Request For Assistance

As Arifureta finishes up, I’m just trying to tie off any loose knots.

The first thing is that I have put out pdfs launching in 10 chapter blocks. I only have two out as I post this, but I’ll do everything from chapter 130-present.

I’m hesitant to do pdfs of durasama’s work. If anyone can get in touch with him and see if he gives permission, I’ll do it, but I’ve attempted to contact him twice and never got a reply (that I saw, maybe he replied and it got buried in email hell). Finally, the last part is the MTLs.

As many of you are probably aware, the MTLs that span from Chapter 99-124 are a bit of stain on the Arifureta history… some abandoned rough translations that noone really wants to go back and fix and I still can’t even find the name of the person to give proper credit to. At some point, I started fixing them… but that lasted one chapter… I am not a big fan of editing.

Anyway, I decided to try something new.

I put all of the chapters up on google docs. Now, I’m going to give you, yes you, the share link. Anyone and everyone can go into those files and work on editing them. Want to work on one chapter and then leave? That’s fine. Want to systematically go through all of them? Great!

This is a bit of an experiment. If in a week or two the chapters are sufficiently edited, I’ll put them on my site and create the pdfs.If noone does anything, I probably won’t create pdfs of the MTLs.

So anyway, Click Here to Become an Arifureta Editor!

So there is some order…

As you probably know, I replace all brackets with the proper quotations and all “……” with the standard ellipsis as pet peaves of mine. All naming are based on the Arifureta Wiki and I don’t bracket spell or location names.

Let’s see how this goes :P.



6 thoughts on “Request For Assistance

  1. uuh is this alright? i thought you said arifureta got licensed or something? aside from your translation that far ahead and save for maybe some years, to make pdf from the early one, won’t that put you in some trouble later?


    1. I’m not touching anything from Japtem. I won’t post anything past what J novel has released. They are not at chapter 100. Who knows how long it will be until they are at 100. When they reach 100, I will naturally pull down the pdfs and pages and make way for the LNs. In the meantime, I’m trying to just make things easier for everyone.


  2. I was also quite irritate while reading these chapters (not that I wasn’t grateful for the work done on it but from the lack of editing). Let’s see what a community work can do 😀


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