Top Ten Least Favorite “Another World” Web Novels

As I was reading through my top ten “Another World” novels list, I thought it might also be interesting to write about my top 10 least favorite novels. This can be kind of difficult. If I hated something, I rarely read very much of it, so I must admit that while these are the novels I liked the “least”, they’re also the novels I most likely read the least. Still, I typically give every novel on my list at least 20 chapters. There are some novels on the list that were so meh that they really gave me no impression at all. I would read my 20 chapters and then, upon leaving, barely even can recall what happened. I won’t be including these. This is the list of the ones that left the worst impressions.  These are the ones I remember, and for some, wish I could forget.

  1. Reincarnator

This one sits on the bottom of my list because it’s a story full of extremes. There are parts I really liked. The another world theme is fantastic, and definitely in the first 30 some chapters there was a lot to love about this story. However, the story is very slow and drags things out for very long time. The pacing can be a mess, and I think the stories seeming complete lack of tying up loose ends, continuous characterization, or a clear direction really just destroys it. Every character introduced seems to disappear after their part in the plot of the story is done. Since the MC never communicates with anyone, the MC himself seems to have almost no personality. The story is written in a very much “making it up as he goes along” kind of way and around the time the story gets to the world tree the author stops explaining things and the story starts getting really congested and confused. If you can follow this mess, more power to you, but I’ll stick to stories that actually focus on the people and the events, not just the random meaningless goal of the week that author felt like throwing at him that was never mentioned before. And don’t give me a line about how it “gets good” 150 chapters in. If it takes 150 chapters for a plot to make sense… you have a badly written story.

  1. Doll Dungeon

There was nothing absolutely disagreeable with Doll Dungeon. It simply was abrupt, boring, and poorly written. The pacing is a mess. The reasoning is a mess. The progression is forced. This is a story that has nothing particularly bad with it, other than the fact that it just wasn’t very good. It has nothing to like, and nothing to hate.

  1. Grand Prize: Unrivalled Harem Ticket

This story is just so blatantly clichéd and choked full of wish-fulfillment that it permeates every inch of this story. The story is just lazy (you’ll see that as a recurring theme on this list). Besides using every cliché in the book, it also just pushes through and makes things happen without reason. The MCs capacity to strike out with luck is really the unrivaled part, and everything falls into his lap. Eventually, his behavior with women takes on a rapey vibe, although the story makes up silly plot conveniences to legitimize the rape. I don’t think you could write a more Standard Japanese Protagonist if you tried. He is literally the textbook example. In fact, this entire story is the textbook example of a harem isekai story, but not in a good way. It’s more in a shameless pandering kind of way.

  1. In A Different World With a Smartphone

Other than Slave Harem, this is the second webnovel I’ve been the most vocal about openly disliking. You might be surprised it is not higher on the list, but that’s because it doesn’t really offend me in any particular way. It’s just boring. The characters are flat. The dialogue is flat. And for a story with Smartphone in the name and all about him having his Smartphone, he doesn’t use it for anything important. Instead, he gets generic op abilities exactly as strong as he needs to overcome any obstacle, and that’s really all the story is. A guy goes adventuring, forms a harem, and… stuff… I guess. I had a discussion recently where someone told me Death March was boring and that this was good. Now Death March may take a long time to have some of the more amusing parts, but this one loses me before I can even get going. I can’t even get through the anime, that’s how dry and uneventful everything in this story is.

  1. The Amusing Other World Trading Travelogue of Net Auction Guy

This is a book I should have and would have absolutely loved. A Spice and Wolf style merchant story mixed with a magical portal allowing the protagonist and him alone to dance back and forth between this world and another world? What’s not to love? Well… just about everything the author did in it. The protagonist is a small time Net Auction guy, but because he’s a shitty person, he barely takes advantage of his access to another world. He mooches off of everyone around him, wants to rape his slaves, and oh yeah, of course the slaves suddenly fall in love with him for literally no reason. In fact, everyone falls in love with him for no reason. He does nothing cool, exciting, or clever, yet everyone wants to just bend over backward for him. In the chapters I read, he hadn’t done a single successful merchant thing, while spending days getting favors from companions for everything.

  1. Moon-led Journey Across Another World

I really wanted to like this story, I did. First, I struggled to get into it because the webnovel description is hard to follow. Then, I struggled to get into it because the translation is hard to follow. The story seems to just jump all over the place. The guy is OP’d, but it isn’t even addressed why. It certainly didn’t come from skills the god left him. The second the first girl shows up and she’s a pigmen (orc) that, I kid you not, looks like Miss Piggy, I found the novel impossibly hard to enjoy. The premise is good. Like I said, I want to like this story, which is perhaps why it leaves such a bad impression with me, because ultimately, whether because of translator or writer, it’s just something I can’t follow.

  1. The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap

Okay, yes, I don’t like lazy protagonists. I mean, I’m a procrastinator. I’m lazy. But when I’m reading a story… I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to want crap to happen, and when you have a protagonist who won’t even wake up to feed themselves, that makes the whole process a pain. This story makes my list because it’s lazy. Not just the protagonist, the whole story. The main character is OP… but it isn’t through some serendipitous event… this character actually tries to screw their character up because of how little shits they give about existing at all. However, apparently, the god planned to make them Op regardless because he was handed so many points that no matter how they were distributed he’d be OP. That, followed by the story immediately jumping into the “bandit attack” cliché immediately after, just showed a story written as lazily as the protagonist in it.

  1. Because Janitor-san is not a hero

I’ll openly admit I didn’t give this story a chance… but that is mostly because after three tries I just couldn’t get past it. Perhaps it isn’t fair that I blame the quality of the story on the very very very shitty translation job. However, every time I doubt it belongs on this list I just think about just how incoherent this story is, I remember the scene where a bunch of people are being teleported to another world, and their first reaction is to give the Janitor nasty looks and laugh at his expense as they instantly grasp the concept of a world they haven’t been to yet, and harass an aging janitor instead of worry about that whole “god exists and he’s sending you to another world” thing. An ahole student manages to swipe his soulsword away from him… and then I remember just how dumb that is. It’s just too dumb. I can’t give this story another chance.

  1. Cheat Skill: “Sleep Learning”

While I’ve never been a fan of the lazy protagonist, there are a few stories with lazy protagonists that did not make it on this list. However, a few authors think that if you write a lazy protagonist, you as a narrator can also be lazy, and that’s where this story fails. His power isn’t simply ridiculously op, it’s nonsensically op’d. The guy sleeps, and becomes OP. That’s about it. I think…. If that was all it is, there was something you could like about it. However, it’s also revealed that the guy is also a dickhead. He whines and demands food, expecting other people he doesn’t even know to provide it for him. Not only does his sleeping skill auto-kill anyone who attacks him, but he himself also will ruthlessly murder anyone who interrupts his sleep, because they interrupted his sleep. He functions with the mind of an absolute psychopath, not giving a crap about anyone and only protecting a village at his own “sleeping” convenience. Even this wouldn’t necessary give it number 2 on my list, except that the novel also tries to get you to see this story as cute! He’s an attractive boy, and so all the girls want to fawn over him, giving him food and rewarding his selfish, shitty behavior. He’s a freaking monster! But for all accounts, the story wants you to like this guy? To hell with that. It’d be like rewriting Friday the Thirteenth where all the girls giggle and hold Jason while he senselessly slaughters all their boyfriends and the story tell you how cute he is. It’s… freaking… gross.

  1. Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

I’ve made it no secret that I hate this story with a passion. And the reason I hate it isn’t because it was so dry and boring that I threw it away. The reason I hate it is that it was just enough to keep me reading on and no. Hundreds of chapters… where nothing happening. If Death March is slice of life done right, Slave Harem is everything wrong about slice of lifes. This novel is nothing but a waste of time. It shows a very despicable protagonist… a complete chickensh*t who visits suicide websites for fun, feels like women owe him if he even talks to them, will openly eye married women and then condemn anyone who dares eye any of his slaves. His slave harem, every girl is as dry as wheat, saying the same lines over and over again in response to ANY action the MC takes. The harem is closer to a cult than a harem, and when they indoctrinate, abuse, and finally rape the fifth harem member, that was when I finally threw this novel out. However, if you aren’t blinded by the basic repetition, you’d have seen his constant rapist behavior and sexual manipulation of his harem from the beginning. But no, just like a rapist, this novel depends on soft touch tactics and continuous repetition to lull you into a sense of false security before ripping off your pants, throwing to the ground, and having its way with you. A shitty guy goes around with cardboard cutout women and fight in identical looking dungeons slowly and methodically one level at a time, chronically testing for every weapon, skill, ability, monster, and food… over and over again, every day… for all eternity. May god have mercy on our souls.


So, I’m really curious, what were your least favorite novels? Everyone has their triggers. It seems like mine are rapists, lazy protagonists, and lazy, derivative, crap.


37 thoughts on “Top Ten Least Favorite “Another World” Web Novels

    1. Yeah, if it takes over 100 chapters to reveal why things are the way they are, that doesn’t speak great for any story.

      Both it and smartphone are stories I still wish I could like. I think if I can just get to this chapter this maybe it “gets good”. But I’ve not found that to be the case with either so far.


  1. Wow… we do have a couple of disagreements.

    For starters, I actually like Janitor-san. However, the translator stopped a long time ago and no one wants to pick it up. It’s almost like it’s cursed. I can understand why you dislike it, it starts out slow when he’s in the cave. Hell, I was about ready to drop it because it was taking too long to meet anyone from Japan. But we all have our likes and dislikes.

    As for 5 on the list… I love Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. It was my first translated novel, though I was brought there by the manga. Hell, I was even an editor for a while. However, I won’t scorn you for not liking it. As I said before, we all have our likes and dislikes. However, be warned. There may be people preparing their torches and pitchforks for it even being on the list. Trust me, the fans of the series had even been spamming the comments of the other novel Reigokai’s been translating with wants for more Tsuki ga. He had to tell them to stop thrashing the other novel and explain that it’s not the reason why Tsuki ga doesn’t update too often.

    But in the end, I do understand why Smartphone’s on there, it does get bland. Hell, no MC should start a harem so easily. The reason I hate most harem-genre works is because harems are almost natural for an MC to acquire. I personally think that MCs should earn them. Now if you will excuse me, I gotta prepare the the angry mob with torches and pitchforks for even badmouthing that one.

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    1. I figured Reincarnator would be my death flag since it seems to be on a lot of people’s top ten. For 5, comments like yours are exactly why I want to give it more chances, but I’ve read the first 10-20 chapters about three times now and it just feels scatterbrained to me, like I mention, I have no clue if it’s just the writing style, the translation style, or what. Hitting the manga instead might be what I need to do. I’ll give it a shot.


      1. Same, ironically it was Tsuki ga that got me into web novels. Hell, it partially caused me to start writing my own originals… that I REALLY need to get back to work on. Damn lack of motivation.

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  2. I completely agree with No.2
    No.1 to me feels like the author is as indecisive as his MC.. the MC has more character in the earliest chapter than when he got that much harem member..
    For No.9 i kinda like the progress of the story albeit slow as heck..
    For the rest, dunno enough to judge..

    For me the things that triggers me are the BS stories that don’t even flow along their own set of rules that they set and make new rules as they go.. some stories that is made with only BS can be a somewhat good mix like LLS.. but some are just too…. unreadable..


    1. Yeah, I’ll give you 9, I think it was just the arbitrary leveling up and the ease in which is doll dungeon just suddenly comes together that pulled me away, but as I said, there is nothing about it that is bad… just nothing I loved much either.

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  3. Ok, this migh be a long comment, but I found this post interesting, so here I go.

    First, thank you. Now I know what I won’t be reading and wasting my time on. Well, with most of the web novels on this list, at least.
    I ended up dropping 10th after reading ch 40 or so I think.
    Never heard of 9th and 8th, and by what I read here of 8, I won’t even bother in giving it a chance.
    As for 7th, I watched the first chapter of the anime, and dropped it on that same chapter, so of course I won’t be giving the WN a chance. It’s not like it was bad, but it wasn’t good, either. I later on decided to watch a few clips on YouTube to see if it became any better, but my opinion didn’t change a bit. I saw a clip with a character that seemed to have personality -unlike all the other characters in the show- and looked interesting and funny, but turned out that she only appeared on ch 12. For like 2 minutes at best. Though there has been times when I would watch or read something only for a character -or a few ones sometimes- in particular, like date a live, which I watched solely because of Tokisaki Kurumi -something I don’t regret, by the way. She turned out to be quite high on my list of favorite character in general-, in that case, she at least appeared midway the anime. I won’t watch something for a character that appeared on the last chapter.
    Reading what you wrote about 6th, I don’t think I will be giving it any chance. And I won’t even bother with 4, 2, and 1. I won’t even touch them with a stick. Especially 2 and 1.

    Now, as for the two I didn’t mention above.

    First the one of the Janitor. I’ve heard good thing about it, so I wanted to give it a try. The problem is that it has no translator currently. I’d rather not read something that has no translator, since in case I end up liking it, I would suffer later for the lack of chapter. Because of that I have no opinion to gibe about that one.

    As for moon-led journey… well, first, I’m not really trying to defend that WN, as I myself have problems with it, but I gotta say that I don’t quite understand what you mean. I didn’t see anything odd or out of place with the translation or the narrative itself. As far as I can remember, at least. Well that may have something to do with the fact that I was, and still am not, very good with English. Unless it’s really bad enough for EVEN me to notice, I usually don’t see that kind of thing, so there’s that. As for the piggy girl, well, I thinks she was more of a random first character MC met. Like how in most Isekai manga/WN the first people the MCs sees are the faceless and nameless mages and guards that were involved in the invocation. Kind of like that. She was not meant to be a love interest or an important character. I think you would be better off think of her as the trigger that served for the encounter between MC and the first important character and love interest in the WN. As for MC OPness, I don’t remember if was in a chapter of the main stoty or in a side chapter, but we were explained a bit about it. If I remember correctly, Earth is an incredible harsh place to live in. It has very high gravity and extreme temperatures. This is a little spoiler, but here it goes; we were told that when he was little, MC literally burned under the sunlight and got incredibly tired with only a short, normal walk. Think of it like the time chamber in DBZ, but much more extreme in comparison to the world MC was sent to. Leaving aside the blessing he got fron the God, it wasn’t that the MC was particularly OP, but the inhabitants of that world are stupidly weak. When MC got sent to tgat world, it was like when Goku took off his heavy suit to fight Tensinhan in the tournament.
    Well, still, I gotta say I don’t like the MC. He rubs me the wrong way most of the time. Sure, he may have a few -veeeeeery few- badass moments, but that doesn’t really make it up for all of his very annoying shortfalls for me. Worst part is that as chapters go he becomes more and more annoying and/or unlikable. For me at least. The only reason I kept reading moon-led journey was because of the side characters. I find them interesting enough to keep reading despite how much I don’t like the MC, which usually would be more that enough reason to drop it since the whole story goes around him. And inversely to the MC, as chapters go the become better, so I just keep reading. If not fir them I wouldn’t have gone too far with thar novel.

    Well, that’s about it. This was an interesting post that gave me a few WN to add to me NOT read list. That aside, I myself am writing an Isekai web novel. Would be great if you could read it and give me yor opinion and… don’t know, tell me what could I do to improve in regards to narrative. Right, in case you end up taking a look, MC is OP from the beginning. There is no explanation as for why and MC himself doesn’t know why, either. There is an explanation as for why he is OP, but I’m keeping that for the main plot of an arc muuuch later on, so that will remain unanswered for a long time. Other thing is that, as you may hace noticed by this long comment, I’m not really good with English. It’s not my main language, so there’s that.

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    1. Let me know what story that is. If you’re at 20+ chapters, I’ll even put it on my another world list. I don’t worry too much about whether it’s “translated” or not. I have quite a few that were written in english on my list.

      I glanced back at Moon-led journey to remind myself why it felt like such a mess. Just glancing at the first few chapters I see that every 1-2 sentence has it’s own paragraph, which, you know, defeats the point of paragraphs. I see sentences literally ending with But. But What? In the But? What? What? In the But!

      Reading an excerpt from chapter 2, he kills some dog monster, then looks at the orc girl, then starts thinking about beauty and how the goddess called him ugly, making sure to remind you she’s a bug, then focused back on the dog, apologized for killing it, and then finally acknowledged the orc again. Nothing is focused. It’s like being in the brain of someone with ADD. Part of that comes from the fact that every paragraph is one sentence.

      If you don’t see why that’s a problem, here’s a chapter from my self-help book on what paragraphs or for.

      Ah, yeah, for all of you writers out there, you might want to take a gander, it’s written towards the Wattpad audience but there are a lot of chapters applicable for any writer.

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      1. I have 51 chapters out and about to post CH 52 tomorrow. Just click my profile pic to get to my posts. By the way, if you go to the Table Of Conten you’ll only see 46 chapters because I haven’t updated it yet.

        As for Moon-led journey, I also went to take a look again to the early chapters and I see your point. Honestly, though now I’m better and have more leeway, by the time I started to read Moon-led journey I was quite bad with English yet. I usually had to stop and use Google translator quite frequently while reading, causing me to pay less, if any at all, attention to things like punctuation. Well, not like I do now. I’m not that picky about those thing in the first place… not unless I’m reading something in my main language which is Spanish, that’s it. Even now. As long as it’s not too bad I just ditch punctuation.
        As for that self-help book of yours, it was interesting. Looking back, I think I could’ve done much better while writing. Especially in early chapters. Even now, I think my paragraphs are too shorts. They usually end with tow or three sentences. Well, I’ll try to improve that.

        As for that wattpad thing… I honestly rarely visit wattpad. I just go there from time to time. In any case, I’ll think about it, thanks.


      2. Maybe I’m having a stupid moment here but when I click on your link it just takes me to your Gravatar account. I even tried and that, didn’t seem like it was yours?


    2. Haha, just starting reading it. Like it so far. I’ll probably have it on my list this weekend. From the first chapter I immediately said, “Man, this protagonist seems a lot like that guy from Problem Children…” Then I noticed your picture… then I looked up his name and realized it’s Izayoi. LOL.

      So, if you wanted the protagonist to come off like Izayoi from problem children without the reader being aware of the fan connection, I was exactly that kind of idiot to prove it for you.


      1. Lol, well, that’s good to hear. Izayoi was indeed the first thing that came to my mind when thinking about main characters I like, but ultimately, my MC is a mix of several characters I like. Izayoi is just the one who is the easiest to notice. Though what other character I thought about when creating my MC aren’t very noticeable yet.


  4. Ok, I’m writing from my phone so there are more typos that there should and don’t want to fix them all here. But there are two things I must fix:
    First, it was Tenshinhan. Sorry for that.
    The second is, as chapters go the *side characters* become better… well, that seens off, too. Maybe it would be better *improve* or something like that, instead? Well, whatever. In any case, that was one hell of a long comment 😂

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  5. So many people from Reigo-san’s place here… (well that includes me too).

    I actually like TsukiMichi (Moonled Journey), Smartphone, and Slave Harem.
    I can’t really explain why though (except TsukiMichi, I can talk about it for a looong time). Given that I am currently in the middle of a class… can’t really type for too long. I just find them entertaining to read, because I was mostly in bed nowadays since I got sick (again, well… kinda sick but not sick… I’m in a limbo of some sorts). I just find them interesting (except fot tsuki michi, I am too much in love with that one).

    Hahaha… I better go back to the lesson now… good luck with your translation. I am full right now but I am interested in reading that one novel you are posting currently~ Bye~


  6. oh, another helpful list thank you!!, though about Tsuki michi, it’s more of Makoto way of thinking that often jumping around, yea that guy definitely had something off inside his head, because when it’s a chapter from another POV, it’s pretty normal, i actually like the other character aside the MC more, how should i say about it, Makoto are inhuman, disturbing, he’s even more unrelatable than Ainz, he’s giving off air that make me uncomfortable, there only himself, and his bow in his head, like a machine that can only work in simple yes or no, 1 or 0, his subtle discrimination to hyuman even become more disturbing when he didn’t bat an eye at the prospect of one of his female student to brainwashed as mindless sex doll once.

    for smartphone, damn i have no idea what will kazuma sacrifice to swap place with that guy, that guy totally had a smooth sailing adventure smoother than a baby butt, everything just simply conveniently happen, conveniently resolved, and the girl just come to him with even less reason than Hajime’s girls, i think he never had any set back at all, smartphone are a wasted potential, there’s so much thing that the author put to lose reason in the next 5 chapter, he’s able to summon the king of beast byakko? that damn cat are only pet, king of bird? aerial reconnaissance, he made a contract with king of reptile genbu just to be able to travel underwater for 1 chapter!!, heck the author put an entire arc to build the existence of a golem that can tamper with causality law and the mc found and use it as a damn scout for half a chapter only to become irrelevant afterward

    there’s also his “half-assed” action, like, Hajime are the type that shoot first question later, while Satou, having leeway, he can choose to avoid any violent action as much as he want to, but this mc, as much as he said he’s won’t forgive them, or he gonna crush them or whatever, what he do are at most a harassment, there’s no satisfaction at all thank you very much


  7. I intentionally forget shitty LNs. One comes to mind-I forgot the title but it’s on Ohanashimi. *google search* No Fatigue. The story started with a reincarnated kid with his memories intact. But unlike Mushuko Tensei, NF just didn’t sit right with me. It’s a good story but I have an aversion to kids. Try reading it, you might like it.


    1. It’s on my another world list. I actually like no fatigue… but I absolutely agree, having to follow a toddler acting like a grownup definitely kills the immersion factor and is hard to swallow. Death Mage (which is on my top 10) does it too, but it’s not nearly as painful as no fatigue’s “flying superbaby”.


  8. If they are any “I don’t know what to write, let’s add more girls then! why? because I can!” they will go to the “I may read this but not anytime soon”

    so… I don’t like most of the harem building novels (says the guys who translated one) That’s why Smartphone and Net something are on that list.

    I don’t hate any novel in particular (well, there are some but I still read them from time to time; mostly anything from Funa) If they’re bad then no one would translated them right? and I don’t hate the idea of polygamy. Just…. In normal human healthy relationships they should have interaction with both sexs with a good ratio. for example Mushoku tensei, even Rudy is a sad case of pervert. He still have a lot of male side characters which bring ample amount of good side stories. Especially the one from his father; in the labyrinth; I won’t spoil anything in case you haven’t read it.

    normally, I wouldn’t comment on something like a personal list. it is stupid to compare like and dislike on the Internet. I can’t even agree on a same brand of mobile phones with my own mother at home. But I found it funny that your list is similar to mine beside Tsuki.


  9. A light novel I hate is Lazy Dungeon Master I couldn’t take it I had to quit after he watched that little girl get gang raped without doing a thing


  10. Personally, i’ve absolute hatred for wish fulfillment stories.

    They way every thing seems to happen in benefit of the protagonist. How every single girl falls for them for the most stupid reasons, or how every other male side character is turned into a joke… It’s for this reason that I could never stomach DxD, and I will never understand why people rate Mushoku Tensei so high.

    I actually like the first 6 Mushoku Tensei books, until his separation with noble girl. Sorry, but while I understand some people relate to the situation, but your relation aside, the way it happened was quite forced, the 7th book was passable but it was finally the 8th volume the nailed the coffin shut for this series, the character ignores his own words and thoughts so many times that it becomes impossible to accept what happens there

    To name a third series, I think Skill Taker, I could never read beyond chapter 5, the mc is unbearable, the way his slave haren works ins unbearable. I don’t even want to kill the MC like what happened in the other two series i cited, this one I just forget it exists.


  11. Can you tell me in which chapter Death March start get into interesting thing you said above? I was reading it until the part where he left his first city with several little girls using horse cart and encountered a princess(?) that is being chased. I stopped reading then and haven’t picked it up back again.


    1. Been a long time. I thought it got more interesting after he defeats the first demon king. It was around a hundred chapters in I think. Certainly took a while. Although even saying that, I lost interest eventually. There are very few 300 chapter + stories that keep me going the whole way.

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  12. The first choice really takes the cake. I have read Slave Harem and I can agree with you. Maybe the Writer will turn the story around. Smartphone was interesting then it leveled off. I am a newbie Writer of the same genre, I hope I won’t make your list in the near future. Good Read, shows you truly read all those novels to give such ‘honest’ critic.

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  13. I agree with all of your choices. I do have a question though, I have written a few web series but I don’t have many readers, I am also finding it difficult to find novels written by Western authors, would you know where to find them? Also, would you be willing to look at my work and see where I can improve?


    1. wlnupdates is a website that lists all novels, not just translated novels. It’s not as pretty as novel updates, but it’s at least got my stories up on it and reports when I release a chapter.


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