies (in four boxed wooden boxes) to deliver to the people at the shrines and beach.

Wheat is naturally equal to bread in this world and cookies are not thought of as bread. There is no one who knows how to make it, so cookies are a sweet secret of our home.

Well, I can teach it, but since I use honey instead of sugar, if I taught it there are only about one or two people in the village that you could get honey from. Even more is that I’m the only one that actually knows the process of separating the nectar from the honeycomb and having the tools to do so, so teaching has no meaning.

Besides that. Making cookies, or to be accurate, baking them, is Sepuru’s doing. There’s also the fact that though the villagers all have a fireplace and kettle furnace, they have no ovens to make them with.

Results: Cookies became out patent. Order continuously come to our house. However, I never thought of selling them. Ah, rather, I trade them since there’s not much profit in these transactions. The customers are kids, and kids can help. It can be said to be justifiable.

“You guys are doing good, but take a break.”

I say to the two who are exerting themselves.

Though they have magic, their bodies and minds are still inexperienced children. It would be bad if they overdid it. Used to hearing those words, they obediently stopped their practicing and dash towards water.

I kept my eyes on them and eventually went back into the house. I gathered my workshop (my workshop is the area in front of the fireplace) and took them outside to use as a temporary workshop.

Though I have various side jobs, the most rewarding job is making stuff for adventurers.

That’s not to say I make swords, spears, or armor. No, I do not have the expertise or skill necessary, I’m an amateur — but with the technology to make it, there are some things that will sell properly.

Leather bags and belts, simple leather shoes, long explorer staffs, disposable throwing spears, stone arrows, iron arrows, small bows for hunting, axe handles, practice wooden swords, kimono spears, and so on.

Well, I like woodworking from cutting and shaving trees in my previous life, and I can afford to make parts with a weaving machine thanks to my strength and barrier magic. In truth, woman around this mountain can make various things from the long-haired goat fur.

Though I make various things, my latest project was making throwing knives.

Throwing knives are sold at a weapon’s shop and are part of the blacksmith’s territory, but this world lacks in variety. In general, adventurers who use throwing knives are few to begin with. It’s considered a bit of a taboo. A person who cannot create a magic ball or magic arrow is seen as a beginner.

If so, wouldn’t it be great to sell to those beginners? They can use the throwing knives as a diversion or surprise attack. However, it wouldn’t be effective against skilled adventurers or intermediate monsters.

That’s why even if it looks stupid, knives can be effective. If you make various kinds, it can become a hidden weapon, and with poison you might even be able to kill an orc.

Well, people aware of their usefulness is still low, but it’s still popular with adventurers in this village. Little by little, it’s spreading by word of mouth. Most of all, the throwing knives I make are cheap. I just collect sand iron and combine it with Earth magic. It is really easy. For practice, you can get ten stone knives for only three small coins. That is cheap, only about 300 yen.

I have confidence they’ll sell well once they become popular. If people understand their usefulness, others will imitate, but I don’t really care. Originally, it was just one of my side jobs, something I did for myself. If I can throw one seriously, I could even crush a dragon’s scales (only if). It is absolutely no problem.

“Should I make a Kunei type today?”

Pushing my right hand into the box containing sand iron, I imagine the shape of a Kunei and join the sand together.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 12

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Finishing loading the firewood took about an hour.

But, what. It has already been ten years since I’ve been in this world but my old sense of time did not go away.

If you live out in the country such as this, you only need to know the morning, evening, day, and night. The elders of the village use intuition and experience to know when they need to sow the wheat, and the time for the Harvest Festival is determined by the village head. There is a census for the year of birth, gender, and seasons. However, there are not more than five people in the village who knew how to follow those dates.

By the way, I also know what day of the month today is, but I usually don’t care because it’s enough to know the four seasons, morning, and night. You can use the sun’s relation to the mountain, but when the mountain hides the sun you can’t tell the time.

When I have to know the time, I check the year clock and sundial in the garden. It isn’t accurate because it’s handmade, and you can’t read it when the weather is bad, but it’s no problem. Time in the country is fuzzy.

I soon could see the two of them.

They’re still at it.

Tota and Sepuru are both still engrossed in magic training.

Is it in our blood, or is it my influence that causes Sepuru to differ from normal girls? As opposed to being fashionable and wanting dolls, she instead wants to cook, use magic, and hear stories.

Well, she is who she is. It’s fine as long as she does what she likes. But between Sepuru and Tota, which would leave the house first.

Of course, it is fine if they stay here too. It is common around here for up to three generations to live in the same house.

Well, with my powers and Earth magic, I’ll build Sepuru a house when she gets married.

Am I thinking too far into the future?  Speaking of which, am I going to bring food the grandma?

I go around to the back of the house, entering the storage I had created with Earth magic.

Although I call it a storage warehouse, it can also serve as a shelter. The entrance and exit are hidden with barriers so that it is impossible for anyone other than family to enter it even if they found it by chance.

Once I entered, I immediately could see our stored goods. Besides staples, I also had stored rails and agricultural machinery so there is no risk of it being stolen, and also kept all the tools that are part of my side jobs that no one else would know what to do with.

There is a passage in the back, and it goes to the landing of the stairway in four meters.

If you go down you reach the residential area and if you go up you reach the storage. By the way, the lights are created with barrier magic. I never imagined that barrier magic would be able to capture light, but this mysterious power is super convenient.

“Indeed, dust builds up like a mountain, doesn’t it?”

I haven’t been here recently because I left things to Sepuru for the last year, but it has indeed become full.

My barriers are also able to stop time, it doesn’t matter even if the food is piping hot. But ultimately there is too much saved.

“What else should I do besides take it to grandma’s place?”

After taking it out, the shelf life is only about ten days. If you look at the whole, that’d only be about 1% of the total.

“What to do…”

If I made another storage room, it’d be full in about two years. I’d sell it but the barrier magic is a secret. Grandma and everyone else think it is magic, but it’s not normal magic.

It worries me if this were to get out so I won’t do it intentionally. If it got out, I could be kidnapped and turned into a slave or something, what kind of joke would that be?

“I could become a peddler.”

That would make things convenient and I could use my abilities without reserve.

“I could always just keep bringing it over to grandma.”

I filled a basket made from barrier and headed back outside.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 11

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“Well, you guys, trial and error… think for yourself and try things out. I’m going to work a little.”

Hardship nourishes their future, so I’m not too worried.

They groan as I wave my hands and leave that place.

Well, in either case, I’ll create a barrier so that there is no chance they can harm the surrounding area and I’ll put up a barrier of concealment so the village can’t see it. They’ll be fine if I leave for a bit.

I head to the barn and pull out a wagon.

In general, the wagon is the size of a tatami mat. The wheels are not typical wood but wound dozens of times with sea dragon leather until it resembles a car tire.

The cart body is also low, and it’s also not a bench type, but a single seater type. Of course, it is homemade.

By lowering the body, it is more stable than a general wagon, with fewer vibrations thanks to the leather. It also helps a little with turning. Well, I pride it as my masterpiece.

Even if it’s loaded with five tons, you can pull it easily over 200 kilometers across a flat area. Yes, I’m gratefully I was born in a good place with these useful abilities.

I put it in front of the place where we piled up firewood, and I loaded the dry firewood in good condition on to the wagon.

While someone who can create fire with magic is standard in the countryside (mainly for house duties), no one would be able to sustain that fire (Sepuru is an exception). So naturally, firewood becomes the fuel.

Though, it’s not like many of those in the rural area would go out and cut down trees to fetch firewood. My village’s primary industry is wheat and dried fish, and that is taxing. Naturally, not all of the villagers make wheat and dried fish. There are the bakery and the general store. Those of us who live in the mountains aren’t in a place where we can make wheat and dried fish; however, the bakery and general store are gold. Because of them, those who live in the mountains often exchange firewood and charcoal for meat, vegetables, and even bread.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s easy to live in the mountains. There are clothing, agricultural tools, and pots that become difficult to acquire with firewood during bad weather. If that happens, I still go to the mountain and cut down trees. I try to plan it out so I’m cutting them down in a safe a place as possible (because there are monsters and beasts).

That’s why these simple daily jobs are important. Well, different places do different things. You can make cheese with goat’s milk, grow medicinal herbs, or make bamboo baskets you can carry on your back, although I can do all of them.

I’m doing everything I can. I make whatever I want. That’s why our house has a carriage in the first place.

But, not everyone can do such a thing. Everyone has their weaknesses. So the people living in the mountain help each other out. Of course, lazy people end up being pushed into the villages, but everyone struggles with something some times. In those times, the other houses can compensate for it.

Obviously, there are times when I think it’s a pain to interact with the neighbors. There are times they become unbearable and I try to tough it out and hope they go back to their work.  I’m human, it’s not like I have a heart like Bodhisattva. But if you’re going to live here, you need to help each other. Strong people never get stronger. Sometimes, they will be weaker. It’s important to form trust in those times. Above all, those with strange powers like me tend to earn jealousy, and a mistake could cause things to go wrong. I don’t want to be ostracized.

And for that, I gather more firewood than the others and share our abundant meat supply. During important ceremonial occasional, I force myself to go out. However, I do restrict myself from appearing weak or using flattery. That is why I’m strongly arrogant.

Well, though that may be true, I’ll curry favor as much as possible. I want to be seen as reliable. Sometimes, I’m a bit foolish.

Country living is tough, but I feel that I live a dozen times as much as I did in my previous life where I had no connection with people.

When thinking about such things, the firewood was piled up to the point it was overflowing from the carriage.

“— Mah, one more.”

I’ll happily share these. I have no complaints. Yup.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 10

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No, is this not enough for you guys?

The genius of these kids is too much to be wasted.

Living in the rural countryside, it could be said to be more than enough.

It’d be enough if you create fire to heat a cup of coffee of create ice to use in a refrigerator. If sister’s powers were used on a goblin, he’d be turned to ash or made into a statue of ice in a flash.

Tota’s wind and thunder are similar. His blood would boil and he’d be cut to shreds. Even Orcs would die.

Moreover, that could be considered excessive even if my power is ten times greater.

Really, what kind of people are they. Aren’t these kids a bundle of possibility? No, they’re a chunk of talent. My honor and dignity is seriously in crisis here, enough to make me cry. Without my three skills, I’d be completely outclassed!

“Big Brother?”

Oops. Calm down, me, Calm down. Think cool, be cool. I’m the embodiment of a person who can do anything. I’m their teacher. I need to make myself look resolute and composed.

“Hm… barely passible.”

I’m not jealous. As an older brother, I must always keep a firm tone with my siblings. Don’t get me wrong.

“Well, today, I’ll teach you image control.”

“…Image… What kind of thing is that?”


Both of them were tilting their heads to the side. Fuck. I just used words that don’t exist in this world again.

There is also the difficulty of teaching an eight-year-old and a five-year-old with easy-to-understand words, but there is a limit to the vocabulary of this world. Because there is no substitute word, it becomes difficult to talk with people in the village when it comes to words from my previous life. When I saw blank looks I’d say “This world sucks sometimes.” No, it was probably the same in my previous life.

“Oh, that’s right, it’s a lesson where think in your head and make it move.”

Neither face shows any understanding. Seriously, this education sucks.

“Well, the best thing to do is show you.”

Pointing my finger upward and concentrating my magical power at my fingertips, I created fire.

“You can now convert magical power into fire and wind, but that is only the first step. Something like a newborn goat standing for the first time. It’s a mere step in the path of magic.”

The path to dignity is also performed one step at a time. They’ll need to learn more than their brother first!

“First up, Sepuru.”

Saying this, I moved my index finger from right to left, creating a line of fire. I moved it down. Then I moved it from right to left, and continued on.

The square is completed with fire.

“I previously taught you how to release magical power from your body… the Application of it… this can be done by changing that power. Tota, look at this whirlwind.”

Although, he could see the whirlwind in my right hand, I swayed my right hand uncertainly.

“Well, look!”

I erased the square of fire, and I created a streak of wind like a thin CD with the power to slice (taken from a certain anime character with a crane head) this time.

I threw it like a disk into the blue sky.

“And, well, if you train, you could draw a picture in the air or fly with the wind, but first you must think about what you want to do with that fire or wind in your head, and manipulate the magic to do it. First, think about it on your own.”

“You’re not going to teach us how?”

“Don’t be foolish. It’s not possible to teach. You must try and fail. You’re not a goblin, think using your head first.”

If I told you, you’d accomplish it too easily,___ *cough* I mean, my younger brother and sister, the way of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 9

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Although I promised I’d teach them magic, it’s not like I was taught by a mage or anything.

You can do it. You can do it if you try. If you don’t think about it too much, your spirit can feel it out. The ground moves as I command it with the wave of my hand.

Although it’s ridiculous, I can’t really help that. This is reality and there is no helping it.

Well, back when I was about three-years-old, I did not understand much about this world. I tried to use magic like I remembered in anime and manga, but only later did I learn the difference between magic and witchcraft (information from a traveling mage).

Magic is the law of all things which creates a phenomenon when you maintain an image in this world of demons.

Witchcraft is a method to embody the phenomenon by solving the reason using magic.

Don’t get it?

Basically, it’s a feeling, don’t think about it.

No, there are no schools in this countryside area, nor do they sell grimoires that even a monkey could understand. I figured this out on my own.

However, according to the rule of thumb, if it is a human species (other species like humans are called beast races or dwarves), either one of them should be usable.

Though I got my magical talent from three wishes, I could use fire and water magic properly. My younger sister and younger brother also could use them (although theirs are weaker).

However, since magic uses magical power, there is a limit. You could say there is a limit to solving with reason.

Even if you can imagine a fire, why does it burn? That’s why if you can imagine fire ignited on firewood, the strength of the magic increases.

Even I do not understand much about the principle of combustion, however, I was able to burn a large tree to charcoal by imagining the presence of oxygen.

… Apparently, this level of magical power might cause someone to faint from surprise…

By the way, it seems like the barriers come from something different from magic and witchcraft, it is a mysterious power born from the unknown.

Anyway, that’s it. You can do it. You can do it if you try. Do not think about it. You only have to feel it. There is no problem, as long as you understand that.

“Well, first let’s review. Sepuru, fire from your right hand, ice in your left.”

“Fire and ice, got it!”

A fire of exceptional size and a lump of ice the size of watermelon were born.

“Well, next, Tota, wind on your right hand, thunder in your left.”


In the right hand is a cyclone of wind, in his left hand between the thumb and forefinger is a streak of electricity similar to a stun gun.

It’s possible for them to do this because of my instructions. Probably…

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 3

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“Brother, it’s morning.”

I awoke to the sound of my sisters calling me.

When I got up earlier than expected and stared at the ceiling, it reminded me of my previous life.

I had been in this world for ten years. It would be good if I lived on and didn’t remember my past life, but it seems like that as I’ve become used to this life, the memories of the previous one didn’t fade.

Well, either way, I can’t return now, so I suppose I will continue to live in this world.

I get out of the black wolf fur blanket and stretch exaggeratedly.

“It is unusual for Brother to sleep so long, is something wrong?”

The morning sun was leaking through the window as the sun rose.

“No, I woke up earlier than usual, and then I went back to bed. Don’t worry about me.”

I had two younger sisters, I gave Nika a smile and reassured Sepuru.

Although my younger sisters were not knockout beauties like their mom, they were hardworking little sisters. Growing up like this, they will be good brides. But they’re husbands better be worth it.

“How’s mother?”

“She is already in the field.”

A farmer’s morning starts early. Wake up as the sun rises, take care of the fields and livestock, and stay busy preparing breakfast for everyone in the house. We eat what we produce in the fields and from our livestock, of which our main product is fruit. We bring in money by shipping dried items like persimmons across the mountain.

Now that it is early spring I do not have a lot of work. Or rather, pruning and applying fertilizer is the only job right now. It’s naturally what we need to do to make them grow.

Even so, we get up early and work because we are the children of farmers and it is an old-fashioned house. Getting up early is a habit and we need to for appearances.

Although our house is outside the village, there is a highway nearby and the farm is on the side of the mountain in full view of the village. Showing laziness may cause some to become jealous with envy.

“And Tota?”

“He got up and has already left for the mountain.”

Tota is my younger brother, just five years old. He’s very mischievous and longs to leave the house and become an adventurer. As a result, he gets the meat in the morning.

“Has he already been there?”

Although he’s only five, it is common sense in this world that if you can move, you can work. At three years old, you’re pulling weeds and it’s not uncommon to fetch water from the river from morning until evening like a slave.

“That knife that Brother gave Tota, he sleeps with it at night.”

When I was digging in the mountain, I found something silver, so I made a knife for the first time. It was good to have that kind of magic.

“Well, even though he’s five, he’s becoming a man, too, so that’s why…” I defended.

Even I used to sleep with a transformation belt my parents had bought me in my previous life.

“Well, I suppose I will work hard today.”

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