Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 32

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Horse and carriage.

To move across the country, it could be said to be your life source.

So, asking someone to sell it would be like asking them to sell a leg. That’s unreasonable, right?

“A-chan, are you asking seriously?”

“Yes, I am very serious. Of course, I’ll pay accordingly.”

Is this guy really a merchant? Isn’t he kind of stupid?

“…if I accepted it, it’d be like a hundred gold coins.”


Well, that is the appropriate reaction. Even I’d expect it.

“—Don’t joke around! Who could just throw away 100 gold coins!”

This guy’s boiling point is surprisingly low. I was just returning the joke.

“Then let’s hear it, A-chan, how much were you planning to pay?”

“For a horse and carriage, some 200 silver coins should suffice!”

200 Silver. Well, if you speak of my previous life, it’d be enough to buy an automobile normally. So, when you think about it, that price would seem like common sense. But that didn’t fly out here in the countryside.

“Well, it’d be nice if you bought from someone else. Maybe they’d be cheaper. Why me?”

“Because I heard that your horse and carriage are the stoutest in the village!”

Oioioi, A-chan. Sticking me in such a predicament. So easily exposing your reasoning disqualifies yourself as a merchant.

But, the idea was read somehow.

“Village headman. If he were to sell his horse and carriage to me, would he be tax exempt?”

Did you hear that, Village head? Not talking but you seem to know the story.

“Huh? Why would I have to give him tax exemption?”

Well, what will you say to the village head?

“Because, without a horse and carriage, he can no longer carry firewood. If you ask, he’d have to pay a lot of money to have it brought in. Do you expect him to carry the firewood on his back? He couldn’t carry that much, even in an entire day!”

No, actually, I could easily carry it, but I have no obligation to tell them that.

“A-chan, what you have required of me. Even with 200 silver it’d accrue significant hardship. Do you take me for a joke? Huh, A-chan? Traveling the country on foot would ruin my body!”

Well, his boss will probably get it, I’m not interested. I wait anxiously.

“Well, A-chan. I don’t know how strong A-chan or his guard are, but you have to be tough to make it to the port city of Baldarin where there are ship technicians. It’s the season when orcs and other monster become active. Well, this neighborhood is relatively safe, but there are many mountains on the way to Baldarin.”

It’s one thing to travel around by boat, but I’m not ready to lose my horse and carriage over nothing.

“Don’t tell your boss this, but you need to offer good faith if you want a response of sincerity.”

There merchants whom I respect are zero. If a merchant can change loss into gain, I’d be the one to lose.

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10 thoughts on “Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 32

  1. This author really likes to drag things out eh? Some of these chapters are way to small, day 1 could have been over in 10~12 chapters if he would take it seriously. ^^”
    To bad we didn`t get to see the end of the negotiations this time, thank you for the chapter.


  2. Pretty unreasonable request for the merchant to make. It’s like going all the way to suburbs in the middle of nowhere outside the city, and asking a family man to sell his car to him, at cost–the same price as if he went to a car dealership, just because he liked his car the best, meanwhile if he sold it, then it would leave the seller without a car himself and in need of buy a new one, having to walk to the nearest city by foot because there’s no other mode of transportation that goes that far outside the city without needing to drive….at least thats my understanding of the situation, but even more so when they live in the mountains with primitive technology.

    Hope the MC gets his moneys worth and then some, if he does end up selling his horse and carriage.


    1. It is far worse than demanding the car in a suburb.
      It is more like a merchant demanding to buy the car of someone in the Australian outback far off from any civilization for the prize that the car would cost in a city.
      That means the car owner would have to travels several hundreds of kilometres through the dangerous wilderness before reaching the city.

      Also a car is usually readily available there but horses and carriages would need to be prepared first.
      At least a carriage would need to be ordered and then build after receiving the order.
      So it would also cost time and money to stay at the city.
      And on the way back unlike a car that can “outrun” wild animals a horse dran carriage can not outrun monsters so there would be a need to fight and protect the horse and carriage.


  3. Oof. I’ve been gone for like a month now and I returned to eagerly read some more. There was a more chapter. And dang these are short. Well, I have no idea how difficult translating is so whatever. Is good job you do now. Keep go maybe fast more and one day I will actually English good


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