Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 24

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“Hey, kid.”

“I’m not a kid.”

“You seem to be serious.”

While ignoring Sari Bali by any means necessary, I speak to the newest adventurers gathered in the square who belong to the nearby Adventurer’s guild (branch).

While you can officially register with the adventurer’s guild at the age of ten, you can get a temporary registration with an apprenticeship at as young as eight.

Of course, dangerous suppression missions are impossible, and you wouldn’t be able to go pick medicinal herbs. The only available missions during this period would be helping around the house. Well, you could say it’s child’s pocket money earnings, but it’d be an important preparation period for a person to become an adventurer in the future. Even elementary herb picking requires a certain level of minimum equipment, and it’d be possible to become independent by the time you’re ten. If not that you’d have to leave the house, and if you get into a party, the reward would be party property, and you’d by stuck making nothing until you can gain independence.

Of course, because you belong to the village, you could receive provisions (relief measures), and discounts with the merchants and the city (street stalls).

Therefore, you could say the apprenticeship period isn’t important. If you can make it and get properly trained, you can do anything. The results of the effort are immediate.

“Oh, big brother!’

Among them, the oldest leader Shibada reacted first.

Shibada is nine years old under me. Since I was from the same mountain community, you could call us childhood friends, but since I watched after him from when he was young, he became like a younger brother — no, I guess I’m the younger brother.

Well, it’s not like I’d “buy his bread.” He’s not as close as Sepuru or Tota, but he has some magical power and I taught him appropriate wind magic. So, it would be more correct to say he is a disciple rather than a brother.

“How are you doing?”

“Good, I’m starting to hit the target with my wind shuriken.”

For any man it feels good when your disciple succeeds. Even though I can’t do it, I feel good to see his accomplishments and feel it’s worth teaching.

… Well, if I continue to teach Sepuru and Tota, they’ll surpass me in only three years…

“Oh, that’s great that you can do that. Don’t be afraid, don’t neglect your practice, and you’ll be a top adventurer as long as you work hard every day.”

Basically, I am the type that praises and raises.

“Yes, brother!”

“Everyone, never forget your daily efforts.”


Really, obedient children.

“Oh, yes, and brother, the flower bed big brother requested has been built.”

“Already done?”

While Adventurer guild registration has age restrictions, there is no age restriction on client requests as long as the fee is paid.

“Because the reward is a cookie, they gather even if I don’t want it.”

Oh, no, I was just saying it’s hard to get a child’s guardian (when they’re 4 years old) to take a request seriously.

“Well, it’s also a community experiment. To test their ingenuity.”

I take out two boxes of cookies from the carriage and hand them to Zibada. This is another reward.

“Then, I’ll also ask you to plant flowers.”

“Thank you, brother!”

“Well, these have just been my personal requests, so I should be giving thanks, you’re the only ones that’ll work for five small coins.”

I had ordered flowerbeds about thirty meters long next to the highway along the road at a request of 500 yen and further used younger girls who do it for four pieces of cookie, which would probably be child abuse in another generation.

“I couldn’t get a small coin for working all day at home, plus my bigger brother got a wooden sword and bow and arrow for free, so don’t thank me!”

“Don’t worry about it, that’s a good point.”

When they become adventurers, they will buy what I make, and if they advertise the good performance of my wooden sword and bow and arrows, I might be able to sell them wholesale with the Adventurer’s guild (branch).

Well, you need to spend money to make it.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 23

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As a matter of course, after finishing carrying the firewood with Sari Bali I saw a party of adventurers who were heading over to the Adventurer’s guild.

Apart from certain small and pioneer villages, there is an Adventurer’s guild (branch) in most villages.

The world of swords and magic isn’t perfect, demon beasts and monsters are everywhere, and there are still many areas unsettled by men.

This village is always exposed to monster danger, the mountains and forests could always invade civilization.

There is a lot of work from herb picking and escorting caravans to picking up garbage in bigger towns. There is also requests to help in the field or fishing in this kind country.

It’s rare for adventurers to come to this village, but as a passing point, we can resupply people.

That said, there are no military or security guards in the villages. Well, there is a youth corps, but it’s pretty basic. They wouldn’t be able to fight monsters. So how do they protect the village? Second and third sons that would pass on inheritance often try to make their fame and fortune by becoming adventurers exclusive to the village.

Well, since they wouldn’t inherit anything, there are quite a few who wouldn’t pass on raising their name by fighting monsters.

Currently, there are nine adventurers exclusive to this village. They are divided into two and are all active.

Both parties consist of younger people from thirteen to eighteen years old.

They’re around that age because that’s how long it takes to build their abilities before they leave the village to fight monsters farther away.

Now, the party here looks to be a rookie party formed of people between thirteen and fifteen.

The leader is a fifteen-year-old, Van. A swordsman who has been adventuring for 2 years. Also, the fifteen-year-old Gaba who uses a dagger as a scout. Tashia is 14 and uses a bow. The youngest is Alma who is the baggage holder and apprentice.

“Oh, Van-nii!”

By the way, Van is Sari Bali’s big brother.

“What? Sari Bali? You’re going to be scolded by mother if you keep sneaking out.”

“It’s okay because I’m with him!”

My stomach churns.

“What’s the request for today?”

Evil monsters are the basic request, Van’s party is still young. They can’t handle many monsters (pests).

“Goblin Extermination!”

Perhaps there was a request for a bag of goblin ears.

“So the branch manager gave that request.”

Starting out as an adventurer can be severe (Lose your right leg and you must retire). It’s tough.

A weak goblin is not for a beginner with no experience. You wouldn’t be given permission unless you can beat a Kuro(a small fish demon called a mountain sweeper) and Kakuka.

“Oh, well, lately there have been a lot of goblin sightings so we received permission since Daccal’s party isn’t enough.”

It seems that the hordes of goblins are still nearby (tl note: Still? You learned about them three hours ago…). It looks like it will be necessary to enter the mountain tomorrow after all.

“How many did you get?”


“Are you saying you came here straight from Mt. Zakkara?”

It’s the mountain Tota saw them at.

“Oh, it was pretty tough!”

Well, it’d be a mistake to expect the same ability like Tota in these newbies, it is quite amazing to beat three goblins in this age. (Tn: If you recall, Tota, a 5 yo, took out three by himself with ease.)

“That’s incredible that you came through unharmed. How are you?”

It’s polite to be provide some admiration.

“Gaba striked first, Tashia’s bow caused a panic, and I killed one in the disorder.”

Well, that was simple.

“If three goblins are three coppers, it will not make much money, but when considering it a medal of your first subjugation, it’s a lifetime treasure.”

It’s a good start to decorate your first conquest with victory, as it’s not uncommon for an adventurer to die in their first attempt.

“You’re pretty cocky for a ten-year-old, I could say.”

I don’t think so because I can say that my life experience is about three times theirs, but I bit off a bitter smile.

“Well, either way, I’m thankful to you because I could kill them thanks to the bows and arrows and those throwing knives you made.”

“It is a gift of daily training, no matter what superior weapon you have it would be less than a snake knife without that. That victory is what you guys have won.”

I do not feel like becoming an adventurer, but I love watching such passionate-living people.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 22

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It’s a strange thing to mention, but the name of the village I live is Bobra village.

These seemed to have been because the village’s founder during their pioneering days was named Bobra.

Well, the name of any unknown village would have such an origin. It wouldn’t be some name like Oton.

The official name of Bobra’s village center is the Karaya settlement, but most villagers just call it “village”.

When I say that this countryside town is more like a station, I don’t have a sense of what cities here look like.

In the center of such a village, there is a sundry shop, a blacksmith, multipurpose inn, bakery, adventurer’s guild (branch), the office and home of the village head, a meeting place, a medicinal place, daily outdoor park, plaza, all built from back during the pioneering era.

Although it’s a village that is neither great nor bad, when a person compares it to neighboring villages, you could consider it a rich land.

The mountain’s bamboo tax (firewood) is an important fuel for life, but it’s not placed in the village because of risks of fire.

So firewood is stacked in four places, scattered about one hundred meters away from the settlement.

“Barbari, I’ve brought firewood!”


I call out to the old man who manages the firewood as he was sleeping in his cottage.

Each tree is cut down at home, divided as firewood, and then carried to this house. Then, it dries and is eventually brought to the village.

It’s true that it’s easy to bring more to the village, but there are limits in storage capacity at their firewood storage facility (this hut), and a number of people available to manage it.

The management of the firewood is taken care of by only two people, Barbari and Garbalji. However, the village’s youth also help with its movement at night.

“… Ha, ha… Oh, you…”

It may be spring, but if you sleep like that in this place, you’ll catch a cold.

It’s a nice day, but the wind is still cold. It’s not good for a seventy-year-old body.

“I’m lucky enough to live this long.”

It is true that one could be considered fortunate to live up to seventy among these food conditions and the unsanitary environment of this era. He’s satisfied with his life as a firewood curator. It is a satisfying lifestyle.

“Don’t give up now, you can live up to a hundred.”

“Ahahaha! You’re just as always.”

“Just as always, but first, where do I need to put the firewood. “

If I let him, Barbari will talk all day, so I wanted to make sure the chores were finished before we started.

“Sorry to ask you to move it so far, but can you bring it all the way over there in the eastern pile?”

“It’s not that far. I can carry, and it won’t take any more time. Plus, today I have Sari Bali, so it’s fine.”

“Yes, leave it to us!”

Well, I don’t have any expectations from her at all.

“Relieved to see Sari Bali is the same as ever.”

I received a receipt board to prove that I paid the tax (firewood).

This is the countryside of this era. People’s watch each other and used boards in order to prevent fraud. Well, injustice in such a small world is immediately ostracized. These kinds of things prevent famines and excessive events.

“Oh, yeah, Ronda’s grandfather isn’t around?”

Others usually come in the morning, but I come to the afternoon because I do not like crowds. Four days ago I came in the afternoon, and at that time Ronda’s grandfather was coming home from his trip and I was told that I could ask to visit Garbalji in the east.

“Yeah, two days ago, a merchant ship came in, and so we split up.”

Hmm? I heard something interesting somewhere? What is this?

“Why is there a merchant ship in our village?”

Although it is possible for a merchant-class ship to come in from the deep coast, there is no special products or buyers who would make it worth it.

“They seemed to have been accosted by a sea dragon, so they stopped by for repairs.”

I guess they were unlucky.

Basically, the Sea Dragon is a timid creature that only aims for small fish. I’m a good swimmer and usually keep my distance, but if you have bad luck you might run into one.

“Well, it’s bad for them, but its good entertainment for those in the village.”

“The children go and watch every day.”

Then I guess I’m going to look like a kid. It is not every day you can see a merchant ship.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 21

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“You’re still impertinent for a junior, aren’t you?”

I wouldn’t say something like I won’t lose to you. If I was affected by this verbal abuse my heart would break.

… It will be a light trauma…

“I don’t care when you were born.”

Recently, I found it best to handle this light. It’s to protect my heart, but…


I try to quicken my feet and walk away, but I understood that this was a useless effort. I know this but even though I know, a man can’t stop himself. A sad, sad man…

“Because being by yourself is so pitiful, I will help you.”

While saying this, she was already scrambling up into the wagon.

I was immediately defeated, but I remained cool. My body is a child, but I am an adult. It wouldn’t be good if I had a tantrum like some little brat.

“It’s good to help, but what about studying? Have you been able to write the letters I gave you?”

“Well, of course! That was easy!”

It seems she didn’t do them at all.

Geez. It’s difficult to learn characters, so she skipped it by habit. Today, I’ll forgive stupidity – also murder – no, maybe that’s too far. Yeah.

“It should be simple for an 11-year-old. Even Sepuru can learn this stuff instantly, right?”

No, it’d be a mistake to compare her to a Supergirl like Sepuru. Sorry, Sari.

“…No, don’t you think that’s impolite.”

“No, not at all, why?”

Although she’s stupid, she’s still a woman, her intuition is sharp.

“Well, it’s okay I guess. So, what are you doing today?”

What is with that playful tone, can’t she see the firewood in the wagon with her own eyes? Delivering firewood is a duty for people who live in the mountain. This should be a given.

Well, I’m cool so I won’t point it out.

“Let’s drop off the firewood and go to the Adventurer’s Guild and visit Oba-chan. Then we can go to the fishing dock.”

“Why? That’s boring, just the same as usual?”

Geez. This is the case for children. You don’t know how grateful you should be just to have a job.

“Then study at home. Knowledge is wealth. Enrich your life…”

“Hey, guess what? Yesterday, there was a merchant ship in the port somewhere… it was unusual. Where did it come from? Well, it’s about time the caravan comes. I wonder if they’ll open up in the city again?”

Please, at least listen…

Well, it’s not like I demanded a reply. I’ll listen to her story for a moment. Take care of my heart.

“So, Lau falls down…. Really, right?”

I don’t know what she’s talking about because the story already deviated from where she started.

What kind of penance is this?

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 20

A word of warning, since I’ve caught up to the previous translator, I’ve lost my, how shall we say, cushion… so the accuracy of the next translations (although I didn’t always agree with him) may take a dip, as I have no tape measure to compare. (Even Arifureta had summaries). So, don’t be surprised… I guess.

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The elevation we sit at on the mountain is about 800 meters, but the slope down is gentle and the sun hits it well.

There are no tall trees, as it is a meadow, so you could probably call our residence a plateau.

I have to go down this mountain to reach the mountain where there are trees to cut down, so when I go to cut down trees I need to prepare for a three-day trip.

Of course, there are huts where several people can sleep while they visit the area to cut trees down, and a path that wagons can easily pass.

Well, as to that, the convenient mountain where we live which contains the mountain village is called sunny mountain, and the mountain where we cut down trees is called the felling ground.

I don’t need to hear any comments about the naming. It’s been named that for a long time now. It’s easier for people to understand and agree to.

Dad was the fourth son born to a different village. Mom was a second daughter of a farmer who was born in this village and had been there since the pioneering era. It is unusual for an outsider and a second daughter to marry, and close to a miracle for them to get their own house. Father worked as an adventurer from the age of ten and used hard work and talent to obtain his fortune. After meeting mother and falling in love, he purchased the land in the middle of the village mountain (the older families generally stuck to lower lands).

Though I say it’s the mountainside, it is a one-kilometer distance away from the village if you traveled in a straight line. A shortcut would cut the time down a lot, but from wagon, it’s about three kilometers.

On this mountain sits twelve families, with almost all of them using pasture to raise animals. As a result, the road formed an s-shape that extended the distance.

Well, while traveling this road, a single girl stood in front of me.

Granddaughter to one of the village elders as well as a grandchild of Onji, she was eleven years old.

Since Onji’s house consisted of four generations and 26 people total, there was some room for the kids to finish daily work early.

Saribari was the youngest from the family, therefore having no job at the moment. Just like Sepuru, she was able to use magic and could cook. From field work to looking after the animals, as an ordinary eleven-year-old girl she lacked the ability. And so, she played by herself and was now standing there waiting for a playmate to show up.

“… Ah, more trouble…”

It would be nice to call her a childhood friend, but when I think of that neighborly brat, only bitterness comes out.

Though she’s eleven, a girl is a girl. Whenever she speaks, she speaks eloquently. Although she’s only a year older than me, she tries to act like a big sister. However, she acts more like a nanny.

Ordinarily, I’d like big breasts (past life). Flat chested girls are – from anywhere, seem to always be out for  – Cough. Oh, that’s it.

“Well, Saribari. How are you doing?”

A nanny is a good job, yes.

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 19

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I called my beloved horse, Rifael.

Houyhnhnm. (Horse neigh)

Rifael, who was grazing in the grass, raised his face as I waited for him to notice me, and he lifted his forefoot and neighed.


In response to my call, he came galloping towards me – or at least I saw it that way. In reality, he brushed me off and I had to drag him over.

Ah, excuse me, I “rode” him over. Details.

But his name is true. Dad named him. Seems he liked catchy names.

“… It’d be better if he was a little smarter….”

Originally, the Larmee type were bread for their strength and power that could carry a load calmly with ease. It would be nice to say that he was an essential item in this country.

Perhaps it’s human to say so, but even if this horse was reincarnated, it would still only have the wisdom of a horse in its past life.

I connected the wagon to Rifael while thinking about such things.

Sitting in the coachman’s seat, I grab the reins.

“High-Ho Silver!”

You shouldn’t need a translation to understand that one. Yes, I know. It is a nori. It is a joke. I promise.

I beat down Rifael’s ass with a whip and we departed.

… ah. I want a friend who’d understand my stories and jokes…

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Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 18

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Lunch time is over and it’s time to relax.

There are no rules like a one-hour lunch break, but we take a one hour rest.

Our house has no unrest, and I take pride that we have a good family who had good relations with the rest of the village, but even so it’s not people chatting and laughing everywhere.

When you’re talking about our small world (the village life), most people only have weather or work to discuss. So, an hour is usually enough to talk.

Well, when there is nothing to talk about – you might start to talk about something meaningless, and then Sepuru will return the subject to work.

Therefore, I take things slow after lunch. Well, the rule in my house is to perform some trivial task.

“Brother, are you going to help Yap-chi in the afternoon?”

Sepuru asked this while tidying up.

“I don’t mind, but is there something wrong with Yap-chi?”

Three houses down (about 300 meters away considering it’s the countryside) is the one called Yap-chi, who’s a boy about the same age as Sepuru.

His younger brother goes out to collect timber. His mom looks after the field and animals. His old man is a cage making master. Yap is the oldest of their three sons and two daughters who help out. Well, that’s about the average size for a family of mountain dwellers.

“Auntie is about to give birth and so they’ll need some help.”

Well, nights in a country without entertainment are long. I don’t know whether these kinds of things are a daily occurrence, but from overhearing girl talk, nights can be quite hot and exciting.

“Well, it seems like auntie and uncle have been getting bu-ouch!”

In the middle of my words I was hit in the back of the head by mom with some firewood.

“Mom, What was that for?”

I may have a sturdy body but no likes being hit with firewood.

“What are you trying to teach these kids. Seriously, where did you even get that kind of stuff from.”

Oops. Forgot I’m only 10 years old.

Since there’s no school, there is no sex education either, but it’s a “tradition” for those who’ve experienced it to teach the newbies. This apparent custom is not specific to gender.

Well, even with tradition, for a ten-year-old to talk about it is taboo. However, it became habit grow excited when hearing the girls talk.

“Yes, I am sorry.”

Even though I may look like a brat, I am in my mid-50s inside. Though I had lived a crappy life, I did have experience and knew a thing or two about love. In this rural countryside, my puberty and sexual experience are inferior, and with a new life I must live with my new reality as much as possible.

“Well, I’m going to prepare to go out… Oh, Tota. Confirm the presence of the goblins again. Sepuru, I don’t think so, but if you come across a goblin in the village by any chance, make sure to deal with it.”

A short time ago (ah, maybe just today) she’s been able to handle wolves or hogs like they were nothing to her, though her experience in battle is less than Tota. Therefore, I trained them to make sure they deal the death blow twice just in case (the double tap).


I guess I need to go back to work for the afternoon.

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