More News: TAOE Chapter 3 released Also

I have a lot of things going on. I’m certainly not writing this story nearly as fast.

Between translations, Hawtness 1.5, Requiem to the Stars, Editing Time and Place, Wattpad 101, a book I want to finish called “The Zoo”, and of course TAOE (not to mention a Review Paper, a grant, and work in general)… I’m a bit overextended.

If there was one thing you guys think I should be working on, what would it be? I’m closest to finishing Hawtness 1.5 and the Zoo. I have about 50 chapters of T and P written, so I could easily release that faster.

Let me know in the comments if you have a preference. I’ll take it under advisement.

Click Here for Chapter 3 TAOE.


5 thoughts on “More News: TAOE Chapter 3 released Also

  1. I’m fond of most of your stories But given God mode I would lean on ToE and in your spare time… (ha ha ha, yeah, I know that’s a joke,,LOL) I’d have you go back to PoC (Yes I know that was not an option, that’s why I said “god mode”.) And for stress breaks, I’d used Hawt and T&P….. Villager is fun but a bit to slow for my tastes…. Not that I would drop it or anything as I am now invested in reading it, but well yeah it’s not a list topper.


    1. To focus on sex stories is not intellectually stimulating, tbh. I’m not saying no… but especially PoC is hardly satisfying from a writer’s perspective. It gets a lot more comments, true… but I don’t expect to be making a professional or lucrative career our of publishing smut.


      1. Sadly, That is true. Smut, as I understand it, Is fairly easy but does not pay very well. It’s kind of odd for me, I tend to be a Space Syfy junkie, but lately I have been finding the smut characters more fun to read. Maybe I’ve been single too long this time…LOL I think I would still enjoy Aria and Min just on their personalities, even with the the smut dialed all the way back to almost zero. That would be hard to do as how the story is based on her and her abilities but still… Aria’s humor and min’s dead pan would play, outside of smut just as well for me, I think… but I’m an odd duck.


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