Goodbye Cruel World

I actually was going to hide the link to the last two chapters behind a post to force you guys to read and thus stop sending me stupid as ballz questions… I was going to put a bunch of fake links sending you to gay porn sites… it was this whole thing… it would have been hilarious, but alas, I chickened out, and as a result, a few of you guys didn’t disappoint… baka questions galore.

First things first. Bakapervert has said he will continue on with the translations of the afterstory. His wordpress is in a link on the side, located over here!

.-‘`   |___________________________//////
`’-._|                                                \\\\\\

He hasn’t translated any yet, but given his age of god’s level magic, [Translation], you probably won’t need to wait long.

As far as me… I posted the last pdf. I will not post a pdf of any chapters not put on my site. I will not post the missing chapters from Japtem. I will not contact Chuuni and ask him personally if I can translate his book, you know, the one that’s already translated without his permission? Yeah… not going to do that. I’m not going to start a holy war with J Novel so you can get the first two volumes of Arifureta for free. I understand that “the web novel” is not “the light novel” and I don’t believe you give a hoot which is which, so don’t act like by not having the web novel translation for free you have faced some injustice. Want Arifureta Volume 1+2? Sign up to J novel or find someone to ask for them.

If you think something else should be done, do it yourself. Fill free to host the chapters or pdfs illegally, that is your prerogative. You can if you want. I’m just some dude who read Arifureta, came to the end, and decided to take matters in my own hand. I don’t own a business, I don’t make money, and I have no desire to start legal issues for myself over nothing. So… you know… stop bitching.

It’s been one year since I started Arifureta, found out I couldn’t continue it, and then started translating it. I’ve completed my goal. It’s been a lot of fun. I’d like to thank everyone who helped achieve this goal, Bakapervert, obviously, as well as Southbound and Tingle. I can’t say I would have finished without them, certainly not this year. You guys are awesome!

Now for me from now on? I’ll go back to releasing Requiem of the Stars, as well as continue to put out volumes of Hawtness for the non-wattpad readers. I still have the list of other world novels that I’m always updating. I’ll try to put something out at least once a week, but it won’t be Arifureta related.

Will I start any other translations? I don’t have any in mind. If you have any suggestions, my three requirements are.

  1. Already has at least 20 chapters out translated.
  2. Japanese Web novel main story is completed and online.
  3. Chapters are less than 3000 words. No 7000-9000 word behemeths like Arifureta, I can’t take that again.

If you think of any, feel free to suggest. Other than that, Thank you, the readers, for the incredible experience and continued support. I appreciate you guys the most! Thanks a bunch!

P.S. I know not all of you see my menu on the left side of the screen, you damn tablet people. Click menu and find it. It’s called Bakapervert’s WordPress… I’ve only mentioned it a dozen times.


43 thoughts on “Goodbye Cruel World

  1. Thanks to everyone who contributed in translating especially Elementcobalt and Bakapervert! For me it was awesome to see that some groups actually manage to publish a chapter or two per weak! I totally did not expect that. And what happened the last to weaks can probably only be described as “god’s level magic, [Translation]” (totally not copied 😀 )
    Thanks for everything!


  2. Thank you for the past one years cobalt-sama sob…sob…

    Thank you to all past and presents arifureta translators you guys really entertain me well…Gg arifureta.


  3. Yo Elementalcobalt, sorry in advance if you already answered this question but what about the MTL chapters? Are you still planning on making PDFs for them?


  4. Well… not to include other translators, Reigokai is picking up another novel to translate. There were so many suggestions. So I have a feeling that if you haven’t chosen what to do next after he decides, you are goings to have a lot of the same suggestions.


  5. Dear Elementalcobalt and Bakapervert, thank you both very much for the effort!
    It was quite the ride and although, to be honest, I didn’t/don’t really like the story, I do appreciate the work, verily, and that I sincerely mean, too. Thank you very much, once again.

    Oh, and, for the kids who don’t want to read or search – as Elecobalt stated, the PDF’s and (also there) the link to Bakaperv’s WP are in the ToC’s. …That is here:
    (…I really wanted to input a RickRoll here, but oh well.)


  6. Check this!

    It is a very entertaining novel in my opinion, and the translator only translates chapters at random.

    Well that is my opinion according to the new projects: D
    And of course, thank you very much for translating Arifureta to the end, I was already given up when nobody took the translation to finish it and thank you very much.


  7. How about “shinwa densetsu no eiyuu no isekaitan” LN? Yeah, I know. This is not a WN, and it probably has mora than 3,000 words per chapter, but you don’t have to update it that often, you can take your time. I’m saying this because the wn translation will stop after reaching the last chapter of the wn (68). <Author decided to stop the wn and continued with the LN, having reached 7 volumes so far.


  8. i mean its a bit selfish by asking for something above the 3k limit but i really wanna see infinite dendrogram translated but then that wont happen since it has around 4k words and not finished but is online


  9. Man the tears .. the manly tears, thx a lot Cobalt is realy sad when a history end but you gave us a wonderfull time to a lot of people, Thx to the autor, translators and edittos for the lunch breaks reading arifureta.


  10. In order words you want completed but half-way translated abandoned novel? Thats definitely a tall order since most nice WN are ongoing but one that fits that criteria is “Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki”(not too sure about word count though),
    Originally this project was picked up by Raising the Dead trans but its already been almost a year since any release so its abandoned however the WN is definitely completed.


    1. Shinka no Mi would be a great one… one of my favorites, but they release two chapters a month, and that’s about the best I’d likely manage. I’m not going to take over a job someone else is doing. But if they abandoned Shinka no Mi I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat, lol.


      1. Could have sworn they said the twice a month chapters were only temporary, must have read wrong… too many WN’s hard to keep track of who says what…


      2. Maybe… but at least for the last six months they’ve kept that rate up. Someone else already tried to take over their translation and they responded with a “we will keep doing it until we say we aren’t” and re-released the chapter instead of moving on to the next one, so (at least from my PoV) the guys attempt to increase their rate of release by staggering releases sort of just got thrown back in his face.


  11. I don’t know about if it has already been answered, but here I go : What is your honest impression of Arifureta as a whole ? It has its great moments, but overall, it was like a roller-coaster of emotions, ranging from disappointment to emotional moments. What are your thoughts about it ?


  12. Hey will you translate jikuu mahou..?? they droped that translation, in raw j web novel more than 320 chapter in english stuck in chapter 294 please i need that m ( _ _ ) m


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