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Hawtness – Volume 1 – Chapter 1

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This is my completed original work, Hawtness, located at wattpad. I originally wrote it to be in volumes, something that doesn’t translate well to wattpad. So, I figured I’d start releasing it over here as well. Unlike Requiem, it’s actually done so the chapter releases will be stable for quite some time.

Hawtness is a parody of animes, supernatural romance, and harem tropes mixed into a reverse harem bag. I’m pretty sure the cover which depicts a half-naked man puts a lot of people off the story, but it was written to be humerous and satirical, so I think anyone could have a lot of fun with this one. I will release weekly for now.


Hot Nights and Demon Fights

This was the night that started my bizarre and crazy life. I never asked for any of this. All I ever wanted was to graduate high school, go to college, and become a journalist. Love wasn’t even something I thought about. I was a normal person with no discernible character traits or personality. I had typical looks, and my grades were average. Every single thing about me was so plain and ordinary that I could be an analog for any random girl on the planet. So why did this all happen to me? Why did my quiet life have to end? Why did I become the protagonist of my own teen romance? That’s right, it all started because of those mysterious boys who fell into my life one after another. Although, to be honest, it was my own idiotic curiosity that was the cause of all of this.

My mother worked nights, and I made good use of the plot convenient absence of parental supervision to my advantage by sneaking out. I considered myself quite the adventurer really. That night, I sat on the bench in the middle of a desolated park where I often went in an attempt to clear my mind and contemplate how ordinary I was, and how nothing interesting would ever happen in my life.

Certainly, no harm should fall upon a young teenage girl all alone in an abandoned park in the middle of the night. Or at least, that’s what I thought. It was late, and I was busy reading this romance novel about a vampire who fell in love with this girl, clearly a unique and original story. The girl had just realized that the man was a vampire, and he was racing against time to save her from another psychopathic vampire who wanted her dead. This novel would certainly win story of the year.

The lights lining the street flickered drawing my attention and forcing me to glance up from my book. I could feel the ground shake slightly beneath my feet. I would’ve easily missed the flickering purple light that emanated from a gap in the trees if I wasn’t staring in that direction already. Perhaps a normal girl would’ve run away. Maybe that is what separated me from the pack. I was curious, and that curiosity would soon shape the rest of my life.

Standing up, I walked towards the oncoming sounds and lights, leaving my book behind as I went. My body moved as if I was in a dream. My mind was numb. Of course, I didn’t move that way because I was in a trance; I just typically felt out of it after reading some particularly erotic teen fiction.

As I took my first step off the beaten path a boom echoed through the trees, and I saw another blast of flickering light off in the distance. The sudden chaos in that otherwise deserted park compelled me forward and I worked my way through the forest, being drawn closer to the mystery like a moth to a flame. Soon, I could hear voices coming through a break in the trees.

“Just give up, you can’t win,” shouted a steady and self-assured voice.

“The hell I can’t!” came another filled with anger and malice.

Another boom followed in response, and I continued walking forward. The danger should’ve been obvious to me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that whatever was happening over there in the distance, I should be running in the exact opposite direction. I knew that and yet, I was compelled to keep moving forward.

I soon found myself stepping out into a small clearing hidden deep within the park. The lights from the street were obscured and the only thing that lit this particular clearing was the light from the stars above. At first, the space in front of me appeared as empty and as desolate as the rest of the park, but then a purple explosion flashed from the other side of the clearing. I instinctively ducked out of sight.

A form flew out from the forest; a young man seeming blown back by some kind of force. He twisted in midair and landed without making a noise, his muscular arms flexing as he did. In an instant, he’d collected himself and then moved into some kind of a fighting stance. I took a step forward and felt a twig snapped under my foot.

The strange person spun at the noise, and I gasped at the sight of his face. I knew him; he was a boy in my school named Andrew. He wasn’t just any boy, though; he was the most attractive boy at school. He had a chiseled face. His body was muscular and hard. His rich blue eyes seemed to almost glow in the dark and his blonde hair was styled to perfection, even in the midst of the raging battle. He wore a simple t-shirt and jeans that had various tears and splashes of dirt on them, probably from all the fighting. I could see the outline of his chiseled pectorals, broad shoulders, and muscular arms even in the weak lighting.

Fortunately, he couldn’t see me through the series of bushes that obscured his vision. A fireball flew out from deep within the forest refocusing his attention. It had the same purple cast as the light flashes I had seen earlier. Andrew threw out his hand and the fireball snuffed out even before it reached him. My mouth fell open, and my eyes popped out. I couldn’t possibly have seen what I just saw. I tried to adjust my step so as to get a better look.

“Watch it! You almost knocked me down!” a grizzled voice came from a nearby bush.

I flinched at the noise, surprised that I hadn’t noticed someone else so close to me. However, when I glanced around, there was nobody there. A little bunny rabbit hopped out from a nearby alcove. I must have been hearing things. I took a deep breath of relief and mentally kicked myself for letting fear get the better of me. I returned my gaze to the clearing but Andrew was gone, and in a moment of panic I wondered if I’d even seen him at all. I glanced back down at the bunny and realized the animal seemed as intent on watching the clearing in front of us as was I. The bunny was white, with little black dots on each of its hind legs, and it was kind of cute. After staring for a few seconds, it started inching forward like a cat, albeit with lesser finesse.

“What’re you up to little one? You should stay away from that clearing,” I said reaching out to grab the bunny and pull it away.

The bunny turned to look back at me. “Some other time, I’m busy right now.”

My jaw dropped open; did that bunny just talk? There was a talking bunny in the woods! That’s… that’s… the cutest thing ever! There was a hot guy in the woods, explosions, and a talking bunny. Clearly, I was dreaming. I pinched myself and flinched from the pain. Maybe I was on some kind of drugs instead? There was another flash and another boom, but all of my attention was now focused upon the bunny.

“You’re a talking bunny,” I stated, trying to get a grasp on the situation.

“I am?” The bunny looked down at itself and then back up, its eyes popping as it did. “Holy Shit! Thank you! For a while there I thought I was a talking goat!”

“It’s just that I’ve never met a talking bunny before.” I ignored the rude comment, and when the bunny didn’t respond I tried again. “Can I pet you?”

The bunny turned back. “I’m a little busy right now.”

“What’re you doing?” I dropped down to my knees and reached out to stroke the back of the bunny’s neck.

“Hey! That is unauthorized physical contact. Don’t touch me! I… well… actually that’s kind of nice. How about a little lower?” The bunny’s nose twitched as I continued to pet.

“I’m trying to help my master take out pretty boy over there.” It nodded towards the clearing.

Just then, Andrew popped back into view, a flash of purple fire shooting out overhead.

“So what do you have against that cute boy? He is, like, the hottest guy in school!” I asked, continuing to pet the bunny as it twisted so I could reach its stomach.

“Well, yeah, of course, he’s dreamy. But he also happens to be the mortal enemy of my master. So he’s got to go. Ah, a little lower.”


“I said lower you naughty bipedal!”

“Okay!” I pulled my hand away. “You just stopped being cute.”

“Aww… come on, I was just playing!” The bunny twitched his nose, trying to look cute.

I wasn’t falling for it. “Yeah, we’re done!”

“But I’ll do you too!”

“The opportunity has passed bunny.” I shook my head in disgust.

“Reginal,” It replied.


“The name’s Reginal! Thought our relationship’s progressed enough for us to share our names.”

I shivered at the thought. After a moment of silence, I realized he was waiting for a response.

“Oh… I’m Jane, Jane Averygail.”

“You know Jane, for a human, you seem quite okay with all that’s going on here.” Reginal turned away, glancing back out at the clearing.

I shook my head and grimaced. “I’m kind of freaking out right now but I’m running on the assumption that I’m either asleep and dreaming or high on some kind of drug. I told my mom those mushrooms she bought looked suspicious.”

The bunny rolled his eyes.”Well, whatever helps you cope I guess…”

I frowned at him before focusing my attention back to the clearing. I could occasionally hear a light rumble or the sound of grunting but there wasn’t much to be seen. I didn’t know who Andrew was fighting in my probable mushroom induced hallucination but going by what Reginal had said, he was on the side of the guy shooting the purple fire. Reginal cocked his head as if he were listening to something that I couldn’t hear. He gave a distinct nod just as a purple fireball pushed Andrew back through the trees and into the clearing.

“Well, I just got my orders. Say, you wouldn’t have any large protruding claws or vicious teeth or something. No? I suppose no magic either since you probably don’t believe in it? Can you conjure any beings from parallel dimensions? No? Fine, I knew I’d have to handle this all by myself. My master is getting real frustrated out there so it looks like I’m going to have to spring the trap. Wish me luck!”

“Good luck Reginal!”

‘Yes, I’m definitely high on mushrooms!’ I thought to myself.

I gasped as the bunny exploded. Within seconds, the fur scattered into the wind, leaving behind a massive, hulking beast in its wake. The intimidating beast shambled off into the starlit clearing. It was tall, at least nine feet, and its skin was like darkened marble splashed with red. It had long horns and the only thought I could form in my head was that it was something demonic.

Reginal turned into a monster? Looks like the mushrooms were going to be a really bad high. Andrew turned to the beast and when their eyes met, the beast began its charge. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t get my voice to work. Andrew did not turn away, though. He met the creature head on. It slashed down on him, its massive fist ready to crush Andrew’s skull. I wanted to stop what was about to happen, but fear had a firm grip on my body and kept me in my place.

Andrew dodged the thing that was once the cute bunny named Reginal with ease and drew up his arm. A sword of fire appeared as if from nowhere. A single slash tore the beast in half. When Andrew stopped moving his arms, the sword flickered a little and disappeared, as if it only existed for the sole purpose of that one strike. The creature looked around, confused for a second, and then glanced back at my hiding place. He gave a shrug and then slid apart. Instead of blood and guts, though, the creature disappeared into a puff of dark black smoke. Andrew stood up straight, seemingly more relaxed with the creature now disposed of. He glanced back into the darkness, probably looking for Reginal’s master.

“No! Reginal!” I reached out to the puffy smoke that had been my talking animal friend just moments prior.

Before I could even register it, a purple flame shot out of the forest. It took me a second to realize that it was directed at me. I shrieked as the fireball erupted around me. Was this how my life was going to end? First Reginal the bunny, and now Jane the girl. A large force grabbed me and pushed me aside. I fell to the ground, landing in the dirt with an uncomfortable thud. I could feel a large muscular being trying to grab a hold of me and I struggled, fighting against the advances of this unknown entity.

I couldn’t think straight and how could I? I was probably on fire. Maybe the fire was an intelligent life form of sorts and wanted to violate me. The hell if my first time was going to be from a fireball! I knew that it didn’t make any sense but nothing really did at this point. The emotions that I’d been suppressing began to bubble up to the surface.

“Will you stop?” the being on top of me whispered.

“No! I will not stop!” I shouted back, tossing my hand out and striking flesh. “I’m freaking out right now. I just want to wake up! I’m tired of fireballs and monsters and hot freaking…”

That’s when I realized that the form on top of me wasn’t fighting back and when I opened my eyes, I saw Andrew straddling me. He watched me hesitantly with his piercing blue eyes.

“…Guys…” my voice weakened at the sight of him.

‘Why did he have to look so incredibly hot right now?

“Quiet,” he said shushing me before grabbing my hand and swinging his leg off of me.

He pulled me up and within seconds, he had dragged me behind a nearby bush. He wrapped his arms around me and held me from behind, the pair of us sitting quietly in the dark. It was kind of a nice change of pace from the bouts of hallucinations I’ve had so far. I wondered if Andrew was single or if he had a girlfriend. Then, I berated myself for having such a stupid thought right now. What exactly was wrong with me? More importantly, what was he doing forcing me behind a bush?

His breath tickled my ears; it smelled of vanilla. With his chest pressed against my back, his heavy breathing slowed down to a rhythmic pulse. It took me a moment to realize that he was listening for something. Upon concentrating, I could hear the faint sound of boots crunching through the forest. The sound was coming towards us. His arms tightened around me as if he were trying to shield me from harm.

I held my breath as the boots stopped just on the other side of the bush we were hiding behind. Then the person cursed and I heard his footsteps stomp off in another direction. Andrew held me for a while longer before lightening up his grip. Finally, he pulled away, the delicious warmth of his body fading. I sighed, only a little disappointed that it couldn’t have lasted longer.

“You’re all red! Did he hurt you?” Andrew frowned as he examined my face.

‘No, you idiot, I’m red because you’ve been rubbing up against me for the last five minutes with your hot body.’

I shook my head vehemently, not wanting him to press further. Either way, why did he care about my safety? I am a nobody. He always seemed to avoid me in class. Once we had been put in a group together, and it was one of the most awkward classes of my life. It was almost like he was afraid or embarrassed or something. Moreover, he killed Reginal. That poor, poor demonic bunny.

“You’re name’s Jane, right? You go to my school?” he asked, a small but reassuring smile spreading upon his face.

That smile made my heart leap. It was so full of innocence, respect, pride, and care that I almost forgave him instantly for putting my life in mortal danger. It was a smile that you could wake up to every morning, for the rest of your life. I wanted to respond, but I wasn’t able to find the words. There was a loud noise a short walking distance away from where we were. Andrew grabbed my hand, the look of concern returning to his face.

“We’ll speak again, but I need you to get away. It’s too dangerous tonight, just turn and keep running. I’ll his attention and cover you. Now… Go!” He moved me to my feet and gave me a light nudge.

I stood there glaring back at him as he turned and ran off in the opposite direction. How dare he tell me what to do? Who did he think he was, getting all snugly with me behind a bush and then running off? Well, I wasn’t going to move an inch, not one! Another blast of purple flame struck a tree a few feet away. With a crack, it came crashing down to the ground a few inches from where I stood. I winced at the sight.

‘Alright, you win this round; I’ll leave! However, it’s not because of your godlike voice, ripped body, and good boy routine, not one bit!’

There was another explosion, and I began to run. Okay, maybe, I was a little afraid. I could hear Andrew shouting in the distance, but I just kept running. I was confused and the only thing going through my mind was the instructions he’d given me. That and the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around me. I ran until I burst through my front door. Numb and exhausted, I fell into my bed. I kept telling myself it was a dream over and over again. Stupid bad mushrooms! All that’s left was to wake up.


“You look like hell, Jane,” Samantha winced, glancing over at me.

It was the following day, and we were just starting our second-period class. I had woken up that morning in the dirty clothing from the night before, feeling grungy and miserable. I had a nightly routine that involved brushing my teeth, taking a bath, looking at a mirror and describing my appearance in my head, and wearing pajamas. None of this seemed to have happened the previous night. Instead, I had a mushroom induced illusion of talking bunnies and hot abs.

“I just had a strange dream,” I replied to my close friend.

“A bad dream?”

“No… not bad,” I remembered Andrew pressed up against me, his sweet breath filling my senses; it was almost enough to make me blush.

“Oh, one of those dreams,” Samantha smirked.

“No, not that!” I explained, raising my head from the stupor I had been in since homeroom this morning, “There was a talking bunny in it.”

“Hey, whatever does it for you.”


“I’m just saying, sometimes in my dreams it’s a werewolf ravishing me. Alpha-ing my Beta if you know what I mean.”

“I really don’t.”

“Oh come now, we read the same books,” Samantha winked.

“You know wolves are pack animals.”

“I don’t follow.”  Samantha raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing, I’m just saying…”

“Well, naughty dream girl. How about we get some lunch. Should cheer you up.”  Samantha stated, standing up.

“I suppose it might,” I stood up, moving to join her.

A young guy my age pushed by; he glared back at me and gave a condescending sneer as he moved on. He had fiery red hair, dark eyes, and was as attractive as Andrew. He had a similar muscular build but seemed to exude a sense of danger. I also smelled spicy cinnamon as he passed. What a spontaneous and irrelevant event that occurred in my life that would have no bearings on my immediate future.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Wow, you were out of it this morning,” Samantha sighed, “That’s Rune. New kid, just transferred in from out of town. Although, he might be a serious contender for the hawtness.”

“Oh, come on…”

“Did you see him? He’s got kind of bad boy thing going on, doesn’t he?”

“Bad boy is just another word for a jerk.”

“Maybe, but sometimes you like a bad boy because they’re just…. Baaad…” Samantha enunciated the last word, breaking into a grin as she did it.

I smiled back, although I wasn’t sure I agreed with her statement. He seemed less like a badboy and more like a trouble maker. Then again, I didn’t really know what kind of boys I would like. I’d never dated anyone before. Whether he was a demon or a saint, I guess a lot of it depended on how he treated me.

“Besides,” I spoke the rest of my thought out loud, “Doesn’t the hawtness already have a resident bad boy?”

“Daniel,” Samantha seemed to caress the words, “Well, there are ten of them, they don’t all have to be different personality types.”

I rolled my eyes at her and shook my head. The hawtness was the name of a group of boys. Specifically, they were the ten most attractive boys at Fairmont high school. It was less an actual group and more of an ongoing joke between the pair of us. Still, it was always convenient to refer to the hawtness. When you referred to it, there are some people you knew were included; Andrew was one of them.

We made our way to the mess hall and got something to eat. I got a small salad, while Samantha went with a reheated cheeseburger. Samantha was right; I was starting to feel normal now that I had a little food in me. I was just about to tell Samantha about what I dreamed the night before when Samantha’s eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open. What was wrong now? I turned to where she was glancing.

“Are you alright?” Andrew asked in a low whisper.

He sat next to me keeping his head close to mine so he wouldn’t have to raise his voice in the crowded hall. Samantha shot daggers at me. It was a look that said ‘what is this and why haven’t you told me’. The complete look of shock on my face was the only reason she didn’t press more on the spot. Realizing he was still waiting for a response, I gave out a small nod.

“I saw that there is a new student that transferred in. He has a lot of classes with you.”

“I’ve seen him,” I stated.

“Don’t trust him, stay away from him,” he said, before standing up, “And I trust you won’t tell anyone… about us.”

Andrew turned and walked away, not turning to glance back as he rounded the corner.

“What was that? Tell him about us? You guys are a couple? When did you start dating a hawtness? Why didn’t you tell me?” Samantha demanded in a fervor.


It wasn’t a dream. Everything I saw the previous night was true. Talking bunnies did exist. Also, I had a hotty on top of me behind a bush. I wouldn’t word it that way to Samantha though. Her fragile mind could only take so much. The reality of the situation seemed to come crashing down on me. I told Samantha that she was mistaken and it wasn’t what it looked like. Samantha seemed to sense something in me, as she didn’t press further; she was a good friend for that.

After lunch, I ran off to the bathroom. I skipped the remainder of the third-period class, staring blankly at the fine literature written across the bathroom stalls. Samantha would take notes for me; she was good for that too. My brain seemed to move in a whirl, not quite coming to terms with what I had seen the previous night. Andrew, Rune, bunnies. It all spiraled in my head. If I kept thinking about it much longer, my brain would explode. I suppressed the thoughts as thoroughly as I could, took a deep breath, and then headed out.

I ended up meeting Samantha in our final period class, biology. The teacher asked us to divide up into our groups. I turned to Samantha, but before I could say anything, someone moved in between the pair of us. I found myself staring at a tight rockband t-shirt framing a muscular body. My eyes moved up and met those of the new kid, Rune. My mind went numb as a stared at him, then what Andrew had said came back to me. Well, how was I supposed to stay away from him if he just went and shoved his abs in my face?

“I’m new here,” Rune grinned, “Wouldn’t mind teaming up with a smart girl for a while.”

Then why did he pick me? I’m not the smartest person in this class and am not well known for biology skills. Why didn’t he sit by Janice? She was three months pregnant. If anyone knew some biology, it was her.

There was something off about Rune too. His grin seemed condescending and insolent. However, the way he moved and talked seemed on edge, like he was a water kettle ready to burst. His eyes were full of a kind of heat and energy, on the edge of extreme emotion. It was so much different than the cool and collected Andrew; it also held a bit of familiarity that confused me.

I didn’t have a choice, though; Samantha would never forgive me if I turned him down. It would look worse if I made a scene, and my so-called friend was already finding a new partner, meanwhile shooting me jealous glares. I nodded my head, not quite trusting myself to say anything at that particular point. Why did all these hot guys have to start throwing themselves at me? I must be the unluckiest person ever. He sat next to me, still grinning, but was content to remain in silence.

“The partner you just selected will be your lab partner for the rest of the year,” the teacher declared.

This was odd because it was November and we’ve been having labs for like the last two months, but who am I to argue? I cringed on the inside, but it almost seemed like Rune’s grin grew even more insolent.

Andrew would not like this. Why did I care what Andrew thought? What did this have to do with him anyway? I barely knew the guy. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I was my own person, and Andrew was just some guy. The hottest guy in school maybe, and he did save my life. Well, there was that. However, he stabbed Reginal… who was some kind of monster. I don’t know; this was just a confusing time.

“We should go out,” Rune nodded to himself.

“Out?” I responded, a little too loud.

Thankfully the word didn’t reach Samantha, god knows what she would do with that information. This was the first thing he had said anything to me. Up until that point, we had been working in relative silence. He sat just a few inches closer to me than I thought he should, but he was being respectful and didn’t touch me. Why did he have to go and say a thing like that?

“I’ll think about it,” I said the only response that came to mind.

“I look forward to it,” he grinned just as the bell rang. He stood up, grabbing his books and heading for the door.

“I didn’t say yes,” I called after him.

He put up a hand, either acknowledging or dismissing what I said before he was out the door. What a jerk, bad boys my left buttock.

“Oh my god,” Samantha exclaimed, joining my side, “What have you been doing? All these guys are practically hanging off you!”

“I don’t know what is going on, but it has to do with some bad mushrooms I think.”

“You’re so lucky.”

“It doesn’t mean you should be staring at me angrily throughout the class,” I responded.

Samantha blushed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“You just tweeted, ‘Ugh, Jane gets all the guys, what a whore. #Janesabitch’.”

“I have to keep face with the other girls.”

“Speaking of faces, I just looked up your Facebook on my phone, you just updated your profile with, ‘If I was Jane I would grab that piece of man meat and…’ Ugh, Samantha, this is not an appropriate Facebook post. Your mom is in on your friend’s list, stop posting this kind of stuff.”

“No, it’s okay, she liked that post. Besides, you should stop worrying about me and start worrying about the other girls in this class.”

I glanced around, realizing that I was seeing a larger than normal degree of venomous looks. I mean, most of the girls were always jealous of my mundane looks, average income, and no discernible interesting character traits, but this was worse. It looked like neither Andrew nor Rune would do me any favors in the foreseeable future.

“You’re going to tell me everything you did,” Samantha continued, “after I get back from cheerleading. I want the whole story. You must have said or done something to attract hawtness and newbie hawtness.”

I assured her I would and before long, she was gone, leaving me as one of the last to finish packing up and leaving the class. I never liked to leave too early, or I’d get stuck with all the traffic in the hall. I liked to wait for the school to start clearing out before I left. I assisted the teacher in erasing the chalkboard and putting away the lab supplies. Once I was certain that I could get out of the school without being shoved and prodded, I took off.

My phone buzzed, and I checked to see another tweet from Samantha ‘Rune/Andrew BoyXBoy fanfic’s finished and sold at my locker in 20 minutes.’ Well, I had to give Samantha some credit, she was diligent. When had she even written it? It had to have been during Biology class.

I barely had a warning when I saw Andrew and Rune together in an empty room. My instincts told me to keep walking, but my curiosity got the best of me. I stopped and listened; the door was open a crack, and I didn’t have to struggle to hear what was being said.

“Did you even tell her about what we are?” that voice was Rune’s.

“That’s none of your business,” Andrew responded; his voice was cold but angry.

“You didn’t, did you?” Rune laughed, “Well I might just have to, I owe you some payback for Reginal. It’ll be weeks before I can summon my minion again.”

“You stay away from her,” Andrew snapped.

“Oh, you like the girl, is that it? She’s your girl?” Rune chuckled, “Well, you know how I feel about things you claim are yours.”


“Oh, Andreatis, I will take everything that is yours, and make it mine.”

A few girls snickered somewhere down the hall causing me to break from the conversation. I turned and began walking away. They weren’t talking about me, were they? He didn’t tell me what they were? What were they? I remembered the fire sword, the talking bunny, and the purple flames. What were these people? What had I got myself into?

Worst, I realized why I had found Rune’s voice so familiar and unnerving. That was the voice that was coming out of the forest the previous night. Both of these men were dangerous, and both of these men had seemed to find an interest in me. Of course, they were treating me like a piece of property. I wasn’t some prize for either man to win. What a couple of asshats.

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Arifureta Chapter 157

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Signal of Counterattack

In the devil king castle, the audience hall, a scream echoed.

A voice calling out the name of their beloved lover sounded too sorrowful, it was like a wailing.

Hajime who was the one who raised that scream was being held down by several apostles. Right now, he was in a posture where his forehead was rubbing on the floor. His one arm that reached out looking for Yue who had left after being turned into the vessel of the creator god Ehito, was forced to his back to the limit of its joint by an apostle.

Shia and the others were pushed down on the floor by claws pushing on their back by large wolves made from the stone floor, they were crucified on the floor while blood gushed out from their bodies. Shizuku and her group were also unable to move due to the illusion shown to them by Ehito’s magic and the influence of ‘Divine Statement’.

Aiko and the rest were also being observed by the apostles and monsters. Combined with their wounds from before, they weren’t in the condition to move.

And then, the artifacts that Hajime relied on were already gone.

If an example was made using chess terminology, this situation was exactly what one would call ‘checkmate’. For that reason, even Ehito prioritized to resolve the problem of Yue’s resistance rather than dealing the final blow to Hajime and the others.

The distorted smile Ehito directed at Hajime who screamed for Yue was a satisfied smile that was colored by joy and pleasure from ‘looking to his heart content at Hajime’s suffering figure’. That too was the reason for him leaving the aftermath at his retainer Aruvheit.

With ten apostles and thirty monsters remaining behind, the audience hall now felt somewhat deserted. There, a steady footstep resounded.

“Kuku-. How unsightly, irregular. There was a slight problem at the end, but Ehito-sama seemed greatly pleased by that vessel. All of this is thanks to you who discovered ‘that’ and brought it here while granting it strength. I’m thanking you here, you know?”

With a voice that was overflowing with joy and scorn, Aruvheit spouted out muddy black words of malice.

In contrast, far from objecting, Hajime was only hanging his head down and his body didn’t even twitch. The killing intent and hatred that made even the apostles shudder before this, and then the unstoppable torrent of strength, all of that couldn’t even be felt even a bit from Hajime’s body. From his wounded state and the amount of his bleeding, in a glance it even looked like he had already stopped breathing.

Aruvheit also thought that. He tilted his head before directing his gaze at one of the apostles holding down Hajime. The apostle quietly shook her head and directed a dangerous gaze at the back of Hajime’s head. It seemed that Hajime was still properly alive.

“Hmm, just where has your might that you showed at the beginning gone? Well, I want to say that, but even you have a limit, huh. Although, there is a hole opened in your stomach, you got hit by that much magic of my lord, further you forced your body to use strength that surpassed the limit several times. I guess it’s astonishing for you to even still breath. Or else, was it your beloved lover who got stolen that became the finishing blow? Hm?”

“… Just stop screwing around desu-, this third rate villainn! If you haven’t played enough yet then I’ll take you on-“

Aruvheit said out tormenting words, however Hajime didn’t respond, as though to represent him an angry yell rose from different place. It was Shia.

By yelling, the claw pushing on Shia’s back dug in even deeper and blood flowed out more, but without even paying attention to such a thing Shia clawed on the floor while trying to advance.

Looking at such a Shia, the large wolf’s eyes that were made of stone shrewdly narrowed, and then as though saying to shut up, its jaw sunk into Shia’s shoulder. A raw sound was audible once more and blood spurted out. The spraying blood dirtied Shia’s neck and the side of her face, her figure looked ghastly.

“-!?――ngigi-gii, you think I’ll losee! I’ll send you flying, all of you together-. Just come at me desuu!”

Even so Shia didn’t even scream in pain, she yelled in anger while strengthening her struggle. The frustration of being unable to do anything, that she could only see Hajime get hurt and Yue taken away, combined with the strength that she continued to knead even now, strength was explosively heightening inside Shia.

And then, finally *bakin* a sound like something getting broken resounded, Shia’s arm that could only move meagerly leaped up.


Such a thunderous sound was raised from the head of the large wolf biting at her shoulder being blown away. From that, the wound of her shoulder was gouged and blood spurted out even more, but as expected, Shia didn’t pay it any attention. She stepped on the ground so hard that the floor split and she rapidly approached Aruvheit.


Her rabbit ears flapped, along with eyes that were tinged with clear killing intent to first slaughter the strongest enemy, Shia’s fist struck Aruvheit.

*DONGON* Fierce shockwaves reverberated. Shia’s fist drew a splendid trajectory and pierced Aruvheit’s face… or that was how it looked like.


“Hou, after irregular you too also got free from Ehito-sama’s ‘Divine Statement’… Good grief, so an insolent fellow is being served by insolent woman. How wretched.”

“Kuh, just a barrier like this-!”

A barrier was deployed just from Aruvheit lifting his hand slightly, stopping Shia’s fist that was like a cannon dead in its track.

With a calm expression without a drop of anything like unease, Aruvheit concluded Shia as insolent. Ignoring that, Shia swung her fist once more.

Aruvheit’s expression turned annoyed feeling that it would just end up the same no matter how many times Shia punched, but Shia’s second attack raised a groan even louder, and then a crack entered the barrier of Aruvheit.

“What the?”

“Fly away desuu!”

Perhaps Aruvheit had never imagined in even his wildest dream that other than Hajime who was named as irregular, there would be someone else who could make his barrier cracked, furthermore it was by bare hand. Aruvheit looked on slightly in wonderment.

Not missing that opening, Shia made use of the recoil of her second punch and rotated on the spot, she put a lot of the centrifugal force and released a spinning kick at the place where a crack was created. Her firm long leg was reinforced to the limit, and the kick was unleashed with a incomparably beautiful form.

While her rabbit ears was flowing lithely, *pyaaan* a bursting sound resounded, Shia’s spinning kick pierced the barrier. And then without stopping, her kick assaulted Aruvheit who was inside.

Aruvheit immediately crossed his arms and blocked Shia’s kick, but he was unable to brace himself against the weight that surpassed his imagination, just as Shia said, he was grandly blown away.

Shia’s kicking leg didn’t stop and it was lifted until reaching the zenith, then her leg was brought down to the ground following the tenet of an axe kick. And then she spun like a pinwheel with high speed, with her legs she flicked off the many floor fragments that floated in the air from the broken floor.

The pebbles that were flicked away resembled bullets and cut through the air with high speed, becoming a pursuit attack at Aruvheit.

The pebbles assaulted like a sweep of gatling guns toward Aruvheit who crashed through a stone pillar in the audience hall, dust clouds rose due to the broken stone pillar.

“Not yet de――!?”

“Fall down.”

When Shia was about to attack further, the moment when Shia entered a crouching posture, apostles rapidly approached Shia from left and right with afterimages following behind them. In their hands were large swords clad in silver light of disintegration being swung.

Shia had been quite vigilant against the apostles and monsters, but she couldn’t deny that blood had rushed to her head. Shia who got carried away and leaped forward too far now got aimed at the moment she stepped in, in her expression cornered emotion of “Damn it” showed through.

If only she had her Doryukken, she would be able to forcefully swipe them away, yet the nonexistence of the reliable sensation that she usually felt in her hand made her grit her teeth.

Like that, Shia resolved herself to receive damage to cut her way through, it was at that time,

“That is my line!”

Two streaks of black flash blown away the two apostles who pincer attacked Shia.


“Guh, divine statement was it? … Truly, it was troublesome. Shia, I take off my hat to thy guts.”

When Shia immediately turned back, the figure of Tio in partial dragonification with her tail constricting the large wolf while making a pained expression was there. It appeared that unlike Shia, Tio wasn’t completely escaping the influence of ‘Divine Statement’.

Tio wasn’t able to understand the magic until its principle, but even so she understood that it was a magic with terrifying effect. Therefore Tio couldn’t help but giving words of praise at Shia who on top of completely removing the curse by her will alone, she was even able to give payback to Aruvheit.

Tio used the rampaging large wolf she constricted with her tail to strike at the large wolf holding down Kaori, while doing that she fired breath attack at an apostle brandishing a large sword from above to check the enemy in place. Her body was already enveloped in transparent black magic power, it showed that she was using sublimation magic.

Even so, an attack without gathering strength beforehand couldn’t stop an apostle’s charge, therefore the best Tio could do was making the apostle react immediately to take evasive action.

But, at that time, one more voice resounded.

“Tio-san, please wake up Kaori somehow! I’ll cover for you! Shia, hold back the devil king-“

At the same time with the voice, a black shadow slipped past Tio’s side. That was Shizuku who was clad in dark blue magic power and her ponytail that was her trademark.

Like that Shizuku used a unique way of walking to slip smoothly into the bosom of another apostle approaching Tio from behind, she took the wrist of the slightly surprised apostle and rolled the apostle’s body to float in the air. And then the apostle went into a losing posture due to her own rush of momentum. Shizuku grasped the stomach of the apostle and with her other arm she struck an elbow blow there. It was so to speak an aikido technique, one of Yeagashi-style taijutsu ‘Kyourai’. (TN: Taijutsu=bare handed martial art. Kyourai=Mirror Thunder.)

The elbow blow that carried power which was impossible if it was only Shizuku’s strength, coupled with the deftness of that technique succeeded in temporarily blowing away the apostle.

Shizuku was also barely driving off the curse of ‘Divine Statement’. The magic power enveloping herself came from sublimation magic. She made her body performance to evolve a level higher. As the result it was a pseudo ‘Limit Break’.

She didn’t use it until just now because of the intense pain of the illusion as well as the wavering of her mind. Actually she didn’t shake off the effect of the illusion completely, so her expression distorted from enduring intense pain and cold sweats trickled from her body.

“Thou art speaking recklessly-“

“Ro, roger desu-!”

Tio threw the stone wolf constricted in her tail as improvised hammer at the apostle that she was made to take evasive action just now with her breath attack, then she rushed at Kaori’s location. At the same time, Shia also slipped through the apostles and monsters coming to attack while dashing at where Aruvheit was.

Shizuku saw that there was further three more apostles who headed at her from all the apostles who acted after seeing the situation, she rushed to intercept them while in the way she picked a floor fragment and sent it flying with her reinforced body. It was one of Yaegashi-style throwing art ‘Senreki’. The target was the eyeball of the apostles. (TN: Senreki=Piercing Pebble)

Although her body was reinforced using sublimation magic, the accuracy of the throwing itself was depending on the skill of the user. Something like aiming accurately at really small target that was the moving opponent’s eyeball while dashing was an absurdly expert skill.

But, naturally the apostles easily lifted their sword and repelled the attack.


One of the approaching apostles directed inhuman gaze at Shizuku from the shadow of her large sword. And then she unfolded her silver wings and flapped it noisily once. Just with that countless silver feathers flew out from the wings like buckshot, they advanced to annihilate Shizuku.

Shizuku used ‘No Beat’ that realized radical motion which made it looked like the body was ignoring inertia and ‘Piled Ground shrinker’ which made it possible to consecutively executed ‘Ground shrinker’ and barely succeeded in evading the attack. While enduring the fear from her clothes, hair tip, and then her skin which got shallowly disintegrated by the grazing silver feathers, Shizuku rapidly approached with a low posture as though she was hugging the ground.

“I won’t know until I try!”

While yelling defiantly, Shizuku finally slipped through the barrage of silver feathers and she slid like a baseball player toward the apostles, she then thrust her hand below with a force that could split the floor, and then using the recoil she launched a scooping up kick.

One of Yaegashi-style taijutsu ‘Saka Shushou’. (TN: Reverse Eagle Claw) It was a kicking technique to lift up the opponent from really low posture. SO that the practitioner could still fight even after losing their sword, Yeagashi-style included sheath technique, taijutsu, and throwing skill in it.

Large eagle aimed at their prey and stretched their sharp claw from the sky――that kick drew a splendid trajectory like a reverse reproduction of that scene. Combined with the rushing momentum of ‘Ground Shrinker’ too, it contained quiet a destructive power. At the very least with the current Shizuku who was in the state of pseudo limit break using sublimation magic, if she was able to land a counter, then even an apostle could be blown away with her strength.

But, as expected, that plan was still naïve,

“No, it’s pointless.”


The kick was easily blocked by silver wing. Furthermore the part of her kicking leg’s boot that touched the wing was already disintegrating. It was disintegration ability.

Shizuku took a short breath, at the same time she rotated on the spot like pinwheel using her kicking leg as the axis. Her posture changed as though she was sleeping horizontally in the air, from there she aimed at the apostle’s face with her other leg. One of Yaegashi-style taijutsu ‘Jushusou’. (TN: Piled Eagle Claw)

However, even that was also blocked by the other wing of the apostle. And then, the apostle flapped her wings to drive off Shizuku and blew her away.


Shizuku struck the ground hard and she reflexively groaned. There, silver feathers poured down like heavy rain. Shizuku immediately evaded by leaping while she was on all fours like a beast. And then Shizuku was rolling unsightly and barely evaded the silver feathers that brutally dispersed the ground one after another like intense rain.

At the same time, she picked up a fragment of broken floor again and threw it at the apostle which passed her that was going to head towards Tio who was treating Kaori.

The apostle didn’t even look and repelled the pebble with her wing.

(I cannot even hold them back!? Even though I have to attract their attention until Kaori open her eyes and heal Nagumo-kun-)

Shizuku evaded the barrage of death with deathly desperate expression while yelling in her heart.

Shizuku’s aim was for Tio to use soul magic or regeneration magic and revived Kaori whose consciousness was forcefully closed. If only Kaori could move again, she could heal Hajime with her excellent healing magic. If only Hajime could move, it should be possible to break the deadlock of the current situation, Shizuku thought like that. The faith that Shizuku held toward Hajime didn’t change at all even now after he was defeated by Ehito.

Shizuku glanced with her gaze directed at Hajime who was being held down by two apostles still collapsing on his own sea of blood.

(The person that I fell in love seriously for the first time… the one that saved me many times… my heart, my life too… I can do anything if it is for that person’s sake. Just because the opponent is apostle, just because there is no weapon, those are no reason to give up! This time, I’ll be the one that save you!)

In contrast with the overwhelming heat boiling up in her heart, Shizuku began to chant with small whispering voice. Most of the artifacts were stolen, but fortunately she still possessed some things other than a weapon that might have been overlooked because it was trifling.

Those were the boots enchanted with ‘Air Force’, the hair ornament presented from Hajime for the first time that had regeneration ability attached, and then her clothes sewed with the magic circle of sublimation magic.

From the body of Shizuku who was continuously evading the fury of silver wings, abnormal dark blue magic power overflowed even more.

It was overlapping of sublimation magic. Something like a pseudo ‘Supreme Break’. Naturally it was an exercise of strength that surpassed the limit even in the best of times. It was an act that piled up unreasonableness on top of unreasonableness, it was impossible that there was no burden at all doing that.

Shizuku’s expression distorted in pain, she bit her lips hard to endure the undulation of the large power. In exchange of such pain, for a temporary time, surely it was only for a slight time, the magic power that reinforced Shizuku shined brilliantly while enveloping her body.

The apostle that passed through Shizuku heading toward Tio who was concentrating at healing Kaori, whose wicked hand even now was reaching at them. She twitched in reaction and looked back at Shizuku. However, perhaps deciding that it was nothing she needed to be concerned about the apostle turned back at Tio and brandished her sword.

Toward such apostle, Shizuku roared with rage.

“-, don’t look down on human-!”

The speed of Shizuku that amply displayed her specialty as a speed fighter, in addition with the sublimed acceleration that surpassed the limit, as expected it was at the level that even an apostle couldn’t stay indifferent at. The apostle raining down heavy rain of silver feathers at Shizuku opened her eyes wide in shock when she was passed through instantly from the side by Shizuku who dashed without any preliminary motion and everchanging step.

And then the apostle who was in the verge of swinging down her large sword also reflexively looked back at the presence that suddenly approached.

But, there was no way Shizuku would even give her the time to look back completely, without stopping she unleashed a severe spinning kick. Her aim was the back of the apostle’s head. The apostle who was going to turn her head had the direction of her head forcefully returned back by an impact, she was blown away above Tio’s head in a pitch forward.

Toward Shizuku who was hovering in the air from the recoil, one more apostle swept her large sword.

Shizuku lightly leaped using ‘Air Force’ and evaded that slash, then her body twisted in the air while when she crossed above the apostle, both her legs sandwiched the apostle’s head. And then, from there her body twisted even further and rotated with backward bending, crashing the apostle into the ground from the head.

Yeagashi-style taijutsu ‘Kaigetsu’. (TN: Circle Moon) A technique that executed a throw from twisting the body while both legs were holding the opponent’s head.

The human technique that was mysteriously polished made the apostle unable to react immediately, dangerously raw sound could be heard from the apostle’s neck when the head crashed to the floor. A small crater was created while the head was buried in an impossible angle.

In that timing, the apostle that was scattering silver feathers at Shizuku just now launched a bombing.

Shizuku naturally tried to dodge but…


She was unable to do that.

The reason was because behind her was Tio and Kaori. Before she realized, Shizuku was lined up at a firing line where she couldn’t escape.

If only she had her black katana, she could sever the space itself and she would be able to cut even the silver flash. But, the current Shizuku was barehanded. There was no way to stop the flash which carried the brutal ability of disintegration, to evade it meant to leave her comrades to death.

That hesitation was fatal. In front of the silver light of death, inside Shizuku’s head became pure white.

At that moment…

“’Sky Severance’!”

“’Holy Severance’!”

Two voices resounded. At the same time, in front of Shizuku’s eyes shining bright barriers were deployed.

One was a multiple layers barrier that had several barriers piled up――the caster was Liliana who drew a magic circle with her own blood and stretched her hand desperately to Shizuku.

The other one was a brilliantly shining powerful barrier――the caster was Suzu who even while drenched with cold sweat and her expression distorted in pain while still collapsed on the floor, she similarly drew a magic circle using blood and barely reached her hand.

The silver flash that brought about ruin was blocked by the barriers deployed by the desperate two and the speed of the advance was slightly slackened.

However, what was fired was a flash that disintegrated everything no matter if it was magic or material. Naturally the barriers of the two also held out less than a few seconds before they got dispersed.

Although that few seconds had the meaning of the time that could be bought. And then, that few seconds changed the fate of Shizuku who was exposed to that flash of death.

“Shizuku-chan-, get down!”


Shizuku didn’t even looked back or asked back at that familiar voice and reflexively obeyed.

Immediately after, above the head of Shizuku who pressed herself on the floor a similar silver flash rushed forward. That flash which clashed at the silver flash of the apostle right from the front was unmistakably the attack launched by Shizuku’s best friend. Even though there was terrifying powers clashing above her head, the cheeks of Shizuku were naturally brimming with smile.

“Don’t think that I am the same with all of you!”

Kaori’s powerful words echoed at the space that was surging with silver light. At the same time, the magic power from Kaori burst out. It was the prove of reinforcement using sublimation magic. Just as she proclaimed, the silver flash Kaori launched went *dokun-!* in pulsation and simultaneously increased in momentum all at once.

And then, it swallowed the flash of the apostle.

“Overcoming us, with our body…”

At the same time when that whisper leaked out, the apostle that showed an indescribable expression was dispersed into pieces even smaller than dust and vanished.

“Somehow we made it.”

“Thank you Tio. I’ll heal everyone right awa-“

Tio revived Kaori using soul magic and regeneration magic together, but she now was in a state that couldn’t hide her exhaustion. She murmured while wiping her sweaty forehead.

Kaori spoke her gratitude while starting to use recovery magic. Not only Hajime, she was planning to heal everyone wounded all at once.

But that was obstructed by the silver large sword that jumped up right from the side. Aiming at Kaori who finished launching her attack, the two apostles that were hit by Shizuku’s technique just now moved out.

With twin large swords Kaori blocked the slash from the two apostles. The two apostles who tried to slash with two large sword style, one had her arm entwined by Tio’s dragon tail, the other one was prevented by Shizuku who averted the trajectory using Aikido to the ground. Kaori, Tio, and Shizuku, the three and the two apostles glared at each other in a deadlock.




Screams reverberated. When the gazes of the three reflexively turned there, Liliana and Suzu were currently held down there. Similar like with Shia and others before this, on their back they had sharp claws digging there.

In an effort to help them, Ryuutaro tried to move toward Suzu with a desperate look, Aiko and Nagayama and group squirmed toward Liliana. But, they too were constricted by snake type monsters or tied with the string of spider type monsters, in the end they were injected with some kind of liquid that made them convulse. They couldn’t do anything.


“Good grief, bothering my hand like this. Although I don’t even reach below Ehito-sama’s feet, there is no way you will be a match with a god like me, don’t you think?”

Shizuku and the others were taken aback by that voice. They were desperate with their own battle that they didn’t pay attention there, but now they turned their gaze wondering what happened with Shia who went to hold back Aruvheit.

And then, what was there was, the figure of Shia who powerlessly dangled in the air with her neck in Aruvheit’s clutch. Furthermore, blood was flowing from her whole body as though several thousand blades had carved there, it seemed that she didn’t lose consciousness, but even her groaning voice sounded weak.

“Shia-“ X3

Kair and others opened their eyes wide and yelled.

In that instant, the attention of Kaori and others were definitely split. That opening wasn’t missed by the apostles. With their twin swords they blown away Kaori and others into one place, then the apostles instantly created magic circle using their silver feathers where grand lightning attack was generated from there.




The three raised their respective scream while convulsing. Even so, only Kaori somehow lessened the damage using magic power of disintegration, then she immediately tried to chant recovery magic.


“Didn’t you listen? I said that I am also a god. I command with the name of Aruvheit――’Don’t do anything’.”


Yes, the reason Shia lost was also due to the same ‘Divine Statement’ that was done to Kaori right now, it was because her movement was restricted. Although just as the person said himself, it seemed that the restraining power was quite inferior compared to Ehito.”

In reality, Kaori and others struggled to immediately break the restraints using reinforcement of sublimation magic. Different from when Ehito was the one using the ability, their arm immediately began to move.

However, it didn’t change that they were showing fatal opening, as long as there were the apostles and monsters here then even a temporary restrain was more than enough.

Facing Kaori and others who collapsed on the ground, a lightning attack surged once more. This time following the command of ‘don’t do anything’, Kaori also couldn’t disintegrate the attack and thus got hit fully. Kaori, Tio, and Shizuku screamed soundlessly then white smoke drifted up from them.

Although the momentary signal of counterattack raised the result of one apostle defeated, they were completely suppressed easily in the end.

Aruvheit lifted his hand and threw away Shia like trash, then he stepped on the back of the collapsed Shia while lording over the surrounding.

“Hmm, how is it? Have I managed to give you fools other than the irregular a little taste of despair?”

It appeared that Shia and the others were instantly killed in order to break their hearts.

Aruvheit shouldered the role to open the heart of Yue who would become Ehito’s vessel so that Ehito could easily steal her body or carry the plan B that was to shake Yue’s heart. Because he didn’t perform his role perfectly, Ehito was forced to take his time readjusting. Because of that, not only he was unable to accomplish the command bestowed from the lord that he respected, he even made his lord to be troubled, that caused his mind to become stormy.

In other words, he permitted Shia and others to oppose him, then he suppressed and struck despair into them so he could soak in joy from that, everything came from his wish to vent his anger.

In order to drop the insolent bunches who opposed him into despair and end them while they were in the depth of hopelessness, Aruvheit opened his mouth with an expression that was filled plenty with scorn.

“But, for a punishment to those who perpetrated insolence toward god, this is a bit too light I guess. Therefore, how about I teach all of you something really lovely.”

Trampling on Shia’s back underfoot, Aruvheit made her raised pained voice while looking at Liliana’s direction.

“Just as Ehito-sama spoken, this world will end before long. Armies of apostles will be summoned from the Holy Precincts to slaughter all living things in this world. The first target will be Hairihi Kingdom. Because it’s easy to create a Divine Gate that connected to Holy Precincts in God Mountain, you see. Do you understand, princess Liliana. Your motherland will be dyed red by fresh blood of all your people in these few days, you know.”

“-, what terrifying thing are you-“

“Is it terrifying? Rather it’s an honor, right? Those people can receive the end brought about by the angels dispatched by the god they believed in without a doubt. Shouldn’t they present their head in line instead? Ku-ku-ku-“

“You are mad! All of you, you gods are insane!”

Even while being pressed down by a monster, Liliana cursed at Aruvheit with voice blurred by pain and rage. Aruvheit that received that curse with pleasant feelings then turned his gaze to the visitors from another world.

“Your birthplace will become the new playground for Ehito-sama. You can feel honored. You are able to be summoned as Ehito-sama’s pawn, and then even your birthplace will be offered to him. Even if you all are ended in this place, you can depart along with glory.”

“Don’t screw around-!”

It seemed that what Ehito said that he would march to earth was true. Although there was no magic at earth, but if Ehito maneuvered secretly there where there was a lot of country, religion, population, and also type of weapons that were far more dangerous than magic, just how much sacrifice there would be…

This world, despite its long history its population was falling far short from earth, thinking of how the reason for that was because of how Ehito was playing this world, they didn’t even want to imagine what kind of tragic future was awaiting when Ehito reached earth.

To say nothing of the family or friend, their important people that they left behind by coming here. Shizuku and Ryutaro and others glared at Aruvheit with demonic look.

But, those piercing glares that wanted very much to kill him were only fanning up Aruvheit’s sense of superiority instead. The proof of that was how his expression was increasingly turning in pleasant ecstasy.

“Now then, looks like the reception of the devil race will be over soon. I want to taste this defiant hearts and despairing gazes for a while but… I too can only play just this much.”

Aruvheit looked up at the holed ceiling. Ahead of his gaze was the scene of the devil race people being sucked with enraptured expression into the whirling golden [Divine Gate].

As a matter of fact, even while Shia and others were fighting hard, the devil race all over the city were floating toward the [Divine Gate], the majority were already collected into the Holy Precincts. It appeared the one that would be exterminated in this world was all the living things other than the devil race――that means all the human race and the demihuman race. It was unknown just what in the world their reason to invite only the devil race into the Holy Precincts, but what was certain was only that the reason must be nothing good.

Aruvheit kicked Shia flying and then he exchanged a glance with an apostle. The apostle nodded and then she went straight toward Myuu and Remia. And then, ignoring how Remia was hugging Myuu close to her chest, the apostle forcefully took Myuu from her which caused Remia’s expression to stiffen.

“Stop-! Please return back Myu――agu!?”


The apostle’s fist hit hard at Remia who was resisting desperately. Remia was blown away until the wall that she leaked out a small groan. Different from Shia and others, her body was only that of a civilian. Her internal organ was injured by the impact that the apostle released that she vomited out blood, she kept crouching and became unable to move.

A scream of a little child resounded, however, even so there was not even one person who could move.

Myuu who was taken by the apostle was crucified on the air by Aruvheit using some kind of magic, then he walked toward the position of Hajime who was still collapsed on the floor without even a twitch or a pip.

“Irregular. How long are you going to be like that? Not only you are a nuisance at various thing in Ehito-sama’s game, you even put shame on me, are you thinking those sins can be redeemed with that degree of despair? There is no way that’s true don’t you think? Now, lift your face. And then, burn the scene of the head of the girl who idolized you as father got blown away into your eyes. Bath in her scattered brain and blood, cry and yell! Now!”

“Papaa! Don’t die! Wake uup!”

The loudly laughing Aruvheit moved Myuu in front of Hajime. And then his hand propped the back of that small head. That was just like the scythe of the god of death. If, that hand was swung, without even the slightest resistance Myuu’s future would surely sink into gruesome red, ejected into the depth of darkness.

But, even now when such death was shoved at her, Myuu didn’t even be concerned about herself, she yelled in worry at the papa that she loved.

From afar Shia and others’ desperate voice reached them. The voices that called Hajime, the voices that was worried for Myuu, the voices that asked Aruvheit to stop, the voices  that proclaimed their self-sacrifice which said if he would do that then do it to them instead――everyone was desperately struggling in order to avoid the tragedy.

――It was a bizarre spectacle.

Hajime who in this kind of time should have his eyes glaring like a beast, his canine exposed as though he was going to tear the throat of the enemy with his killing intent overflowing, regardless of Myuu who he doted on was now going to get slaughtered… he was silent.

The apostles holding Hajime down didn’t show any sign of releasing their hands at all, so it was certain that Hajime was conscious. Yet despite so, he was terribly, to terrifying level, silent.

Was Yue getting stolen that shocking for him, was his heart broken from that…

Shia and others who knew of Hajime’s deep love toward Yue at first thought so looking at the unmoving Hajime, that was why they fought hard thinking that exactly because of that they had to do something somehow, but now that it had come to this point they finally felt something out of place.

And, they noticed. How unnoticed their skin felt gooseflesh rising. It was varnished by the pain running all over their body and the absolutely desperate situation, but the target of alarm bell their instinct raised was actually not at the enemy, the alarm was directed at something more different.


Perhaps Myuu was also felt something the same like that, she called at Hajime somewhat timidly.

Looking at Hajime who didn’t even lift his face with Myuu who only had worth to be used as hostage in front of him, Aruvheit got tired of waiting and he exchange glance with an apostle.

The apostle, for some reason she glanced at the back of Hajime’s head with dangerous gaze that had never changed since she restrained Hajime. And then, surprisingly, after showing a gesture that looked like slight hesitance, she carefully grasped Hajime’s hair with resolved air… and lifted his face forcefully.


At that instant, without even being able to realize it himself, Aruvheit stepped back.

It didn’t stop there, he even did an elementary mistake that he had already never done for several thousand years――he showed an unsightly disarray of magic control. As the result, Myuu who was crucified in the air fell in front of Hajime.

Aruvheit who moved his arm in panic to fix the magic back at Myuu became wide eyed at an incomprehensible scene. For some reason, his hand that he held out was trembling in shivers.

The monsters standing by behind Aruvheit were also hanging their head down while shrinking back slowly. If anyone was watching, they would surely notice how the eyes of the monsters that originally emitted brutal reddish black gleam were now wavering like ripples.


For a monster, further for a monster of fiendish class that had received the strengthening by age of god magic, that emotion really didn’t suit them at all. The wave running in their eyes was obviously was exactly that. Aruvheit’s trembling was also the same.

The cause was one.


The abyss spreading in front of their eyes, was awakening their primitive instinctual fear.

Darker than darkness, deeper than even hell. Even while being a god, he would still get swallowed and vanish to became ‘nothingness’, he was made to feel such an illusion by that overwhelming nihility filling to the brim of that――eye.

Hajime’s one eye.

“――Ki, kil――”

Aruvheit was driven by an impulse that even himself was hard to comprehend, he was trying to hand down the command to the apostles to kill Hajime right now. That person should be at the death’s door, without even any weapons, and his heart snapped into pieces, even while thinking that, he couldn’t help but give that command.

Something like used Myuu for revenge or being an obstruction at his work to open Yue’s heart, or, if he was going to kill him then it would be by his own hand, or, denying how he stepped back due to his dignity as god, those kind of things only flashed for an instant at the back of his mind before they got thrown away far beyond his mind.

Anyway, the monster in front of his eyes had to be made to stop breathing, right at this instant!

Only that thinking repeated inside Aruvheit’s chaotic head, it kept reiterating along with the piercing alarm bell.

That command was quickly obeyed by the apostles holding Hajime down.

Not even a drop of magic power, far from that not even killing intent or hatred or anything could be felt from Hajime, despite so it seemed that a bad premonition had been bothering them all along.

They wanted to get rid of him even a second faster, they wanted to erase him even an instant faster.

Even though they shouldn’t have anything like emotion, the figure of the women who was going to carry out the incomplete command of the inarticulate Aruvheit like a faithful dog that snapped at the food which they had been forbidden to eat previously, was like the expression of that kind of emotion.

The blade hand of the apostles was tinged with silver light. Using the disintegration ability, they would completely erased the gruesomely wounded man before their eyes!

But, it seemed that action was a little, no, it was fatally late.

Aruvheit and others gave Hajime too much time.

As though the silence until now was a lie, demonic intent that shook everyone’s dread overflowed. Red magic power that looked like blood spread stickily as though it would swallow everything. It looked just like the lid of hell’s kettle was opened.

Like that, Hajime’s voice that was finally let out was also something that made anyone hallucinate as though it came resounding from the bottom of hell. The meaning of his words too, it was dark and heavy as though it was merely trying to boil the listener earnestly… if it had to be said, it was a ‘curse’.

“――Anything and everything, disappear(Deny All Existences)”

At that moment, a concept that denied the world was released.

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Arifureta Not Chapter 157

Alright, with many people’s displeasure from the last chapter, I decided to write this. It is intended as a humorous alternative ending to the series for those who can’t take the NTR, even though we all know this is a wish-fulfillment fantasy novel anyway and everything will turn out in Hajime’s favor by the end. If you can’t handle the 10-20 chapters until this final story arc is resolved, here is everything you wished for!

This is done for fun. I did not go back and make sure I used the proper voices, or pronunciations for everyone. I might call some magics wrong or whatever. Just roll with it.

Please note I have NOT read past chapter 157, so if I happen to get some things right, don’t suddenly say “hey, that’s a spoiler!” It’s not, and by saying it is, you’re spoiling things.


Alternative Chapter 157

Silence resounded through the hall after Hajime’s last shout. He hung his head down, his facial features completely obscured while the angels continued to hold him down.

Ehito, who now inhabited Yue, gloated overhead as the welcomed apostles flooded through the gate with him.

“See, this all turned out so splendidly.” Aruvheit gloated while moving up to stand over Hajime.

Hajime said something that was lost to everyone else in the room, mumbled through gritted teeth.

“What was that?” Aruvheit leaned in to listen.

Hajime raised his head. There wasn’t a single light of despair in his eyes. Just pure and unadulterated power.

“I said… my turn!”

A massive explosion of energy burst forth from Hajime’s form. Aruvheit and the apostles holding Hajime down were knocked away, slamming into the closest obstructions nearby, whether they be other apostles or monsters, or the walls. Those that struck walls struck with enough force to cause cracks to form around the room.

As Hajime stood up, overwhelming bursts of power flowed through him. The hole in his abdomen seemed to shrink at alarming rate, quickly filling in with the blink of an eye, leaving behind perfectly healed skin.

“Wh-what is this?” Aruvheit shouted.

Holes began to open in space, similar to the holes that had brought in the ambush, but not quite. Seconds later, warriors began to burst through. Without a second’s respite, they leapt into battle, attacking the apostles and the monsters still residing in the room. Each warrior was dressed in black, wielding a variety of swords, staves, and other weapons. Each warrior had a pair of rabbit ear’s on their head as well.

“Dad?” Shia said out reflexively.

Kam was among those that had jumped through the gates. In fact, the entire Haulia clan was there. Hajime’s group of trained rabbitman swarmed the area. Although it wasn’t just rabbitman. Others could be seen, cat ears, dog ears, even a tiger, it was as if all of Fair Bergen had suddenly exploded into the room. Furthermore, their weapons seemed to match the apostles strike for strike. It was clear that these had all been produced by Hajime at some point. Not a single weapon held by this group was less than Shizuku’s former black sword, prior to his updating it with supplementation magic. Their weapon’s strength equaled that of anything the apostle’s wielded.

“Ah, it’s about time…” In a single movement, Shia stood and shoved the wolf monster holding her to the ground away.

Having expected her to be under the influence of the Divine Statement, the monster was completely unprepared for her to suddenly react with such strength. Tio returned to her dragon form as well, once again filling the room and flinging monsters and apostles alike to the side. Kaori stood up next, immediately casting healing magic on everyone. With renewed vigor, they all flooded forward.

“Here!” Kam shouted as he tossed Shia her Doryukken, the real one.

The others were returned their weapons as well, and in an instant, the tide of the battle switched.

Aruvheit gaped, his mouth flapping in complete and utter horror. “Wh-wha-what is this? Bu-but the Divine decree… you shouldn’t have the strength…”

Hajime snorted. “I’ve had the knowledge of all seven of the liberators that fought against your god shoved into my brain. Did you never think for a second that they would have at least been aware of your god’s abilities? They spent a millennia preparing various tests to prepare someone strong enough to fight god, but you never consider that they didn’t spend a second thinking about the challenges of that fight? Are you stupid or something?”

Aruvheit didn’t know how to respond. He had been functioning under the impression that they would never have suspected Ehito’s return. Ehito who was rejoicing over his success only now started to realize that something might be amiss. Breaking the image he was trying to portray, he flew back down through the hole in the roof. He was joined by Eri who still had Kouki in her arms, and Freed. Eri seemed more concerned with her new boy toy than the events going on, but she did show a mild amount of curiosity.

Ehito’s eyes widened at the scene before him. With half the forces having already fled to the Holy Precincts, and Hajime’s sudden and unexpected reinforcement, the remaining Apostles and monsters were being overwhelmed.

“What are you doing?” Ehito demanded, glaring at Aruv.

“Of course, I created an artifact that protects from your compelling nature? I can create concept magic, and given your track record I was already certain you’d try to take control of my friends, you know? I got the idea during my trip through the latest labyrinth. I wouldn’t want anyone being brainwashed.” Hajime explained calmly with a predatory look.

“No matter, I will destroy it and your new weapons just like I destroyed your previous weapons.”

“That’ll be kind of hard, since we swallowed them.” Hajime shrugged.


He looked down at the stump where his arm had been shattered. A second later the stump grew. The ends split into five phalanges, and a moment later his arm, his real arm, was returned.

“I could have done that ages ago, but I grew attached to that arm. Oh well…”

“What are we going to do?” Aruv asked Ehito cautiously.

Ehito shook his head in complete disbelief. However, a moment later, a cruel look started to twist on his face.

“Worry not, my underling… even if he can ignore my divine statement, he is still but a bug compared to my magical power.”

If Ehito had noticed the look Hajime’s face… a look that held an unparalleled amount of pity, then he probably wouldn’t have looked so smug as he raised his hand.

“Five Heavenly Dragons…”

He attempted to cast once again the powerful spell, except this time, every dragon targerted Hajime. Perhaps Ehito had felt if he had concentrated all of his actions on one person, Yue wouldn’t be able to interfere with the result.

However, the result was not that from which Yue interrupted. Instead, Hajime casually raised his fingers, and gave a snap. The dragons disappeared, and like a cord was being cut, all of Ehito’s magical power dissipated.


Ehito let out a stupid noise before suddenly falling from the air. He was no longer afloat. In that instead, it was as if all of his abilities evaporated into a mist. However, a second before striking the ground, Hajime was there. He caught Ehito in his arms, holding him in a princess carry. Although he hated the god who would take the body of his beloved lover, he also wouldn’t let harm come to her body if he could help it.

Ehito kicked and thrashed until he fell from Hajime’s arms. However, without his abilities, it looked more like a youthful girl throwing a temper tantrum, than an omnipotent god trying to assert himself.

At about this point, the rest of the party had finished subduing the remaining monsters and apostles. With the last one collapsing to Shizuku’s sword, a new black sword that one of the Haulia tribe had tossed to her during the ensuing battle.

“Yue and I also reasoned the possibility that her or I be put under someone else’s control. After falling in love with cockroaches and hating each other enough to want to kill each other, we figured there may be a time where our minds were manipulated again. Thus, we created a failsafe to temporarily lock our powers. It seems that your godly powers are now inseparable from Yue’s… so for the next twenty four hours, you will not be able to even cast a fireball.

Ehito’s eyes turned dark with hatred in a look that Yue would never make, especially directed at Hajime. A moment later, she turned to Aruv.

“Well, what are you doing! Kill them. You’re a god, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes!”

Aruv lunged forward, casting a spell. Instantly, a new and revised Donner and Schlag from his second treasure warehouse. It really wasn’t that the ones Ehito had destroyed were weak. They were actually the originally, taken to their most powerful using supplementation magic. However, you could only improve an already created product by so much. At some point, he realized that with the magic he contained now, he could create far better weapons starting from scratch.

Those were the weapons the Haulia tribe had returned to the rest of his party. They were the same weapons they had before, but imbued with supplementation magic from the very beginning, weapons built by their very concept. Compared to coming up with an item that would take them home, concepting a more powerful weapon was easy.

Thus, Donner and Schlag Mark II were his weapons of choice. Red flashes spread across the room. Aruv quickly put up a barrier.


The bullets struck the barrier with a ringing sound. The barrier was that of a god. It was indeed incredibly strong. However, the way Hajime shot the bullets was with pinpoint accuracy. Each bullet struck in the exact same spot as the preceding bullet. Within only three shots, a crack began to form.

Freed lunged forward, but immediately encountered Tio, who striked him with her tail hard enough that he went flying into a wall. At this point, Eri realized for the first time that they may actually lose the fight. With merely a blink of her eyes, Kouki lunged forward at Hajime, intending to strike him in the back, a very un-heroic thing that she must have made in convenient mind to interpret as righteous.

Seeing this, Shia lunged forward with her Doryukken. However, she didn’t target Kouki at all. Instead, she launched herself at Eri. She figured that with Eri out, Kouki would be neutralized. Kouki had received the same artifact that preventing his mind being altered as everyone else, but it was clear that he had not swallowed his, maybe tossing it aside some time earlier. But if they could take her out, then he would be less of a threat.

“Wait!” Suzu shouted, worrying about her friend.

Eri realized that she was in trouble, and it seemed that she had sent a new order to Kouki. Instead, he changed his flow, almost stumbling to leap in front of Eri. Kouki managed to make it just in time, leaping over head to block Shia’s blow. However, he hadn’t been able to spin the entire way, nor bring his holy sword to block.

The result…

Shia’s Doryukken landed in full force directly in between Kouki’s legs. More specifically, the Doryukken Mark II, a device wielded with gravity magic and the power of Shia’s mighty throw, enhanced with supplication magic, slammed into Kouki’s balls with the force of a thousand suns.


Kouki’s voice turned into a shrill screech as he flew off into a nearby wall.

Somewhere many miles away in human territory, Christabel gave a sneeze as he (she?) put up another piece of clothing. A shiver ran through its body and it gave a dark smile. It seems like another had joined its ranks.



Under the constant barrage of bullets, the barrier he was using shattered into a million pieces.

“W-wait, just wait!” Aruv shouted. “I can…”

“You can die!” Hajime shouted.

He used ground shrink, and a second later appeared immediately before the god inhabiting the former Denreed. Before Aruv could react with a retaliatory magic…


He didn’t let up, shooting a barrage of bullets into the former uncle. However, this time had switched the nature of his bullets. It was a new idea he had come up with on the spot. Spirit bullets. They were bullets that targeted the soul, not the body. In fact, these bullets didn’t touch his skin. Instead, they aimed for the wretched thing clinging inside of his body.

Each bullet seemed to strip away at it, until the final bullet struck dead center, causing the remaining spirit to dissipate like smoke. With that, the made formerly know a Aruv collapsed to the floor. Hajime walked up to the man, looking down at the man who had made his Yue cry.

However, his eyes were still open, and he was still breathing a last few rugged breaths. However, the look on his eyes were different. They had a sense of relief and comfort that otherwise couldn’t be faked by acting. Hajime new at that moment that he was looking down at the real Danreed.

“T-thank you…” He managed to say in between raspy breaths. “I never meant… for any of this to happen. Tell Yue…. Tell Yue… that I have always loved her… and I have never stopped thinking about her. The cruel words I had told Aruv… where the lies I told to keep her safe… I ju… I just want her to be happy. Pl-please… keep her happy.”

Hajime’s face didn’t seem to hold any particularly emotions as he watched the dying man, but a moment later he responded. “I will.”

The man’s face went slacked and he seemed to be at ease as his breathing stopped. Hajime turned away and caught a look at Ehito, still in Yue’s eyes. He seemed to be completely unaware of it, but tears were falling down his cheeks.

There was a rumble, and the entire place started to shake.

“It would be my guess,” Tio spoke up. “That Aruv tied his life thread to this place. Now that he is dead, this place will collapse.”

“We need to get out of here,0” Ryuutaro stated the obvious.

Hajime threw out several crystals, causing portals to open. Like that, the residents of Fair Bergen started gathering up the students, Liliana, Myuu, and Remia, bringing them through the portal which lead straight into the Sea of Trees just outside of Fair Bergen.

“What about Yue?” Shia asked worriedly.

“Bring her with us.” Hajime stated, “We’ll worry about it there.”

Shia scooped up Ehito in her arms just like Ehito was a little kid. He tried to kick and bite, but once the resilient Shia had a hold on his (her) body, she wouldn’t let go. She dragged Ehito through.

Kaori and Tio followed in tow. At some point, Tio had managed to recover Kouki from the wall and had his form slapped over her shoulder like a sack. Kaori had made no attempt so far to heal him. Suzu, Shizuku, and Ryuutaro followed shortly behind.

Eventually, it was just Hajime left in the crumbling devil king’s castle. Then he noticed one more. It was Eri, she was standing there amongst the falling degree without making any attempt to dodge. She already had several scratches on her face.

“Is it soooo roooomantic?” She said. “Althoouugh… it’s not like my hero even saved meeee… It is fitting I die here!”

A large piece of rubble collapsed from the ceiling, falling directly towards her. A flash of Suzu begging him to save Eri flashed in his mind and he gave a curse. Activating ground shrink, he grabbed Eri and lept out of the way of the falling debris. Before he could relax, the rest of the roof gave out and began to collapse. He danced around the rubble with Eri in his arms, leaping through the portal just as the remainder of the roof struck the ground.

Through the gate in Fair Bergen, he held Eri in his arms. She looked up at him with dazed eyes.

“Yoouuu… you saved me! What are you stupid or something?”

Hajime made an annoyed sound before dropping her. She landed on the ground hard. A moment later he meant over and began to wrap her in chains and bolo he pulled from his second treasure warehouse. He was not gentle as he made sure she was tied up enough that she couldn’t move. Meanwhile, she gave him a look that was almost mocking.

“I don’t care a single thing about you. But some people might annoy me if I let you die, so here you are.”

The mocking look seemed to melt off of her face. In its place, she began to look on thoughtfully.

“Nagumo!” It was Suzu who happened to run up to him first. “Noticing Eri, her eyes noticeably brightened.

Even though Eri had turned so rotten, Hajime had still protected Eri. Suzu knew that this wasn’t simply an accident. Suzu knew that he had done this specifically for her.

“Nagumo-kun… Suzu wants to say thank you..”

Hajime shrugged as if it was nothing. “She’s your problem now. I have others I need to look after.”

“Th-that’s right! Yue is still…”

Hajime left, heading in the direction of Fair Bergen, leaving Suzu to drag the tussled up Eri Behind. Although Hajime couldn’t hear it, Eri was muttering under her breath.

“No… no… not Kouki… Kouki is just boooring… I need something like Hajimeeee. Hajime is the one to love for me! In fact… every girl needs Hajime. I’ll need to make sure every girl loves Hajime as much as I do. Right, Suzu?”

“Eh? Eri! Eh? What are you saying?”

“Suzu needs to give Hajime all her appreciation!”

“Suzu! Hajime? Eh? Suzu mustn’t that’s…” As soon as Suzu realized what Eri was saying, her face exploded in to shades of red, the character who normally acted like an old man suddenly turning shy.

Eri chuckled darkly, beginning to make her plans. Yes… the world would know to love Hajime. They would all love him as much as she did, or they could just die.


Hajime had made it back to Fair Bergen where Ehito (Yue) was kneeling, staring defiantly at Shia who was holding her shoulder and keeping her from moving anywhere.

“Hajime!” Shia said, relieved at seeing him now in the relative safety of home.

“Will she be okay, papa?” Myuu asked worriedly.

“Dear, you must be able to do something.”

Shizuku, Ryuutaro, Tio, Kaori, and Aiko all waited patiently for his response. After a moment of thought, Hajime gave a nod.

“There is part of Yue still in control. Since Ehito was not able to finish establishing control, it should still be possible. I should be able to devise some concept magic that will be able to extract his soul. The problem will be… where can I put it you know? If we just pull it out, he’ll go right back to causing trouble again.”

“What method can we use?” Shia asked.

“It’ll take some time.” Hajime pondered. “I’ll need to inject Yue with my vital essence. Using that, I can do something like creating an antibody that will cause her to reject the god invading her body. Kaori…”

“Eh, me?” Kaori suddenly stood to attention.

“I will need you. This may take some time and be very strenuous. With your magic and example, it may help bring Yue back to the surface.”

Hajime picked up Ehito (Yue) in princess carry. “I’m going to take Yue now into a private room. I won’t stop until I’ve freed her from the disgusting god.”

Ehito no longer seemed to struggle. Instead, he just wore a face of absolute dread. Hajime did exactly as he said he would. Kaori, Hajime, and Ehito entered into the room, and the door shut closed behind him.

The rest of the group waited anxiously as they continued to work. Very little could be heard. There was perhaps an occasional shout or the surge of some power or another, but it quickly drifted off to silence. This continued on for nearly two days.

Shizuku spent some time training, while Tio and Shia lost sleep waiting at the door. The others spend some time resting and recuperating after the face paced events from earlier.

About noon time the following day, the door suddenly opened once again. Kaori came out. Her body looked complete disheveled. She was breathing hard and covered in sweat.

“Did Kaori do it?” Tio asked.

“I-i-it?” Shia suddenly looked worried.

The question was put into her mind. They had been in the room with Yue for some time. Now Kaori looked quite a sight. Perhaps they had… no! Shia shook her head, her rabbit ears flapping as she convinced herself that they were being strictly concerned about Yue’s life during this troublesome time.

Kaori didn’t seem to realize the implication herself, merely nodding. “We did, we-“

The door opened again, and Yue stepped out. Hajime was right behind her. Although she didn’t look unsteady, he was hovering close enough to catch her should she suddenly lose balance.

“What did you end up doing with Ehito?” Tio asked.

Hajime pulled out a little stone which was now glowing gold. Everyone who had seen Hajime’s vision when they were using concept magic in the cabin made of ice and snow recognized it. It was the god stone. There very god stone that had saved Hajime’s life… and now it contained the soul of Ehito, saving Yue’s life in the process.

“But, your eye…” Shia tried to argue.

Hajime shook his head. “I can create a new one. That’s not a problem.”

“It’s probably for the best.” Shizuku teased. “It looks like Hajime is getting over a certain stage.”

While Kaori looked on in confusion, Shizuku giggled cutely while Hajime gave her a weary and frightened look.

“Shizuku to defeat Hajime too easily…” Tio stated wistfully.

“Nn… final boss has yet to be defeated.”

Shizuku, not understanding what they were talking about, cocked her head cutely to the side. Her cute factor increased by several-fold, causing Yue to worry that if she ever figured out how to harness this power, she’d become a frightening enemy indeed.

“So… what should we do with it?” Shia eyed the former god stone nervously, her rabbit ears twitching.

“Return it to the abyss?” Tio asked.

“Nn… Abyss.”

And Hajime did, he returned to that spot, the one where he had first died, the spot that turned him into the man he was today. Placing the stone down in the hole in the wall he had once used to desperately survive, he used his transmutation, burying it back in 20 feet of solid rock.

As he stared at the place where he had once resided, struggling to survive, he stared down at his hands. He had two of them now, just like before he started this journey. But as Shia and Yue grabbed each of his hands, and Tio and Kaori pressed up behind his back, he had radically different feelings from how he felt before.

“Is it time to go home?” Kaori asked.

“Nn… Hajime’s home.”

Hajime nodded, turning away from the abyss and staring at his beloved. “Yes, let’s go.”

The End


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Arifureta Chapter 156

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All credit goes to the original author (Chuuni Suki), who has posted the raw data here:

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What Was Lost



Hajime and Shia reflexively yelled with voices driven by unease. The unknown light pillar that was obviously aiming at Yue swallowed her, giving them nothing but a bad premonition. There was no way they wouldn’t become uneasy.

Yue whose body was stiffened finally moved as though she was released from a binding inside the half-transparent pillar shining brilliantly.

As a matter of fact, Yue had received a binding for an instant. The cause was the darkly flickering sphere fired by Eri――the Degenerate Consciousness. It was a magic of dark element, it would blow away the target’s consciousness just for a few moments, it also had the other use to obstruct commands dispatched from the brain, even though it worked only for the moment it would take to blink.

This time it was used in that second way. In addition, the nature of Eri’s vocation as Necromancer came from the dark element, and with her strengthened body, her specs were explosively raised. Due to all those, this magic was strengthened to incomparable power compared to before.

Because of this, Yue’s body was momentarily restricted because her body’s nerve transmission was blocked, she was late in taking evasive action and also prevented from using magic.

Yue’s hand touched the boundary of the light pillar in order to escape. But what came back was a hard sensation. From what she felt, it didn’t seem like it would simply harm her. Yue who comprehended that she was captured invoked space magic and attempted to split the light pillar altogether with the space.


However, surprisingly the space splitting that she certainly had invoked exerted its effect everywhere but the boundary of the light pillar. It was unable to even scratch the pillar. Far from scratching, the pouring down light increased in radiance glaringly, causing its gravity and eeriness to grow.

Yue gave up breaking the light pillar and tried opening a gate. But it seemed the light pillar didn’t allow even that. Ahead of Yue’s slightly impatient gaze was a distorted space that immediately returned back to before as though nothing had happened.

“Chih. Myuu, Remia, don’t move from here.”

“Yes, nano!” (TN: Myuu got something like a catchphrase that made her sound cuter.)


Hajime who sensed Yue’s distress laid out a barrier around Myuu and Remia using his crossbits and then rushed to break the light pillar.

“Fufu, you think I’ll let you?”

Aruv saw Hajime’s grave expression and his expression distorted in joy while his finger snapped. At that moment, a great number of monsters and apostles, as well as those from the devil race and human race appeared inside the audience hall. The same as how the apostles appeared just now, they oozed out from distorted space.

The people from the human race all had blank eyes without exception, but the pressure released from their bodies wasn’t inferior to that of a monster. Most likely they were Eri’s puppet soldier――furthermore they had been strengthened considerably.

The apostles flew all at once toward Hajime who was heading towards Yue’s distress.

“You all are in the way, you puppets-!”

With an angry roar, crimson magic power surged out from Hajime. It was his ‘Limit Break’. Furthermore, his fighting style had been polished to a level incomparable from before when he fought Neunte, and his railguns that had their spec rapidly increased using sublimation magic accurately drilled through the apostles. (TN: The use of the name Nointo before this is mistaken, it should be Neunte which mean nine in German)

The one who analyzed their opponent wasn’t just the apostles. Hajime also had never slackened in his diligent study even for one day. He had done image training anti-apostle battles many times and increased his ability to this day.

Even so, his opponent were apostles. Possessing deviating spec, they were genuinely the soldier of god. They wouldn’t get broken through that easily. Also, by using the advantage of number, they didn’t let Hajime approach Yue.

The other members were also in the same situation.

Shia had her hand full from protecting Aiko and the others. Tio, Shizuku, Ryuutaro, and Suzu were also surrounded by apostles, monsters, and puppet soldiers and it was everything they could do just to protect themselves.

“-, Kouki-kun, return to your senses! ‘Omni Sky’!”

And then even Kaori who was attacked by Kouki was handling the attacking apostles at the same time while attempting abnormal status recovery magic after judging that Kouki was under the effect of some kind of magic, but…


What she got was an attack from his holy sword. The two of them entered a sword locking contest once more. Kaori raised an agitated voice.


“The one who needs to return to their senses is you, Kaori. How long are you going to continue something like this?”

“What are you saying-“

“You listened to Denreed-san’s story right? Even though he is trying to save this world, but Nagumo, against such a splendid person he…it’s unforgivable.”

Kaori made a bewildered expression hearing Kouki who was prattling on incomprehensibly. And then her eyes suddenly met the eyes of Eri who currently was in the middle, repugnantly but accurately interfering with Shizuku and her group’s consciousness using dark element magic to disrupt them with their battle. Instantly, Eri grinned with an evil smirk.

“-, Eri, you-“

“Kufufu, that’s not it, you knowww, I was only guiding Kouki-kun’s consciousness for juu-st a little. I was just planting a convenient story inside Kouki-kun, you knoow? The rest is just Kouki-kun believing it by himself, seee”

It seemed that Kouki was brainwashed to believe only the bullshit first part of Denreed’s story. His originally strong prejudice and bad habit of convenient interpretation, and then all the burdens that repeatedly weighed his mind until now allowed Eri to easily brainwash him.

“You are saying you didn’t make him into a ‘puppet’-“

Kaori was harboring doubt seeing Kouki who appeared to not listen at all to the conversation between her and Eri, and also at how he was only targeting her. She then threw her question at Eri of why she didn’t she kill Kouki at this chance and use her ‘Bind Soul’ on him, which was her earnest desire.

Toward that Eri’s reply was…

“I’m doing it, you knoow?”


Kaori leaked out a befuddled voice from lack of understanding what Eri meant. She then received a fierce attack from the apostles that aimed at the opening she unconsciously created. Although Kaori somehow evaded and parried and avoided a lethal wound, several scratches were left on her body. She instantly healed those while directing a questioning look at Eri.

Eri cackled while answering, looking like she was enjoying that state of Kaori from the bottom of her heart.

“Even I wasn’t just playing around, you knoow? I didn’t shirk working hard in order to obtain an even better Kouki-kun and become a ‘fine woman’ seeee”

“That-, what do you-“

“You see, I had improved ‘Bind Soul’ so that it not only manipulated residual thoughts of the dead, now it can even directly affect the thought of the living person you knoow! So to speak, it’s something like making a living spirit into your underling. While the person is still living, he will become my subordinate without feeling anything is out of placee! I guide Kouki-kun’s consciousnesss, plant what is righteousness mean for Kouki-kunn, and then inside his mind I become a pure heroine that will give him supportt!”

Hearing Eri’s talk, a shudder ran through Kaori’s expression. Since they arrived at the devil king castle, Eri was excessively clinging at Kouki closely, most likely that was for the sake of putting on this evolved ‘Bind Soul’ in him. What should be feared from this was the chanting of this spell using methods that didn’t sound like a chanting. Words that were easy to understand for the target became a chanting that bound the will just like that.

Furthermore, after the guiding was finished, even when the magic wasn’t used anymore the effect didn’t cut off. After all, the person himself was under the impression that he thought and decided by himself. And the more time passed, it would become a truth for that person. It was a technique with extraordinary effect for a human like Kouki.

The reality was, the current Kouki was seeing Eri and Denreed’s group as exactly the people who were running about in order to save the world like an ally of justice. Hajime who hindered that was the bad one, and the people who followed such a Hajime were all brainwashed victims.

He was aiming at only Kaori surely because Eri was telling him to do that. Eri who would hate it if Kaori rampaged with the strength of the apostles guessed that if it was Kaori then she wouldn’t immediately kill Kouki with no questions asked. She then instructed Kouki to cooperate with the apostles to check Kaori in place. Kouki decided in his subconscious that it was the ‘right’ decision. No matter what kind of logic was attached to it.

In other words, Kouki was completely turned into Eri’s puppet soldier even while he was still alive. The thinking that a person wouldn’t fall into Eri’s technique as long as they weren’t killed was a naïve one. It seemed that Kouki had already fallen into Eri’s hand.

From here on, no matter what kind of truth and words anyone lined up, Kouki would surely be easily manipulated just by a single devilish sweet word of Eri. Furthermore, Kouki believed that as ‘something right’ that he decided by himself, so there was no decrease in his fighting ability. Ironically, the weak point of Kouki that Hajime pointed out――his hesitation that would appear at the last moment due to his weak will was now completely gone.

While Kaori was racking her brain facing such a Kouki and the apostles, the other members were also falling into a considerable predicament.

Inside such a situation, the one who by his lonesome was blowing away several dozen apostles leaving them without all their limbs intact, scattering the entrails of the monsters, and turned the puppet soldiers into smithereens while steadily advancing forward was Hajime.

Right now even in this moment he was in the process of predicting the coordination of the apostles, analyzing the weak point of the new type monsters, and comprehending the movement pattern of the puppet soldiers.

“-, stop right there-. Irregular!”

One apostle crossed her twin large swords while rapidly approaching with multiple afterimages created behind her. Even though Hajime and the apostle were previously equal, now he was being engaged by multiple apostles at the same time, yet they were the side that got blown away one-sidedly. Although only a few apostles ceased to function completely from that, most got away with only injury. Coupled with how his advance was unstoppable, those facts made the apostle’s voice grow rough unconsciously.

And then an apostle circled to Hajime’s side to tyrannically strike the large sword. Still, with her voice sounding rough…

“Out of my way-“

Hajime’s artificial arm reached as though he had already understood from the beginning that she would materialize here, catching her face in an eagle grip. The apostle reflexively gulped. With an angry voice along with ‘Strong Arm’, Hajime threw her to the front.

While he was at it, the moment his hand released her, he didn’t forget to fire a bullet from his palm and pulverized her head. The beautifully arranged face was half blown away and the apostle glided on the air like a cannonball, hitting the avalanche of approaching apostles and monsters.

A momentary path was created forcefully, which Hajime broke through while leaving behind an afterimage.


The roaring Hajime was growing up in battle strength by each second, by each move, and by each difficulty. Seeing that caused Aruv and Freed’s composed attitude to crumble as their look turned bitter. They were showing an intention to attack Hajime. Naturally the apostles also matched that intention and commenced their assault.

{I won’t let thou-}

Right after that, a shadow covered the audience hall. That was the large body of Tio who turned into a dragon. Perhaps she used metamorphosis magic, her size was now larger by a level compared to usual. Her coloring also felt like it became blacker.

No matter how spacious the audience hall was, turning into a dragon inside limited space like this would only make her into a nice target. Tio herself should have also understood that, nevertheless. she still turned into a dragon, It was for the sake of becoming Hajime’s shield using her body.

She took a position between Hajime and Aruv’s group and turned into a castle wall using her dragon scales.


“Hmph, I’ll take payback for before.”

Aruv and Freed mercilessly launched attack magic. The apostles at the surrounding were also attempting to kill Tio using their disintegration ability without a drop of mercy.

By invoking sublimation magic, metamorphosis magic, and ‘Pain Conversion’ to the greatest effect, she heightened her ability of dragon scale reinforcement to the extreme, and for the last, she deployed many layers of wind barrier in an attempt to disperse the enemy’s force but…her opponents were just too dangerous. Tio’s beautiful black scales were shaved away in the blink of eye.

{Guu, uUUU…}

“Tio-. Don’t be reckless!”

Tio’s prided dragon scales became fragments and scattered everywhere along with a shockwave sound, looking at her state where her body was even possibly gouged out, Hajime couldn’t endure and yelled.

While counterattacking using her breath attack, tail, and countless wind blades launched at the surrounding, Tio turned her long neck, her golden eyes that were split vertically carried blazing resolve in them, with that she faced Hajime.

{If not now, then when will it be the time to get reckless! Quickly go-}


{That light is not normal! Quickly save Yue-. …Rest assured. Until Goshujin-sama embraces me, I absolutely won’t die!}

“…Geez, thanks okay. I’m counting on you.”

{Yes. Count on me-}

Hajime didn’t turn back anymore and focused his mind on slaughtering the enemies standing in his way between him and Yue. He ignored the attack from behind by Aruv and Freed. He had said that he would leave it to the woman that he counted on. There was not the slightest bit of cause to pay it any more attention.

Like that, Hajime who pulverized several apostles finally arrived at the pillar of light.



Looking at Hajime who leaped out from the crowd, the imprisoned Yue opened her mouth but her voice didn’t reach. From how Yue was breathing heavily, it was obvious that she had been testing every kind of magic. Even so, the unbreakable pillar of light was abnormal just like Tio said.

Yue inside the light was clutching her chest tightly with her hand while unease and pain showed on her expression, it seemed that she was receiving some kind of effect due to the torrent of light that was pouring down like heavy rain. Her figure that shook her head sometimes as though to shake away something was also making Hajime feel uneasy.

“I’ll smash it away-“

Hajime took out a pile bunker from his ‘Treasure Warehouse’ and aimed it at the pillar of light. He was releasing strafing fire at the apostles attacking him from behind using crossbits to buy time.

While feeling impatient hearing the charging sound peculiar for the pile bunker, he also had an expectation at the maximum strength attack from the weapon’s spec that had risen using sublimation magic, Hajime pulled the trigger at the same time with the completion of the charge.


Tremendous impact sound resounded, the jet black giant stake pierced the pillar of light.

The pillar of light that was unharmed even against Yue’s magic, but now just why it was so easily pierced like this…without even any time to ask that doubt, cracks ran noisily with that pierced area as the center, Hajime activated the pulverizing vibration of his artificial hand while launching a punch of all his might along with a loud yell of fighting spirit.


Combined with ‘Strong Arm’ and ‘Impact Conversion’, the fist that had immense power residing in it straightly pierced through the pillar of light, the pillar was smashed into small pieces with a bursting destructive sound. The light pouring down to the ground raged like a flood, scattering particles of light while hiding the figures of Hajime and Yue from view temporarily.

“-, Yue!”

Sweeping away the eerie light particles coiled around them. Hajime went toward the spot where Yue was and reached his hand. Even now when the pillar of light was destroyed, Hajime was still calling at Yue impatiently because when their eyes met just before the pillar of light was destroyed, Yue’s expression was distorted in pain. A bad premonition was surging through his whole body.


“…I’m here.”

Yue finally responded after he called at her for a few times. Soft sensation was transmitted at the tip of his reached hand. It was Yue’s hand. Right after that, Yue showed her figure from the interval of the light particles. She leapt into Hajime’s chest.

“I’m glad. Yue, are you unharmed?”

“…Fufu, I’m all right. Rather, I actually feel refreshed.”

“Ah? Yue? You――”

With her face still pressed on his chest, Yue answered with a voice that sounded cheerful somewhere in it. Hajime narrowed his eyes to that. And then, the moment his unending bad promotion that still rang alarm bell inside himself even with this reunion changed into a chill and repugnance, Hajime tried to take distance right away.

But, it seemed that it was slightly too late.

“Gahah…you bastardd…”

“Fufufufu, this is really a good feeling, Irregular. Just how long it had been since I last materialized in this world…”

Hajime was unable to take distance. It was Yue’s voice, Yue’s figure, be that as it may, Hajime was convinced that it wasn’t Yue, due to this ‘someone’ clad in an atmosphere that gave off a feeling of dread somehow. He couldn’t take distance because this someone――stabbed his stomach.

The weapon was Yue’s slender arm. That hand which formed a chopping shape stabbed straight, piercing through completely until his back. The small hand of Yue that was normally willowy was now colored with ghastly red and dripping wet.

Right after that, the wildly scattering particles of light whirled toward above and vanished. Unnoticed the apostles stopped moving, Shia and others sent them doubtful but vigilant gaze, but they immediately returned to their senses and sent their gaze at the direction of Hajime and Yue. And then, their mouth fell wide open looking at the hard to understand scene in bewilderment.

Hajime immediately emitted magic power and tried to blow away Yue using ‘Impact Conversion’. The current Yue was obviously not in a normal state, based on her willingness to attack him, Hajime decided that for the time being he should take distance.

However, that was also beyond his power.

“I command in the name of Ehito――’Don’t move’”


Hajime opened his eyes in shock. The reasons were two. The ‘name’ that came out from Yue’s mouth, and his body that helplessly obeyed that command. It was as though all the nerves inside his body were blocked and then stiffened as though he was a preserved specimen.

The one with the figure of Yue, who if what she said was true then this was ‘the creator god Ehito’, smiled sweetly at such Hajime. That smile made Hajime feel déjà vu. It wasn’t Yue’s smile, it was something he saw even farther in the past…yes, it was when they were summoned to this world at the holy church headquarters God Mountain, the portrait of Ehito that he saw inside that cathedral, it was the smile that was painted there.

Ehito pulled out the arm from the stomach of Hajime who was drenched in sweat while unable to move. Immediately, blood spurted out grandly from Hajime’s stomach. While bathing in that spray, Ehito that was colored with gruesome red crawled his tongue leisurely at the blood dripping his hand.

“Hou, is this the sweetness that a vampire feel. Not bad. I thought that I will kill you at the end of your despair but…if you like, how about I keep you alive as livestock? Hm?”

“Fuu, fuu, –AAAAAAAAH!!”

In front of Ehito who was spouting out words full of malice while smiling friendlily, Hajime who was restrained by an unknown technique screamed. A Large amount of blood spurted out from his stomach that had a hole opened there, but he put his strength without even paying attention to that. The radiance of his ‘Limit Break’ also increased further.

And then there was a sound *bakin* that sounded like something broke, at the same time Hajime recovered the freedom of his body and leaped backward at one go. At the same time, Donner was aimed at Ehito and it roared.

There would be no problem against physical damage with Yue’s regeneration power. Anyway, right now it was necessary to suppress the enemy.

But, that bullet was…


It stopped still in front of the hand of Ehito who was standing calmly, it didn’t even manage to touch him.

“Oh hoh, to unbind my ‘Divine Statement’ by your own power. Perhaps I should say, as expected from an irregular. ――’Heaven Miracle’.”

Right after that, twenty lightning sphere floated at Hajime’s surrounding and walls made from thunder were formed. And then, within an instant, a pillar of an extremely gruesome lightning attack ran through Hajime.

That was the highest grade of lightning element magic that once granted bitter damage toward the hydra of the last trial at the bottom of the abyss. But, the might of this magic was in a different league compared to that time. The number of the created lightning sphere, the speed of deployment, and then also the lightning strike itself, from how Hajime in ‘Light Speed’ state was unable to escape from the barrier of lightning spheres, anyone could tell about the bizarreness of the magic.

Gruesome lightning thundered inside the audience hall, the field of vision of the people there was dyed pure white, their eardrums were buried under thunderous roar.




The scream of Shia, Kaori, and Tio who had released her dragonification echoed among the thunderous roar.

Without even any composure to question why for some reason the apostles didn’t hinder them rushing at Hajime, they lifted their arms to cover their face from the shockwave of the fiercely sparking lightning while stepping forward.

Before long the lightning strike of tremendous might settled and what appeared from the center where white smoke was rising, was Hajime who had white smoke similarly rising from his whole body. It seemed that the lightning broke through the defense of ‘Vajra’ and he received direct attack,

Looking carefully, the crossbits that were supposedly deploying at Hajime’s surrounding were all lying on the ground. Surely Hajime was trying to lay out a barrier using crossbits, but before the crossbits could do that they were struck down first. Looking from their state, they were likely being put under gravity magic.

However, Hajime had activated ‘Limit Break’. Even while injured with burn on his whole body his consciousness wasn’t blown away, he gritted his teeth while glaring at Ehito who was possessing Yue.

“So you endured that, Irregular. But, having been showered by that much electricity you probably cannot avoid becoming dulled. ――’Four Directions Quake Sky’――’Spiraling Calamity Sky’.”

Hajime’s instinct raised an alarm bell in full blare. He reflexively leaped away, but seeing the scenery where the whole surrounding distorted like jelly, he realized that there was already no place to escape. He cursed inside his heart while once more deploying ‘Vajra’ fully and took out a large shield at the same time.

Right after that, shockwaves that burst the space attacked Hajime from four directions, at the same time gravity bombing that was whirling like a hurricane crashed from overhead.


His large shield was pulverized like a joke, ‘Vajra’ that he deployed was easily pierced., it was an outrageous storm of age of god magic that brought immense impact. It was obviously a use of power that easily surpassed the current Yue.

“Stop it!”

“Get away from Hajime-kun and Yue-“

“To hit Goshujin-sama using Yue’s body…that’s worthy of ten thousand death!”

Shia and others who guessed the outline of the situation from Yue’s action and the relation between Aruv and Denreed rushed all at once to hold down Ehito.

However, against those three, what Ehito released was only one word.

“I command in the name of Ehito――’prostrate’.”




Just from that Shia, Kaori, and Tio were struck to the ground as though an immense power was crushing them from above and they became unable to move. That was a fatal opening.

“――’Devouring Strange Beast’.”

Along with those words, the floor around the three bulged up and in an instant turned into wolves made from stone. And then, those sharp claws pierced on the back of the three while pressing down. The three raised pained voice, but the stone large wolves opened their jaws in annoyance and put their sharp fangs on their neck as though ordering the three to shut up.

Kaori tried to blow away everything using disintegration ability. However, even faster than she could invoke it…

“I command in the name of Ehito――’suspend your function’.”


Due to Ehito’s command, light vanished from Kaori’s eyes. It was as though she had turned into a mere doll. Judging from Ehito’s words, he made Kaori’s body of apostle to change into suspended state. Perhaps it was something like the special right of the creator.

At the same time when Shia, Kaori, and Tio were completely suppressed, the storm of magic attacking Hajime finally petered out. Hajime stood still for a short while, but he immediately vomited blood from his mouth like a waterfall and fell on his knee like a marionette that had its string cut.

Looking at the state of Hajime, Shia, and co, Shizuku and others yelled their names while also rushing at them.

But, as expected, before they could do that,

“――’Stigmata of Twisted World’.”

Although he was on his knee, Hajime showed his will to not put both his hands on the ground. The space distorted and took a shape of a cross above such Hajime. That phenomenon which was created from the distortion of space itself was like a glasswork with extremely high transparency. The cross was guided only by Ehito’s gaze and fell on Hajime’s back.


The severe pressure made Hajime further vomited blood, just like that he was helplessly crushed down. The cross made from distorted space stood up like a grave marker on Haijme’s back. That cross was fixed at the space like that, sewing Hajime on the ground.

Ehito didn’t stop and with a flowing motion he pointed his finger at Shizuku, Ryutaro, and Suzu and formed words.

“――’Manifestation of Arresting Nightmare’.”

“-, a”


“U, a”

Just with that Shizuku and others turned pale while tumbling down. And then they caressed their neck as though to ascertain that their head was still really connected, they looked down to see whether their legs were still there and began to confirm the texture with trembling hand. But, it seemed they couldn’t feel anything and so their pale face didn’t recover their color back. They didn’t even look like they could stand up.

These members could even take on the apostles, monsters, and the puppet soldiers, but now they were easily annihilated just by Ehito who had possessed Yue. This result caused Shia and others who were crawling on the ground to be shocked while gritting their teeth at the same time.

“Hmm. Well, this is how it is I guess. In this world of mine, everything is the same like trash. Although, perhaps without this excellent body then I might not be able to use my strength as it is. Are you listening, irregular?”


Ehito walked around with steady steps while talking calmly at Hajime who was crucified on the ground. Hajime tried to operate his crossbits but it seemed enormous gravity was put on them and they didn’t even twitch while sinking on the ground.

He somehow twisted his neck and turned his gaze to take a look, there without him noticing the crossbits protecting Myuu and Remia were also in the same condition. Myuu whispered “Papa” while staring at Hajime with an expression that almost burst crying.

Aiko’s group looked like they wanted to step forward to try to help Hajime and others, but they were stopped by the apostles and they were helpless to do anything.

Hajime was going to take out explosive items from the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ and blown away Ehito altogether with himself. Perhaps he would be saved if he protected only his vital spots with the ‘Concentrated Reinforcement’ of ‘Vajra’, and then he could recover as long as he could drink god water.

But, as though that intention of his was read ahead, right at the moment when Hajime was about to activate ‘Treasure Warehouse’, Ehito snapped his fingers with a gesture that gave off elegance.

As the result, the ring of ‘Treasure Warehouse’ worn on Hajime’s finger suddenly vanished, the next moment the ring transferred on Ehito’s palm. Not only Hajime’s ‘Treasure Warehouse’. On Ehito’s palm, there were also several other rings there. Those were the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ Hajime created for Shia and others. It seemed that without even making a gate, Ehito teleported multiple objects at the same time with pinpoint precision.

Not just that, right after that at Ehito’s Surrounding, Donner, Schlag, and Doryuken, black katana and so on, many artifacts that Hajime created were teleported and now ended up floating in the air while rotating.

“These are good artifacts. Several of the artifacts among these are also quite interesting. It seems that the world of irregular is a pleasant world in its own way. Fufu, even I have grown tired of amusing myself with this world. It’s difficult for an existence of only soul to transfer to another world but…now I have obtained my own vessel, how about I try playing in another world this time then.”

Ehito who played with the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ while chuckling with an evil smile that Yue would absolutely never make suddenly clutched his palm tightly. And then, a light leaked out slightly from inside the fist and when the hand was opened what appeared was the scattered remain of the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ that looked like dust. The hand then tilted with a relaxed motion and the dust wreckage clad in dregs of light spilled down smoothly.

The fragments of ‘Treasure Warehouse’ were scattered right before Hajime’s eyes as though to show him despair. And then as though being swallowed by coiling light, the remains finally vanished without leaving behind even a single dust.

The items stored inside the destroyed ring didn’t come out. Surely all the items were collected with some kind of method and annihilated. Furthermore in front of the widely opened eyes of Hajime, beginning from Donner – Schlag, other weapons were also turned into dust before getting engulfed into light and vanished.

“Oops, I forgot something.”

While making a smile that was obviously showing how he absolutely didn’t forget anything, Ehito’s gaze turned at Hajime’s artificial arm. And then, just like what was done to all the other artifacts, magic power was released while Ehito’s fingers snapped.

Just from that, Hajime’s artificial arm crumbled with a loud sound. Hajime’s artificial arm had pseudo nerves from magic power going through it so that he was able to sense touch and also temperature. Naturally, that included pain. Although he could adjust it, the sudden pulverization of the left arm tormented Hajime with intense pain and he raised a howl mixed with fury.


“You really flounder on the ground well. Even though your inside has been messed up. Perhaps making you into my vessel would also be good. Though my heart had been completely diverted to you by the survival of my vessel who was supposedly lost three hundred years ago…no, your magic talent is really no comparison I guess.”

Hajime was in the middle of raising his crimson magic power, it undulated and made the binding of space magic to creak loudly, however Ehito wasn’t even particularly bothered by it and was only thoroughly observing Yue’s(his own) body while making a pondering face. It appeared that he was thinking that something like Hajime’s struggle was of no importance.

Hajime saw that…immediately after he pulsed his crimson magic power. The magic waved with pounding pulse *dokun dokun* like a heartbeat, the magic power of ‘Limit Break’ was further increasing without limit. Right after that, the crimson magic power burst like an eruption. The torrent of crimson magic power traced a spiral that pierced the ceiling――the last derivation of ’Limit Break’, ‘Supreme Break’.

Until now there was no enemy too strong that Hajime couldn’t defeat using ‘Limit Break’ and so he hadn’t awakened this derivation, but in front of the overwhelming strength of the creator god, this skill finally bloomed. The act of Ehito who was using Yue’s body looking as if he was the owner of that body, perhaps it didn’t even need to be said that it became the fire that lit the fuse of Hajime’s rage that had been pooling inside so much.

At a slightly distanced spot, Aruv who was shedding tears while sporting a look of ecstasy from the descent of Ehito returned to his senses suddenly and his expression flipped over into a shudder. That was because the torrent of magic power Hajime emitted rivaled the divinity that he possessed after manifesting in this world by possessing the excellent man called Denreed. Although his strength was so far separated from Ehito, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

“My lord!”

“It’s fine, Aruvheit. This is just the struggle of a bug after all. I command in the name of Ehitorujue(・・・・) ――’quiet down’.”

The name was different with the name from before. No, the name was further appended. As the result, it affected Hajime with immense power. It was truly far more effective than the command of ‘Don’t move’ before this.

The radiance of the roaring light of magic power was gradually settling down. It was as though Hajime himself was obeying Ehito’s command, he was currently canceling ‘Supreme Break’ with his own will.


Hajime raised a scream once more. Crimson magic power flickered repeatedly as though to display the conflict inside its owner. Looking at that, Ehito warped Yue’s face evilly. From the depth of his heart, he was feeling that it was interesting like watching a sideshow. Possibly, it was to laugh at the desperate struggle.

“Hou, it’s unexpected that you will resist even the ‘Divine Statement’ using my true name. …You give me quiet some entertainment. Your comrades defeated, your beloved stolen, the artifacts you relied on were also crushed. Even so you still don’t have enough of my despair.”

“…Ob, viously. I will…kill you-. Take back…Yue-. …This will end with that-“

“Ku-ku-ku-. I see I see. Then, I think it’s about time to finish this. I too am very much happy that I am able to reveal the reason why your resolve is not yet exterminated.”

Ehito made a full smile toward Hajime who was overflowing with killing intent while vomiting blood. And then, he daringly invoked an original magic created by Yue.

“――’Five Heavenly Dragons’…it’s quite an elegant magic. I’m pleased with it.”

With Yue as the center, five magic dragons manifested. But their might was far surpassing when it was used by Yue. The density of the dragons was at a different league. If it was the current Five Heavenly Dragons, surely it was possible to annihilate even that large Abusodo just with one of the dragons in one attack.

The five elements magic dragons raised their long neck and the glint of their eyes fixed at their respective targets. Myuu and Remia, Aiko and Liliana’s group, Shizuku and Ryutaro and Suzu, Shia and Kaori and Tio, and then Hajime.

It was clear what they were planning to do. In front of Hajime’s eyes, Shia and others were going to be eaten by the magic dragons. Everything that Hajime had, would be stolen in front of his eyes by the magic of his beloved, Ehito would enjoy to his heart’s content the figure of Hajime that was tormented by incomparable despair before dealing the finishing blow.

“Yue-! Open your eyes!”

“Fufu, in the end you are going to rely on your lover? That’s pointless. This is already mine. Or else is this buying time? After all even during this time, the commandment on you is loosening. Good grief, you are quite something. …But, in the end you are just a tiny human.”

“Yue-! You should be able to hear my voice-. Yue-!”

Hajime’s killing intent was able to make many monsters near him lose consciousness when they were hit by it, but Ehito only narrowed his eyes as though he was hit by a pleasant breeze, along with joy, he bared the fang of magic that was personally polished by Yue herself at the people who couldn’t move.

His slender finger was lifted up as though to make a show, he was going to swing the finger down as though to sever their thread of life――at that time,

“-!? What…my magic power…the body…don’t tell me-, impossible-“

Suddenly Ehito opened his eyes wide, his body was trembling. His body staggered as though his body was not working freely, the control of his magic power also didn’t go as he wished and the Five Heavenly Dragons flickered. Aruv and Freed were agitated. Shia and others were also gazing at wonderment when at this absolutely desperate predicament Ehito showed pain.

There, a voice resounded.

――I won’t let you

That voice which resounded in the audience hall like a telepathic communication had the same voice tone like Ehito who was spouting curse in irritation. Be that as it may, in the ears of Hajime and others, it was a charming voice that was far lovelier.



The voices of Hajime and Shia yelled with the color of happiness filling them. Kaori and the others also yelled Yue’s name from their mouths.

Regardless of the nearly lethal amount of blood that Hajime had already vomited, his body and magic power howled as though he had recovered his vitality. The cross on his back creaked and cracks began to appear on it. Shia and the others also raised a yell of fighting spirit trying to stand up.


“Kuh, don’t get carried away, you lowly mortals. I command in the name of Ehitorujue! ――’Suffer’!”

Even while sweating coldly, Ehito released a powerful ‘Divine Statement’ using his true name. Due to that, terrific agony ran through their whole bodies, Shia and the others displayed a look full of agony. They writhed while screaming loudly.

There was only one person, Hajime who was strong against pain endured without raising even a pip even while his expression distorted. Even so, he was really not in a condition that could break the binding right away.

“…Aruvheit. I will return to the Holy Precincts for the moment. I planned to use the opening of this vessel’s shaken mind created by your deception but… as expected compared with this state of open heart, it seems that this possession is not going flawlessly. It’s unbelievable, but this vessel is resisting even with me as the opponent. Adjustments are necessary.”

“My, my lord. My deepest apology…”

Aruv’s original talk before this was for the sake of making the Ehito’s possession certain. The relation between body and mind was something extremely connected. Even for a god, it was hard for a perfect hijacking of the body. That was due to the limitation that gods couldn’t exert their power fully if they weren’t in their Holy Precincts…in any case, they made use of Denreed’s memory in order to open Yue’s heart even for a moment.

But, their scheme was obstructed by Hajime. Aruvheit attempted to at the very least shake up Yue’s mind to make it easier to possess her when he spoke the last words of Denreed, but…with Yue who had already rallied her mind as the opponent, as expected a perfect possession was just out of reach.

Ehito lightly waved his hand at Aruvheit who was shrinking in fear and replied.

“It’s fine. If I have three, four days I’ll be able to seize this body. I’ll leave this place to you. Freed, Eri, you can come together with me. Your wishes, I’ll grant them to you.”

“Yes, everything is according to the lord’s will.”

“Okay oookay. You will give me a world where I can be together with just Kouki-kun right? Then, I’ll do whatever it takes you knooow”

Glancing at Hajime and the others who were writhing in agony, Ehito somehow suppressed the consciousness of Yue and then lifted his hand above his head after giving instructions yo Aruv and the others.

Thereupon, this time light particles that resembled the light pouring down before this flew high from that hand, a part of the ceiling of the audience hall was erased in a circle shape, without stopping it continued blowing through until it made a hole to the outside.

The light particles ascended to the sky as it was, it created ripples in the sky above the devil king castle while producing a large round gate. It was a powerful gate made from light particles that connected the heaven and earth――truly a spectacle that came out right from myth. Most likely it was the gate for going to the place that Ehito called the Holy Precincts.

When Ehito lowered his lifted-up hand he then floated lightly, he lorded over Hajime and the others from the nearby ceiling.

“Irregular gentlemen and ladies. I’ll take my leave here. The soul that is making a cute resistance has to be taught its place without fail. And then, I’m thinking to make this world lively with blooming flowers in three more days. I will fill the world with crimson flowers made from people. That will be the last game. After that, I’m thinking that I am going to try playing in another world. Although, this is something unrelated with all of you who are going to die in this place, isn’t it?”

It appeared Ehito was seriously planning to end this world, and then he was going to choose earth as his new sphere of activity. And then, the time limit of that was three days. It was the needed time for him to seize Yue’s body.

“Wa, it-, return back, Yue…”

Hajime reached his hand towards Yue with a voice that sounded like it reverberated from the bottom of the earth. Before anyone realized the cross had been destroyed and he stood up by driving off the influence of the ‘Divine Statement’. Under his feet there was literally a sea of blood created there, it was as though all the blood inside his body had completely flowed out.

Hajime was clad in crimson magic power while he leapt. But he was assaulted by the apostles from behind and got held down. Furthermore, Aruv used some kind of technique and stiffened Hajime’s body. The apostles wrestling him used their disintegration ability and dispersed the magic power covering his body and all the magic circles of transmutation built into his clothes.

Even so, Hajime held on to his consciousness that was hazy from excessive bleeding with killing intent and hatred, he was still struggling, reaching his hand toward Yue.

Despite his state that was already completely held down and his wounded body, it wouldn’t be strange if he dropped dead anytime. The eyes of the apostles wavered as though they were holding fear somewhere inside from looking at Hajime who was advancing forward little by little.

Ehito who gave a glance at that snorted with a distorted mouth. And then, without stopping he ascended toward the shining gate in the sky.

Freed, Eri, and then Kouki too followed after him. Eri was clinging to Kouki once more while whispering in his ear, Kouki then nodded with a comprehending face. Surely, she was planting ‘rightness’ that was convenient for Kouki again. In front of Ehito who was supposed to be the enemy, Kouki didn’t even make any fuss. Far from that, he instead directed a determined gaze at Shizuku and the others. That was quite a proof of his state.

Suzu tried to say something and her mouth opened, but pain hindered her and no voice came out. Eri too was already not seeing any one of them anymore.

Continuing after Freed, Eri, and Kouki, the apostles, monsters, and puppet soldiers were also floating up. Around half of them were raising to the sky. Outside of the devil king castle too, a great number of apostles and monsters, and then the devil race people were heading toward the shining gate in the sky.

Ehito who was visible from the hole at the ceiling stopped in front of the gate and then spread his arms as though to welcome all those people to come in. It was just like the portrait that they once saw at the cathedral. It was as though Ehito was saying that everything belonged to him.

The devil race people raised excited shouts. Surely they had been notified about this time from quite some time ago. This was the supreme moment for them when they were welcomed by god to enter heaven.

Ehito smiled sweetly at those people and then he went into the light and melted into it.


Hajime’s scream echoed meaninglessly.

His reaching out hand, didn’t grasp anything.

In that hand, the lovely sensation that had always warmed it was….

Not there anymore.

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Arifureta Chapter 155

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Is it Lie, or Truth   (End)

“Move out of the way. I’ll make that guy into mincemeat.”

From Hajime’s voice anyone could understand that he was extremely displeased. But, at the same time, the gun trigger was pulled again, and a bursting roar echoed. Four streaks of crimson flash took flight, shooting through the four limbs of the collapsed Denreed. Denreed’s body twitched a few times.

Hajime took out a Bola from the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ and threw it at Denreed while at the same time he took out Orkan and pulled the trigger toward the collapsed apostles.

*pshu pshu pshu*, consecutive shooting sounds reverberated and several streaks of something left fire trail through the air.

After a beat, grand explosions and shockwaves were created. The swarm of missiles that displayed such tremendous might blew away the apostles. Here and there the apostles burst open like broken dolls. Hajime stored Orkan inside the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ and further aimed the muzzles of Donner and Schlag at Freed and Eri who collapsed in a false death.

There, the surrounding finally returned to their senses.

The first one who raised a strange voice that resembled a scream was Suzu. “UWAaAAH!!” While raising such a desperate or panicked scream, she leapt at Hajime’s arm and dangled there. If she didn’t do that, she thought that Eri would be turned into small pieces. Her teary eyes that were looking up at Hajime were desperately pleading “Remember your promiseee~!!”

Next, Shia yelled “Stop desuuuu!” while leaping at the opposite arm that Suzu held.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Hajime-san!? What are you doing-! That’s Yue-san’s uncle you know!?”

“Tha, that’s right! The logic is just too nonexistent here! Aa, his head was completely shottt. Qu, quickly use regeneration magic…”

“Ka, Kaoriii, hurryyy! Super hurryyyy! No matter how I see it this is at instant death level but, if it’s you then perhaps he can make it somehow!”

“Na, Nagumo. I already thought since a while ago that someday you are really gonna commit a crime like this…”

Starting from Shia, Kaori and Shizuku also started making an uproar, Ryuutaro was getting cold sweats while saying something rude. Tio at first was making a dumbfounded expression before she put her hand on her chin looking as though she was pondering something. Usually, at this kind of time, it would be Kouki who butt in at the very front, but that Kouki was standing in front of Eri. It seemed that he cut in there the moment Hajime aimed his gun.

And then, Yue whose uncle was shot to death by her lover right in front of her eyes,

“… Haji, me?”

Her eyes opened wide while she looked up at Hajime beside her in a daze.

Hajime glanced at such a Yue and then he separated Shia and Suzu who were clinging on his arms, he then stopped Kaori who was about to rush at Denreed’s position to revive and heal him.

And then with really frightful naturalness, to the degree that there was no time for anyone to stop him, quickly, without even looking he shot Freed using Donner and threw a bola at Eri. Looking at Freed whose head had a hole put on it and Eri whose body was wrapped all over, Suzu raised “hih” a short shriek and Ryuutaro leaked out “Uwaa” in a cramped voice.

As expected, without even giving a glance at those two, the expression of Hajime’s eyes warped with an irritated look. Even so, without any carelessness he kept the aim of his guns at Denreed and the apostles who were still collapsed as he opened his mouth.

“I thought that I would keep quiet until Yue put an end to it by herself, but no matter what Yue is just too shaken and it looked like she was going to accept that bullshit. So, I forcefully ended it myself.”

“… Bullshit? What do you mean?”

Yue’s eyes were wandering in perplexity by the shocking fact that her important relative might be shot to death by her beloved lover. Looking at such a Yue, Hajime was slightly regretting that he wasted no time to kill the guy, since in the end she got this shaken and he had to explain.

“No, no matter how you look at it, wasn’t it just an explanation that is full of holes. Even Yue, if you are just slightly calmer then surely you will notice, but… well, someone with the same appearance with your relative suddenly made an entrance so perhaps it couldn’t be helped, huh.”

Saying that, what Hajime pointed out was that even though there was a necessity to hide Yue’s existence, if Denreed was alive all this time then he should have been able to come to meet Yue. If she was his beloved niece, then there was no way he would abandonden Yue alone for three hundred years in the darkness.

Also, the sealing method performed on Yue, no matter how one thought about it, it was obviously done by taking into consideration the aftermath of the caster’s death. So, that even if the caster wasn’t there anymore, Yue’s presence wouldn’t be detected by any means. Also with the caster’s death, the secret would never be revealed. Such intention was transparently obvious in the method of Yue’s imprisonment. If it was actually a method taken by a person who was still alive, at the very least there was no affection at all that could be felt from that.

Also, if Denreed made an excuse that he was gathering battle strength, then it was unnatural that the story of the liberators was not out in the open. Even if Aruv himself didn’t know, at the very least Denreed should have a very thorough knowledge about the Ice and Snow Cavern and the Orkus Great Labyrinth. If the story of the liberators was actually known then it was unnatural that there was no other user of age of god magic other than Freed.

In other words, no matter how they looked at it, there was really no sign of Denreed gathering battle strength for when the time came.

There were parts from the fragments of Yue’s memory and Denreed’s old story that were consistent with each other so in a glance, indeed, it looked like this person was Denreed himself. However, Hajime and company had thoroughly confronted existences that looked like them possessing their memory before coming here, therefore just having the memory wasn’t a proof that he was the real person.

However, even though this devil king wasn’t Denreed himself, it appeared that he had already inherited his memory/ Yet for these three hundred years, he didn’t come to the abyss to apprehend Yue who was an existence with a strength that attracted the notice of god, that was something questionable.

Because of that, Hajime didn’t make any intrusion waiting until Yue came to the understanding herself. Instead, he considered other objectives like whether the words of the devil king was the truth, or whether this person was really Denreed that was Yue’s uncle. He was focusing all his attentions to search for definitive proof.

The way Hajime looked for proof was to use his magic eye stone to confirm whether Denreed’s soul really resided inside that flesh. Using sublimation magic he was able to infuse even more ability into the eye, and making use of the soul magic Hajime inserted into the magic stone eye the addition of an ability that could look at the opponent’s soul.

The result, Hajime’s magic eye could see nothing except one dirty soul. It was like the soul was a spider that had laid out its web-invading through the flesh. Normally a soul should be in a harmonious state as though it was blending in, shining brilliantly at the center of the body.

For that reason, Hajime was convinced that putting aside the body, there was no way the inside was Denreed himself. Aiming for the moment when the impostor got out of the range of the powerful barrier artifact in the altar, he commenced a preemptive strike at the unknown who had pretended to be Yue’s important uncle.

Also, more than that, this person’s inside was fake, the impostor’s story about sealing the apostles lacked credibility, so he also prepared a preemptive attack at the apostles.

Of course, this was a story where god was involved, so the chance that Denreed’s soul was sealed somewhere wasn’t zero. But, even in that case, Hajime could just search the memory of this person who assumed the name of Denreed and ascertain the existence of that possibility. Even flesh damage could be easily dealt with using regeneration magic. In other words, he could just further search for the truth from what this person said after beating him up.

Hearing Hajime explaining the above matters in a shortened summary made all the members there flabbergasted. Their head didn’t work that far from the development that was like a raging wave, but now that Hajime said all that, contradictions and unnatural points other than what Hajime pointed came out in droves.

It was as though, by bulldozing through using facts that were too powerful in impact like the matter about Yue’s relative, devil king, the rebel against god, this person only focused on temporarily winning over Yue and nothing else mattered…

Hajime was talking about his conclusion to all the members who were beginning to make comprehending faces while watching the surrounding alertly.

“And so, there is no reason to believe this bastard’s words, not even a speck of it. And most of all…”

And then, Hajime cut off his words for a moment before he continued with words (real intention) that had unsettled irritation oozing out.

“What the hell with that ‘My cute Aleytia’ huuh, asshole! This girl is ‘my cute Yue’! Besides, Aleytia, Aleytia, how dare you keep calling her like that, you fuckers. Saying ‘let’s go together’ trying to hug her in the confusion, just who give you that permission? Haaa? You think I’m gonna let you take her as you pleased. I’m gonna tear off all your limbs and sink you in a cesspool, shitheadd!!”

“So it’s merely jealousy huh (desu-)!” X3

In short, that was how it was. Ninety percent of this was jealousy. While flashing his gun with vein pulsing on his forehead, Hajime’s speech and attitude that glared while spouting abuse at the body was perfectly a hoodlum.

If this was a meeting with Yue’s true uncle, even Hajime would surely straighten up his clothes and posture before seriously greeting with “Nice to meet you, I am his lover Hajime. I come today to receive your daughter. Any objection won’t be recognized.” (TN: Hajime even use polite language here using desu or masu.)

But even though he was obviously an impostor, he thoroughly shook up Yue. Furthermore, he called her with an old name while acting so familiarly, and in the end, he tried to embrace her. For Yue to be embraced by another man, putting aside that the inside was a stranger (probably), right in front of his eyes… that was something that was worth a ten thousand death, in Hajime’s mind.

Looking at such a Hajime who was drafting off that much dangerous love in a certain meaning, Yue’s heart that kept getting shaken since they entered the audience hall settled with a snap. As though to show that her wandering eyes also snapped in place, she was staring wholeheartedly as though she could see nothing except Hajime right now. Her cheeks were gradually colored with a dreamy rose color, her eyes that were dry like the desert began to moisten damply.

“… Hajime is jealous. Jealous for me… nn. I’m happy.”

Inside her woman heart, Yue was flattered by Hajime’s condition who was fully exposing his jealousy. Even so, she was also scolding herself.

Although there were so many shocking things happening, she still had exposed such unsightliness. To say nothing of how she was accepting someone while unclear whether it was really her uncle or not. She believed the unnatural story she was told without a doubt. Not only that, she was also going to accept the invitation to fight a god, even though that was a preposterous decision that forgot her promise with Hajime.

Indeed, her memory of Denreed was hard to forget, that memory of betrayal was traumatic for her. But right now, there were a lot of happy memories filling her chest that far surpassed all of those memories. It was only a short period of a few months, but the density of those memories easily exceeded the months and years she spent in her motherland. It was to the degree that even if this person was really her uncle, it was impossible for her to take his hand.

While she was talking with this imposter who wears the skin of Denreed, the warmth of Hajime’s hand that was put on her shoulder to support her, she should have been more aware of that.

Yue silently rubbed her forehead on Hajime’s arm while talking with a sweetly damp voice.

“… Hajime, I showed you my ugly side. I’m sorry. I’m fine already now.”

“There is no need to apologize. After all, I know really well just how deep what happened before Yue was imprisoned in the abyss took root inside you.”

“… Hajime. I love you. I love you so much.”

Just like their promise to protect each other, at this time where the greatest demon for Yue was standing in her way, Hajime supported her like a large tree. Toward such a Hajime, Yue spilled her feeling along with a sigh of feverish breath.

But, at that timing, *clap clap* applause sounds resounded.

“Oh man, really, I thought that even if there is some unnaturalness, but if it’s someone with the same appearance as the father of the lover you are doting on, you are going to falter a little. Who would ever think you were going to attack suddenly because of that kind of reason…  It seems I misread how diminutive a human is.”

Different from just now not only there was no warmth that could be felt at all, rather contempt and scorn filled the voice that was saying such things. While saying that, Denreed, despite the fact his head and four limbs were drilled by bullets and wrapped in bola that bound him in many layers, was standing up.

The clothes of the devil king wrapping that body had no disarray to them, to the degree that it made anyone doubtful whether he really was shot. If there was no wreckage of the bola under his feet, then everyone would doubt that they were daydreaming.

“Even though I almost managed to cause her mind to lean on this side after much work. Now we have to move on to the plan B… like this I cannot save my face toward that honored person.”

“… You are not Oji-sama.”

“Hmph, I really am that Oji-sama of yours. However, perhaps I should say that it is this flesh that is your uncle.”

“… Are you saying that you usurped that body?”

Yue floated an azure flame on her right hand while questioning the imposter. With that figure, Denreed’s mouth split open widely in a grin.

“You really have bad hearing. I want you to call it an effective recycling. This retainer god of Ehito-sama, Aruv, used this body even after the owner’s death. This person has chosen you to know? Just how honored and deeply moved this body is, don’t you think? Good grief, even this man too, before he died he erased the memory of when he hid you and also the memory of the age of god magic so that I can only use his flesh, what a useless man. If I knew that you were still alive, then I would have dragged it out of this man, by all means necessary.”

“… You killed Oji-sama?”

“Fufu, I wonder about that?”

“… Answer.”

Killing intent surged out from Yue. Her crimson eyes shined fierily, the azure flame on her hand increased in radiance. That blue flame was the ‘Flame of Divine Punishment’. It was something brutal that could even burn to nothing only the selected soul. That threat should be noticed by the very soul of the target itself.

But, the opponent Denreed――no, the evil god wearing his skin, he was only showing an arrogant smile as though he wasn’t feeling threatened at all.

“Hou, is that really fine? Perhaps my words just now lay, and actually, Denreed is still alive you know? What if he is hidden at the deepest bottom of this body?”


Yue’s breath unintentionally hitched. Surely even while glaring she was about to launch the flame questioning whether she was just being deceived. But, the next words stopped her hand completely.

“Kukuh, you are making a nice face. In deference to that funny expression, let me teach you one thing. … It’s the words of Denreed just before he died. His last words that were addressed to you.”

“… Uncle’s…”

Hajime aimed his gun muzzle at Aruv as a threat so that he wouldn’t get carried away saying words to torment Yue continuously, but just like how Yue stopped her hand, Hajime’s movement also completely stopped.

However, later on, Hajime regretted this choice. He was only thinking about Yue that his reaction toward the enemy dulled. Even if it didn’t match Yue’s wish, he should have decided that there was no need to hear whatever the enemy was saying.

Aruv showed a disgusting smile while putting on airs grandeously, then he opened his mouth.

“You see, Denreed whispered your name while saying this.”

――It’s better if you die painfully.


The arrow of words pierced Yue’s chest. Even without any magic or anything that disordered the mind, she couldn’t help but feel a sharp pain.

At that moment, everything happened at the same time.


――Behind Hajime and others who confronted Aruv, Kouki who was beside Eri roared while slashing at Hajime(・・・).


――Silver light poured down from above. The Beautiful square light that penetrated the ceiling fell straight toward Yue(・・) from overhead.

“――’Degenerate Consciousnessss’”

―― From the other direction of the body of the collapsed Eri, Eri’s(・・) dark magic was fired toward Yue who was attacked by that light. Looking at that direction, from a space where there was nothing, an unharmed Eri that looked completely the same like the collapsed Eri came out as though oozing from the air. And then, a flickering darkness ball appeared advancing right before Yue’s eyes.

“――’Quake Sky’!”

――Similar to Eri, Freed appeared as expected from a ripped space that was in a different spot from his pulverized body, he had already finished his chanting and fired space blasting magic toward Myuu and Remia.

“This is payback. Irregular.”

――At the same time with Aruv’s finger snap, a gigantic magic bullet flew at Hajime.


――An empty air where there was nothing undulated, and several dozen apostles seeped out from there, they went to attack Hajime and others all at once.

It was a perfect simultaneous surprise attack where they all must have been waiting for this timing. The remain of Freed that had its head drilled and Eri whose body was bound crumbled with rustling sound into atoms as though to say that their role was over.

It appeared that at that instant when their field of vision was blinded by the light, both Eri and Freed were replaced with some kind of artifact. It was something abnormal to be able to deceive even Hajime’s magic eye.

Even though Hajime made a bitter expression from getting done in like this, he immediately activated ‘Light Speed’ and stretched an instant into several dozen seconds. Inside the gray world where the flow of time slowed, the great number of attacks slowly approached.

He could hear the roaring holy sword behind him. Light pillar was falling from above Yue and in front of her flickering black sphere was coming with eerie pulsing. From the front gray magic bullets were approaching while tracing a spiral. Invisible shockwave was running toward Myuu and Remia, and the apostles were assaulting Aiko and others with their large sword raised.

If he left them alone, the only future waiting was the word tragedy.

However, with Hajime alone, there wasn’t enough hands. Hajime reflexively gritted his teeth, but suddenly a gaze stabbed him from the side… when he looked by moving only his eyes, the figure of Yue staring at him strongly was there. Just from that, Hajime realized Yue’s thought. Namely, the will that told him ‘protect Myuu and Remia’.

That pillar of light, the most abnormal phenomenon in this current situation was aiming at Yue, on top of that even that acting of Aruv, and just as he said, even this simultaneous surprise attacks that he said as the plan B made Hajime sensed that all of these were some kind of plan toward Yue, causing him to feel a slight mental resistance toward leaving Yue’s side.

But, even so, the gaze she directed at him was the proof of her trust to her beloved lover. Then, there was no way he could betray that. Therefore, he decided.

In this moment, less than a second.

*GOGAN-!!* Terrific shockwave sound resounded while Hajime fired a shotgun from the elbow of his artificial arm. Kouki who approached from behind was counterattacked by countless pebbles and shockwave and his breath got blown away.

Without stopping, Hajime used the momentum from the shot recoil and pulverized the ground with his step, his figure blurred. He rushed with speed that didn’t even leave afterimage while avoiding the approaching magic bullet, his figure then appeared in front of Myuu and Remia. Perhaps from Myuu and Remia’s point of view, Hajime looked like he had teleported instantly.

The shockwave of the space blasting that had approached until less than a meter was blocked by the large shield that Hajime took out while he was moving. The improved large shield reacted at the shockwave by releasing its own shockwave like an explosive reactive armor. With that, although cracks entered the surface of the shield, it managed to perfectly defended against the shockwave of the ‘Quake Sky’.

As the compensation of Hajime prioritizing Myuu and Remia, the magic bullet Aruv fired attacked Shia and the others who were at Hajime’s surrounding. Furthermore, just before the bullet hit, as though it was avoiding Yue, the bullet ruptured and scattered to the surrounding to make everyone lose all places to escape.

“-‘Drawn Sky’!”

The reaction speed of the speed fighter Shizuku forcefully changed the target of the magic bullet to herself just before it could hit all her other comrades. As the result, Shizuku’s body that received the whole magic bullet of the devil king, although it wasn’t a direct attack because she drew the bullet using her black katana, but she received an outrageous impact and got blown far away.

“I won’t let you!”

Ignoring all of those, Shia used bombing mode Doryukken to aim between the apostles and Aiko and the others, she pulled the trigger instantly. The fired bursting slug pierced the ground in front of Aiko and others, scattering shockwave along with the light blue ripple.



Shia’s aim was to buy time. She didn’t think that she could stop several apostles at the same time, so she blew away Aiko’s group and the apostles to try to put distance between both sides for the time being. Her intention succeeded, Aiko and others were barely able to escape the large swords of the apostles even while they were shaken by the impact.

Shia and Kaori who had come back to their senses were about to head toward the apostles who gathered themselves. At the same time, Tio pushed out both her hands as though to say that she wouldn’t let them do as they pleased more than this. She was about to release her breath attack. Her target was the devil king and the totally unharmed Freed who appeared from the distorted space just like the apostles.

But, the only one who actually managed to act was Shia.


“Ko, Kouki-kun!?”

Kouki who was supposedly blown away by Hajime had come back unnoticed and slashed at Kaori.

“――’Degenerate Consciousness’”

“-, a?”

And Tio was dazed for a slight moment at the same time with Eri’s chanting.

Toward Tio who exposed a glaring opening even for just a few moments, a flying kick that was unthinkable from Eri’s amateur burst caused Tio to be blown far away like Shizuku. As for Kaori, she blocked the holy sword’s attack with her large sword while locking sword with an unbelieving expression.

All of this happening until now happened within only a moment.

Like that, Hajime aimed the muzzles of Donner & Schlag at Aruv and Freed and he was about to pull the triggers. Shia confronted the apostles with her back covering Aiko and the others. Tio and Shizuku were standing up while enduring the pain. Kaori was opening her mouth to look for explanation from Kouki. Ryuutaro and Suzu finally returned to their senses, and at that time…

“Uh, a?”

A small whisper echoed, Yue’s figure was swallowed by the pillar of light.

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Okay… this was a cool scene, but I’m going to have to put out some fanboy rage here. You’re saying all these characters did all this stuff in the intervening second… okay… but what about Yue? Yue is hardly a slouch. You’re telling me that everyone else reacted in a mere micro-second, but one of the most capable people on the team just stood there and took it without moving, teleporting, or erecting a barrier? If she was injured or protecting someone, sure… but this is just lazy writing for plot convenience. I’ll look forward to swallowing my words next chapter when the author better provides a reasonable explanation.

Arifureta Chapter 154

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Is it Lie, or Truth  (Beginning)

“…Oji, sama…”

Yue’s hoarse voice resounded. Her eyes were opened unusually wide, her small and slender hands were shaking in small trembles as though expressing the agitation inside her heart.

Normally it was an impossible situation for her to not notice Hajime’s call to her, it showed just how deeply she was agitated.

Giving a glance at Hajime and the others who were evidently shocked looking at Yue’s condition, the golden-haired red eyed devil king smiled really gently while once more addressing Yue with the unfamiliar name.

“That’s right. It’s me. Aleytia. Looks like you are surprised. …That’s understandable. But, that look of yours is nostalgically lovely. You haven’t changed at all since three hundred years ago.”

A smiling devil king. Yue took a step back, perhaps finally perceiving that the person there was her uncle. And then, just when she was about to say something with her trembling lips, the apostle Acht opened her mouth as though to beat her to the punch.


Acht called at the devil king with an expression that was like a mask, however, her intonation was clearly questioning. From that indication, it was as though the devil king’s attitude toward Yue was an unexpected situation for her. And it wasn’t just the apostles, even Freed was similarly making a slightly questioning look.

Hearing that call, the devil king faintly smiled and suddenly he lifted his hand. …Toward Acht and others, the apostles of god.

The next moment, light of magic power that resembled Yue’s exploded like a flashbang grenade, instantly everything was drowned in light. That light then was absorbed back into Denreed’s hand as though in a playback, after that the figures of the apostles crumbling down like a machine that had its electricity cut off became visible.

Furthermore, as though it was an afterthought, Freed and Eri also fell down. Kouki who was beside Eri was dumbfounded by the sudden situation, he was only staring at Eri fixedly without even a twitch.

In front of Yue and others who were dumbfounded by the sudden event, the devil king released a sigh ‘fuu’ as though he had just gone through a really nerve wrecking situation, next he lifted his thrust out hand over his head and snapped his tongue, invoking some kind of technique.

What was reflected in Hajime’s magic eye stone was a golden barrier spreading in a dome shape. However, its purpose seemed as though it had a slightly different effect compared to the normal barrier.

“This is a barrier for deceiving interception and surveillance. It’s something to show different voice and scene that I prepared. With this, the apostles outside this place won’t notice what is happening here.”

“…What are you planning?”

Hajime silently narrowed his eyes at this speech and conduct done by a person who seemed to be hostile toward the apostles while asking back.

“Nagumo Hajime-kun, isn’t it? Your vigilance is reasonable. That’s why let me say this frankly without beating around the bush. I am the current devil king of the devil kingdom Garland, and the prime minister of the former vampire kingdom Avatar――Denreed Gardia Wesperitirio Avatar…a person who rebels against god.”

The words that were said with the majesty as the devil king reverberated inside the wide audience hall dignifiedly. Those words carried the power that made the people in this place hearing them think that they were said seriously.

All the members other than Hajime gulped at the shocking truth. Who would ever think that the king of the devil race that opposed the human race was a rebel against god, such thing was unthinkable even in their dream. Their reaction was only natural.

Among them, Suzu who just managed to return to her senses yelled “Eri-” while trying to dash at her, but she was stopped by Kouki’s hand. His hand touched the nape of the neck of the fainting Eri and he felt her pulse, then he nodded while smiling that there was nothing to worry about. It appeared that Eri only lost her consciousness. Looking at Suzu patting her chest in a relieved sigh, Denreed spoke an apology “Sorry to make you uneasy.”

Incidentally, regarding the apostles, they had their function suspended. Freed and others had their body function suspended――to put it another way, they were in a temporary death state.

In addition, with the ‘devil king’s apology’, among everyone who was lost for words from the sequence of events, Hajime’s gaze was sweeping at his surroundings while he was about to press the question at Denreed about his true intentions. But, at that time a yelling voice suddenly resounded. It was a voice that sounded like it was desperately trying to deny something.

“Lies…there is no way that’s true-. Den-ojisama was a normal vampire! Indeed, he was exceptionally strong, but he wasn’t a true ancestor like me! There is no way that Oji-sama, that Denreed is still alive.”

“Aleytia…. You are shaken, aren’t you? Even so…that’s only natural. Although it was something necessary, I had done something horrible to you. If such a person suddenly appeared in front of your eyes, it would be stranger if you weren’t shaken.”

“Don’t call me Aleytia-! Don’t pretend that you are Oji-sama-!”

Denreed smiled sadly toward Yue who was in an agitated state that even Hajime had never seen. Perhaps getting rubbed the wrong way even by such an attitude, Yue pushed her hand out with seething killing intent. Tremendous magic power was bursting out from her body.

Although she had accepted the possibility of the difference in her memory inside the Ice and Snow Cavern, even so, the man in front of her eyes was the one who had locked her in the depth of darkness for a long three hundred years. It was the person who had betrayed her who had given him immense trust. There was no way she could be so easily convinced.

To say nothing of how that person who should have died to suddenly appear in front of her eyes, talking intimately, affectionately at her with the look that didn’t change at all from three hundred years ago. Her heart was churning like a sea that was hit directly by a typhoon.

Following an impulse that she didn’t even understand herself, Yue launched a lightning dragon. Nervousness ran through the other members at the current situation that was moving suddenly.

However, Denreed only kept smiling. With an attitude that could even be said as composed, once more, he snapped his fingers. At that instant, along the edge of the altar where the throne was located, a wall of light rose up. The lightning dragon that was howling thunderously while approaching Denreed crashed onto that barrier, yet it was unable to destroy the very strong barrier.

Inside the surging lightning, Denreed talked with a gentle voice from the other side of the barrier.

“Aleytia Gardea Wesperiterio Avatar. The most beautiful and wise queen in history, my beloved niece. I am certainly your uncle. I wonder if you remember. That I was a powerful monster user.”

“What are-”

“If it’s the current you then you should understand. Just why the I at that time was that powerful of a monster user.”

“…-, an age of god magic…metamorphosis magic.”

Denreed smiled saying “Good answer”, just like in the past when he watched over Yue’s study. Attacked by déjà vu, Yue’s expression distorted.

“Exactly. To say further, I also obtained regeneration magic. Though unfortunately, my talent in that area is poor, it’s like throwing a pearl before swine. In exchange, I can boast that I am very much talented in metamorphosis magic. I also worked really hard on it. As the result, not only creating monsters, I also became able to perform strengthening on my own body. That’s how I extended my life until now.”

Actually, Hajime had drawn out his railgun and nonchalantly fired under the cover of the lightning dragon, but understanding that the barrier couldn’t be broken through easily, he put his hand on Yue’s shoulder. With that lightning dragon that had bad efficiency and convergence rate incomparable from usual due to her disordered mind, it was only a pointless waste of magic power.

Yue suddenly returned to her senses from the warmth on her shoulder, she glared once at Denreed with dangerous eyes then dispersed the lightning dragon. She then recovered her calmness in a few minutes before making her question, even so, she didn’t hide how her tone became rougher.

“…That day the devil that uses the white dragon, he said that you are a god with the name Aruv. He said that you had led the devil race for a few hundred years until now!”

At the very least Denreed had worked as the prime minister of the vampire kingdom Avatar for more than twenty odd years until Yue was imprisoned, Yue slapped the contradiction with Freed’s statement at Denreed.

Even so, Denreed’s composure didn’t crumble. As though to say that what Yue pointed out was only natural, he calmly answered.

“What Freed said is not mistaken. I am certainly Aruv, at the same time it can also be said that Aruv is not me.”

Yue’s gaze became severe hearing Denreed answering with something that sounded like Zen philosophy. Denreed smiled wryly at that while continuing his words.

“The existence called Aruv was the retainer god of god Ehito during the age of god. He is someone like a subordinate. At first, Aruv swore loyalty toward god Ehito and became his hands and feet, yet one day, he held a doubt. Is it fine to keep overlooking the inhuman act of god Ehito like this, he thought. A few hundred years, a few thousand years passed while he was holding that doubt which grew largr and before long he grew to hold the intention of rebellion.”

Denreed walked around the throne with steady sounds of footsteps. That calm tone for some reason resounded really well despite its volume that wasn’t loud at all, even so it didn’t make anyone feel discomfort at all.

“But, there is no way he can match god Ehito who is the chief god. Therefore, Aruv formed a plan. That plan is, he would descend to the surface as Ehito’s pawn and intensified the war of the people, and as the situation fell into chaos, he would shoulder the role of devil king――under such pretense, he would then search in the surface for any method and battle strength that could oppose Ehito.”

Denreed stopped talking for a moment and opened and closed his hand repeatedly. He was doing that gesture as though to ascertain the sensation while continuing.

“But, a god that doesn’t have flesh body, needs a flesh body as a vessel so they can act fully on the surface. Aruv also searched for a person who could become his vessel to reside his soul into that body. Originally, making one’s soul reside inside another person’s body isn’t something easy even for god if the rejection of the body’s owner is strong but…if they displayed their existence as god then there won’t be anyone rejecting them. After all, it’s not like the person’s self will disappear, rather it even feels like an honor, right?”

“…Like that, Denreed was also chosen by Aruv?”

“Aruv was mad with joy, you know? If I was merely someone with aptitude, then he would only tell me that he was a retainer god of Ehito, but I knew the truth. I could possibly become a true fellow rebel. Aruv told me his will from inside my body while outside I was under the observation of the apostles. Even now Aruv is inside me, giving me help in various matters. Two souls in one body. That is the meaning of my words that I am Aruv and also not Aruv.”

Denreed paused to ascertain whether comprehension had reached Yue and the others while putting his hand on the throne. Seeing that, Yue made a complicated face while asking.

“…Since when?”

“It happened just a little bit before you succeeded the throne. At the same time, even I who was unable to do anything even knowing the truth understood that there was something that I could do. I thought that as my mission.”


“Yes, the mission to overthrow god. Though it was really hard making it so that god Ehito and his apostles wouldn’t catch my true intentions, you see. Thanks to that, I was made to do many things that were not my true intention countless times.”

Denreed smiled asking if there was anything else she wanted to ask, seeing that smile it woke up the memory of the time when he was in the role as her instructor, shaking Yue’s heart. The way he talked and his atmosphere felt like the uncle inside her memory. She began to think that by any chance he might really be alive just like he said.

And then, if that was really the case, there was something that Yue wanted to ask, no, something that Yue had to hear at all cost.

“…Why did you betray our country? Why, I was impri…”

“I’m sorry.”

“-…I don’t want to hear your apology-! The reason-”

Yue yelled at Denreed who was saying words of apology with a mournful expression. Hajime at her side put strength into the hand he put on her shoulder to calm her down. The other members were also directing serious expressions at Denreed without butting into this matter that was related with Yue’s past.

“Aleytia. You were a prodigy, to the degree that no other could possibly catch up to you in the field of magic. Even I who was a user of an age of god magic wasn’t a match against you. This strength was too conspicuous. That was why eyes were attracted to you. Just like Nagumo Hajime who is at your side.”


“That’s right. Aleytia, I wonder if you remember? At that time, the upper echelon of Avatar was already in the process of being dyed by the influence of god Ehito’s faith. That included both your parents too. You should have felt a glimpse of that.”

“…I remember. Oji-sama and Chichi-ue quarreled often regarding my education. …Oji-sama was assigned as my instructor. That was why I was raised without really getting concerned by the faith.” (TN: Chichi-ue is father.)

Denreed nodded back toward the nodding Yue.

“That was because I knew the truth. I didn’t have any method to ascertain whether the liberators’ words were truth or not, but I thought that it was dangerous for you who was still young to put your faith unconditionally. I wanted to protect you. But, my effort to distance you from the faith became in vain.”

“…A pawn that didn’t move as wished for was a hindrance?”

“Something like that. The plan to assassinate you became fully all-out. Your immortality isn’t absolute. Especially if the enemy is a god then that’s even truer…even after I obtained the age of god magic, I didn’t have the confidence to protect you from god’s intention. Besides, I who had Aruv residing inside my body and awoke to my mission didn’t want to lose you who are a trump card. That was why, before the assassination was carried out, I arranged your death and hid you. Until the time when the beacon of the rebellion can be raised.”


Her uncle didn’t betray her. Rather he was trying to protect her. Even if he had a feeling that considered her as battle strength, his words contained the feeling that he didn’t want to let her die, which matched with a portion of Yue’s memory.

Right now, Yue’s expression looked anxious as though her unmanageable emotion that was too much for her had lost its place to go, as though she was a lost child.

Her powerless trembling voice that displayed her unstable feelings threw the last question.

“…The hostage? If you are really Denreed-ojisama then…if you say that you didn’t betray me, then why?”

Toward those words mixed with criticism inside from Yue who was casting her eyes downward, Denreed smiled wryly while murmuring “About that”. And then he snapped his fingers once more. Instantly the radiance covering the cages silently dimmed and vanished, the lock of the cages also clicked open.

The captured classmates, Myuu, and Remia stared at the unlocked door with bewilderment.

“I thought that if I didn’t do this then I wouldn’t even be able to meet you. Besides, I also had the objective of guarding them for the sake of when the times come. I want you to forgive me about their wounds. The one who went to pick them up were the apostles. I couldn’t treat their wounds in front of them. Just in case I commanded them to not kill anyone. After all, perhaps they might become allies from here on together with Aleytia.”

“…Com, rade?”

It seemed that according to Denreed it was that kind of reason. Perhaps she had used up everything that she could use to argue, that Yue only repeated Denreed’s words with doubt. Her voice already had no heat in it, furthermore her raging heart became even stormier. Because she was given a large amount of information all at once, and how all that information was something important and impossible to ignore for her, she was unable to sort her feelings.

Even Shia and others who were watching over Yue couldn’t hide their bewilderment of what to do. The people imprisoned inside the cages were unable to move feeling the atmosphere of the place.

Inside such an atmosphere, Denreed watched fondly as though he had seen through Yue’s heart, he descended from the altar while making a smile. The destination where he was walking calmly was Yue’s location.

“Aleytia. I want you to believe me somehow. I love you, whether right now or in the past. Just how impatiently I have been waiting for this day when I can see you again. During these three hundred years, there wasn’t a day that I had forgotten you.”

“…Oji, sama…”

“That’s right. I am your Den-ojisama. My cute Aleytia. The time has come. Please, lend me your strength, in order to finish everything.”

“…Lend, my strength?”

“Let’s defeat the god together. Just like when we fought the country’s external enemy together back to back. God Ehito is already going to end this era. Actually I planned to hide you until the time when we really have to fight but…this is a windfall. You have become far stronger compared to the past, and then there are even this many users of age of god magic gathered here. Surely we can even reach god Ehito.”

“…I, I am…”

Denreed’s words shook Yue. Denreed was spreading open his arms, as though he was going to embrace Yue who was like that.

That posture resurrected a memory of her childhood at the back of her mind once more. When the young Yue achieved some kind of result in magic training or class, ‘Den-ojisama’ would smile looking even happier than Yue who made the accomplishment while he would surely spread open his arms to welcome her. And then, he would praise Yue who jumped at him saying “You worked really hard” while stroking her head.

The hug of her important relative who was alive, and who didn’t betray her. She loved him dearly like a father, even more than her real father. Yue’s eyes wavered.

Denreed’s smile was increasingly deepening, he was about to say some words in order to embrace Yue.

“Now, let’s go together. Aleyti――”



Such familiar dry sound reverberated. At the same time, Denreed’s body snapped back facing up, and then he collapsed behind just like that.

No one was able to grasp what just happened, they were staring at the collapsed Denreed with their pupils turning into dot. His body didn’t even twitch. The vast audience hall was filled with silence.

Inside such an atmosphere, a ‘click’ sound that was like a cocked firing hammer, no, it was exactly the sound of firing hammer being cocked broke the silence. The people in that place twitched with trembling body and sent their gaze at the sound’s source all at once.

There a scene that they half-expected unfolded.


“Move out of the way. I’ll make that guy into mincemeat.”

Holding Donner that had white smoke rising up from it, while spouting abusive line like a hoodlum, the figure of Hajime who had vein pulsing on his forehead was there.

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