My Review of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

So, a few people asked me what my opinion on Arifureta actually was after finishing the main story, especially considering I do so many pseudo-reviews in my list of another world novels. I wanted to give Arifureta a little more justice than the other web novels I’ve talked about, so I guess you can call this my official review on Arifureta. Although to be honest, with the LN being taken over by J Novel, technically Arifureta no longer meets my criteria as a “free to read” another world novels. Although people used to the nefarious copy/paste sites are probably aware they can still read the whole thing even though Japtem has dragged it down by all those horrible people that previously lifted it from their site.

Anyway, I tend to get pretty critical when I’m critiquing something critically, so before anyone jumps in outrage at my OPINION on Arifureta, let’s keep my ->Opinion<- in the appropriate context that I enjoyed this novel enough that when I reached a point that I couldn’t finish it, I spend the last year translating the damn thing. You have to assume, at some point, I probably genuinely like this web novel, so I just wanted to stress that first.

So, here we go. When I started reading Arifureta, I was actually fairly new to the whole web novel circuit. I had only been doing it for a few months before I picked up and eventually started translating Arifureta. Since then, it’s been a year, and a couple dozen some web novels later you could argue that my tastes have refined a bit from then.

Now, when it comes to Arifureta, there are many camps of people. You have the Revenge Lovers, people who love seeing assholes get their comeuppance. Every bad guy is an insufferable arseshat, and the sooner the MC brutalizes them, the better. You have the Skill Enthusiasts, those that like seeing a steady stream of skills being steadily accumulated on an increasingly OP’d protagonist. And then you have the Harem Kings, always wanting girl after girl after girl falling all over the protagonist.

This hits a lot of readers hard, because the story seems built with two phases. The beginning starts with a clear skill building and revenge phase, but that only lasts about 2 volumes… then what you’re left with is a considerably longer less revenge based harem fantasy played out in the remaining volumes. That said, I went into Arifureta looking for an experience similar to Rise of the Shield Hero. That is to say that I wanted harem. I wanted an OP protagonist. And I wanted skill building. And I think both stories have a similar thing… in that the revenge element seems to dissipate fairly early on to give way to an ever growing harem. So, simply put, Arifureta met my needs.

Although, I understand the frustration a lot of people have reading it. There seems to be this group of ultra-pessimists that want some super depressing everyone is scum world… and then there is the ultra-optimistic everyone is inherently good group… and this novel bounces back and force between the two (as opposed to the morally ambiguous Game of Thrones style guys popular in modern Fantasy) . With it’s dynamic between the Forever hero Kouki and the protagonist Hajime, it certainly pushes the argument that self-serving selfishness is good, setting Kouki as the ultimate fall boy (more on that in a sec), but it also fills itself up with moments of Harem and humor that completely obliterate the dark tones. Like, for example, Emperor Gahard… who is kind of treated like a fun punchline character near the end, with even heroic like qualities… completely ignoring the whole he oppressed an entire culture of people into slavery and his son tried to RAPE someone… Yeah… we forgot that only a few weeks/months prior he was running an oppressive regime… ah… look at that guy whose was basically a Fantasy version of Stalin squirm. Slavery is funny.

Here’s the thing… as a story… I’m actually more in line with Kouki’s beliefs. To me, Hajime is a bit of a douche. Kouki was flawed… but that was what made his character interesting. He wanted to do the right thing, he just didn’t know how. Of course, the story trashes “doing the right thing” by deliberately creating a world manipulated in just the right way that Hajime’s approach would be the right approach, while Kouki’s would fail… But, rather than writing it believably, the entire story feels like one giant strawman set up to just force this viewpoint on the audience.

I end up reading all these comments with people saying “screw KOUKI” or “I wish KOUKI would die!” and I’m just like, what? Kouki is the only interesting thing this novel has going for it at this point. But of course, everything was stacked against Kouki in a word literally designed to make Kouki wrong, so of course his end would only be disastrous… but to me, most of the time he was RIGHT. Hajime IS unreasonable. Hajime isn’t a good person. But a hero being heroic is “expected”… and that… to some people… makes it boring. Oh, it’s great to see a nontypical Japanese MC… they say… which is you know, fine… as long as you also accept that regardless of how the novel desperately portrays Hajime as great, his methods only work because this world is specifically designed for them to work. Hajime’s inability to trust is a weakness, and let’s face it… there is not a single reason for any of the girls like Hajime except maybe Kaori… I mean let us look at it.

Yue – Like, he rescues her and is the only human contact she experiences in 300 years. Total Knight In Shining Armor Effect.

Shia –There was never actually a reason other than “cuz”, but he emotionally abused her aggressively until she loved him, my thoughts is the author originally planned her to be the S&M character, I mean, she was originally introduced as a physical tough person who could bounce back from any blow while coming to love Hajime who continually abused her both physically and emotionally. Then, suddenly she stops being abused and a few chapters later they introduce Tio.

Tio – He was stronger than her and stuck his big, long, hard thing in her Hershey highway.

Shizuku – Knight In Shining Armor Effect like X3

Liliana – There is literally no reason.

Aiko – He’s… dependable… I guess? Also Knight in Shining Armor Effect.

Everyone Else – The Me too Effect…

I could also add that in the case of Shizuku and Kaori (and especially Shizuku)… that she’s only 16… and maybe the first guy she has any feelings for who already has monopolized 4 women and has no interest in her is probably not the guy she should pursue. Of course, Kouki mentions this, and is treated like an annoying child for stating what should be obvious. Heck Ryuutaro gets it, he was into Yue but at least he has the decency to back off… and the only guy with any brains is called the stupid “musclebrain” by the author… sigh…

All I’m saying is the story glorifies Hajime in strange ways. You might as well form the “Hajime is always right” club with how much everything always goes his way. He may be “different” than a typical Japanese MC… but that doesn’t make him any less a Mary Sue. He is the perfect never wrong protagonist. Seriously, does he make a single mistake after leaving Orcus? Heck even before? And I’m not talking about things going belly up or something unexpected happening… I’m talking about him showing a single damn flaw. Oh, when Yue was lost… he showed an “uncool” side… an “uncool” side that was apparently so “uncool” that they showed it to the Dragonkin to convince them of how cool he was. Within the world he is placed in, he is the perfect protagonist.

As far as the other characters… they weren’t terribly interesting. Each harem member kind of had that one trait… and that was it. They were memorable enough you could differentiate them… at least I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re interchangeable… but each one was a cliché in and of themselves… always repeating the same words/actions over and over again without depth or development.

Yue wasn’t an interesting and dynamic Vampire princess with a tortured past… she was the Loli seductress who licks her lips and says Nn. Shia wasn’t a troubled bunny burdened with the guilt of how her gifts hurt her family, she was a walking punchline, and later on she was even less than that… she was the Ryuutaro of her group… the one who hits things with a hammer and says things when the plot needs it.

These characters were flat… and their relationship with Hajime is flat… and Hajime is flat. That one chapter where Shizuku beat that crap out of Kouki showed more emotion and care than ANY interaction between Hajime and anyone else. I mean, Kouki mattered so much to Shizuku and Ryuutaro that they fought him, risking their life, even as he screamed abusive things at them, until they beat some sense into him. Not only did they show more care for him than anyone between Hajime and company, but that was actually freaking character development… you know, the thing your MC is supposed to do… yet all  Hajime’s character seems to develop is in the first three volumes. He mellows out a bit later on, but I think that has less to do with character development and more to do with the author altering his character to fit with the plot. When you have to alter the main character half way through the novel so that it fits your plot… well… Yeah…

However… from a purely “Harem” aspect… you get plenty of moments of Harem goodness. It’s full of tsukkumi’s and humor and I’m not saying I didn’t have a lot of fun. The first volume or two make you think it is a skill building web novel and a darkly themed novel, but the continuous humor and ridiculousness overshadow the later parts of the novel. Even when dark parts show themselves, they are quickly overridden with the humor of the moment, demolishing any tension that could possibly build.

The enemies were ridiculously weak and underdeveloped. The story didn’t have enough foreshadowing to tie itself together, making it feel a bit like the ending was kind of cobbled together. Freed was such a flat and disinteresting antagonist that it was a wonder he existed at all. Freed was literally an annoyance. You might want to shout that this means the author succeeded, because the reader feels the same way about Freed as the protagonist… as an annoyance that keeps popping up for no reason… but I have to think when I get to a chapter that the author is somehow failing if I’m annoyed and just want to see it over with.

While I think Ehito was built up enough… I think his subordinate was severely underutilized. The god is bad theme permeated the story… but Ehito was never really “down to earth” enough in the story that by the time he pops up I actually, felt… like… anything. I felt nothing for the antagonist… and if it wasn’t for the forced NTR I might not have cared about the final confrontation at all. That final labyrinth and then the battle just had too many characters fighting too many battles I didn’t care about. At that point in the story… I didn’t need to see everyone fight one more time. I think those last 15 chapters could have easily been turned into 4 and been better for it.

Although I know a lot of you love the action… I have to say that by chapter 160 I was pretty actioned out. Unless they were doing something new… I didn’t need to hear about the 10th time Tio uses dragon breath, Shia bangs her hammer, or Suzu pops up a barrier. By the end, I felt like this could double as a how-to guide on how many ways you can kill an apostle. You can slice them, dice them, fry them with a laser, beat them, decapitate them, burn them, explode their heads, shoot them, freeze them, hug them to death… Since the MC have been Op’d as fruck and we knew it… there is 0 tension in the final battle… and the manufactured tension felt manufactured. “Oh, you thought I was using my whole ability? Well NOW after you kicked the crap out of me for two chapters I’m going to use my whole ability!” *Sigh* There is no question they were going to win… so why story… why did you drag it out so long…

If they were fighting anyone we cared about… anyone who had previously oppressed them or had any discernible personality beyond “a monster” or “a lookalike angel… but like the general I guess this time? Well, we’ll give her name…” But alas… Don’t get me wrong, some of the action can be fun… but damn does the action drag, especially in the last two labyrinths and the finale when they start dragging Kouki and company everywhere and everyone keeps getting split up to fight separately.

I’ll give this story an 8/10. It’s a little generous, but it’s a solid web novel with a lot of good moments. If you want Op Protagonist and Harem girls, it does its job good enough. It’s bloated near the end, and the story never became compelling enough by the halfway point to justify the lengthy second half, but from a purely harem perspective it’s a good read. If you want to see a bullied protagonist become strong, get the women, and continually amaze everyone else, without getting too wrapped up on revenge, then this is for you. He gets the girls, he gets the power, he saves the day. It’s wish-fulfillment at its finest… just don’t expect complex and interesting characters or a rich engaging story.


So… what did you think of my review? I was thinking of doing more of these for other web novels… just as, I don’t know, a thing I can post when I feel like it? Are you guys who are still around this site interested? Or am I better off just keeping my criticisms to myself (lol)?  Agree? Disagree? Let me know below.




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  1. This story had a lot of elements I like in japanese novels, but the one thing I have to complan about is how the harem is written. I agree with a lot of what you mentioned about the female leads and their “relationship” with Hajime. I love Yue don’t get me wrong I will always love legal lolis but out of all them Shia was my favorite, but back to my main gripe and this is a problem alot of harems have (although this story didnt have it as much) If your gonna go the harem route go all the way or not at all. I know Yue was the one he truly loves but it felt as though he didnt really show why he “loves” the other girls other than saying “your my woman” I digress the harem wasn’t as bad as dare I say sword art online ( where female characters have some feeling for the mc but we know who he loves I hate storys that do that) I’m just saying if your going the harem route go all the way or not at all.

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    1. a bit OT, but I wonder why people still categorizes SAO as a harem… yes Kirito has a lot of pretty girls friends form his time in Aincrad, but its clear that nobody intend to take him away form Asuna, other than a few sneaky attempt form the newcomer Shion… Also, no other Girls really ever tempt Kirito, the strongest candidate is Alice and anime only watchers haven’t even seen her yet.

      I prefer Kirito’s choice of making his choice clear rather than other harem protagonists that likes to let things hang and enjoy being tepted by every other girls that come his way


      1. it’s a harem, if you already read the epilogue after alicization, i don’t know what to call it anymore other than harem

        “but its clear that nobody intend to take him away from Asuna” would be rendered invalid after you read that


      2. keh… Is it? I was making that statement based on Facebook Community of WN readers that have been following the novel since long ago (still only read up to volume 15 for me) and that they say it is clear that at the end of Alicization that Asuna and Kirito is still a couple.They even made a standalone topic about it, so i guess it IS something that’s ambiguous enough for them to make it.
        Based on what I see so far from Before and during Alicization, I see no reason for them to break up really… True that Alicization adds a lot of factors that may rock things up though. So i’ll get to read them myself and make my own judgement.


  2. splendid review, and i couldn’t agree more, just like you said, most of the heroine really lack reason to love the mc aside from what you called knight in shining armor effect, kaori the only one that have normal reason as her first love from her normal life, and tio don’t even have solid reason aside “hajime are stronger than me that its the first time in my life i’m the one being protected rather than protecting someone, and i like it” reasoning, and i don’t even remember the reason hajime so stuck up to yue, and just like somebody up there said, he really is half assed in treating the other girl, the scene where hajime raise the white flag on shia effort and confessed are great, but what he do to tio family are nothing more than tying a loose end, and then the “she’s mine” reasoning for the rest of the girl are simply disturbing

    Freed are annoying, damn stright, he pop up anywhere he like and at the end never really suffer for that, he spent like 3 chapter being all high and haughty in the last war only to be wiped out of existence after tio pulling a shen long attack, he should suffer more for wasting the reader time and attention

    the author really love to ruin the atmosphere that he build himself, and it’s really distracting, like the sudden flirting in battle, unnecessary spectator comment, the okama rampage at the war that TOTALLY RUIN IT for me, and i think there’s more

    and about kouki, he’s indeed interesting, yeah he’s mostly correct, and his aversion to reality are can’t be helped, dude never had any setback in life previously, and now he always fail because the world simply hates him, though i think, it’s becoming some kind of a new trend to portray the hero as someone pathetic nowadays

    8/10 really are a pretty generous rate

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  3. Tbh i dont agree totally that Kouki was your stereotypical hero. He was only a hero when and where he pleases. Like when Hajime first fell into the abyss, he did nothing to try searching for him. “Hero” would at least tried to do something not shrug it off. And even before that, during the battle with the behemoth, he didn’t even care about the other classmates’ state and instead only cared about the behemoth. I can only read this as him trying to show off his strength (of course it can be argued that he wants to protect but… the classmates were being trampled already… that’s not how you “protect”) so I think readers’ inpression of him was bad right off the bat. Basically he was a hero at his convenience just like his thoughts. Justice depends on who’s view you look at.

    Also let’s talk about how he likes to throw tantrums when things don’t go his way… what is he? Some 5 year old kid?

    I’m not saying Hajime is the best of characters (of course i’d prefer a Haijime who kills all his enemies… but thats me) but to me I felt that he really was better than Kouki in being a Hero (at least before he dropped in the abyss, and changed into a demon)

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    1. kinda agree with your opinion on Kouki… I always think that what he says and actually says doesn’t always line with each other, true that his views are mostly right by nature, but I can somehow see some kind of ulterior motives that even he himself doesn’t know have hiding in the background… That, makes me stay away off him from the start

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  4. The Harem wasn’t something I’m fond of either. Tbh, the harem was pretty forced and while I don’t hate it, i dont particularly like it either. Yue and Shia I can understand, Tio Kaori and Shizuku not really. Tio turned into a pervert because of that battle and awakened Hajime’s Sadist mode???? Kaori would have been a better best friend with Hajime than a lover imo and Shizuku could prolly just be close friends with Hajime who teases each other.

    Reason why i said Shia and Yue were understandable was cuz Shia tried hard for Hajime and Yue to like her (you know what they say, effort can’t fail you…)
    While Yue had the knight in shining armour effect, I doubt their relationship would have been strong if Hajime didn’t fit Yue’s taste. Relationship is a long journey, it doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you go through it after all. Of course there’s always the “author made it that way” explanation but well I choose to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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  5. I enter this series because of its interesting dark start, and most of the way after still does enjoy (a lot) of it’s, as you say it, “Wish Fulfilling” story. I enjoy reading Majikoi and sometime do replay its routes when feeling bored, maybe I just like the relaxed and easygoing tone of series like this, It makes me laugh and enjoy the atmosphere the series have while staving off stress form RL, so its 9/10 for me…

    Now with the Extra Story, so far is improving quite a lot from the main IMO, the comedy, fun and bustle, especially Lord Abyssgate’s Hollywood movie crossover, I am still enjoying it 🙂

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  6. I enjoy reading your take on Arifureta. In fact I’ve used your another world list quite often so thank you for those thoughts as well.

    As far as the actual story…I came to this story after being annoyed with a few other stories that had spineless MCs who made no move towards any actual relationships, so in that light I enjoyed this novel. I’m not sure why but i especially enjoyed Shizukus fall for Hajime.

    That being said, I did have similar issues with Hajime and co. similar to what you mentioned. But again the fact that Hajime claimed all the females hit a chord I needed to see struck.

    Again, thank you for the journey! It’s been an amazing one, and I have definitely appreciate your contribution to my enjoyment!

    PS. Keep writing Hawtness! Loving your writing.

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  7. I will have agree with your opinion if there wasn’t the event before the abyss because in fact for me the real hero-class student of the beginning of the story was the Hajime before falling into the abyss. Like someone said before Kouki is not really a hero like when in the battle with the behemot he doesn’t care about the other student at all and that’s the case for the rest of the story. For me Kouki just want to show his force and give a knight in shining armor effect to everyone that’s why for me contrary to Hajime his skills are so flashy.

    The Hajime before the abyss was for me a real hero in the sense of even though he was weak he still use his power to its fullest to try and protect everyone. A hero is a hero thanks to his actions and character and not his class which is why for me kouki isn’t one he’s just a child throwing tantrum and by the end it was annoying even though necessary. And the hero Hajime after falling into the abyss became a demon that’s why I disagree with you when you say that the world makes him right. I think in reverse there, I think that’s because he understand in the abyss that he’s character as a hero was useless so he transform to fit to this world and that’s why for me Hajime is more interesting than you think.

    After returning of the abyss he kinda gave his answer to the world by becoming a demon king instead of Kouki who despite having power have not changed but rather choose to reject the ugliness of the world whereas Hajime has faced it head on.

    And also ( I know it’s long but I have things I wanna say…) I don’t thing Lilianna and Shizuku falls for him for no reason. Lillianna who was treated like trash by the MC was just saved by him when she was just being RAPED for the sake of her country without benefit nor asking for something which shows to her that the MC cared a little about her so of course she will fall for him. And that’s the same for Shizuku who was obliged to burdened the sins of everyone ( for her POV) because kouki was rejecting everithing on her and there you have a character so overpowered that he carried easily the burden of everyone including hers so of couse se will fall for her too. There are just little girls after all.

    PS : Sorry if you have not understand everything my english skills are kinda poor ( I’m French so …)
    PS : Thand for translating this series it was an amazing journey.

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  8. Personally, I can’t agree or disagree fully with your review. I do agree that a lot of things were either underutilized or over utilized. Hell, I wasn’t on the “Kouki should just die already” bandwagon. He’s the kind of character who only wanted to do right, just wasn’t sure on how to do it. So yeah Hajime’s antics messed him up emotionally. However, it also shows how the title of “hero” went to his head as well.

    When it came to Ehito’s lackey who possessed Yue’s uncle’s body, I do believe that so much more could have been done with him. However, he was introduced too late in the game to the point where the ending itself felt rushed. Yeah, I like how he was ended. But he could have done so much more.

    When it came to Hajime, he was cliched and not at the same time. Most harem-kuns are dense when it comes to a woman’s feelings or they know but don’t want to do anything. Hajime knew how the girls felt and decided to return all those feelings. That within itself is wrong because normally a harem story ends with one girl chosen. When it came to being overpowered, he fit the bill once he was out of Orcus. The whole “gone through hell and back” motif. That was the difference between him and the other students. In truth, it’s what led to the hidden insanity he has. I liked that he wasn’t into revenge, but at the same time I’ve had to dislike his character for the reasons explained above. I actually liked it the first moment he was powerless, it was something that was needed for a long time. But what does he do? He literally throws a fit and does complete overkill over it. That was when dislike for Hajime started to form. I had defended his character in the past to the revenge junkies, but this really got my goat.

    As for the girls, I only liked Kaori and Yue. Yue because she was the actual love interest and Kaori because she had feelings for Hajime the longest. When she thought he possibly died, we got to see her regret. We also got to see her happiness when it she saw him again. But sadly for her, she didn’t know that she was the cause for Hajime’s suffering before they were all transferred to a new world. It was Hajime’s fault for not asking her to leave him alone and it was her fault for being oblivious of her surroundings. Actually, it was her attraction for Hajime that got her killed in the first place. Shia and Tio just felt too much like extras for the harem. Sorry, it’s just how I feel. When it came to Shizuku and Aiko… they at least knew Hajime before getting feelings for him. Though in a sense it was wrong in both their cases as Shizuku is Kaori’s BFF and Aiko is his teacher. As for the Princess… she had no business to be in the harem at all. The author could have at least let Kouki have her. In truth, my main ship in the whole series was actually Ryuutaro and Suzu. Those two together should had been explored more. Or even that one guy who’s presence is normally not noticed, there should have been more and that one bunny girl he met in the final battle.

    Overall, Arifureta has it’s pros and cons. But in truth, all stories do.

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  9. I basically agree with all of your reviews. Relationships with girls were pretty strained but such forceful way feels kinda better than all dilly-dalling in other novels.
    And with all that hate-building in the beginning I didn’t feel resolve of it in the end. It’s like two different stories.
    I’m not sure if we have antagonist here (Ehito), because it feels like long side-quest instead of culmination.
    In the end, this story has its own good traits, more depth than stupid fan-service animes nowadays and really enjoyable afterstory.
    Thanks for the translating such huge chapters again and for your review.


  10. Im just glad that Tio improved as a character and Hajime accepting her. As sick as she is, she did has real feelings for Hajime though not as much as when they first met. It’s undeniable that Chuuni Suki did put some effort to make it seem reasonable to fall for Hajime. Kaori fell for him a loooong time ago though not realised till later on. Tio likes to be abused (not abused abused) but what floats your boat, right? Yue and Hajime has an undeniable connection. Unlike Liliana who fell for Hajime out of the blue, her entire existence is feels like helping Aiko rally *cough* control *cough* people..

    My point is, it’s the best harem japanese novel there is.


  11. I can see your point about Ehito and his gang, and about the battle that seem to drag on and on, I agree with that too. It’s a drag to translate those parts. But I really cannot agree with your view about Kouki, He is just too much of a kid.

    As for your opinion about the harem aspect, well, I feel that you are a bit too harsh in your judgment regarding the characters, but I can agree somewhat with it.

    I remember when I was first reading the final battle arcs, I felt somewhat fed up with how long it was and how the development ahead is obvious already that it felt like a bit of chore reading it except for some parts that are genuinely interesting. It was an enjoyable story but one that I didn’t see myself will ever translate. In the end i only decide to translate this series after reading the after stories. They were even better then the main story for me.

    Sorry for the vague reply, it felt like explaining more of my stance will only get myself uselessly heated up. In the end I guess it’s just a matter of perspective.


    1. Except… is he? Is he really? I mean… we think he’s a kid because everyone calls him a kid and treats him like a kid, but that’s just the author forcing his opinion on you. Can you say Hajime’s behavior is ANY less child like? He throws a nearly identical tantrum when Yue is taken, he prances around like a chuuni, and he’s so indecisive that he drags along dozens of girls knowingly because he doesn’t have the guts to commit. Yet, it’s never worded that way, because we’re at the whim of seeing the situation how the author wants us too… which is that Kouki a manchild and Hajime is the coolest cool guy ever.

      Except, by the end, Kouki does something. He grows up. He makes amends and his personality changes and he accepts responsibility for his actions. Hajime never does that, because he was strong enough to continue on without anyone ever being allowed to question his actions, certainly not the narrator.

      At least, that’s my PoV. Thanks again for all your translation magic, and I’ve been enjoying the After stories as well, TYVM!

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      1. Of course the author is forcing his opinion on me. After all the whole story was written by the guy. He portrayed Kouki as pathetic and I read the story and accept that portray, that Kouki was pathetic. And it’s as you say, in the end Kouki grow up. Which can be seen that before that he hasn’t grew up. Before that, he was still a kid.

        As for Hajime, I consider his character development finished after he emerged from the abyss. I guess that’s why I don’t mind that there isn’t much further growth for him, cause I like him as it is.

        Well, those are my opinion. And glad that you like the after stories.


  12. Don’t u shit on my waifu Yue :L

    (jk) I know how you feel with the action scenes. I started to skip them later into the book D:


  13. Still hasn’t finish reading this yet… (stuck in ch134)
    So far my favorite heroine is still Kaori .. don’t know why, I can’t really like the reason another girl like him (agree with ur opinion) .. but lately, after Shizuku get troubled about her feelings (after finishing the great tree dungeon), i’m totally into Shizuku .. and among the girls introduced in this story, I LOVE SHIZUKU the most (her personality, her character development, all of her) … author should make her the ‘LAST BOSS’ like Kaori said …

    and about the action, I think I really agree with ur opinion … I mean I also skipped almost the part of the battle and only seriously read the part where it doesn’t include any battle … it’s more fun that way …


  14. Agreed with most of what you said… but I honestly thought that hajime’s way of doing things are right… not in real life mind you, if it was in fantasy world then his way of doing things are right…

    I honestly don’t want to be the goody two shoes guy that ended up killed trying to save someone on impulse… its better if I died while trying to save someone through thinking and relentless work.


  15. i completely agree, most of the story was about dragging the chapters length than making it interesting.
    And as u said the attractions reasons to hajime, for liliana it was a more me too(jealousy/envy) reason to be treated the same as the other girls as he continuously ignored her and treated her badly even though she was a princess. She made it pretty clear when hajime treated Gahard as if he was nothing even though he was an emperor


  16. I’ve been wondering for a while now. Why do all of you – if not, most – say the beginning of arifureta arc or the concept of the story is based on ‘revenge’? The way I sees it, it should be about ‘Hajime’s survivality and the need return’. It had already been stated during the time he is losing his sanity that he doesn’t care about ‘revenge’ and all, he just want to ‘return’ thus he need power to survive the harsh reality.

    About hajime’s personality and action, Chuuni Suki-sensei already stated in the story that he’s a ‘deviate’. What, do you expect a deviate to follow the rules and regulation and be a saint in his conduct and behavior?

    I couldn’t agree more on Bakapervert opinion on Kouki. That guy’s just a brat that never tried to matured before he was braten up by Ryuu and Shizuku. So yeah, I couldn’t agree much on elementalcobalt-kun’s opinion on him. This doesn’t mean that i totally disagree, as I think there’s some truth in his opinion.

    About the girls… let me says it that I could understand some reasons of why the girls join his harem and there are a few that I can’t relate why.
    Yue – as elementalcobalt-kun said, Total Knight In Shining Armor Effect… plus her spent time with Hajime together throughout the dungeon conquering, thus built up her feelings more and it was deepened during the month they stay at Orcus hidden chamber.

    Shia – actually a naive character turned Ryuutarou of Hajime’s party. She actually cling with Hajime and Yue to save her clan then by knowing that they are the same, she wanted to be a comrade with them. It then became love due to ‘suspension bridge effect’ when Hajime confront the Elders of Fea Bergen. I don’t think she had a S&M elements, it’s just that her persistency to change the desired future made her into that type of character. Her naivety is her persistency, but on one hand it also shows she had strong will.

    Tio – She is princess of her clan that had been its strongest for more than 500 years. Thus she do not have a someone that can protect her emotionally and physically. In short, her heart had dried up and became lonely. Her confrontation with Hajime, aside from her M-world opening, she became interested with Hajime’s strength and personality. Her love then accumulated during their journey where she begining to understand Hajime’s better. In the ice dungeon she was being told the truth of her inner heart to face but she did not digress nor run away but accepting it to the face value. The existence of many girl around Hajime might have spur the maiden heart of Tio where she might think something along the line “This strong man have reliable strength to protect these important girls around him so is it not wrong for this one to actually being protected by himself too?” Thus love budded along with her enthusiasm in S&M play with Hajime.

    Shizuku – ‘Knight In Shining Armor Effect like X3’ couldn’t agree more. But there are several factors should be included. Among the girls, Shizuku might be the one that is more informative of Hajime of the original. Along with Kaori… more like she herself tried to understand more about him by investigating behind the scene for Kaori’s sake. So she might be more knowledgeable about Hajime than Kaori. Just like Tio (almost), she who had been strong (putting up strong front to be exact) being shown the Knight In Shining Armor by Hajime have slowly but gradually fall for him. The main deal started when she confronted her inner self at the ice dungeon and being save by Hajime to boot. She’s like a soda in a can. After gradually being shaken she erupted after the lid was pushed.

    Kaori- it had been shown that Hajime’s her first love after seeing him saving a grandma and her grandchild even though he had no power. She had not realize it yet is all until after Hajime’s gone because she’s an airhead. After his change, she became reluctance to be with him but after seeing the smile of other girls around him, she made up her mind that it doesn’t matter how he is now but as long as he could preserve the smile of those important to him she will be with him.

    Aiko – I think the very reason she’s like that is because she’s a total virgin in body and in heart until she fell for Hajime. She’s a legal loli + baby face + serious teacher element who never have dated anyone since little (she’s still small though). Yup, after being save by Hajime several time she had become mellow mellow with her feeling but still have a bit of resistance because of her serious teacher element. When she was with Hajime alone that one night because he wanted to tell something to her made her feel like she had been trusted, plus point for Hajime. Her love bud when she tried to compare herself with Yue who is also legal loli, thus her heart became confused. She was struck hard after Hajime save her at the tower.

    Remia – Really not sure why. She’s a mysterious being to me. Maybe because Hajime save ger daugther + his group fixed her leg + living together for a while + was lonely for 4 years after her husband’s death = factors for her becoming Hajime’s waifus. Author didn’t describe in detail about her.

    Liliana – ‘There is literally no reason’ might or might not be the fact but she’s also one of those mysterious being. Maybe she’s also n ‘M’


    1. Tio’s just an abnormal, as stated in the side-story of the LN+ she wanted to marry someone stronker than her, Kaori is basically a yandere in sheep clothing, so is Yue.


  17. TBh I Agree that some details were….too detailed, having a much better reading experience from the LN proves that, as for what you said about kouki being in the right, that kind of rubs me the wrong way after seeing oh-so-many MCs with the same denseness and sense of justice(3+years of that), however I could agree with what you said about Aiko and co,though It feels right for yue to want to stay with Hajime after what they went through together in the abyss, as for Shia, well, she finally found people she could relate to(+the knight effect)


  18. Thank you for your review! with that said,
    A critic on your review:
    It is to imbalanced. You gave Arifureta an 8/10, but it felt like 80% of your review was about the problems you had with the story. If your conclusion of a review is that the novel is good, than as a rule of thumb, more than half of your review should be about why you find the novel to be good. With this review, it felt like, by the time you got to the summary, any compliments you gave to the novel felt begrudging. Arifureta might be my favorite web novel ever, but if I was just now discovering it, then, only looking at review, I would choose to skip over it.

    Its like, if this is 8/10, than is 7/10 all those mecha/ highschool/ harem/ battle LNs? Overall, what you posted felt more like the beginning of a discussion for those who have already read the whole story, than a review.

    Sorry if that came out a little harsh.
    Also, I agree that Lilianna is a really stupid addition to the harem. Even if she did fall in love with Hajime, which felt forced already, there was absolutely no reason for Hajime to accept her.


    1. Except that I warned you in the second paragraph that I was going to be critical, and you needed to keep it in the context that I loved this novel enough to spend the last year translating it. You seem to have forgotten that context.


      1. It’s not that I forgot the context, but that the context was to light. Even though you say you love this novel, (and as you did, as you say, spend a year translating it, I totally believe you.) after eight paragraphs ( counting harem list as one) in which you list all the problems you had this novel, followed by a less than glowing summary, it just doesn’t feel like you love it.

        One wise man cannot out speak a mob of thousands, or something.


  19. Thank you for the review. Your take on the story is interesting, and I can agree on many points (particularly on Kouki)
    However, Arifureta is not to be taken seriously, with how the tone has shifted halfway through. I mean, when Hajime got out of Orcus, his character development was already done. At this point, it is just the author messing around with us, with all the action, harem stuff.
    Decent read overall


  20. The story didn’t have enough foreshadowing to tie itself together, making it feel a bit like the ending was kind of cobbled together.
    well this is Web Novel not Light Novel thus it can’t be help right.

    well i agree with your opinion except.
    1). from Shizuku’s Point of view Hajime always help her (Protect her and Kaori from Female Devil, ressurect Kaori and Heal Kouki during Devil’s Invasion) unlike Kouki “well you know about her past right” and since Shizuku is a girly who force herself as a Male Warrior thus Hajime’s action kinda struck her heartstring.
    2). from Liliana’s point of View which longed a prince (well similiar like Shizuku) and since Hajime save her Country and herself from getting raped by Bias (Crowned Prince of EMpire) to make it worse hajime even dance with her and told her that he’ll save her thus i think it kinda understandable that she fell in love with Hajime.
    3).from Aiko’s point of view Hajime always help her and support her whenever her mental was damaged (from Shimizu, Hiyama and Eri’s Betrayal,save her from getting prisoned by the Church, Console her at Graveyard while Hajime mourn Meld including Hajime kiss her in order to save her life from poison) thus i think its understandable that she fell in love with Hajime.


  21. even i as well have a Mixed feeling about the WN but well we must all know that the WN is sort of a rough drag for the LN that is sometimes better or worse than the WN maybe here its that the LN could be better and more understandable than the WN and personally i must say i have much more fun reading the Side story than the main story i dunno why but the when the author would had wrote the main story in sort of a similar style than the side story i think everyone would love it and complain less about it but well its just my own idea about how i think about the Main story.

    well the other thing i cant still right now, not understand why he chose Liliana for his harem it makes literally no sense somehow it feels like the MC was shopping in the Supermarkt and bought more than he wanted actually. About the others i could more or less understand why he picked them.


  22. That was quite the eye opening review, and you’re right, around the time where he interacted with Yue and got out of the Labyrinth the story derailed and it seemed more like a test run. Which is usually what a web novel is in my opinion. For me a web novel serves as the trial grounds or rough draft before you make a real story and because this web novel was enjoyable I look forward especially to reading the light novel and spotting the differences, just like what I’m doing with The Rising of The Shield hero. So far I’ve made it to Volume 6 and I quite like the changes and improvements they made in the plot.

    Also I agree with you on the character relationships, the author could have done a better job of expressing Yue’s painful solitude and how that is justified as an impetus for her to fall in love, Shia’s deep love for her family and how touched she was when Hajime reached out a helping hand to her, Liliana’s gratitude to Hajime for saving her from an unwanted marriage along with almost being raped, How Hajime became Aiko’s moral support, and how he helped relieve Shizuku of her distress and protected those who were precious to her, how much Kaori appreciated Hajime’s strength of will or character, but in regards to Tio I’ve got nothing since the author only did a last ditch attempt to justify her feelings at the end with how she always felt restrained and had no one she could rely on (similar to Shizuku). You could say ultimately the author simply relied on the readers to make these sorts of details on their own to create more reasons to like the novel.

    Looking back, I had to assume many parts of the story and reasons for actions and relationships on my own to justify them and keep interest. Another way of looking at that though is that the author succeeded in drawing you in enough to make you guess and assume such things. Probably now with all this feedback the author can reflect and improve on the story to give us those justified reasons and characters with actual life to them (Or at least I d**n well hope so). Anyways thanks again for the review and I wish you luck in your translating and future endeavours.


    1. Ah! I just realized! I completely forgot about Remia being a part of Hajime’s harem. Now that I think about it Remia has even less reason than any of the other characters in Hajime’s harem, even fewer than Liliana. Well actually if I think about how her connection to him is through her daughter Myuu, you can probably justify it in thinking about how Myuu is her precious daughter and the only family she seems to have, put that together with how she feels it’s important for her daughter to have a ‘Father Figure’, plus the fact that he travelled a great distance to reunite mother and daughter, then I guess it works; but I completely forgot about her. That’s definitely something the author will have to touch upon. Really there’s just so much that you have to infer when reading the lines between the characters of a web novel or else not much reason is established. (Well, my reason is established now anyways).

      Also I just wanted to note that really, girls are hard to understand. What we sometimes consider to be a small gesture can be taken as something significant or vice versa. In the end it just means that small actions can have large effects, which I find is true for just about everything. So there’s no need to criticize too much on how small the characters actions may seem when a heroine falls in love, sometimes we just have to read and infer on our own. When that doesn’t work either the reader just can’t understand because it doesn’t align with their views, or there’s always the fall back and you can blame the author for making nonsensical reasons. 🙂


      1. well what i know so far is the LN i think has some POV side storys abou the girls and their feelings how it comes together one is allready translated be Bakapervet about Yue its really on the beginning how they meet and its really really funny 😀


  23. Although the fact that all the girls like Hajime for not too many reasons, the main problem I find with this harem is how he just allows them to become part of the harem just because they like him, and they are generally good people. I mean, would you let every nice girl in your class be your wife if you are only into one of them just because they are all good looking. That is the part that makes the least sense to me.


  24. I started reading the manga and have problem with the time that pass while Hajime is in the abyss as it takes a good amount of chapters and since I’m looking foward to the anime that has me worried how much episodes the abyss will take.

    The whole harem thing is also one of the low points for me or exact some of the character that are in it, like Yaegashi Shizuku. For Kaori Shirasaki it would have been interrsting if Hajime mentioned how she only caused nothing but pain and wan’t nothing to do with her.


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