The following site is updated by me, elementalcobalt. . I started the following wordpress to put up the Arifureta Translations and finally complete the story.

In my spare time, I watch anime, play video games, read manga, and have also been reading web novels including Against The Gods, Arifureta, and Death March. Over the last few years, I’ve been writing stories and posting them on Wattpad. I also haunt the Amazon Video Game forums from time to time while I’m at work.

I’m currently a scientist earning my doctorate in bio-medicine. I research metabolism, freeze tolerance, and cryopreservation. My pen name for my current writing works is Dorian T. Chase. My actual name is reserved for my published abstracts and peer reviewed papers.

Feel free pm me through wattpad or send me a message if you have any questions. I like comments and I love talking about and arguing about events in stories. So throw me a message and we can chat.

P.S. I ship Shizuku X Hajime… not saying I suspect it to turn out that way, just that I like their interactions the best. If you want to hear my reasoning, lol, feel free to ask :P.


11 thoughts on “About

    1. That sounds outside of my ability. With random species names and stuff like that, I would certainly struggle.

      I was able to handle Arifureta because it already had 100 translated chapters plus an entire wiki page giving me the names of things.

      I can handle Villager because it’s so short and because every chapter has a clear them, that once you figure it out, make translating simpler.

      Unless I actually learn Japanese. (I’d love to, but who has the time?), this is about the best I’ll do.

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  1. hey man, thanks for your work on arifureta, buuut… what’s up with you using “x and them” 5000x per chapter? damn this is annoying as fuck haha, almost every single paragraph you have 3 or more “hajime and them, kouki and them, so and so and them, and them and them and them” ahh this shit is driving me crazy haha

    its weird because it started somewhere along chapter 104 or 105, before that your translation was amazing, not sure what happened


    1. Those aren’t my translations dude. I translated 97 and 98, edited 99 and part of 100, and 101 to 125 are MTLs made by some guy (I never did find out who). My translations don’t even start until 129. I do blatantly state who did them in front of every chapter, so you know, you could have looked. If you’re saying there is a problem with my chapters (129 – end), then I’ll look into it.


      1. ahh i see, my bad then man… i misunderstood the note, i thought you actually edited the mtls

        well, sorry again, and thanks for your work


    2. P.S. I haven’t edited the MTLs because they’re atrocious, it’s tedious and takes almost as long as just translating the chapter myself. Plus, noone has encouraged me to and I see little gain in wasting the 30+ hours it’d take to do it. I tried to outsource it wiki style, I had one or two people do a handful of edits, but not a single complete chapter was edited.


  2. Hey there elementalcobalt. I’ve been lurking on your website for quite a while now. You were the hero that I wanted when Arifureta was so close to being finished but nobody was translating it anymore. You came out of nowhere and did what could not or would not do and for that you have my love and my respect. You recently said something in one of your comments though that made me curious about your bio so I checked your about page and surprise, surprise you sound even cooler now. I recently graduated from undergrad with a degree in electrical engineering. I was very interested in medical technology so I designed and programmed the electrical systems for a myoelectrically-controlled, 3D printable, robotic, prosthetic arm. I’ve also done research on both electrospinning nanofibers and improving bioreactors for more efficient culturing of cells. I recently started medical school too.

    Anime, manga, and LNs have each been major hobbies of mine over the last decade and I’m very glad to have found somebody else who has so many interests that are so similar to my own. Most people don’t talk about themselves in the comments on websites like this one so it is easy assume based on the grammatically incorrect or unintelligent comments that I frequently see that they aren’t, to put it bluntly, as highly educated as me.

    Anyway, I’m glad to know that you exist and that I’m not the only one among my peers who enjoys Japanese entertainment.


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