Had to Post this Video

Usually don’t do this, but I rarely get my opinions validated (I know, shocking), and this video just happened to say exactly what bugged me about Smartphone. This focuses on the anime, but yeah, such a bland, boring anime from a bland, boring webnovel. Also makes some comments on what makes an OP character interesting.


14 thoughts on “Had to Post this Video

    1. Well, in arifureta he had a very distinct reason (escaping the layrinth and later to return home)… so already it doesn’t follow the criticism leveled at smartphone. The protogonist had very clear desires and a fairly distinct (even if inconsistent) personality.

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      1. Well a good portion of the after story is just kinda the characters existing without any real motivation but that is what an after story is after all.


  1. I have a question. I only read a few chapters of the after story (I know, also shocking). So I must ask, how far does the story go. For example, is Myuu still a 5 year old or does it jump in the future and show what’s she like as an adult.

    The reason I ask is that I’ve had in my head for a while an Arifureta fanfiction involving a grown-up Myuu and what happens to her, but if the authors already written or planned to reveal all of that, there is little reason to do that.

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    1. I think this comment of yours was supposed to be a reply to someone. Just saying. And as a side note, I haven’t read the after story of arifureta.

      About the video, I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t fully understand everything, but I did with the most part.


      1. No, not a reply. I’m really just asking out of the blue. I said it because some of the people I was talking to mentioned Arifureta, but it’s really just an open question to anybody. Sorry, my mind is random like that.


  2. arifureta is one of the worst. I don’t know what you are excited about. It started REALLY good, up until it became a casual.. isekai world. With him being called “papa” and acting like a goody two shoes.. it conflicted greatly with the start, and honestly? became extremely bland and boring.


    1. Not sure what you have a problem with. The complaints leveled in the video was a character with no goals or motivations. Hajime’s motivations are always crystal clear. I agree that once he leaves the dungeon and becomes generic OP protagonist building a harem, it looses a bit. I’ve said as much in my review. Still, something that becomes bland and predictable after a good 50-60 chapters that build likable characters you want to follow is better than something that is bland and predictable from the get-go.


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