Time and Place – Prologue

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I know, I know what you’re thinking. A Freaking ‘nother one? Actually, this is a novel I’m in the process of writing. It is NOT a light novel-like story like my other ones… this is just pure science fiction; however, now that I think about it… it actually is kind of “another world” novel. It’s about a guy who wakes up 100,000 years in the future.  I’ve already written 50-some chapters of this, so putting it up is no problem. I thought maybe getting a few supporters might motivate me to eventually finish it. I already have a book series worked out in my mind, but I haven’t produced a chapter in a year or so, so I’m willing to give anything a try.


The portal shimmered. The blue light from within grew and dimmed in a steady rhythm as if mimicking the old man’s heartbeat. He quickly wiped the sweat as it accumulated in droplets on his brow with a handkerchief. It was hot, much hotter than he had expected. The luminescent blues bouncing off the rocky white terrace gave the impression that it should have been a cool day.

As he pulled his handkerchief away, he noticed a smear of brown from the dirt on his face. He sighed. It was one of his favorites; it was all he had from his mother. Of course, that wasn’t entirely accurate. The original handkerchief had long been destroyed. This was only an approximation of what he remembered of his mother. Perhaps it was one of the only memories he had remaining of her.

As an infant, his mother had named him Nas’ Dera in the crib. He swore he could remember hearing her cry as he was taken away without a chance to glance upon his face. Of course, that was impossible. Even if Nas’ Dera could remember some repressed memory from infancy, it had long since between overwritten with the untold time that followed.

Nas’ Dera was a title more than a name, but it was the only name from which he had ever been known. The name had meant ‘last hope’ in the forgotten tongue of his people, but no one who lived remembered that name except for him. He looked up at the sky and grimaced. There was probably no one alive besides himself at this point.

His face was sunken and resigned, covered by the hood of his once clean robes. A red sash crossed over his chest but it had worn to a dull pinkish color, ripped and torn at various points, seeming to barely hang from his body. He pushed back his hood, taking a deep breath, his blue eyes seeming to absorb the light of the portal. He closed them, and in a flash, he felt a memory of green; of life. There was a time when he remembered life, when he remembered what it was like to be alive. So long, that seemed to be, since he had seen something so simple, so alive, as the color green.

He took another glance around. In front of him sat a small altar made from obsidian rock set within the white terrace. Small shapes and symbols seemed to be written all over the altar, seemingly random in placement.  Large spiral columns stood on each of the four corners of the terrace, each one cracked, blistered, and damaged from the ravages of time. On the top of each pillar, a stream of white light shot into the sky, creating a small dome that surrounded the terrace he stood in. The invisible walls shimmered and flexed, giving a strangely drunken appearance to the world outside.  The world beyond the dome was dark and indistinguishable. Shapes seemed to move and dance just out of sight within the shadows, but he ignored them.  He could not think of what was beyond in that darkness, not now.

A sudden burst of light came from the sky and he instinctively looked up.  He knew what he would see. The light was already gone by the time his eyes were able to focus. The dark sky above seemed strangely empty, devoid of the light one would expect during a clear night. Another star had vanished in the night sky. Some would call it the heat death of the universe. However, that wasn’t quite right. If the universe was truly dying from old age, then it would have gradually dimmed to nothingness once luminosity decreased to the point that it was no longer visible from Nas’ Dera’s point of view. This was more like the universe was being eaten.

“What star was that?” he wondered aloud.

It could have been any, really. It was a star that had been destroyed thousands of years ago, if not a million years gone. Why did it take them so long to realize they were disappearing, one at a time?  It was too late, now, to do anything about it. The sky did not contain enough stars, appearing empty and hollow. Regrettably, even the ones he could see were long gone.  He was happy that it was dark out, that he could not see the star that this planet orbited, the final death cries of a blackened universe.

A light tremor began to shake the ground around him. He braced himself against the shaking. It continued on for a minute or two before subsiding. He did not have very much time. The portal flickered uneasily, drawing his attention back. He was too old for this, too weak. He knew the task at hand would kill him, but there was no one else to do it.

He pressed one of the symbols on the altar, resembling a table with a cross sitting atop it.  It emanated a small blue shimmering light and images flickered across the portal. The images were of people’s faces, but no image remained for more than a blink as they jumped from one face to the next. He watched carefully as each face was shown, his eyes darting left to right, looking for the sign.

He began to feel a small ache in the back of his eyes.  He realized that he hadn’t blinked in some time, but he could not afford to miss the instance he sought. Sweat began streaming down his face, but he dared not wipe his forehead in the fear of missing that one image. He kept focus, for as long as he had to, he could not afford to miss the opportunity – it would only happen once.

Nas’ Dera had no clue how long he stood there, watching the streaming images of faces… so many faces. His legs ached, his back was sore, and he longed to sit down. He knew, however, that if he rested, that the job would never be finished. This was his last chance. The portal crackled, the steady pulsing fell off rhythm for a second. He grimaced at the momentary loss of concentration.  Then he saw it.

Did I?” he thought for a split second before pressing a second symbol, which caused the image to stop.

He wasn’t sure if it had been what he was looking for.  It was so quick and he was still a bit distracted. Once he moved the image backward, he wasn’t sure if he could get the device moving forward again. Was it what he sought? Or was it just a hopeful glimpse? The end of the world, the universe, and all of his plans could be wasted by a maybe.

Nas’ Dera sighed deeply. He was never a gambling man; he liked to have control of his own destiny and the likes of cards or dice seemed set to take destiny on by random. However, it seemed as if there was no choice. He gripped the outside of the symbol in his hand, turning. The lighted symbol seemed to rotate with his hand. He felt a kind of resistance, a weakness in the stability of the device. He held his breath, slowly and deliberately turning the symbol.  The symbol stopped with the cross pointing left and he let out a slow breath. Once again touching the symbol ever so slightly, the images began going back one at a time.

The images flicked back much slower. There was a woman with red hair, a man with a unibrow, a young boy with a dog. He could make out each of these people, people dead ages ago. People who lived short lives on a small planet a billion years ago. Who would have ever thought that the whole universe may depend on a man from that little planet?

Nas’ Dera did. He could feel the man’s potential across the ages. His fate on his small little planet would have been incredible. He would have been a man of great importance. He was a man who would have been known for thousands of years on his planet. A man whose potential would have been completely wasted making an imprint on a single planet, when he had the entire universe that needed him. It was a trade. The man could save the planet, or in the right time and right place; he could save the universe.

Nas’ Dera released his finger and the image stopped on the man. He had brownish blonde hair and hazel brown eyes that seemed uneasy. They seemed to know what was happening to them, seemed to feel the old man watching him.  A smile caressed his face for the first time since he had entered the crumbling machine. He had finally found him, the man whose fate would change the universe. It was time to redirect him to the time and place where he could rise to his true potential.

The man in his image would never thank Nas’ Dera for what he was about to do to him. He hoped the man could find happiness in his new life, after a fashion, but this new life would be a much harder path for the man. The shaking began again, this time not seeming to end. His time was running out. The smile faded from Nas’ Dera. He had work to do.

Nas’ Dera paused the image. The tremor steadily grew in a long drawn out roar, making it harder and harder for Nas’ Dera to keep his balance. He flicked another symbol on the altar and the image seemed to solidify. It wasn’t as if the image was faded before, but now it somehow seemed more tangible. Nas’ Dera quickly stumbled up to the image. In a swift motion, his hand dived into it. Grabbing the back of Darian’s shirt, he pulled roughly. The image did not move, but then again, it did not have to for the effect to be apparent. Running back to the altar, he flicked the symbol again, and the image continued.

He scanned the man’s life. Using the machine’s unique functions, he scanned the 4th dimension, trailing along this man’s timeline. Just slight edits, Nas’ Dera would need to have a fine touch here. Slowly, and with a deftness that only a man as long lived as Nas’ Dera could possibly possess, he began to make alterations to the man’s life.

He moved objects, and he moved people. He manipulated the man’s timeline, trying to guide him in the direction he needed to go. Nas’ Dera hated doing this. It felt too much like he was pretending to be fate. Nas’ Dera didn’t believe in such a thing as fate. Ironic for a man who was fated to be the ‘last hope’. To be fair, the man resisted relentlessly. No matter how hard the man fell on bad luck, he always seemed to bounce right back.

It felt like a tug of war, a desperate struggle. The man wanted to stay where he was, on a little blue planet, where he would undoubtedly bring about a new age of prosperity. However, for this to work, that planet had to be abandoned. Everything that man ever knew needed to be abandoned as well.

Nas’ Dera winced as he paused the image again. No, this man would never thank him for changing the course of his life, not that the man would ever know it had been changed in this manner. Perhaps he would take comfort in knowing that his planet would survive without him. At least, a remnant of his planet would survive.

This old destiny would no longer be fulfilled. However, time had a funny way of forcing people such as him into greatness. He had a greater destiny awaiting him. Nas’ Dera fell to his knees, exhaustion finally stopping him from his work. He pressed a button and looked into the man’s future. He moved forward years after the man should have been there. There he was, still alive in the time capsule Nas’ Dera had prepared for him.

It would be time for him to wake soon. Nas’ Dera could do nothing else but watch. Meanwhile, another star disappeared from the night’s sky, but no one noticed its passing.

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My Review of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

So, a few people asked me what my opinion on Arifureta actually was after finishing the main story, especially considering I do so many pseudo-reviews in my list of another world novels. I wanted to give Arifureta a little more justice than the other web novels I’ve talked about, so I guess you can call this my official review on Arifureta. Although to be honest, with the LN being taken over by J Novel, technically Arifureta no longer meets my criteria as a “free to read” another world novels. Although people used to the nefarious copy/paste sites are probably aware they can still read the whole thing even though Japtem has dragged it down by all those horrible people that previously lifted it from their site.

Anyway, I tend to get pretty critical when I’m critiquing something critically, so before anyone jumps in outrage at my OPINION on Arifureta, let’s keep my ->Opinion<- in the appropriate context that I enjoyed this novel enough that when I reached a point that I couldn’t finish it, I spend the last year translating the damn thing. You have to assume, at some point, I probably genuinely like this web novel, so I just wanted to stress that first.

So, here we go. When I started reading Arifureta, I was actually fairly new to the whole web novel circuit. I had only been doing it for a few months before I picked up and eventually started translating Arifureta. Since then, it’s been a year, and a couple dozen some web novels later you could argue that my tastes have refined a bit from then.

Now, when it comes to Arifureta, there are many camps of people. You have the Revenge Lovers, people who love seeing assholes get their comeuppance. Every bad guy is an insufferable arseshat, and the sooner the MC brutalizes them, the better. You have the Skill Enthusiasts, those that like seeing a steady stream of skills being steadily accumulated on an increasingly OP’d protagonist. And then you have the Harem Kings, always wanting girl after girl after girl falling all over the protagonist.

This hits a lot of readers hard, because the story seems built with two phases. The beginning starts with a clear skill building and revenge phase, but that only lasts about 2 volumes… then what you’re left with is a considerably longer less revenge based harem fantasy played out in the remaining volumes. That said, I went into Arifureta looking for an experience similar to Rise of the Shield Hero. That is to say that I wanted harem. I wanted an OP protagonist. And I wanted skill building. And I think both stories have a similar thing… in that the revenge element seems to dissipate fairly early on to give way to an ever growing harem. So, simply put, Arifureta met my needs.

Although, I understand the frustration a lot of people have reading it. There seems to be this group of ultra-pessimists that want some super depressing everyone is scum world… and then there is the ultra-optimistic everyone is inherently good group… and this novel bounces back and force between the two (as opposed to the morally ambiguous Game of Thrones style guys popular in modern Fantasy) . With it’s dynamic between the Forever hero Kouki and the protagonist Hajime, it certainly pushes the argument that self-serving selfishness is good, setting Kouki as the ultimate fall boy (more on that in a sec), but it also fills itself up with moments of Harem and humor that completely obliterate the dark tones. Like, for example, Emperor Gahard… who is kind of treated like a fun punchline character near the end, with even heroic like qualities… completely ignoring the whole he oppressed an entire culture of people into slavery and his son tried to RAPE someone… Yeah… we forgot that only a few weeks/months prior he was running an oppressive regime… ah… look at that guy whose was basically a Fantasy version of Stalin squirm. Slavery is funny.

Here’s the thing… as a story… I’m actually more in line with Kouki’s beliefs. To me, Hajime is a bit of a douche. Kouki was flawed… but that was what made his character interesting. He wanted to do the right thing, he just didn’t know how. Of course, the story trashes “doing the right thing” by deliberately creating a world manipulated in just the right way that Hajime’s approach would be the right approach, while Kouki’s would fail… But, rather than writing it believably, the entire story feels like one giant strawman set up to just force this viewpoint on the audience.

I end up reading all these comments with people saying “screw KOUKI” or “I wish KOUKI would die!” and I’m just like, what? Kouki is the only interesting thing this novel has going for it at this point. But of course, everything was stacked against Kouki in a word literally designed to make Kouki wrong, so of course his end would only be disastrous… but to me, most of the time he was RIGHT. Hajime IS unreasonable. Hajime isn’t a good person. But a hero being heroic is “expected”… and that… to some people… makes it boring. Oh, it’s great to see a nontypical Japanese MC… they say… which is you know, fine… as long as you also accept that regardless of how the novel desperately portrays Hajime as great, his methods only work because this world is specifically designed for them to work. Hajime’s inability to trust is a weakness, and let’s face it… there is not a single reason for any of the girls like Hajime except maybe Kaori… I mean let us look at it.

Yue – Like, he rescues her and is the only human contact she experiences in 300 years. Total Knight In Shining Armor Effect.

Shia –There was never actually a reason other than “cuz”, but he emotionally abused her aggressively until she loved him, my thoughts is the author originally planned her to be the S&M character, I mean, she was originally introduced as a physical tough person who could bounce back from any blow while coming to love Hajime who continually abused her both physically and emotionally. Then, suddenly she stops being abused and a few chapters later they introduce Tio.

Tio – He was stronger than her and stuck his big, long, hard thing in her Hershey highway.

Shizuku – Knight In Shining Armor Effect like X3

Liliana – There is literally no reason.

Aiko – He’s… dependable… I guess? Also Knight in Shining Armor Effect.

Everyone Else – The Me too Effect…

I could also add that in the case of Shizuku and Kaori (and especially Shizuku)… that she’s only 16… and maybe the first guy she has any feelings for who already has monopolized 4 women and has no interest in her is probably not the guy she should pursue. Of course, Kouki mentions this, and is treated like an annoying child for stating what should be obvious. Heck Ryuutaro gets it, he was into Yue but at least he has the decency to back off… and the only guy with any brains is called the stupid “musclebrain” by the author… sigh…

All I’m saying is the story glorifies Hajime in strange ways. You might as well form the “Hajime is always right” club with how much everything always goes his way. He may be “different” than a typical Japanese MC… but that doesn’t make him any less a Mary Sue. He is the perfect never wrong protagonist. Seriously, does he make a single mistake after leaving Orcus? Heck even before? And I’m not talking about things going belly up or something unexpected happening… I’m talking about him showing a single damn flaw. Oh, when Yue was lost… he showed an “uncool” side… an “uncool” side that was apparently so “uncool” that they showed it to the Dragonkin to convince them of how cool he was. Within the world he is placed in, he is the perfect protagonist.

As far as the other characters… they weren’t terribly interesting. Each harem member kind of had that one trait… and that was it. They were memorable enough you could differentiate them… at least I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re interchangeable… but each one was a cliché in and of themselves… always repeating the same words/actions over and over again without depth or development.

Yue wasn’t an interesting and dynamic Vampire princess with a tortured past… she was the Loli seductress who licks her lips and says Nn. Shia wasn’t a troubled bunny burdened with the guilt of how her gifts hurt her family, she was a walking punchline, and later on she was even less than that… she was the Ryuutaro of her group… the one who hits things with a hammer and says things when the plot needs it.

These characters were flat… and their relationship with Hajime is flat… and Hajime is flat. That one chapter where Shizuku beat that crap out of Kouki showed more emotion and care than ANY interaction between Hajime and anyone else. I mean, Kouki mattered so much to Shizuku and Ryuutaro that they fought him, risking their life, even as he screamed abusive things at them, until they beat some sense into him. Not only did they show more care for him than anyone between Hajime and company, but that was actually freaking character development… you know, the thing your MC is supposed to do… yet all  Hajime’s character seems to develop is in the first three volumes. He mellows out a bit later on, but I think that has less to do with character development and more to do with the author altering his character to fit with the plot. When you have to alter the main character half way through the novel so that it fits your plot… well… Yeah…

However… from a purely “Harem” aspect… you get plenty of moments of Harem goodness. It’s full of tsukkumi’s and humor and I’m not saying I didn’t have a lot of fun. The first volume or two make you think it is a skill building web novel and a darkly themed novel, but the continuous humor and ridiculousness overshadow the later parts of the novel. Even when dark parts show themselves, they are quickly overridden with the humor of the moment, demolishing any tension that could possibly build.

The enemies were ridiculously weak and underdeveloped. The story didn’t have enough foreshadowing to tie itself together, making it feel a bit like the ending was kind of cobbled together. Freed was such a flat and disinteresting antagonist that it was a wonder he existed at all. Freed was literally an annoyance. You might want to shout that this means the author succeeded, because the reader feels the same way about Freed as the protagonist… as an annoyance that keeps popping up for no reason… but I have to think when I get to a chapter that the author is somehow failing if I’m annoyed and just want to see it over with.

While I think Ehito was built up enough… I think his subordinate was severely underutilized. The god is bad theme permeated the story… but Ehito was never really “down to earth” enough in the story that by the time he pops up I actually, felt… like… anything. I felt nothing for the antagonist… and if it wasn’t for the forced NTR I might not have cared about the final confrontation at all. That final labyrinth and then the battle just had too many characters fighting too many battles I didn’t care about. At that point in the story… I didn’t need to see everyone fight one more time. I think those last 15 chapters could have easily been turned into 4 and been better for it.

Although I know a lot of you love the action… I have to say that by chapter 160 I was pretty actioned out. Unless they were doing something new… I didn’t need to hear about the 10th time Tio uses dragon breath, Shia bangs her hammer, or Suzu pops up a barrier. By the end, I felt like this could double as a how-to guide on how many ways you can kill an apostle. You can slice them, dice them, fry them with a laser, beat them, decapitate them, burn them, explode their heads, shoot them, freeze them, hug them to death… Since the MC have been Op’d as fruck and we knew it… there is 0 tension in the final battle… and the manufactured tension felt manufactured. “Oh, you thought I was using my whole ability? Well NOW after you kicked the crap out of me for two chapters I’m going to use my whole ability!” *Sigh* There is no question they were going to win… so why story… why did you drag it out so long…

If they were fighting anyone we cared about… anyone who had previously oppressed them or had any discernible personality beyond “a monster” or “a lookalike angel… but like the general I guess this time? Well, we’ll give her name…” But alas… Don’t get me wrong, some of the action can be fun… but damn does the action drag, especially in the last two labyrinths and the finale when they start dragging Kouki and company everywhere and everyone keeps getting split up to fight separately.

I’ll give this story an 8/10. It’s a little generous, but it’s a solid web novel with a lot of good moments. If you want Op Protagonist and Harem girls, it does its job good enough. It’s bloated near the end, and the story never became compelling enough by the halfway point to justify the lengthy second half, but from a purely harem perspective it’s a good read. If you want to see a bullied protagonist become strong, get the women, and continually amaze everyone else, without getting too wrapped up on revenge, then this is for you. He gets the girls, he gets the power, he saves the day. It’s wish-fulfillment at its finest… just don’t expect complex and interesting characters or a rich engaging story.


So… what did you think of my review? I was thinking of doing more of these for other web novels… just as, I don’t know, a thing I can post when I feel like it? Are you guys who are still around this site interested? Or am I better off just keeping my criticisms to myself (lol)?  Agree? Disagree? Let me know below.



Goodbye Cruel World

I actually was going to hide the link to the last two chapters behind a post to force you guys to read and thus stop sending me stupid as ballz questions… I was going to put a bunch of fake links sending you to gay porn sites… it was this whole thing… it would have been hilarious, but alas, I chickened out, and as a result, a few of you guys didn’t disappoint… baka questions galore.

First things first. Bakapervert has said he will continue on with the translations of the afterstory. His wordpress is in a link on the side, located over here!

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`’-._|                                                \\\\\\

He hasn’t translated any yet, but given his age of god’s level magic, [Translation], you probably won’t need to wait long.

As far as me… I posted the last pdf. I will not post a pdf of any chapters not put on my site. I will not post the missing chapters from Japtem. I will not contact Chuuni and ask him personally if I can translate his book, you know, the one that’s already translated without his permission? Yeah… not going to do that. I’m not going to start a holy war with J Novel so you can get the first two volumes of Arifureta for free. I understand that “the web novel” is not “the light novel” and I don’t believe you give a hoot which is which, so don’t act like by not having the web novel translation for free you have faced some injustice. Want Arifureta Volume 1+2? Sign up to J novel or find someone to ask for them.

If you think something else should be done, do it yourself. Fill free to host the chapters or pdfs illegally, that is your prerogative. You can if you want. I’m just some dude who read Arifureta, came to the end, and decided to take matters in my own hand. I don’t own a business, I don’t make money, and I have no desire to start legal issues for myself over nothing. So… you know… stop bitching.

It’s been one year since I started Arifureta, found out I couldn’t continue it, and then started translating it. I’ve completed my goal. It’s been a lot of fun. I’d like to thank everyone who helped achieve this goal, Bakapervert, obviously, as well as Southbound and Tingle. I can’t say I would have finished without them, certainly not this year. You guys are awesome!

Now for me from now on? I’ll go back to releasing Requiem of the Stars, as well as continue to put out volumes of Hawtness for the non-wattpad readers. I still have the list of other world novels that I’m always updating. I’ll try to put something out at least once a week, but it won’t be Arifureta related.

Will I start any other translations? I don’t have any in mind. If you have any suggestions, my three requirements are.

  1. Already has at least 20 chapters out translated.
  2. Japanese Web novel main story is completed and online.
  3. Chapters are less than 3000 words. No 7000-9000 word behemeths like Arifureta, I can’t take that again.

If you think of any, feel free to suggest. Other than that, Thank you, the readers, for the incredible experience and continued support. I appreciate you guys the most! Thanks a bunch!

P.S. I know not all of you see my menu on the left side of the screen, you damn tablet people. Click menu and find it. It’s called Bakapervert’s WordPress… I’ve only mentioned it a dozen times.

Arifureta Chapter 178 (The End)

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All credit goes to the original author (Chuuni Suki), who has posted the raw data here:


Thanks for your continued support. If you like my writing style, check out my original works at www. wattpad.com/user/elementalcobalt, or just leave a comment.

Bakapervert translated this chapter. Bakapervert did the edits.



Legendary Great War.

The people naturally called the battle like that, a month had passed since that decisive battle where the fate of the world was staked.

After that decisive battle, the gates that were set up at every place were opened once more and the voices of a lot of people that celebrated their reunion and victory filled the prairie in front of the capital.

A few days after that, although there was some chaos due to the healing of the wounded, the confirmation and burial of the deceased, and the annihilation of the capital which caused the people to lose their place, due to the hard work of every representative that worked together for a common cause, the post-treatment of the war was carried out relatively smoothly.

Due to the collapsed God Mountain, the Hairihi kingdom capital was also destroyed by getting swallowed into it, the non-combatant that was unable to participate in the legendary great war――especially the craftsmen were wholly mobilized for the reconstruction, in addition the merchants and the common citizens also gave their maximum support and the work which caused the progress to move rapidly. On top of using magic, there was also the good will and proactiveness of the people all over the world which crossed over race or country to reconstruct the capital, it was to the degree that they calculated the capital might be able to recover its former appearance within half a year.

At the prairie where fierce ravages of the battle remained, using the wreckage of the fortress a lot of temporary residences were established that were mainly used for the people that engaged in the reconstruction to lodge at. There, kitchen and inn, general store and the likes were created one after another, to the degree that it might possibly turn into a part of the capital by linking it with the city’s expansion. Surely, the city would become even livelier even compared to when it had the God Mountain behind it.

The temporary establishment of the holy church was also created in that temporary housing town.

At that battle, the story was that the enemy was an evil god that pretended to be the god Ehitorujue, so the people still had their heart supported by the holy church which worshiped Ehito as a god. Although the God Mountain and the holy church’s headquarter had disappeared, but suddenly taking away that support would only make the people uneasy.

Having said that, for the people who knew the truth, they felt more than a little reluctance for the holy church to keep using the name Ehitorujue exactly as it was until now.

There with the speech of the ‘Goddess of Harvest’ Aiko, this kind of story was dispatched to the world.

It said, that the true name of god Ehito was Ehicliberei, for a long time the mad god――Ehitorujue had stolen this true name.

It said, that the ‘rebels’ or rather the ‘liberators’ who knew about the danger to the world from Ehito once challenged the mad god in order to regain the pure faith, but because of the mad god’s foul play, they were unable to defeat him.

It said, that in order to grant their own power to people who could possibly defeat Ehito, the liberators slept at the bottom of the great labyrinths. And then, the chosen people who were summoned from another world by god were awarded this power. Aiko was the spokesman of these people, while the person who received the most power was the ‘Goddess’s Sword’.

It said, like that Hajime and others splendidly defeated the mad god Ehitorujue that was hiding in Holy Precincts. However, due to the last resistance of the mad god Ehitorujue, it caused a collapse in order to take along the world to accompany him in his death. In response to that, the last liberator――Miledy Raisen who made her soul to possess a golem and had watched over the people all this time, she exchanged her soul for the world’s salvation.

A complete lie, it was not. The story matched the gist of the truth. By the way, the name Ehicliberei was a coined word with the meaning of ‘seven liberators’ put into it. It was the consideration for them that they would surely felt unpleasant to have the story of them cooperating with Ehitorujue to be taught to the future generations. If it was asked whose consideration it was, then it must be the one who thought of this story which was not a lie but also not the truth which was complicated in various meaning, a certain white haired eye-patched man somewhere.

Due to this speech of Aiko, the historians who were excited to leave this time’s legendary great battle’s record in writing at once raised the name of Miledy and others to the front stage of history once more as the seven great wise men who saved the world.

Regarding the new top brass of the church, it was composed of the priests of the remote region. The people who participated in the choir squad at that battlefield and managed to survive became the core of this new top brass. Most of them were people who clashed with the central church and then got exiled to the remote region, so their thought and ideology were also exceedingly sensible, many of them were a man of character so it was thought that there wouldn’t be any particular problem.

Regarding Raisen Great Labyrinth that was left behind by Miledy, Hajime created a living golem as the replacement of Miledy Raisen and stationed it there. It was equipped with gatling cannon, missile pod, and even pile bunker, so the difficulty level might be jumped up there.

Hajime didn’t particularly do anything to the other great labyrinths. Perhaps it had no more meaning, but his stance was that if anyone searched for power and wanted to challenge it then just challenged it.

Regarding Hajime’s quality artifacts that were lavishly used at the legendary great war, after Hajime awoke from fainting, he destroyed all of them. Gahard and some other people yelled “Stooop―!” while clinging to him, but Hajime turned everything into garbage right in front of their eyes. Hajime created an artifact to gather all artifacts that had his stamp, so there wouldn’t any that got overlooked.

Of course, the artifacts that Kam and others of Hauria possessed were left alone in their possession, though Haijme applied various work on those first.

It was irritating for Hajime when Gahard’s resentful eyes, or rather the eyes that looked like a child whose important toys were taken away were staring fixedly at him, so while he was at it Hajime gifted him with a small version Fernier. And at the next day, for some reason Hajime became the best friend of his majesty the emperor. It seemed that Gahard was really pleased with Fernier.

In preparation of the worst case that Gahard used Fernier to invade another country, Hajime made Liliana and Karm carry the remote switch for the self-exploding artifact. If Gahard knew of this…just what kind of face he would make. Hajime was really curious about it but with an effort, he endured to not ask.

Regarding the relationship between demi-human and human race, not only the people from the empire, the other humans were also in the process of changing their feeling toward the demi-human with whom they had fought together with through the legendary great war. As expected the fact that they had entrusted their lives to each other was enough to repaint their discriminatory view.

Of course, if it was asked if the two side could immediately join shoulders together, it wouldn’t be that easy, but even so, none was holding animosity to the degree where they could act hatefully with recklessness. There was also how they had witnessed the gallant effort of the dragon race, and above all else, there was the fact that a rabbit-eared girl and a dragon woman were among the comrades of the savior hero who stormed into the Holy Precincts.

The demi-human weren’t called as the abandoned race that didn’t possess god’s blessing anymore. Rather, it was obvious that the two demi-human would leave their page in history as a great person that stood side by side with the hero. No word of contempt could possibly be directed to such people.

Due to such reason, the social status of demi-human was beginning to be reevaluated rapidly among the human without anyone even needed to do particularly anything. As one part of that process, the holy church wouldn’t call them as ‘demi-human race’ anymore, from now on they would formally name them as ‘beastman race’, the official notice for that had been created.

Because of that too, the ‘Necklace of Pledge’ that had been attached on the royalty of the empire had also been dismantled. After reaching this stage with great pain where it might be possible for an amicable coexistence, to keep holding the life of the empire royalty would only break the ‘equal relationship’, causing a halt at the compromise between the two side.

Although, just because of that didn’t mean that there was no more guarantee from the empire side to stop the persecution to the demi-human and making them a slave.

“Meteor and sunlight laser, or fully equipped Hauria, which one is better?”

At the occasion where the ‘Necklace of Pledge’ was dismantled, Gahard asked “Do you believe that the empire won’t move for revenge?” with a fearless grin, and the sentence that Hajime gave back to him was that. It went without saying that after that all the close aides of Gahard swiftly demanded for a handshake of friendship. The empire was based on strength supremacy doctrine…

Now then, talking about equality between races there was the matter of the devil race.

They were invited into Holy Precincts and made to sleep at the lower strata domain, but for some reason they escaped the collapse of Holy Precincts and got thrown out at the wasteland at the outskirt of the devil race capital which was far away from the battlefield, after that they were discovered there still continuing to fast asleep.

Even at the present a month after the battle, that situation still hadn’t changed. Most likely they could be awoken immediately if regeneration magic was used on them, but right now everyone was busy with the post-battle treatment and rebuilding, there was really no leeway to wake up the existences that could possibly become a seed of conflict, so now they were sealed at a corner of the devil capital under strict monitoring. The seal was using Hajime’s artifact.

By the way, regarding the devil race people who were deeply carved with the terror of Hajime at the devil king castle, Hajime only said a word of “troublesome” and put them to sleep too. It would be troubling if they said something like ‘We are going to save our brethren!’ and rampaged, so Hajime quickly took measures.

Although, for them who had been planted with a lot of terror by Hajime, and furthermore, after they knew that Hajime had even accomplished the destruction of God Mountain and godslaying, it was really unthinkable that they would do anything stupid.

Now then, Hajime and others had busily moved around doing things like the kingdom capital reconstruction, the artifacts’ withdrawal, driving in the wedge to the empire, fabricating history, restoring the honor of the liberators, and various other things, but that didn’t mean that they were lending their hand in this and that of this world because of mere whim or sophistication.

Naturally their first objective was to return home to the birthplace earth――Japan.

During this one month, they continued to stay in this world and moved around was also doubling as killing time, and that was merely because they couldn’t go home. Having said that, it didn’t mean that they didn’t have the method to go home or anything, and it wasn’t also because they were unable to create the concept magic.

The reason was simple. There was no material to create the ‘Compass of Guidance’ and ‘Crystal Key’.

Concept magic was powerful. Even though Hajime was able to enchant mineral, but using average material would cause the item to explode when activated because it wouldn’t be able to endure the effect. Before the difficult undertaking that was crossing the world, they didn’t want to take any risky venture like ‘It should be usable if used only for one time!’

Besides, even though they were taking along Myuu and Remia together, but as expected Hajime wanted to prepare a return path home to this world for them, regarding Shia and Tio too, Karm and Adol and many other people were remaining in this world, Hajime thought that they would want to go home here sometimes to meet with their family.

And so, an artifact that would break after just one-time use would be troubling for that.

Having said that, speaking about a mineral that could endure concept magic and also had high affinity with magic, Hajime couldn’t think of anything else but the god crystal. But, they had finished confirming that there was no god crystal anymore at the abyss. Now that they didn’t have the compass, it wasn’t realistic to search for god crystal around the world when there was not even any guarantee that it existed.

And the idea that Hajime got when thinking of that, was that if it didn’t exist then he just needed to create it.

God crystal was the crystallization of magic power where magic power accidentally piled up for a long time of a thousand years. It was the solidification of the magic power of nature that was so vast it was absurd. The process was like water drops that bore a hole on a rock.

But, Hajime had no interest at all in staring at water drops boring a hole into a rock. Therefore, he just needed to twist such theory with foul play.

And then what he did based on that was creating an artifact that converged natural magic element in high speed using gravity magic which was a magic that interfered with the power of star, and then he used space magic which was a magic that interfered with boundary to pump the gathered natural magic element into artifact(pool of human population magic power).

Added with that, with Hajime who was a possessor of inhuman magic power as the first in the list, the otherworlder cheat group pumped in their magic power every day into the artifact.

As the result, after a month passed, they succeeded in creating a god crystal with diameter around fifteen centimeters. It only had around half the size of the god crystal that Hajime first discovered and it also didn’t produce ‘God Water’, but it was still an amazing material that could endure concept magic satisfactorily.

And then, finally, today Hajime started making ‘Compass of Guidance’ and ‘Crystal Key’.

The place was the fountain plaza at the outskirt of Fea Belgen. It was that place where Shia’s feeling came to a realization. Hajime and others, in this one month they were using this Fea Belgen which was the easiest place to spend time in as their base, so Aiko and the classmates were also staying here. They were human, but the beastmen were in great joy with the hero party’s stay there.

At the plaza, Shia and Tio, Kaori and Shizuku, and then Myuu and Remia were there. Other than them all the classmates had also gathered to look at the moment when the artifact for going home was completed. In addition, Liliana, Karm, and everyone else from Hauria clan and others were also there.

“Yosh, let’s do this Yue.”


Hajime and Yue were facing each other at the center of the plaza. Yue’s appearance now was her original girl figure. Sometimes she also turned into adult mode depending on her mood of the day, but this girl mode was used a lot because it was convenient for sitting on Hajime’s lap or getting hugged.

Hajime too now had his new artificial arm and eye back, the vampirization from Yue was also undone. Until they returned to earth, Hajime planned to get his hair turned black and coated his artificial arm with skin and so forth, as much as possible he wanted to return to his original appearance.

The excessively lovely Yue whose body was wrapped with chic goth loli outfit and Hajime were closing their eyes in concentration with the god crystal between them.

The classmates who were watching over them at the surrounding gulped.

In such atmosphere, the ceremony of concept creation finally began.

Inside the forest of Fea Bergen, golden and crimson magic power calmly began to twist up. From the beginning the magic power of two colors was spiraling while mixing with each other, it looked as though the two color was getting intimate with each other.

Before long the leaves of the trees were blown and scattered around while a torrent of magic power was climbing to the sky, a clear will began to reside in it. Regardless that it was unseen by eye, everyone who was there felt it, an overwhelming will that made the skin to have goosebump.

At the same time, the god crystal began to shine. The stormy torrent of magic power was focused and absorbed into the god crystal with amazing force.

Calmly, yet sonorously Hajime spoke the power of words.


Immediately the god crystal split into two. The ores other than god crystal that had been prepared beforehand instantly mixed and they were forming shape.

Unnoticed the stormy magic power was shining like a star between Hajime and Yue, the forest of Fea Bergen and the surrounding people were illuminated, their heart was charmed by the spectacle.

That radiance was also getting smaller bit by bit. “Hou” Here and there a sigh of admiration was leaked. It was unclear whether the cause of that was because of the artifact’s creation, or else if it was because Hajime and Yue who created this miraculous spectacle while snuggling close to each other.

And then, the light finally settled down, Yue and Hajime quietly opened their eyes. Ahead of their gaze was a compass and crystal key that were sparkling bright.

“…Hajime. Test it.”


Yue said that while separating their hand gently. Obeying that, Hajime tried activating the compass. There was no problem, it seized the location of earth intuitively. And then the crystal key was also operating on space properly.

“O, oi, Nagumo. How is it? Everything fine?”

Endo Kousuke asked timidly after becoming unable to endure the tension. By the way, Kousuke who had received an amazing nickname from Hauria clan, and got a lover from the same rabbit clan (in this one month he had worked very hard. Especially he paid a lot of compensation with his shame while mass producing dark history of his life), now he had a lot of common point with Haijme, the two of them were unexpectedly getting along and in this one month they were building a relatively familiar relationship.

Looking at Hajime who reacted to Kousuke’s call, several of the classmates gulped loudly.

Hajime ran his gaze around the classmates whose expression was stiffening from nervousness.

And then, he grinned widely and wordlessly gave a thumb up. The meaning of that was obvious.



“UOOOOOOO, we can go home! We seriously can go home!!”

“Nagumoo, no, you are Nagumo-sama already! Really thank you!”

“Fueeeeeeeen, I’m really glaaadd. Nagumo-kuuun, Yue-saaan, thank you!”

“Hajime-samaaa, please make me your slaveeeeee!”

“Yue-san, make me your peeet!”

Joyful cheers exploded, words of thanks rose one after another. It felt like there were some dangerous words mixed in, but it would be troubling if perverts came out even from among the classmates so Hajime beautifully ignored it. But, the guy who made a strange request to Yue would be strangled later, while making that vow, Hajime sat down with a thud from fatigue.

Yue also sat on his lap in a tired state. He circled his arms around her slender waist to support her and then she snuggled in real close.

There, *sutetete―* cute footsteps resounded.



Hajime skillfully caught Myuu’s small body that jumped energetically and placed her on the knee opposite of Yue with his support. As expected, Myuu was also snuggling in real close on him.

“Hajime-san! Me toooo”

Shia jumped *pyon* like a rabbit. The place that she embraced was Hajime’s right shoulder. His hand that was supporting Yue temporarily let go and patted Shia’s rabbit ear. Shia happily snuggled close to him.

“Hajime-kun, you did it.”

The one who was saying that while quietly snuggling close was Kaori. And it wasn’t with an apostle body. Now she was in her original body. Thinking of the difference of lifespan between her and Hajime and others, it would be better if she stayed inside apostle body. Kaori herself thought that, but Yue who had comprehended the secret technique of apostle creation during the time she was possessed by Ehito said that it was possible someday to turn Kaori’s body into apostle and surpassed the limit of her lifespan, so in the end Kaori returned to her original body. In actuality, she was already able to change into apostle mode temporarily, where in that state she was able to use silver wings and disintegration ability and also handled twin swords art.

That Kaori clung tightly on Hajime’s left shoulder. When she got her head patted, as expected she then snuggled close to him.

“Goshujin-sama’s world is surely fun isn’t it?”

“Surely you will be shocked by it there.”

Tio and Shizuku arrived. There was only the back that was left open. The gaze of the two crossed. A spark scattered between them. When they were about to aim at the last clinging position…

“My my, a good place is left open here. Ufufu. Dear, please excuse me.”

Remia who smoothly cut in clung tightly to Hajime’s back. “ “Aa-“ “ Tio and Shizuku’s voice was raised. As expected from a widow. She couldn’t be made light of.

“Shia-san, haa haa, let’s get along well with me?”

“Gee, Altina-!”

Unnoticed Altina appeared behind Shia with her breathing getting rough “haa haa”. She was walking unsteadily like a zombie while approaching Shia’s back to cling there.

Shia whose rabbit ears stood tall with shudders running through them separated from Hajime to repel back Altina.

To take advantage of that opening, two more female approached with a jog…

“…Aiko-san? What could you possibly be planning to do?”

“Liliana-san yourself, what business do you have with him?”

Here too sparks were sparking off.

Hajime’s surrounding became noisy suddenly, even the classmates who cheered joyfully with each other began to notice the commotion.

Amidst all that, Yue sighed “fuu” toward the female camp who was noisily quarreling for Hajime. Hajime tilted his head asking “What’s wrong?” with his gaze, immediately after that Yue’s atmosphere changed from sweet to bewitching.

And then, Yue’s body shined flashily, and at the next moment, the adult version Yue appeared. Right after that, the adult version Yue easily tore off Kaori and Remia from Hajime, because of the sudden growth the length of the clothes became comparatively short, and with that amazingly risqué and seductive clothing, she hugged Hajime’s head onto her breast and Hajime’s head was buried *munyuu!* into those splendid twin hills.

The quarreling female camp raised “Ah” voice while Hajime leaked out a muffled voice “unmu-“. Myuu was still supported in one of Hajime’s arms.

“…By the legal wife’s authority, the noisy child will be prohibited.”

Gushing out sex appeal. The devilish beauty that would charm anyone without distinction of sex. The words of the adult mode Yue that was the personification of bewitching made everyone’s breath taken away. The female camp immediately tried to object, but when they were forestalled by the sidelong glance Yue sent them, immediately their cheeks reddened and their words “uu” got caught inside their throat. Even Yue’s self-acknowledged rival Kaori was like that. Speaking clearly there was no one that could go against Yue.

By the way, if it was asked what was the prohibition was referring to, it was referring at the permission to enter Hajime’s bedroom. In this one month, Hajime and Yue, and then Shia too had passed through several sleepless nights, but that was something that didn’t happen every day.

And then, even at night where Yue and Shia were not there, there were still women that warmed Hajime’s bed. It went without saying just who those women were. And it also went without saying just who was the one that was holding the baton of command. It could be easily guessed from the words ‘legal wife authority’.

“…Nn. As punishment, I will monopolize today.”

“Wai-, Yue, umu-!?”

Hajime who became gutless from getting buried in the twin hills, was raised up by Yue and at the same time he received a hot, and not just normal hot but a scalding hoooot kiss from Yue.

The female camp suddenly became noisy. And then, the classmates were also became overdosed with sweetness and got flustered (including a part of the female students who became excited in a dangerous sense).

Kaori and others raised a voice of protest and pleading toward Hajime and Yue whose lips separated with rough gasping.

“Tha, that’s not fair, Yue! I too with Hajime-kun…” (Kaori)

“E, err, me too…with Hajime…” (Shizuku)

“Goshujin-sama, please be with me.” (Tio)

“My my, dear, please take care of me too okay?” (Remia)

“Hau, Na, Nagumo-kun, me, me too…” (Aiko)

“Hajime-san…please…” (Liliana)

In addition, Shia who had just finished burying Altina to the ground with a backdrop was wordlessly sending Hajime a moist gaze. Myuu was tilting her head because she was not really understanding what was going on.

There, Yue opened her mouth while smiling softly.

“…Hajime. With whom you will do it?”

If Hajime was mischievously asked that by Yue, then his answer could only be one.

“Yue is the only option.”

“Kufuh…then, I’ll be kidnapping him.”

Saying that, Myuu was then enveloped gently by the wind and handed over to Remia, then Yue’s figure vanished with a whoosh while still embracing Hajime. It was the magic ‘Heaven Existence’ that Yue ripped off from Ehitorujue. In truth when Yue kissed Hajime she recovered by taking Hajime’s blood.

The plaza of Fea Bergen was once more filled with the protesting voices “Aaa――!!” of the female camp that was in love with Hajime.

“…God damnit. I’m so deathly jealous.”

“Yeah. Me too, I want to get kidnapped by that kind of beautyyy”

“But, this me who is feeling that if it’s Nagumo then it can’t be helped, it feels like I already lost something.”

Tamai Atsushi looked up to the sky and whispered, while Aikawa Noboru was earnestly in agreement, Nimura Akito shrugged and exposed an expression that couldn’t say anything.

“Aa, I totally understand you. It feels like I cannot make any word.”

“’Well, it’s Nagumo after all’, this sentence is the recent popular phrase huh…”

Nomura Kentaro and Nagayama Juugo that heard the conversation of Tamai and others were smiling wryly while nodding. To that Nakano Shinji and Saito Yoshiki also made a dry smile that similarly couldn’t say anything.

“Haa haa, I want to be stepped on by Yue-san. I want to get ground down hard while getting scorned by those eyes…”

“You are going to the hospital right away after we go home okay? Have them look at your head.”

Amidst a part of the boys that were turning perverted, the other boys were smiling wryly while feeling envious and understanding, while also feeling complicated because they could be that understanding.

Nearby those boys, Miyazaki Nana was similarly leaking out a voice was filled with envy.

“How enviouuusss”

Sonobe Yuuka who tilted her head asked back “Which one that you mean?”

“Rather than which one, I think I’m more envious of that kind of relationship itself.”

“I really get what you mean. Certainly that’s envious isn’t it?”

Sugawara Taeko was making a girly expression while leaking out an admiring sigh “hou”. Yuuka smiled wryly toward her two best friends that didn’t even hide their longing while staring at the demon king harem members who were rushing into the forest to chase after the vanishing Yue and Hajime before she opened her mouth.

“How should I put it, Kaori-chan and Shizuku who stepped into that relationship, and then Ai-chan who got over various things, they are amazing.”

“…What’s with you all, getting like this. Crap, Nagumo-kun is seriously demon king-sama.”

“Haa haa, Hajime-samaaa, please make me your slave…”

“Let’s go to the hospital together when we go home. You need to get your head looked at.”

The conversations of the girl classmates came into hearing too, they expressed their feeling that envied Hajime and Yue’s relationship, while also giving their praise at Kaori and others who entered the harem. At the same time, their cheeks reddened from knowing that the harem already did it. Actually, quite a number of them harbored the feeling that if Hajime asked for them then they would respond to him. But Hajime wasn’t asking for them, so those feelings didn’t come into realization though.

“Suzu is not going after them?”

“No no, I’m not going. Just what are you saying so suddenly, Ryutaro-kun?”

Suzu was staring at the progression of the commotion while cackling, to such Suzu, Ryutaro who was at her side asked her that for some reason, to which Suzu tilted her head as though to say “Just what is this person talking about?”

“…No, if you ain’t going then that’s fine. See, your inside is a perverted old man yeah, so I thought that somehow you would get carried away saying ‘me too’ and charged into there or something.”

“…Oi, are you calling me a pervert without integrity, you bastard. I wonder, do I actually need to have a talk with Ryutaro-kun regarding your impression of me?”

“No, because, you see, fundamentally you are a pervert after all…”

“Okay, you are asking for a fight right? You want to fight aren’t you? I’ll let you eat to your heart’s content you know, this evolved Barrier Burst of mine.”

Ryutaro scratched his cheek lightly while speaking his honest opinion, hearing that a vein appeared on Suzu’s forehead while her hand reached toward her restored iron fan. Looking at that, Kouki rushed in panic to stop her.

“Su, Suzu. Calm down-. Ryutaro doesn’t mean anything bad with what he said, rather――”

“Kouki-kun shut up. This muscle brain who had forgotten the concept of delicacy inside her mother’s stomach, he had to get talked strictly with at least once!”

Suzu cut off Kouki’s words and howled fiercely. However, if Suzu talked about him until that far, then it would make Ryutaro wanted to at least object.

“Oy you! I don’t want to be told that I get no delicacy or whatever by the girl who wanted to go peeking at the bedroom of Nagumo and others at the middle of the night! You yourself, you actually had thrown away this thing called a woman’s shame at the roadside around there ain’t you?”

“Tha, that’s, because! I just got bothered! This is the love affair of one-sama and others you know!? It will be a loss of your life if we don’t burn that scene into our eyes at least once you know!?”

“Who give a damn! Besides, if you want to see it that much then you can just go alone. Think about my feeling who got woken up at night and got taken along to peep!”

“That was my kindness to the no good Ryutaro-kun! Understand that!”

“Don’t bullshit! Something like getting invited by a girl of the same age, to peek at the ero scene of the classmates, there is a limit even to being awkward! Or rather I don’t get what you mean!”

The giant and tiny girl quarreled(?) noisily *gyaa gyaa*. The surrounding sent lukewarm gaze at the two who recently caused this kind of spectacle relatively often. And then, the gazes toward Kouki who was completely flustered around the two was also lukewarm.

The shining charisma when they were first summoned here was already gone, in this one month, Kouki had earnestly lowered his head to everyone and his former impressive presence was thoroughly disappearing. The gaze of the surrounding to him was still cold, filled with wariness and suspicion. Kouki who had resolved himself was merely accepting those emotions silently.

His expression was constantly hard, smeared with guilt and regret. The classmates who knew the former Kouki who always helped people without distinction, although at first they held suspicion at Kouki who betrayed them, but seeing Shizuku and others who had staked their lives to take him back, and their own feeling who simply didn’t want to lose anymore classmate, and then looking at Kouki who felt more regretful than anyone else, working hard trying to change himself, caused the classmates to try to accept him for the moment.

Kouki who lost his former smile, but at the side of Ryutaro and others, he was showing a slightly soft expression even while looking flustered, seeing that expression made the classmates feel a bit relieved. Because even though they had lost a lot of things, but somehow, the important thing from before they were summoned was coming back for a little bit, they felt such feeling from that expression.

With the commotion of Ryutaro and Suzu as the center, coupled with the confirmation that they could go home, the classmates also started making a ruckus with a bright expression.

The smiles of them who knew firsthand that in life, there were times where they had to fight with their life on the line…were really powerful.

Now then, if it was asked where were Hajime and Yue who teleported went….currently both of them were under the great tree. Hajime asked for a place where no one would intrude and also had a tasteful atmosphere, so this was the designated place that fulfilled both conditions.

Hajime was holding hand with Yue who went back into girl mode, their fingers interlocked with each other, the two of them were relaxedly walking toward the base of the great tree.

The weather today was clear, sunlight brightly poured down through the trees in this place where mist didn’t enter.

“Yue, use regeneration magic.”

“…Nn? Understood.”

If the entrance to the great labyrinth was closed, then the great tree would return into a dead tree. Presently, the great tree in front of their eyes was withered. If regeneration magic was applied, it would recover its green color. Yue understood that, but she didn’t understand why it was necessary when they had no plan to enter inside.

Yue tilted her head with slight doubt, but she somehow guessed that Hajime was merely wishing to see a more beautiful scenery, she smiled while applying the magic.

Instantly the great tree was overflowed with green while emitting light. The sunlight that shined through the branches and leaves were creating several angel’s ladders. If the tranquil atmosphere was combined with the splendorous great tree that could be associated with the world tree Yggdrasil in myth, the place would become something beautiful that was even more fantastical, or even mystical.

Hajime nodded in satisfaction before he took Yue’s hand and led her to the base of the great tree. And then, like that he sat down and put Yue on his lap. It was a posture where he was embracing her from behind. The Yue in girl mode settled snugly on Hajime’s chest.

While feeling each other’s warmth and pulse for a while, they tasted the silence. The sound of leaves rustling that was audible sometimes and the breeze that caressed the skin felt pleasant.

Before long, after enjoying the nature enough to their heart’s content, Hajime softly opened his mouth, whispering into Yue’s ear.



“There is something I want to show you.”

“…Something to show?”

“Yeah. Actually, this is something that should be shown to you faster but…it’s something important so I was looking for a good timing, but it got postponed until the end like this. Sorry.”

“…? I don’t really understand but, if Hajime thinks that now is the right time, then that’s fine.”

Hajime’s eyes softened at Yue who looked up from his chest to stare at him. And then, he kissed softly at her beautiful golden threads that rustled in the wind while taking out an artifact.

That was a small transparent ore that looked like a diamond. The image recording artifact that he discovered at the sealing room in the abyss.

Hajime kept embracing Yue tightly and lifted the artifact forward before activating it. The artifact shined, and suddenly an image was projected. Seeing the person that appeared there, Yue opened her eyes wide in shock and murmured in a daze.

“…Oji, sama?”

Hajime wordlessly strengthened his arms that were embracing Yue. It was unclear whether it was unconsciously or consciously, but Yue was also gripping tightly the hands of Hajime around her waist.

In front of those two, the person in the image recording――Yue’s uncle, Denreed Gardia Wesperitirio Avatar slowly began to talk.

{…Aleytia. Long time no see, I wonder if saying that is a little wrong. I think that you are surely hating me. No, surely word like hate will not be enough at all. What I did……aa, that’s not it. This is not what I want to say. Even though I have been thinking of various things, now that the time has come to leave my last will I cannot speak smoothly.}

While making a self-depreciating wry smile, Denreed pulled himself together by clearing his throat.

{That’s right. First let me say my thanks. …Aleytia. Surely, right now on your side there should be someone who you are trusting from the bottom of your heart. At the very least, that person must be a strong person who could obtain metamorphosis magic and able to challenge the true Orkus, a person who didn’t abandon you from the guardian that I prepared and rescued you.}

Hajime’s eyes were closed. As though to listen to those words, or possibly to lament the departed.

{…You. You there who is close to my beloved niece. I wonder if you are male? Or else are you female? For Aleytia, what kind of existence are you? Are you her lover? Are you her friend? Or do you become her family, or her comrade? My apologize that I cannot meet you directly to say my thanks, but I still want to say it no matter what. …Thank you. For saving this child, for being close to her, thank you. I offer you my greatest gratitude in my whole lifetime.}

Yue didn’t even twitch. What Hajime could see were only her glittering golden threads that were sparkling from reflecting light.

{Aleytia. Surely many questions are flooding inside your chest. Or else, perhaps you have already know the truth. Just why, that day, I hurt you, and buried you inside that bottom of darkness? What kind of existence are you, and who is your true enemy?}

The story that was talked from there was the facts that they already knew and speculation that didn’t miss from the truth.

Namely, that Yue was born as a miko (TN: Usually miko is a shrine maiden, but from the kanji it can be interpreted as god child), and she was aimed by Ehitorujue. Denreed who noticed that pretended to kill Yue in his coup d’etat with the disguise that he was blinded by greed, he then sealed her in the abyss, the room where she was sealed itself was a hidden place that could fool even the god. The sealing of Yue was also a bitter choice for him so that her presence couldn’t be possibly detected even for a bit.

{I was hesitating whether to tell you the truth or not until just before that day. But, for the sake of deceiving those guys with certainty, I judged that I shouldn’t tell you. I also thought that if you hate me, then that would be a motivation for you to live.}

Surely Denreed also couldn’t stay for long in the sealing room. That was why, after pretending to kill Yue at the palace, there was no doubt that there was also no time for him to talk with her.

Just how filled with bitterness that choice that he made, it was shown by the strength of his hand clutching at the other side of the image.

{Even so, it doesn’t change that I had hurt you. I won’t say anything like your forgiveness after this late. However, I want you to please believe only this. I want you to know this.}

Denreed’s expression changed from anguish, into an expression of smiling while crying. That look was overflowing with gentleness and kindness, at the same time, it was also filled with a hopeless sadness.

{I love you, Aleytia. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I have never thought of you as bothersome, not even for once. ――I thought of you as my daughter.}

“…Oji, sama. Den-ojisama. I-, I too…”

Thought of you like a father. That feeling was flowing down along with the tears that traced through her cheek, unable to form into words. But, the strength of the hand that was clutching Hajime’s hand conveyed that feeling more eloquent than anything.

{I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do anything but to entrust you to someone in the future. I’m sorry that I act like a pathetic father.}

“…Such things-“

What was in front of their eyes was a recording of the past. It was nothing more but Denreed’s last will. But, such thing was irrelevant. Yue couldn’t help but yell no matter what.

Something shining was gathering at the corner of Denreed’s eyes. But, he didn’t let that flow by any means. While enduring tightly, he spun words toward his beloved daughter with all his heart.

{I wanted to be at your side, seeing your figure when you grasped your own happiness someday. It was my secret dream to punch the man standing at your side once. And then, after that, I wanted to exchange sake with him, and say “please take care of my daughter”. It was the partner that Aleytia chose. Surely, he would make a firm promise with a serious face.}

Denreed was looking at far away as though seeing a dream at the other side of the image. By any chance, there might be the Yue of the past at the direction of his gaze.

{It will be the time soon. There are more things that I want to talk, various things that I want to convey but…with my creation magic, I can only make an artifact of this degree.}

“…no-, I don’t wanna-. Oji-sa, Otou-sama!”

Denreed smiled wryly at the approaching limit of the recording, to that Yue reached her hand while crying. Her uncle, no, her father’s deep and deep affection, and that tragically tough resolve fiercely shook Yue’s heart, indescribable feelings were overflowing out.

Hajime hugged Yue even tighter.

{I cannot be on your side anymore, but even if this life is about to run out I’ll continue to pray. Aleytia. My beloved daughter. I wish for infinite happiness to shower above your head. For you to walk a path that is warmer than sunlight, and gentler than moonlight.}


Denreed’s gaze wandered. Surely that was because he was imagining the person who was being close with Yue.

{To you who is very close with my beloved daughter. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape it is. Make that child, to be the happiest girl in the world. Please, I beg you.}

“…Naturally. I swear it with my life.”

There was no way Hajime’s words reached him. But, without any doubt, Denreed was smiling in satisfaction. Surely he was convinced of how the person in the future who listened to his words would answer. In various senses, he was a preposterous person. Perhaps it was just as expected from Yue’s father.

The recording was fading down. Denreed’s figure melted into empty air. It was as though his soul was going away…

Yue and Hajime were snuggling to each other so close that they wouldn’t separate no matter what while gazing straight ahead, there the last words of Denreed resounded.

{…Sayonara, Aleytia. I wish that the whole world that is surrounding you, to be filled with happiness.}

Inside the deep forest, a crying voice was echoing.

It contained sadness. However, that was not all there was to it, it was a voice that was choked with warm tears of gratitude. That warmth gently enveloped Hajime.

Yue rotated her body and clung to Hajime’s chest. There she vented her emotion to her heart’s content.

It was unknown how long time passed like that.

Before long, Yue quietly lifted her face that was wet with tears. Hajime’s hand gently wiped on those cheeks.



While holding Yue’s cheeks, Hajime spun his words along with a gaze that was filled with love and resolves.

“I, am the happiest man in the world. The proof of that, is inside my arms like this right now.”

“…Nn. Then, I too, is the happiest woman in the world. The proof of that, is how I’m embraced like this right now.”

In a distance where their lips could touch anytime, while feeling each other’s breath, the two of them stared at each other. It felt funny for some reason, both of them chuckled a bit.

While chuckling like that, Hajime suddenly took out a ring. It was a simple silver ring. There was no special ability that was enchanted in it. If he had to say what was special about it, then it was a staggeringly tough ring, that was it.

That ring which was glittering brightly from reflecting the sunlight, was stared by Yue whose eyes were similarly glittering brightly.

“…nn. Proposal?”

Once, those words were said jokingly when Hajime handed her the accessories of magical bright stone series in the Orkus Great Labyrinth. At that time, Hajime spontaneously retorted but…

“That’s right.”


This time, he responded straight back. His serious gaze was seriously conveying his feeling to her. As expected, Yue got shy and couldn’t even say her usual “…nn”. Her cheeks were already bright red like an apple.

“At Japan, the custom is for the man to say [Please give me your daughter] to the partner’s father. That’s why, I thought to say it in this place where Yue realized the true feeling of your father.”


Because the one these words should be said to have gone, Hajime said it to the person herself.

“I want Yue. Everything of you, give it to me from here on until the future ahead too.”


Yue writhed.

Things like a reply or whatever, were obviously decided already.

A flower bloomed. The loveliest flower in this world. If there was a flower language for it, then the meaning would be unquestionably ‘happiness’.

Yue answered, along with a smile that was gloriously blooming in full.


The ring that indicated eternity was fitted into the ring finger of the left hand that Yue presented forward. There was one more ring. This time Yue was the one who fitted it into Hajime’s ring finger.

They showed the ring to each other, and then, they chuckled together.

After a while, Yue floated a mischievous smile while asking.

“…Then? How many rings Hajime are preparing after this?”

“…Yue. I think asking that in this kind of time is problematic.”

“…Give it to Shia next.”

“That’s why, enjoy the afterglow a bit more before saying that…”

Hajime was about to protest at Yue who was leaking out a teasing smile, but then his lips were blocked by a finger. Like that Yue directed her gaze to the beyond.

Hajime who got lured by that and followed her gaze caught the sight of Shia and others running from inside the sea of trees. It appeared that Yue made such question because she noticed their presences.

“…Fufu. If it’s Hajime, then you can make everyone happy together.”

“If looked with common sense, I’m just a lowly bastard though.”

“…Common sense doesn’t work for the demon king-sama. Besides, no matter what shape it is, if the people themselves are happy then there is no problem.”

“Well, I have determined and resolved myself so I have no hesitation anyway. Everyone, is mine.”

“…Nn. That’s my Hajime. But…”

Yue’s eyes shined.

And then,

“…I won’t hand over the ‘special’ position.”

Saying that, Yue seized Hajime’s lips.

From afar, with Shia, Tio, Kaori, Shizuku, Myuu, Remia, Aiko, Liliana as the first on the list, people were gathering one after another. The quiet and mystical place immediately became noisy like in the middle of a city.

While half of his sight was filled with the lovely vampire princess, Hajime looked at the girls at the other side and thought…

(Now then, when I introduced to Tou-san and Kaa-san, that everyone is my wives, what will happen huh…)

It seemed doubtless that even in Japan, Hajime would be in a whirlpool of turmoil.

However, surely Hajime would overcome everything of those. Crushing irrationality with irrationality, rewriting absurdity with absurdity, and if needed even fate would be destroyed, together with the ‘precious’ that he obtained in this world.

While making a gentle and also powerful smile, like now.

The tale of the young man who was summoned into another world, gifted with nothing but the talent of a common job, getting rid of even god while arriving as the world’s strongest, had the curtain lowered now with this.

After returning to Japan, due to the turmoil that was caused by the return of the group who got spirited away, the wives problem of Nagumo family, the rabbit ear legend of Akihabara, etc, etc, it went without saying that Hajime and others would go through uncommon everyday filled with turmoil.

Those stories, would be told at another chance someday…

The End

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Arifureta Chapter 177

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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (The World’s Strongest By Common Job)

*creak, crack* The barrier that Yue deployed was cracking.

The bombardment of light was unceasingly increasing in power in order to annihilate anything and everything.

{This place is Holy Precincts. Despite my body is being only a soul right now, just overwhelming the exhausted you two is not a difficult matter-! I’ll blast away irregular before the eyes of the vampire princess, and then, I’ll plunder that body once more!}

Ehitorujue’s voice echoed through the whole space.

Seeing how Ehitorujue didn’t use both penetrating attacks like the divine sword or divine flame, or space crossing attack like lightning divine spear that used Heaven Existence, the damage from the conflict against Yue’s soul and Bullet of Blood Pledge seemed to make Ehitorujue considerably exhausted.

But, even so the light bombardment was still tremendous. That was surely the original magic power light of Ehitorujue. From a glance, the light was radiant in a display of its divinity. But, it continued endlessly just like a bombardment, loud laughter that contained rage and madness were making the divine aura of the light to end in vain.

{Come, stop your useless resistance and repent. Now that your last hope has been severed, there is already no meaning in anything that you do!}

The light swelled up. The cracks on ‘Holy Severance’ were gradually getting larger.

It seemed that Ehitorujue’s pride was greatly wounded from being done in by Hajime and Yue, to the degree that he didn’t give careful consideration for Yue’s body state with his attack. He was surely thinking that he could just use ‘Automatic Regeneration’ after he repossessed the body. Rather than that, he put more importance in creating a spectacle where Hajime got erased away in front of Yue’s eyes without her being unable to do anything.

It appeared that Ehitorujue was convinced that such tragic future would come true. Hajime who was wounded all over with his two trump cards, the concept magic used up couldn’t possibly have any reserve power anymore, he thought. Even the liberators where they had seven members before could only create three concept magic.

Hajime creating two concept magic could even be said as a miracle due to the strength of his feeling toward Yue.

For that reason,

“It’s the end with this, just who was saying that’s the case huh?”

{Still bluffi――}

Ehitorujue’s words stopped midway.

That was because behind the barrier, he saw the figure of Hajime floating a diabolical smile, his lips splitting widely like a crescent moon. Even though Ehitorujue didn’t have a flesh body, yet that expression made a chill to rush through his body.


“…Nn. Leave it to me.”

The two were on the same page. Even without knowing at all regarding the detail about the card that Hajime had, Yue clearly understood what it was that Hajime wanted just like the back of her own hand. That was why, excessive word was unnecessary. With the resoluteness that this would be the last, Yue roared her magic power and poured strength into ‘Holy Severance’.

Metal particles converged on Hajime’s hand. What he was transmuting was a single bullet. There was nothing special in it at all, it was just a mere bullet.

However, there Hajime gritted his teeth audibly. And then with a ‘puih’ he spat out something, the last concept magic that he crammed and hid in one of his teeth――Reject All Existences(Anything and Everything, Just Disappear)

That concept magic which was thought to be lost together with the breaking down of the chain where it was enchanted in, Hajime somehow managed to use Convergence Transmutation to secure some of it even though he could only gather about the amount of his pinky finger, he then processed it and put it at the back of his teeth beforehand. It was for the sake of this time.

Hajime himself was surprised that the concept still remained when he gathered it even after the chain turned into very small pieces, but surely that showed just how extreme the emotion of emptiness that he felt when Yue was taken away. It was a terrifyingly deep emotion.

To the very end, the Blade of Blood Pledge and the Bullet of Blood Pledge were for the sake of rescuing Yue. Therefore, since the start, the finishing blow was intended to be carried out by this bullet of concept, filled with the pure wish of destruction. The tooth was small, but nevertheless it was emitting a definite presence, using transmutation the bullet was then got coating by it.


“The reason Aruvheit died wasn’t because he was a god. He was merely got dragged into my rampage when I snapped because you all laid your hand on Yue, that’s all. Something like the concept of godslaying, there is no way I can create something like that don’t you think?”

{You, you basta――}

Hajime corrected the misunderstanding that Ehitorujue had.

That whether it was Ehitorujue, or whether it was Aruvheit, Hajime didn’t oppose them because they were ‘god’ that acted tyrannically in this world.

They incurred the wrath of Nagumo Hajime.

That was all there was to it, the reason that Ehitorujue and his conspirators got ruined.

Being informed that implicitly, Ehitorujue lost his words. Because he noticed, that for Hajime, there was not that much difference between him the god and the random monster that attacked Hajime.

Regardless of the overwhelming gap in power between them, but Hajime’s attitude against Ehitorujue was exactly the same like how he treated all the opponents that came to crush him until now. That was, ‘you are the enemy so I’ll kill you’. Truly there was nothing special or anything in how Hajime acted against this god.

{Do, don’t screw, you bastard-}

Ehitorujue talked with babbling words. The humiliation he felt was too great, and not only that, the concept that was now aimed at him was too atrocious, the black purpose that wanted to destroy Hajime right now without delay and his instinct that wanted to run away right now were struggling inside him.

That hesitation became fatal for him.

“This is checkmate, small fry.”

With fearlessly crooked lips, Hajime loaded the bullet he held in his mouth into the derringer pistol, and then he pulled the trigger without hesitation along with some sharp words. The loaded Existence Rejection bullet became a crimson flash that was fired. Yue made the barrier to be able to be passed through with a superb timing, regardless of the bombardment of light, the attack of destruction was annihilating what it touched from the outset.

Although it was too late, Ehitorujue chose the option to evade which displayed his unease but…

“I command under the name of Yue-, ‘Don’t move’!”


After having her body taken over, Yue felt the flow of power inside the body many times over, she watched and listened to its result. For the genius of magic that was counted as a part of the strongest people in a war-torn era when she was merely a ten years old, there was no reason that she would be unable to do that.

Her magic power had already reached the very bottom. But, so what, she scolded her mind that was blacking out with her strength of will, she forcefully twisted her body that was pleading to her that it was the limit and squeezed out magic power, she also circulated the magic power that she was consuming for ‘Holy Severance’ and activated the magic――Divine Statement.

Surely Ehitorujue never thought that his own magic would be used back on him even in his wildest dream. Compared to the Divine Statement that Ehitorujue used, what Yue used was somewhat of a shoddy quality, however, it still splendidly restrained the target.

{I am-, I am the god!! Irregulaaaaaar!!!}

A shriek.

The crimson flash of ruin approached. Even though there was no face, but it was clear to see. Ehitorujue right now was showing an expression of terror. The impossible scene, the unbelievable reality, the sound of his path that he believed, without a doubt, would continue for eternity was crumbling fragilely resounded.

However, no matter how much he was denying reality, no matter how godly he was, even though he yelled how absolute he was…emotionlessly, heartlessly, irrationally, the murderous roar that the monster raised destroyed anything and everything in this world.

That was the reality.



The crimson flash pierced through the torrent of light, erased the shriek, smashed the gruesome future――and penetrated the mad god’s chests.

Soundlessly, the crimson flash disappeared toward the faraway white space.

The torrent of light dispersed, Ehitorujue trailed his hand on the hole gaping wide open in his chest. And then, he raised a wordless scream while his hands moved as though tearing off his chest, or possibly desperately attempting to plug off the hole, exposing a state that even made anyone felt pity to him.

{aaAA, ridiculous…such thing…impossible}

Although he leaked out words that denied the reality, his body of light was still crumbling with the hole on his chest as the center of the breaking down.

And then, at the end, with one more whisper of “…impossible”, the light humanoid form that was Ehitorujue melted into empty air and vanished.

The radiance of ‘Holy Severance’ melted into the empty air at the same time before Yue limply fell down and sat on the ground femininely.

Hajime slowly lowered down the small gun.

Silence wrapped the area.

Other than the slightly rough breathing of Hajime and Yue, there was no sound at all.

Yue earnestly lifted up her eyelids that were trying to close even now while slowly looking back over her shoulder with a smile.

Toward that, Hajime too returned a smile…it was at that moment,



Hajime’s impatient voice resounded in warning.

To that Yue held her breath, at the same time a weird shrike that sounded unthinkable to come from this world resounded.


At the same time, an invisible violent impact became a storm that attacked the two.

Unable to even resist Yue was sent flying, sending her on Hajime’s chest with her back to him. Haijme immediately circled his hand around Yue and twisted his body, covering her from the shockwave with his own body.

Thunderous sound.

That was the sound of the tiered gallery Hajime was half buried into getting pulverized into small pieces. It was lucky that he wasn’t pressed by the impact onto the chalk white wall, but it didn’t change that the abnormal shockwave was showering on him.

Hajime kept covering Yue in his embrace while he got blown away like a leaf toyed by a storm along with the wreckages of the tiered gallery, he then got bounced on the ground many times before he finally stopped.

“Guh, gahah, Yue-…”

“…Nnh, Ha, jime…”

Hajime called to Yue while vomiting blood everywhere. Yue only got a little damage because Hajime covered for her, but even so she seemed to be injured to the degree that she was unable to properly move.

Both of them linked their hand together and somehow stood up by supporting each other. And then, they observed the surrounding while sweating coldly.

“Oi oi, what the hell is that…”

“Haa haa…looks like…the Holy Precincts itself, get affected.”

Exactly as Yue said, here and there cracks entered the white space, there were also spots that looked twisted like jelly, showing that the space was clearly getting unstable. At the distorted spots, sights of unknown worlds, familiar worlds, and the scene of the surface were projected and disappeared, the sceneries were repeatedly projected and vanished.

And then, the source of the weird shriek and tremendous shockwave was…

“…Actually, the last boss, still has two transformations left…is this something like that? Well, in a sense, this is a normal template though.”

“…Nn. He is, already, just a monster…”

At the place where Hajime and Yue’s gaze were directed, clad in muddy black miasma that was being spouted out from the distorted space, or possibly it was absorbing the miasma, even now the thing that was Ehitorujue was raising a strange shrieking voice.

{uuu, AA, aa–――}

As though getting attracted by that extremely unpleasant groan which rubbed the mind of the listener the wrong way, miasma was gathering endlessly from the distorted space at the surrounding, from inside the miasma they could perceive figures that seemed to be monster or apostle. But, all those figures were being sucked into Ehitorujue without showing any resistance at all while staring blankly into empty air.

And then, there was more unpleasant sound resounding. *beki-, gokyu, gucha, boki-* Just like the sound of bone and bone grinding at each other, or like flesh and flesh crushing each other, graphic sounds were echoing from inside the miasma.

At the same time, intermittent words were spreading with echoes.

――Don’t want…to die-, don’t want, to…di…e

――Why…eno, ugh…you, said…I don’t, understand…don’t, want…to, die-

――Etern, nal……ly…everything…

――Go, d…I, be…come…god, already…ye, t…why…

――Mis…taken, no…..such, thing, I, am the…

――O, bey…everything…..break…sma, sh…

――Cho…ke, ye…ll…lament…gri, ef…

――Don’t, want…don’t, wanna…di, e-

Those words were an obsession to life, a deep resentment toward others, a childish self-righteousness, a vulgar self-conceit, merely an inexcusable outburst of anger.

But, whether it was the feeling of not wanting to die, or even the feeling of wanting to become alone and destroy anything and everything…it was something that he really didn’t want to acknowledge that he felt disgusted from the bottom of his heart but, Hajime could understand those feelings completely.

His heart changed at the bottom of the abyss thinking that other people were worthless, he pawed on the ground to survive even by slurping blood and flesh. When Yue was stolen, he rampaged wildly and even created a concept that brought about extreme destruction from his empty feeling.

“…That is, by some chance, if I…wasn’t able to meet Yue and others…that――”

Might be me. The lips of Hajime that were going to murmur that were blocked by the slender index finger of Yue.

And then, she silently shook her head and gently denied it with a whispering voice.

“…Hajime is different from that. …Even that thing, surely had people who thought of him, someone that he ought to reach out to, and also someone that reached out to him. The result of not looking back on those, is that.”

Yue’s crimson eyes gently squinted.

“…The path, Hajime has walked until now. That is Hajime’s everything.”

Even when his heart changed, the scream that was raised at the bottom of the abyss reached him. Even while saying that the matter of this world was inconsequential, in the end, he saved a lot of people. The path that he had walked like that stopped Hajime’s rampage.

That was why, even though the two might look similar, but the two of them were completely different.

That was why, Yue said, don’t look down on my Hajime.

She told that. Conveyed that to him.

“…If that’s what Yue said, then that must be so.”


Hajime made a wry smile from basking in sentimentality in the middle of this absolute great crisis of all place, and also from being scolded at this very late hour. Toward such Hajime, Yue also smiled gently.

Even while they were doing that, the thing that was Ehitorujue continued to spout out his selfish emotion that was unbearable to listen on, on the contrary, its soul was absorbing the miasma and the ruins of monsters and apostles with terrific momentum.

Ehitorujue was obviously losing sanity. Thinking from how the space was getting unstable, the cause wasn’t only because of the previous shockwave, obviously the cause was from Ehitorujue’s abnormality. In other words, that meant that the bullet of Existence Denial had certainly granted a lethal damage to Ehitorujue.

Even so he didn’t vanish, in his rejection he took in the miasma and the monsters into himself to compensate for his vanishing existence, this was surely Ehitorujue’s earnest desire of survival and the strength of his obsession for control.

Ehitorujue that could vanish anytime was holding out only with his tenacity, however, Hajime and Yue didn’t have any way to give him the finishing blow.

Their magic power had dried up, they were wounded all over and unable to even stand up properly.

The trump cards that Hajime prepared had been all used up. Hajime could do nothing but smiling bitterly toward that fact. Truly, this world’s difficulty level was a bit too hard to be expressed with the word of fantasy which was packed with dream and hope.

But, at that time, the miasma that was covering the area around Ehitorujue ruptured and blew off.

The thing that was Ehitorujue was still enveloped in whirling black mist, but now his full figure could be seen clearly.

“That is seriously a monster huh.”

“…Nn. Rather that looks pitiful.”

The impression of the two was frank.

What was there was a lump of meat. Flesh, bone, and skin of several races were haphazardly combined with limbs jutting out from the wriggling meat lump. Several tentacles were undulating, looking extremely grotesque. That figure would make people lost their sanity and felt like vomiting just by its appearance.

The thing that was Ehitorujue which was reduced into that meat lump suddenly shrieked.


A storm immediately blew violently. Black miasma whirled, invisible shockwaves that centered on the meat lump blew away the chalk white ground.

The shockwave was emitted radially without any direction, even so it hid a force to the degree that even Hajime and Yue who were already thrown to considerable distance were blown away even further.

Hajime and Yue were blown away while leaking out agonized voice, even then their linked hands didn’t let go no matter what while they struck the ground. Hajime shrugged in exasperation even while his expression distorted from pain and he gave instruction to Yue.

“Yue, suck my blood.”

“…-, but”

“It’s fine.”

Hajime’s words made Yue hesitated. Hajime said that it was fine, but there was no way that was true. He was already bleeding to the degree until one of his feet was already inside the grave, or possibly it had already surpassed even that. The wound on his stomach and also the wounds on both his legs weren’t treated yet or anything. Hajime had tightened his muscles and held back his bleeding, but he was in a state that it wouldn’t be strange for his heart to stop anytime from bleeding too much.

He was holding on to his consciousness, and even now he was wracking his mind in order to survive, to kill his enemy, he was able to do those thanks to his tough body that could be earnestly titled as a monster. Even so his condition was really on the brink. If here Yue sucked his blood, that might really become the finishing blow for him.

At far away, Ehitorujue was raising a roar that shaved on sanity once more. The space fiercely distorted each time with the shockwave destroying the chalk white world. Furthermore, the undulating tentacles could also be seen wandering searching for prey. At this rate, it was clear they would die without doing anything. Even so, Yue was still hesitating, to that Hajime showed her a smile.

That smile, was the bold and fearless smile that always made Yue’s chest to tighten. His canine was bared, his eyes gleamed fiercely, the ally gave immense trust to that smile, and the enemy was granted with a traumatic shudder by that smile, the smile of the demon that made the vampire princess as its slave.

“Didn’t I tell you? This is the template. Do you think, that I didn’t foresee this kind of situation?”


“Indeed, all my trump cards are used up. However, there is still the prepared finished product, see?”

Yue already didn’t have any word. Aa, truly, this person that I loved…was really diabolical. Such feeling throbbed loudly in her chest, Yue leaked out a feverish breath and she nodded briskly.

And then, while she felt the sensation of Hajime’s arm that was embracing her tightly, she put her teeth on his neck. The flowing in blood recovered Yue’s magic power for just slightly――no, at the next moment, a terrific pulsation came. *dokun dokun*, a really slight amount of blood that normally wouldn’t do anything for her was now restoring Yue with a momentum that was far surpassing the effect of ‘Blood Pledge Contract’ or anything else.

The reason for that was one.

――Yue exclusive artifact   Nagumo Hajime

Blood that had the effects to sublimate Yue’s ‘Blood Pledge Contract’ by several levels, to make the skill ‘Limit Break’ be possible, and then with the iron content of the blood abundantly bestowed with the ingredient of cheatmate, such blood liquid was flowing inside Hajime’s body.

By assuming a situation where he lost all his artifacts, where the taken back Yue was in exhaustion, and in addition the Bullet of Denial Existence was unable to kill the opponent, Hajime prepared himself to be the exclusive artifact of Yue. Exactly like the naming, this artifact was a secret treasure class artifact that brought about power and recovery which surpassed even the god water limited only for Yue.


Feeling the extremely sweet and burning pleasure from inside her body, Yue unintentionally leaked out a heavy gasp. But as though sensing that recovery of Yue, countless tentacles shot out with a blur from Ehitorujue. The tips of those tentacles were sharp, what they touched would surely get pierced in one attack.

Yue separated her mouth from Hajime’s neck and she directed one of her hands like a shield toward the approaching tentacles. Immediately, the space before her eyes distorted.

The tentacles rushed there.

But, all of them didn’t reach the two. It was because the distorted space swallowed everything. No, more accurately the tentacles were dismissed into another space.

In order to build a reliable defense using little magic power, Yue made use of the unstable space. Yue didn’t have the power to create a gate using space magic from zero that shut out the space, and so, in that case she just needed to create a gate to a different world using the space that was already shaking. If it was only expanding a hole in space that was already open, then it wouldn’t consume that much strength.

After Yue confirmed that the barrier of space dismissal had displayed a reliable effect, she moved her gaze to Hajime once more.

Hajime’s eyes were beginning to lose focus slightly. As expected, his limit was coming just by sucking the slight amount of blood just now. His face was growing pale, even now his consciousness looked like it would fell off anytime along with his eyelids. He was in a state that was barely clinging on consciousness by concentrating on the pain of his wound.

To Yue who was supporting his body, Hajime talked to her with a hoarse voice, nevertheless strength could be felt from that voice without any sign of giving up.

“Yue…you can, recover me…to a certain degree, right?”


“I have…no card left. But…if there, is none――”

“…it just needs to be made.”

Understanding Hajime’s intention, Yue manipulated the space while continuing his sentence. To that Hajime made a faint smile and continued.

“…Destroy, that guy――”

“The concept, will be created right now. But, with only the magic power of me alone, it’s still insufficient.”

“With metamorphosis…magic. Make me――”

“-…subordination. Because there is blood in me”

Hajime grinned widely. This plan that made her wondered just how far he had predicted, and then the great recklessness in it, yet with his tremendous faith to her as the premise of the plan right from the start, made Yue unable to say anything anymore.

“…The material?”

“My, eye.”

Obeying Hajime’s instruction, Yue’s slender fingers were held aloft above Hajime’s right eye, and then, the fingers plunged in all at once. A groan slightly leaked from Hajime, but Yue unhesitatingly pulled out her fingers while her lips tightened into a straight line.

On her palm was a small bluish-white crystal. The magic eye stone.

“Yue…plea, se.”

“…Nn. Leave it to me.”

Like that the rite of metamorphosis began.

In order to obtain the necessary magic power, Yue sucked Hajime’s blood further which weakened him more and more. Hajime looked really frail that it wouldn’t be strange for his heartbeat to stop anytime.

But, the moment Yue’s hand touched Hajime’s chest, fierce heartbeat sound resounded as though an electric shock had just been applied there. *dokun, dokun!* Pulsating heartbeat was increasing in strength second by second.

That was a magic that transformed Hajime into a vampire just like Yue. It had the same principle like how Tio transformed another monster into her underling. If a frail and delicate human that was different from monster was used, normally that human wouldn’t come out of it safely, not to mention if it was a metamorphosis magic that changed a human’s race, the difficulty was of the highest degree.

From how Tio who was an expert of characteristic magic dragonification which had the origin from metamorphosis magic needed the black slave whip for assisting her success, it was clear to see just how difficult this grand magic was. And now Yue who wasn’t particularly skilled at metamorphosis magic was using something like that to a human target without any training beforehand.

Yue was a rare genius, but this magic had the possibility of success existed only because the target was Hajime who possessed inhuman toughness in body and mind. No, surely from the beginning Hajime who proposed this method was convinced that this would succeed. It was because of his trust from the bottom of his heart toward Yue.

The meat lump of Ehitorujue could be felt approaching lumpingly from far away. That was surely the countdown toward their death.

Because Yue split her strength for the metamorphosis magic, her control of the space became lax and several tentacles began to graze their body.

But, even in such an extreme situation, her beloved monstrous partner perfectly responded and bewitched her.

“Yu, e-“

“…Nn. Come here, Hajime.”

Hajime exposed his canine tooth with his pupil dyed crimson like Yue’s, and he bit at Yue’s smooth nape that looked so slender it felt like it would break when touched. And then, Hajime converted the blood into strength using the special trait of the vampire.


Each time Hajime’s throat sounded, a sweet feverish breath escaped Yue’s mouth.

Even though she understood that strength was leaving her body, and even though she understood that now wasn’t the time for that, “more”, yet she was thinking of something like that.

Amidst the resounding sweet gasping voice, Hajime’s magic power was recovering in the proportion of the amount of blood flowing out.

However, Yue thought while feeling impatience.

(Not enough…)

Yes, it wasn’t enough. It really wasn’t enough to create a concept magic no matter what. With an amount of magic power that was even far from enough for Hajime’s complete recovery, it wouldn’t be sufficient to create a concept for finishing off the monster of the Holy Precincts which was getting close to them even now.

The limit of the blood flowing inside her would reach the limit soon. She was also grasping the amount of Hajime’s recovery. At this rate, they would have no other choice than putting a stake of sink or swim with their insufficient magic power. In addition that stake would be one with a considerably bad odd.

“It’s fine. Do you think, that the artifact(me) which is dedicated to you is only at this level?”

Perhaps looking at the impatience displayed on her face, Hajime who separated from Yue’s neck was saying such thing while he leaned forward to plunder Yue’s lips this time. And then, “nnu” Yue’s lip that was leaking small voice was wounded by Hajime’s canine tooth, at the same time, Hajime’s own lip also got cut.

Like that, while they were kissing each other repeatedly, it came.


Magic power swelled up with terrific force.

The magic power that should be a step from drying up burst out from Yue and whirled in gold color. At the same time, a tremendous magic power that was unimaginable coming from the recovery amount just now also burst up from Hajime. With the two as the center, a torrent of magic power climbed as though piercing the heaven, no, it was actually piercing the space of Holy Precincts and pierced toward the heaven with violent blowing.

Golden and crimson entangled with each other, as though expressing the relationship between the two people, they mixed with each other, forming a complete harmony that raged violently.

――Particle style artifact   ‘Vow of Entwined Branch’

Hajime’s blood that was turned into an artifact, and the metal particle that Yue took into her body. This metal particle was actually an artifact that activated only when under the prescribed condition. The effect and activation condition of this artifact was, the two who had tied the contract of blood pledge could then convert blood into power in a chain reaction with the two of them turned into artifact for each other and they exchanged blood with each other. The strengthening effect would continue endlessly until they stopped exchanging blood(kissing).


The swelling power, and the happiness of intermingling with her beloved, it caused Yue to moan while her body was trembling. Hajime was also in the same state. The vampire princess in his embrace was so hopelessly lovely that he slightly repeated the blood tasted kiss.

The former shadow of Ehitorujue had arrived until right nearby them. It emitted an immense shockwave along with its tentacles.


Toward that, Yue canceled the distorted space without even directing her eyes there.

She did that because she understood that such thing wasn’t necessary anymore. To display that, the golden and crimson magic power towered high like a protective wall. And then, at the next moment, the magic power released a tremendous shockwave that neutralized all shockwaves from the meat lump. It was the ‘Impact Conversion’ by Hajime.

Even during that time, the two were still gluing earnestly close with each other.

The figure of the Holy Precincts monster that was left alone, to be frank was pitiful.

Unable to forgive that, Ehitorujue increasingly emitted an extremely unpleasant strange sound while unleashing severe attacks.

While repelling all of those with magic power impact, Hajime and Yue who were accompanied by the tremendous magic power that already swelled up to the degree that it might destroy the white space, slowly separated their lips. The silver bridge hanging down between the two looked really captivating.

The sweet atmosphere of the two already far surpassed the territory of being out of place, however, people who could obstruct them didn’t exist anywhere in this world.

Both of them kept hugging, their hands softly overlapped. Between them there was the magic eye stone that was partly made from god crystal, and the tiny gun that Hajime didn’t let go at all even when they were sent flying.

And then, Hajime’s trump card(commonness) was chanted.


Right after that, golden and crimson melted into each other, and light so bright as though a sun was created manifested.

That beautiful and powerful radiance made the Ehitorujue monster to writhe and draw back. It was as though it hated that warm light.

The light was converging.

At its other side, there was the figure of Hajime pushing out his hand toward Ehitorujue with fierce eyes that glared sharply. A small gun was clutched in that hand.

The terrible exhaustion was causing the worn-out right hand to tremble all over, unable to fix the aim. That hand was scooped out from below softly and supported by a graceful hand. It was Yue’s hand.

While snuggling close to each other, both of them readied a single small gun. The running sparks were crimson and golden. The sure-kill bullet that would end everything was buzzing, impatiently waiting to be fired.

What was filled into that bullet was unmistakably a concept magic.


Ehitorujue madly unleashed its tentacles. It instinctually comprehended the mighty power that was aimed at it.

But, there was no way such random attack could go through the golden and crimson the two were clad in, all of those were easily swept away by the impact of magic power.

And then,

“Giving victory to a man with a kiss, that’s really heroine-like huh, Yue.”

“…Nn. Hajime plucking off the victory at the end without fail, is just like a hero.”

Both of them were talking frivolously while aiming the brilliantly shining gun right at the middle of Ehitorujue.

“Well, putting that aside, there is one thing I want to say to that.”


For a moment, both of their eyes met. The fearless smile was floating on their respective face.

The spoken words were the concept of the newborn concept, the words that returned the favor toward the repeated calamities that were wretchedly forced on them. And then, surely, these words also represented the feeling of the people that were toyed around by Ehitorujue in the past.

“ “――The Scattered Pains Right Back Toward You(now you really have done it you shitty bastard-)” “

Soundlessly, a streak of light cut through the air.

That stabbed right in the middle of Ehitorujue without the slightest deviation.

Concept magic The Scattered Pains Right Back Toward You――this magic returned all the pain and wounds that the target had given to other people until now.

Just like the holy man that was once pierced by a holy spear on the hill of Golgotha, the thing that was once a god spurted out blood in a large amount from the wound opening. Although, the flowing out blood wasn’t something holy like that holy man, but something muddy black which looked sticky and unpleasant.

While the lump of meat was crumbling, the agglutinated mere shadow of Ehitorujue a beat later was,


It raised a hair-rising shriek.

And then at the next moment, flesh and blood exploded to everywhere, silver magic power mixed with muddy black miasma climbed to the sky.

That was undoubtedly the scream of the death agony of the mad god. The repeated inhumanity that it had piled up for a few thousand years, or possibly tens of thousands of years were all returned to its own body. Although it had been reduced to a monster without any reasoning, it surely felt the pain of tens of thousands of years within an instant where even the torment of hell would feel lukewarm in comparison.

The flash that contained a shriek within pulverized the space, and it came out to the familiar dark red space at the other side.

Without any doubt, that must be the last scenery of Ehitorujue, the god of this world.



Hajime and Yue had no word.

They were merely staring at the last light of Ehitorujue that was vanishing toward the empty space that was gradually getting smaller. The gun their hand was holding couldn’t endure the burden and crumble into pieces.

The palms that weren’t holding anything now naturally held each other, their faces looked at each other. The magic power was already dispersing and the area around the two was quiet. Both of them had used up their stamina and magic power and everything else, they supported each other’s body leaning to one another and embraced the other party closely. And then, they smiled softly.

Perhaps because the creator of the place was gone, the white space began to rumble. The unstable space was gradually getting stormy, here and there breaking down was starting. Hajime ascertained the state of the surrounding and themselves and then he opened his mouth with a bitter expression.

“This is, bad. This doesn’t seem, to be the time, for looking…melancholic.”

“…Nn. Hajime, you can stand?”

“…Chih, my legs…not just that, my whole body, cannot move satisfactorily. Yue, you?”

“…Just sitting…take my all”

Both of them looked at each other and smiled wryly. It appeared that the true pinch only came after they consigned the god to oblivion.

“My bad, Yue. …The truth is, after killing Ehito, I planned, to wait for recover…and then used the particles…for creating gate key but…”

“…Nn. Doesn’t seem we will have that much time. There is, not even a drop of blood left to exchange.”

“Yeah. Besides…the particles themselves, are swallowed…by the unstable space, there is none remaining. At the worst case, I expected to use…the bone of the arm, or the leg…to make one-time use artifact…but…”

The crumbling of Holy Precincts was too fast that they wouldn’t make it in time if they wait for recovery, that caused Hajime’s expression to turn sour as though he had bitten a bitter bug. It wasn’t like he hadn’t imagined it, but Ehitorujue’s excessive obstinacy was to the degree that made Hajime had no extra leeway, that he had to pour all his strength to defeat him. Because of that, the composure to spare some recovery medicine, and also the blood for magic power conversion had run out already.

At the very end, Hajime curse inside his heart to himself “I’m an idiot”, however, there was not even a bit of despair in himself.

“To end…after coming this far…is unacceptable. We are going home, even if we need to crawl-“


They lent each other their shoulder and advanced bit by bit literally by crawling on the crumbling white world. They were walking slowly without any progress, but there wasn’t even a drop of the color of resignation in their eyes.

Even so, the reality was always callous, the crumbling of the surrounding was getting increasingly intense, approaching to swallow them altogether with their determination. Ahead of Hajime’s gaze, there was a veil of light that appeared unnoticed. That was the exit and entrance of this space.

The crumbling was approaching. Death was sneaking near. They desperately advance toward the veil of light.

But, the veil of light collapsed before their eyes.



Witnessing the path of their escape vanishing into sands, a curse leaked out spontaneously from Hajime’s mouth. The hand of Yue that was grasping Hajime’s hand clutched tightly to soothe him that was like that.

“…We are blocked from every direction. What’s left, is only…to gamble.”

“…Nn. Leap into, the crumbling space.”

There was already no other choice but that. Just like what Shia and others almost did, Hajime and Yue would also aim for the scenery of the surface that became visible sometimes and leaped right toward the crumbling space itself in a desperate gamble.

But, no matter how it was unthinkable that they would have future by doing that. It was a mad attempt that wouldn’t even be a gamble. If an example had to be made, it was something like someone who was holding a bomb was trying to skillfully use the explosion so they might be able to be sent flying to far away. Even before thinking about being sent flying, there was no assurance that they wouldn’t be turned into small pieces beforehand.

But, even so they didn’t have the slightest intention to give up.



“I love you.”

“Nn-, me too…I love you.”

With a calm condition that was unthinkable to come from people who were in front of a crumbling space, both of them expressed their feeling to each other. At last, the safe spot also became gone. The crack was also entering into the spot where the two were at.

Like that, *creak* an unpleasant sound resounded below them, both of them resolved themselves and they were going to leap into the space where the surface was visible, it was at that moment

{Choa―――! Appearing at a miraculous timiiing, the beautiful warrior, Miledy Raisen-tan☆ Has arrived! The one who is calling for me is you two isn’t ittt? Isn’t ittt?}

Something came out.

“ “…” “

Hajime and Yue’s eyes turned into dot spontaneously.

However, without paying any mind to such pair, the intruder opened her mouth with jetting up tension.

{What’s with thiiiisss, even though I have come with great pain to save you two from something like a piiinchhh, just where is the reactiooonn. Miledy-chan is going to cry here! I’m going to go hics hics, glance glance you knooow?}


“…Nn. This is certainly Miledy.”

The staggering annoyingness finally lets the two to accept the spectacle in front of their eyes as reality. And then when they looked around, it seemed that the crumbling had been held back before they realized it.

“This is…your doing?”

{Fufun, I guess. Something this much is really easy for the liberator Miledy-chaaannn. Although I say that, it won’t last for more than several minutes though☆}

“…By any chance, you can, escape?”

{But of courseee! I came here after tossing away Rabbit-chan and others to the surface already see☆ What’s left is only you two pyon! As expected, me! What an able woman-! Yes, applause applause!}

The smiley mask was sparkling with some kind of mechanism while saying that kind of thing, putting aside how annoying the words were, the two of them were seriously feeling admiration and gratitude to Miledy. But at the same time, Hajime and Yue also became endlessly vexed.

But, Miledy’s next words broke the half-smiling face of the two.

{Hoi, this is the Degraded Arrow of World Crossing, the last one of it. It’s a defective product that is usable only in this kind of unstable space, but it should be enough for escaping. Next, a healing medicine for service! This should recover you to the degree that you can activate the arrow’s ability pyon! After you two drink that quickly gooo from here! Gooo! Leave the rest to Onee-san okaaayyy☆}

“…And you? You aren’t, going to get out with us?”

Glancing at the thrown Degraded Arrow of World Crossing which Yue caught, Hajime threw his question at Miledy. Because from her speech it was as though Miledy was going to stay behind in this crumbling space.

That guess appeared to be correct.

{Yep, I’m staying hereeee. If this kind of codswallop space is left alone, the surface will also get swallowed and cause a chaining crumbling after all. I’m going to straighten this up.}

“…From how, you speak…it’s like you are going to die here.”

Thanks to the healing medicine, Hajime had recovered to a degree that he could indeed activate the artifact, he then asked with a tone that had turned somewhat smoother.

Miledy answered to that question frankly.

{Yep. My, the plan is for my Super Secret☆Magic to guide the crumbling of Holy Precincts and compress it pon pon. The space is on the verge of breaking down, if this body of mine and my soul are used as a medium to magnify my magic power then it will be enough. That’s why, I’ll end here.}

“Self-sacrifice? That doesn’t suit you. Rather than that――”

Hajime whose nerves were rubbed the wrong way by the resigned speech was going to argue vehemently, but then a blonde beautiful girl around fourteen, fifteen years old appeared overlapping the Miledy-golem. It seemed to be the projection of soul, this must be the original appearance of Miledy.

In contrast with her joking around tone, that girl figure of Miledy was putting an extremely satisfied and also gentle expression toward Hajime and Yue.

{This is juuust self-satisfaction. My promise with my comrades, with my important people――’Let’s destroy the evil god and save the world!’ reaalllly, that sounds like a fairy tale and it looks stupid, but we exchanged that promise seriously, I want to fulfill it, that’s all pyon.}


{At that time, we couldn’t do anything and lost, everyone became scattered, but thinking ‘even so’, we created the great labyrinths…right now, in this time, in this place, is where I’ll use my whole strength for the sake of people, this is exactly the reason that I survive for this long mon.}

Hajime and Yue listened quietly to Miledy’s words that sounded like a monolog. The reason Miledy wanted to do this wasn’t because she wanted to bask in the joy of cheap self-satisfaction, they comprehended that right now in this time, Miledy was going to realize the feeling that she had continued to hold in her heart from so far in the past that they couldn’t even imagine.

Looking at such pair, Miledy narrowed her eyes with even more and more gentleness.

{Thank you, Nagumo Hajime-kun, Yue-chan. For granting our dearest wish. For using our magic correctly.}

“…Nn. Miledy. Your magic is the most useful.”

{Kufufu, naturally! After all it’s me! What I said before was also like that right? ‘As long as you keep being you, you will achieve godslaying without fail’, I said.}

“…’You can just live following your wish. After all, your choice will surely be the best for this world’, you also said that. Was my choice the best for this world?”

{Of course! Presently, after all, that shitty bastard has been blown away until beyond that world, and I am right here! And then this dreg of a life can be used now for the sake of people following my oath. …Finally, I can head to where everyone is in peace.}

Surely if this was a flesh body than glittering things would be overflowing from the corner of Miledy’s eyes. That was just how intense the flood of emotions that Miledy’s words were filled with, which made them thought that.

{Nooow, both of you. Soon it will be the limit for me to hold back the crumbling pyon. You two need to return back to the place of the people waiting for you. I too, will head toward the place where there are people waiting for me.}

The stagnating space was beginning to rumble once more.

Even while staggering, Hajime and Yue stood up somehow thanks to the healing medicine, the two of them activated the Degraded Arrow of World Crossing that was clutched by Yue’s hand while staring back straight at Miledy.

“…Miledy Raisen. My greatest respect to you. Many months and years have elapsed, yet, there is not a single scratch on that strength of will. That determination is the best article under the heaven beyond any doubt. Oscar Orcus. Naiz Guryuen. Mail Meljine. Laus Vaan. Ryuteris Haltina. Vandour Shune. I will never forget, you and your important people.”

“…Nn. There wasn’t a single thing, of the path of the struggles of you all that was pointless. We will impart it to the next generation, without fail.”

{Both of you…wha, what’s with you twoooo. Like that, I, cannot say anything at all! If you said something like that! Come on, this is really the limit! Just get lost already, get lost!}

Her expression looked embarrassed somehow, and yet it also seemed to be almost overwhelmed with emotion. Miledy faced away with a huff and she waved her hand to shoo them off.

The rumbling was getting fiercer and fiercer, the crumbling was beginning to approach once more.

Hajime and Yue displayed a faint smile at Miledy who wouldn’t meet their eyes while advancing to the edge of the crumbling chalk white surface. And then, they nodded at each other.

“Good bye, protector of the world.”


Saying that the two leaped down toward the crumbling space that looked like an abyss.

Miledy that was left behind sighed “Fuuuu”.

{Protector of the world, is it. Thaaat feels itchy. Saying that at the very end, is just foul. …Should I think of it, like a payback or something.}

While talking to herself, a black whirling sphere was created with her body as the center. While the sphere was sparking with something like black thunder, Miledy quietly lifted her gaze to the center of the black star of calamity.

Before she knew it, there, she could see the figures of her important people that didn’t lose color no matter who many months and years passed.


There was no word that came back. Perhaps this was the revolving lantern before one’s death, or just her hallucinating.

But, such thing was inconsequential.

{What, so you all came to pick me up. Ehehe, then, perhaps I should say it. Finally, I guess I can say it!}

The star of calamity was swallowing anything and everything at the surrounding. Other magic like ‘Severance Calamity’ or whatever couldn’t compare with this. It swallowed everything and pulverized them inside, yes, so to speak this was a black hole.

While the golem artifact which was used as the medium was vanishing without a trace, Miledy’s soul yelled with a voice and expression that were the very picture of innocence.

{Everyoneee, I’m homeee――!!}

At the next moment, the white space was soundlessly annihilated along with all light.


Part 2

The silver angels were falling down to the ground one after another like falling star, the dark red world was rumbling unceasingly, above where the sky should be visible originally, reversed other worlds could be seen wobbling dangerously. Those reversed many worlds could be seen starting to crumble from a glance.

The end of the world.

Such words passed through the brain of the people of the allied force. Even though the apostles who wielded furious might had stopped functioning, but they honestly couldn’t feel happy because of the scream that the world raised which they felt.

“Aa, god…”

Someone whispered so.

In front of the collapse of the world, the sword in their hand felt really tiny. Everyone was merely staring at the shaking above worlds in a daze without being able to do anything else.

At that time, a dignified voice resounded. It wasn’t someone like a god that couldn’t be seen or anything. But it was someone who was right on their side, the ‘Goddess of Harvest’ that had struggled through the line of death together with them――the voice of Hatayama Aiko.

{Everyone, there is no need to despair! That person is over there! Right now, even in this moment, he should be fighting that evil god! The apostles falling, the worlds in the sky breaking, they all are the proof of the evil god’s suffering! That’s why-, let’s pray! For the victory of that person! For the victory of mankind-! Now, match your voice! Let’s show our will!}

The battlefield fell as silent as grave.

Aiko’s words weren’t something that came from the speech compilation Hajime gave her. The proof of that could be seen from how she was calling Hajime as ‘that person’ rather than ‘my sword’. It was undoubtedly a yell that came from Aiko’s own heart. Those words displayed Aiko’s will that believed on the safety of Hajime and others, and also of their victory.

The one who responded first was Liliana.

{To victory-!}

The lovely voice which was amplified with artifact echoed on the battlefield.

And then, the one who hailed at that voice with a blood soaked figure yet powerful yell was Gahard.

{To victory-!!}

Continuing after him, Karm, Adol, and Alfrerick yelled.

{To victory-!!!}

In that situation, the people’s heart was connecting to each other naturally.

――To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-! To victory-!

A Loud chorus of victory resounded in the battlefield. It swallowed the rumbling of the space, numbed the ground, and reached to the heaven, the will of ‘human’ swept the darkness and rose up like the light of the sun.

Human, demi-human, human from another world, those classifications were irrelevant, yells for their victory, and then yells of their faith for the people fighting at the heavens, they were all repeated with impossibly beautiful harmony.

Amidst those, one person didn’t join the chorus and stared wholeheartedly to the sky, a black angel. It was Kaori who was looking forward to the return of Hajime and others believing in Miledy. She kept floating midair and continued to stare at the collapsing Holy Precincts as though she could see nothing else.

And, at that time, Kaori’s senses was caught by something.

The place was, around the sky at the collapsed God Mountain.

She returned to her senses in surprise and turned her gaze there. The space about eight kilometers above the God Mountain distorted like jelly, right after that an elliptical hole opened with a pop. It was a distance that normal human couldn’t perceive, the hole itself was also only as big as several people could go through it so nobody other than Kaori noticed it.

Driven by her premonition, Kaori flapped her jet black wings. At the same time, with *hyupo-!* silhouette of people flew out from that hole.



White and black shadows. Even from afar she understood that those were her comrades’ figures.

“Shia-, Tio!”

Kaori accelerated in one go. For some reason Shia and Tio were falling straight toward the ground without any sign of slowing down. Kaori became a black silver meteor that rushed through the sky.

Midway, Shizuku and others flew out in panic riding their skyboard from the hole Shia and Tio fell off from, but for now Kaori didn’t stop accelerating and rapidly approached the screaming two people.

And then, Kaori splendidly caught the two altogether a few dozen meters near the ground. Looking closer, near the ground there was a shining barrier deployed that seemed to come from Suzu so it really wasn’t that big of a matter.

“Shia, Tio! Welcome back-!”

“Fue, a, Kaori-san! I’m back desu!”

“Thou saved us, Kaori. Also, I’m back.”

Shia and Tio clung at Kaori’s arms midair while sighing in relieve. Kaori flapped her wings and landed gently on the ground, she then gently put down the two on the ground where they sat with a flop.

There, Shizuku, Suzu, Ryutaro, and Kouki landed down from the sky.



Shizuku got off the skyboard and leaped toward Kaori. Kaori too caught Shizuku.

“Kaoriiiin! I’m back!”

“Suzu-chan. Welcome back!”

“Yo-, looks like you are also safe huh.”

“Ryutaro-kun too, welcome back.”

Still hugging Shizuku, Kaori then welcomed Suzu and replied to Ryutaro’s words smilingly. And then, she abruptly showed a soft smile at Kaori who was looking a bit awkward.

“Kouki-kun, welcome back.”

“…Yeah, I’m back. Really, sorry, for everything. Truly, sorry. Also…thank you.”

He had attacked Kaori at the devil king castle, because of that Kouki had resolved himself to not receive words of greeting. But now tears were gathering at the corner of his eyes and his head looked down. He was absolutely grateful that Kaori didn’t forsake him just like Shizuku. Of course, he wouldn’t make misunderstanding anymore.

After nodding once at such Kouki, Kaori looked up to the sky. And then, her gaze moved around searching for something. It was obvious who she was searching for.

“Kaori-san…..Hajime-san and Yue-san are not together with us.”


“Don’t fret, Kaori. We only separated in the middle because it was necessary. Goshujin-sama and also Yue, they will cometh back without fail.”


Tio called at Kaori who was looking uneasy admonishingly.

After Miledy came for them, Shia and others received Degraded Arrow of World Crossing from her which opened a hole in space and they leaped into it.

Naturally when they heard that Miledy would go to Hajime and Yue right after, everyone said that they would go together with her. Shia, Tio, and Shizuku were especially determined, their blazing eyes told that it was impossible for them to escape ahead.

However, Degraded Arrow of World Crossing was necessary to cross space, there was no spare for them to go to Hajime and Yue’s position. Although there were several arrows that were created because they were failed work, but different from the real thing these degraded versions could only be used once before breaking and on top of that it could only open the hole for a few seconds.

In addition, the size of the hole that could be opened by the arrow was limited. It was unthinkable that they would have the leeway to pass through the hole in turn under a few second in a world that was collapsing with increasing momentum. Thinking that Haijme and Yue would be added for their return home, in the worst case the situation might turn into one where they would need to choose who would escape and who would be left behind.

In the end, Shia and others had to escape first. They were really reluctant though. They could do nothing but understand when they were told that perhaps not all of them could go back if they accompanied Miledy. Besides, “I swear I’ll send Hajime and Yue back without fail” the state of Miledy when she promised that was unusually filled with determination, that was also a factor that pushed their back to escape first.

Even so, there was no way their worry toward Hajime and Yue who were still in the collapsing Holy Precincts could vanish, Shia and Tio also looked up wordlessly to the sky. Shizuku and others were also similarly praying while looking up to the sky.

At the battlefield, the people of the allied force were still resounding their prayer powerfully.

It was unclear how much time passed. It felt like an eternity, but surely not even dozens of minutes had passed.

It was at that time, that happened.


The one who spontaneously raised that voice was Kaori.

Shia and others, and then the allied force too, ahead of their gaze a pillar of light that was a mix of golden and crimson suddenly pierced the space and stabbed at the sky.

That torrent of magic power which couldn’t be expressed enough even with the word tremendous, and then, the undulation of the overwhelming will that was filled in it, caused the war cry of the battlefield to stop unconsciously. Everyone without exception gazed in enchantment at the dichromatic magic power which ascended to the sky in spiraling motion.

“Hajime-san! Yue-san!”

Shia yelled, with a voice that overflowed with joy.

Right after that, the golden and crimson magic power began to converge back like in a playback.

And then,

A scream of death agony reverberated in the world. Immediately after, although the volume wasn’t to the degree that tore the eardrum, but, that voice of the end was certainly heard by everyone throughout the world. Without any reason, anyone thought, that it was the blood flowing out from the god.

Before long, a muddy silver light was dispersing toward the empty sky, and silence returned to the world.

What happened now, in the middle of everyone thinking that with their breath caught, the distortion of space covering the sky and the collapsing world of heavens that was visible in it, suddenly, they were all shrinking toward one point. It was as though something was sucking them all, or possibly it was like they were all being compressed.

The next moment, the world of heavens that was gathered into a point scattered.

There was no sound.

There was merely several layers of ripples with a vibrant color like the blue sky, radiating silently. Unnoticed, the rumble(scream) that shook the world stopped, the scared trembling of the ground also stopped.

Ripples were spreading through the world.

Not only the color of the blue sky, the color of the evening or possibly sunrise, the color of the midday sun, the clear color of the moon, the color of vivacious plants, the color of powerful earth, the color of enveloping night, they all laid on top of each other.

The beautiful ripples of seven colors spread to the end of the earth, before long, cracks began to enter the dark red world. That change wasn’t something violent that gave the impression like the crumbling just now, but a gentle change that quietly repainted the world…


Someone whispered. That wasn’t a prayer that wished for salvation anymore. But merely something that came from the deep emotion filling the chest.

The world was recovering its color. It was a truly a splendorous scene that should be called as a legend.

The dark red world was shining sparklingly while becoming broken fragments.

The ripples of the sky were gradually weakening in intensity, however, they didn’t vanish, as though watching over the people who were silently shedding tears drops by drops, it became a rainbow aurora drifting in the air.


Amidst those, a voice that leaked out from between the clenched teeth resounded. Kaori clenched her hand so tightly it was bleeding while glaring at the annihilated Holy Precincts.



“Shit-, what’s going on-, that idiot-“


Shizuku, Suzu, Ryutaro, Kouki, they gritted their teeth while facing the sky with a grim gaze. Tio too was looking up at the sky with narrowed gaze without averting her eyes even for a moment.

The dark red world vanished.

The sun began to illuminate the world with its natural radiance.

They waited for a long time, but the figure of the people they waited for couldn’t be seen.

Before long, that fact became unbearable and Suzu whispered.

“…This is a lie, right”

Ryutaro gritted his teeth hard.


Kouki opened his mouth in a daze.

“Don’t tell me…both of them…really, won’t co――”

And then, when that worst assumption was going to be said half unconsciously…

“It’s alright desu-!!”

Such electrifying loud voice interrupted.

Kouki and others returned to their senses suddenly and moved their gaze there. Over there, was the figure of Shia, her rabbit ears standing straight while she looked straight to the sky.

Shia didn’t avert her eyes from the sky and spoke with a voice that was full of conviction.

“Right now, Hajime-san and Yue-san are together desu. That entangled golden and crimson magic power is the proof. As long as they are together, they are invincible!”

That was why, they would blow away a mere difficult situation like this and came back with a smile. Those words which contained Shia’s immense faith became a power of words that resounded in the world. (TN: Power of words or soul of language. Called kotodama in Japan, some kind of believe that words which were said have some kind of power in them.)

Mysteriously, the heart of the people who were driven by unease became light.

“…..Yep. That’s right. With those two together, I cannot imagine any difficult that cannot be smashed through.”

Kaori was in agreement. It wasn’t a voice that was blurred with unease like before, but a powerful voice filled with conviction like Shia.

“Truly. Surely if those two become serious, the word ‘fail’ will be erased from dictionary. Rather, perhaps they art busy flirting right now that they art late to come back.”

Tio jokingly said such thing. And as expected, the grimness in her face was taken away and changed into conviction.

“Isn’t that right. They might, no, they are absolutely flirting right now. This is their emotional reunion after all. Perhaps the matter of us is already thrown to the beyond by them.”

While smiling wryly, Shizuku nodded thinking that it was probably the case. The way they talked also softened the expression of Suzu and others.

Right after that, as though to proof that the words of Shia and others were correct…

“Ah…fufu, see-“

Shia pointed her finger.

Over there was naturally…


Part 3

The rainbow aurora hanging in the sky. A small hole was opened between the veil.



A silhouette of two people glued close to each other flew out from there along with shocked voice. It went without saying, they were Hajime and Yue.

Hajime firmly held Yue tightly with his one arm, Yue too also circled her hands around Hajime’s neck, clinging to him.

Like that, *gou-gou* while feeling the howling of wind on their ear, the two of them began freefalling leaving it to the gravity.

Based on the height it would be thirty seconds until the ground.

Hajime who was falling with his face up saw the mystical aurora they were rapidly distanced from and the distance to the ground that he confirmed by looking across his shoulder and instantly calculated. It seemed that the place they were going to impact was a spot slightly distanced from the allied force.

“Yue, can you fly?”

“…Impossible. Magic power was used up from the arrow’s activation.”

“Well, I guess that’s true. It’s going to be a bit rough, so hold on tight.”

“…Nn. I catch you. I absolutely won’t let go.”


While experiencing a skydiving without a parachute, Hajime and Yue conversed filled with composure like that. Listening and seeing Yue’s bewitching voice and gaze from very near like this, it couldn’t be helped that Hajime’s words got caught in his throat.

While being exposed against awful wind pressure midair, Hajime ignored his slightly ringing eardrum to the best of his ability and then rolled his stance while still holding Yue. And then, his body became clad in faint crimson magic power. With that he somehow controlled his badly balanced one armed body that was toyed around by the wind.

Although he had drunk recovery medicine, but the healed amount was insignificant. In the first place there was the effect from the depth of the damage he received and the creation of the concept magic that caused his magic power recovery to be slow. There was also a limit to the number of times he could use ‘Air Force’.

While he was controlling his posture, he had to land down on the ground by perfectly dropping his speed. Honestly speaking, the ‘Air Force’ could only be used for ten-odd times more, furthermore, in his current condition that could only use ‘Air Force’ which couldn’t be said to be displaying its complete effect, making a skydiving from altitude of several kilometers to succeed was nothing but a superhuman feat but…

“So the end is me skydiving with Yue huh…it’s not bad.”

Hajime said such thing. Something of this degree wasn’t even a danger.

Hajime gently straightened up his body. Immediately a crimson ripple spread below his feet, it collapsed instantly. However, he was definitely decelerating. He repeated that.

The people of the allied force also noticed them. Crimson ripples were spreading and scattering many times from between the aurora, and silhouette of people was descending like a comet.

At that moment, a deeply emotional voice resounded. The voice of the goddess.

{Thi, this is our, victory-!}

A beat.


At the battlefield, no, at the new world the people raised shouts of joy that sounded like an explosion.

As though to reply to that cry of triumph that was like the first cry of a newborn raised by the world, glittering light particles were raining down from the rainbow aurora covering the sky. The light of the sun that recovered its radiance shined, making the world to gleam like a diamond. Surely that was the blessing toward the new world.

Amidst the raining shower of light, Hajime kicked on the last ripple and splendidly reduced his speed, he kept embracing Yue and landed on the ground. Even so, the wounds on his both legs still weren’t healed, using ‘Air Force’ also finally exhausted the magic power for his recovery, so like that he collapsed limply on the ground with his face up.

“Haha-, the finishing is totally messed up.”

Hajime wryly smiled while lying down with his body unable to even twitch. His expression somehow looked refreshed.

Yue who was embraced all that time then straddled Hajime and flopped down on top of him in a tight embrace, and then with a really close distance where it looked like their face could touch each other anytime, Yue shook her small head while staring at Hajime.

“…Not messed up. It was the coolest.”

“Is that so?”

“…Nn. Hajime, thank you. I love you.”

Like that, with bewitching and melting smile, Yue pushed those soft and sweet lips on Hajime’s.

Yue enjoyed to her heart’s content Hajime who could only lie spread-eagled without being able to move, where he could only let Yue do whatever she wanted to him. Although, even if he was able to move, but if this was what Yue wished for then there was no way for Hajime to resist.

Yue’s appearance was still in her adult form. Although the charm that was brought about from the gap between her external appearance and her mental age had gone, now she was emitting sensual pheromone from her whole body, perhaps the brutality of her sex appeal had increased instead with this.

Her adult appearance was most likely due to metamorphosis magic. In that case, perhaps when her magic power recovered she would be able to change between woman and girl appearance freely. It felt like he could see the future where he was toyed around by Yue’s demand. Although, Yue’s heart was also captured by Hajime to the same degree with his heart captured by her though.

The endless kiss erased even the cheering of the allied force, forming a world of only the two of them.

But, a voice that the two couldn’t ignore reverberated into that world.

“Aa――! As expected you two are flirting! You two don’t even care about other people’s feeling! No rather than that, Yue-san is…”

“She is turning aduuuuult! Yue is attacking Hajime-kun with adult charm!’

“Humm. Just as expected. No, the adult appearance art outside expectation though…let see, how about I join too.”

“Uu-, what amazing sensuality…bu, but there is no option for retreating! A maiden can only charge ahead!”

Shia, Kaori, Tio, and Shizuku, those four people. Behind them Suzu, Ryutaro, and Kouki also rushed to here.

With a lively state that was unthinkable for a deeply moving reunion, Shia and others leaped at Hajime. Yue who separated her lips saying “I’m back” got dragged into it, and Hajime became piled with beautiful women and beautiful girls.

And then, hearing the words “welcome back” filled with a flood of emotions from their mouths, Hajime also spoke “I’m back” like Yue.

Diamond dust rained down from the sky, making the world to sparkle. Around him were the important people with teary eyes and joyful smiling like blooming flower. From afar, he could feel many existences that dashed toward here while calling his name.

The warm enveloping him, the welling up senses of accomplishment, and then the content feeling, caused Hajime to smile. It was a mysterious smile where fearlessness and gentleness were entwined tightly…

While that smile of ‘Nagumo Hajime’ caused a tightening to happen inside the girls’ chest, Hajime entrusted his body to a pleasant fatigue and slowly closed his eyes.

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Arifureta Chapter 176

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The Beloved Vampire Princess

A thunderous roar.

Scattering metal fragments.

Those fragments that rained down in pieces raised metallic sounds while falling on the ground, by that time a groaning voice resounded from a corner of the tiered stand where the throne was on. At the center of the crumbling chalk white stand that was crumbling down with clatters, there was the figure of Hajime buried from his back with his face distorted in pain.

That figure became bloodstained as though the healing by the god water previously was nonexistent, it didn’t stop there, even his artificial left arm became gone and now he looked really tragic just from a glance.

“Guh, gahah”

While vomiting blood by a lot, Hajime tried to aim Donner to the front. The blood dripping down from his forehead entered his eye, dyeing his sight bright red as though the warning of red alert was turned on in his field of vision.

Inside that red field of vision, Ehitorujue who rose up lightly without feeling the gravity was making the gesture of snapping his fingers.

At that moment, a fierce impact hit the right hand holding Donner. Hajime mostly wasn’t feeling pain because his sense of pain was paralyzed when he was blown away by the impact, but he understood what was being done to him. At the corner of his sight, the five fingers of his right hand were bending to the wrong direction because his partner that he should be holding was pulverized into pieces.

The fragments of the broken Donner fell on the ground, at the same time the ‘Treasure Warehouse II’ that Hajime fitted on the middle finger of his right hand was also rolling on the ground *roll roll* with a cute sound that felt out of place. It seemed that the artifact slipped off when his right hand was impacted.

“Splendid, it was splendid, irregular. For your trump card to strike this me, that is worthy of praise. Although, if a question of whether a trump card will always be worthy to be called as a trump card is asked, then the answer can only be no.”


Ehitorujue walked closer with a composed and thin smile. Normally his footsteps wouldn’t make any sound at all, but this time *step step* the footsteps echoed likely like the countdown to Hajime’s death.

Furthermore, a step, each time Ehitorujue advanced by a step, the artificial arm and Donner, and then Schlag that fell on a slightly distant place were wrapped by platinum light. The artifacts of Hajime was shaking *shake shake* in resistance, but before long they became unable to endure and their shape broke down, at the end, they were completely annihilated not even leaving dust behind.

With the artifacts separated from the hand of their master Hajime, if they were continuously bathed in a focused light of destruction then even the countermeasure Hajime applied wouldn’t hold.

“Are you wondering why? Certainly the bullet filled with the concept of ‘godslaying’ gouged my heart, yet why, I can be calm and composed like this. Ku-ku-ku-“


Ehitorujue watched Hajime with amusement, or perhaps with ridiculing while soaking in joy. Hajime didn’t answer. Perhaps he didn’t even have any leeway left to talk, Hajime only kept leaning on the broken stand limply with his eyes closed. Only his right eye with the eye patch covering it sliding off was slightly opened, but the magic eye stone wasn’t created to obtain normal vision, so in reality Hajime was unable to see Ehitorujue’s expression.

But, without even paying attention to such Hajime, Ehitorujue’s tongue moved smoothly. The unsightly figure of Hajime whose plan to recover from the hopeless situation, to overturn the table with one attack had been crushed, was greatly pleasing for him.

“Indeed, if it was the me of the thousand years ago, perhaps I could possibly be destroyed by that. But, during all that time the secret technique to convert faith into strength to sublimate my soul has been continuing until now you know? Naturally, the status of my existence is also rising up. Something that is only like the concept created by a human at best means nothing against me. Furthermore, right now I have the body of this vampire princess. This flesh body itself becomes the protective wall that protects the soul taking root in it.”


Hajime’s artifacts that scattered at the surrounding were completely annihilated. All the artifacts were thoroughly annihilated with care, including the Schlagen AA and Cross Velts that had been crushed previously, the bullet cartridges, and even the fragments of the grenades.

Undoubtedly Ehitorujue was intending to cut off all the hope of Hajime with thoroughness. Although, Hajime already looked dead already with how he kept lying down without even any twitch but…perhaps this was only a simple entertainment for Ehitorujue without any regard to anything else.

“Although, even I didn’t have the conviction that I will really end up safe from that, so I had no intention to get hit with it. Therefore, the attack just now made me a little uneasy. Truly that is a brilliant achievement, to do something like making a god feel uneasy. You can be proud, irregular.”


*gyarit* Ehitorujue’s foot trod on the ‘Treasure Warehouse II’ that was rolling on the floor. And then, he stepped down forcefully while purposefully making a sound. A beam of light leaked out from the stepped spot. As expected, the artifact was surely annihilated into nothing there.

With this, now the only artifact Hajime possessed was only his magic eye stone. It was unclear what was reflected in the eye of blue crystal peeking out from the faintly opened eyelid. Even though it couldn’t show normal sight, naturally the eye artifact was able to distinguish the existence and the flow of magic power, so Hajime should be able to see how all his partners, the artifacts were annihilated.

However, even in front of that scene, where one of his important thing, and then one more important thing was hinted to be lost, Hajime’s expression was still unmoving. The effect of the god water had gone, his left arm was lost, his right hand was broken, even his internal organs were beaten up so badly, lacerations were carved inside his body, and he couldn’t even twitch his finger, it was unclear whether it was a dying figure or a figure that had given up on everything in despair.

At the very least, what Ehitorujue was seeing was that finally Hajime’s heart had broken, that he had fallen into the abyss of despair. Like a demon whose meaning of existence was making people fall, his expression distorted into a chuckle.

And then, Ehitorujue who had walked before Hajime’s eyes bent his knee in front of him, he matched his gaze to the same height with Hajime’s and suddenly he swept his hand horizontally.


At that moment, a pebble of light star pierced Hajime’s both legs. Hajime’s femurs were pulverized. Wind holes were literally opened there.

One more of Hajime’s power to resist was stolen, then Ehitorujue’s slender and beautiful fingertip softly caressed Hajime’s chin. And then, he lifted Hajime’s head forcibly.

Toward Hajime whose left eye was opened slightly, Ehitorujue smiled composedly and brought his face closer to a kissing distance. And then, toyingly he changed the path of his lips just before it came into contact with Hajime and then he sweetly, repulsively, muddily, and stickily whispered into Hajime’s ear while gluing close to him in half-embracing posture.

“I’ll break everything important to you. Your comrades that stepped into Holy Precincts together with you, your compatriots that continue to resist on the surface, the family of your birthplace, I’ll trample all of them underfoot, toy them, and let them raise agonizing cries.”


Hajime didn’t reply. He was merely staring, straight ahead at somewhere, there was no expression of emotion that could be seen from his body. He was really like an empty shell, as though his heart wasn’t in his body anymore.

Ehitorujue stared at the side face of such Hajime with an expression of ecstasy.

“But, you can rest assured. I will treat only this amazing body of the vampire princess courteously. Because this is my important vessel, I’ll handle it courteously, to every nook and cranny, to my heart’s content, okay?”

His beloved woman was used by another as he pleased. Those words that were really hard to endure…made Hajime reacted. Suddenly his broken right hand moved, that hand reached searchingly toward Ehitorujue, no, toward Yue’s chest.

“…Finally…I found you.”


A small, small whisper. Furthermore it sounded hoarse, that Ehitorujue who was right nearby missed it.

For Ehitorujue, Hajime was already an existence that solely existed to torment. A toy whose every hope had been crushed to nothing. There was no way he could do anything from here on, and so Ehito thought that small whisper was nothing more than Hajime’s last lamentation, or possibly his pitiful cry that called on his beloved who didn’t exist anymore.

Like that, intending to taste the nectar that was the last despair of human, Ehito brought his ear closer to Hajime’s lips.

Hajime slowly opened his mouth. That was originally a chant that he didn’t need to recite anymore. Be that as it may, it was Hajime’s greatest weapon that was his lifeline until now, the word that showed his only talent.


Instantly, Ehitorujue was about to say “what are you” with a scrutinizing suspicious look, but he was unable to do that.

The reason was,

“――Gaah, gahah!?”

Suddenly, countless blade flew out from Ehitorujue’s chest.

Metal blades grew out like a mountain of blade soaked in blood, biting and tearing flesh from inside. That happened not only in Ehito’s chest, but within an instant everywhere on Ehito’s body there were blades flying out, furthermore the metals that were adjoining each other would be glued together using metal fragments from that came from somewhere unknown as an intermediary, restraining Ehitorujue’s body gruesomely.

The strange phenomenon of blades flying out from inside the body caused Ehitorujue’s thought to halt completely for a moment. That was just how shocking this surprise attack was combined with the conviction in his victory.

The blades piercing the body and the sparking crimson metal fragments which came from somewhere were physically obstructing Ehitorujue’s movement together, the sealing stone component that seemed to be included in the metal hindered him from using magic, furthermore the very strangeness itself was halting his thought. The opening that was made from those lasted only for a few seconds.

But, that opening was invaluable. This moment was exactly the timing that Hajime had waited eagerly for, the true critical moment that he was aiming for.


Once more Hajime yelled his own talent.

This magic was merely processing metal, that was all it could do. Right now, at a glance the metal that existed in this place was only the blades that flew out from Ehitorujue’s body, no matter how there was no way this magic could work on an opponent who overcame even the ‘godslaying’.

However, the broken right arm of Hajime――using direct operation of magic power he forcefully moved that broken hand to touch a spot…his own abdomen.

Immediately, crimson spark surged and at the same time blood soaked blade flew out from Hajime’s stomach.


Ehitorujue gazed in astonishment. His astonishment didn’t come from the fact that Hajime was hiding metal lump inside his stomach, or because that lump was now piercing open his own stomach.

He was astonished because he sensed the abnormal presence filling the flying out blade. His spine was having goosebumps, his instinct was ringing the alarm bell noisily. This presence was undoubtedly the same presence like what he felt previously――a presence of concept magic.

In a world of instantaneous moment, Ehitorujue immediately tried to use Heaven Existence. However, the clusters of micro blades stirring up inside his body(blood vessel) obstructed his thinking and magic usage, even his automatic regeneration was slowed down. In addition, the metal shackle that had sewed through both his legs before he noticed prevented him from physically jumping away.

That opening which was exposed for less than a second was enough for Hajime’s blade to reach. It was hard to understand because of all the blood, but the small knife that looked like toy contained god crystal, its transparent blade was clad in a deep crimson light which was thrust toward Ehito…and then, accurately the knife plunged into Ehitorujue’s body.

Instantly the deep crimson magic power swelled up. At the center was Ehitorujue’s body. At the same time Ehitorujue’s scream resounded.


A scream of uneasiness and agony that was impossible to come from merely getting stabbed by a small knife resounded. The blades that came out from inside his body were annihilated by platinum light and the restrain was undid, Ehitorujue then stepped back in staggers while holding his head and his body writhing in agony.

Ehitorujue’s body began to *dokun, dokun!* pulsate.

That was the beacon of the awakening. The yell of determination that original owner of the writhing body was raising.

“Impossible-, the vampire princess should have been annihilated completely!”

Indeed, Ehitorujue had felt the soul vanishing in annihilation. Ehitorujue’s face warped from the torrent of power welling up inside his body trying to push him out while he yelled the question that expressed his bewilderment.

The one who answered that was Hajime. While his body was unable to even wake up, his mouth was showing a fierce smile.

“Yue was a cut above you, that’s all there is to it isn’t that right?”


Ehitorujue guessed from those words. That was to say, Yue’s annihilation was actually a feign that she intentionally showed to him. She feigned using up all of her strength before vanishing, and then she concealed her own soul and lurked at the deepest depth of the body.

She believed that in time help would surely come.

By any chance the scream that Ehitorujue heard might also be Yue’s acting performance.

“But, but-, why-!?”

Ehitorujue writhed, and finally he fell on his knee while holding his head before unconsciously whispering his indescribable question.

To that, Hajime pushed out his hand and he answered while running spark on his hand.

“The bullet of ‘godslaying’ shook your soul and awoke Yue’s soul. The ‘Blade of Blood Pledge’ severed your invading thought and granted strength to Yue.”

“What do you――, don’t tell me-“

Ehitorujue almost leaked out words of bewilderment for a moment there because he didn’t understand what Hajime meant, but he immediately made a shocked expression in understanding.

Hajime who saw that lifted the corner of his mouth further.

Concept magic ‘Godslaying’――that was a magic that exterminated only the soul with divinity without giving any influence at Yue’s body. However, Hajime followed the warning of Miledy who gifted him with that power and didn’t rely on it.

Therefore, he used it only for its special characteristic with the objective of supplementing his true trump card. That was to say the godslaying bullet gave a not small effect to Ehitorujue’s soul even though it didn’t become a lethal damage, which created an opening and woke Yue up, and then it also further gave the opening for Yue herself to wield her strength.

And then, Hajime’s second blade(the true trump card) separated Ehitorujue and Yue’s soul with certainty. Hajime was faintly opening the magic eye in his right eye was in order to ascertain that. The words “I found you” that he whispered faintly was because he had caught sight of Yue’s soul that lurked in the deepest part of the body.

Artifact Blade of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Rezvie)――that artifact which Hajime hid inside his stomach in round ore shape was enchanted with the concept of [Thy art forbidden to touch(Don’t touch my woman)]. That was to say, this concept magic forbade interference to Yue’s soul and severed the intervention that was already there.

The weakness of this magic was the point where it couldn’t display its true worth if it didn’t directly hit Yue’s soul, because of that Hajime had to make the ‘godslaying’ hit with certainty no matter what, and so he had to go through that much hardships to reach this point…

Anyway, with this Yue’s soul that was completely cut loose from Ehitorujue’s influence was now in a state that was protected by a barrier, and so she could wield her power completely. Furthermore, this Blade of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Rezvie) was intentionally made to have a hollow blade, using capillary phenomenon the blade was filled with a lot of Hajime’s blood.

Yue’s skill――the ‘Blood Pledge Contract’ drastically amplified the effect of blood sucking only from the sole partner that she designated. Using that skill, Hajime directly poured his blood through Blade of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Rezvie) and strengthened Yue’s soul.

“You are saying, you are aiming for this-, right from the start!?”

“If I can overcome you using overwhelming resources, then that’s great. But, what is at stake here is the life of my beloved. Isn’t it obvious that I’m going to prepare two or three tricks for this?”

The power of Yue’s soul was increasing in force second by second. It raged to chase away the foreign contamination from inside herself. This is my body, the only one who can touch it is just Hajime, the soul screamed. The platinum magic power that whirled violently flickered and the color of the radiance was changing to golden, that light was pulsating as though to display its determination and hit Ehitorujue’s soul hard.

Ehitorujue was hallucinating. A pair of eyes slowly opened, and those crimson eyes of the beautiful figure of the vampire princess pierced him. the immense trust toward her beloved partner was dwelling in those eyes, that look eloquently told of how she had been waiting for this moment.

That meant that both Yue and also Hajime had the same feeling. Without using any will communication skill or artifact, they mutually understood what each other would do.

Ehitorujue thought. At that time, although he succeeded in hijacking Yue’s body but he overlooked Hajime and let him gotten away after receiving resistance from Yue. He wondered if since that time by any chance he was dancing above the palm that was the bond of these two.

A tremendous humiliation and indescribable displeasure jarred Ehitorujue’s mind. Ehitorujue then yelled with that raging heart.

“Don’t underestimate me-, vampire princess-. This body is mine! I won’t let any seed of anxiety in the future get left behind! I’ll pinch and crush your soul for sure this time-. Then next it will be you-, irregular! Hahah, in front of my power a concept of just this level will――”

In actuality, even after being stabbed with Blade of Blood Pledge, the conflict between Ehitorujue and Yue’s soul for the leadership of the body was in a stalemate. That was just how immense the soul of god that had been sublimated using the secret technique of faith conversion.


“I thought you’d say that.”

Ehitorujue’s words were cut off by a single sentence, by a light tone as though everything was already within expectation.

“――Wha, t?”

Ehitorujue’s eyes snapped wide open. That wasn’t because his words were cut off.

It was because ahead of his gaze, there was the figure of Hajime still leaning on the tiered platform with his trembling right hand aimed at Ehitorujue.

And then, what was hard to believe for him, what he didn’t want to believe, was that from the bullet clutched by that hand――there was a presence of a new concept magic that was emitted out.

Just from where in the world Hajime took out that bullet from? Looking from how the bullet was soaked in blood, perhaps it was hidden inside his body as expected.

“So, something like that, after this late! You don’t even have artifact!”

Ehitorujue couldn’t move his body from his struggle against Yue’s soul, but even with unease oozing out on his expression he still yelled mockingly.

Indeed, even if Hajime possessed a bullet but without Donner or Schlag then he wouldn’t be able to shot it. Hajime’s legs were drilled through, looking from how those wounds were still not healed yet, he also shouldn’t be able to directly strike it to Ehito.

But, Hajme was only too aware of such thing.

Hajime, for the third time, chanted his greatest magic.


Vivid crimson spread. It was spreading to the surrounding space and gradually the color was changing to thick deep crimson. At the same time, the held out bullet was glittering brightly in the hand clutching it and wind gathered. It was gradually forming a shape of something small.

“…Metal, particle?”

Ehitorujue whispered dumbfoundedly. That whisper was entirely spot on.

“I order to take back Yue with certainty, I estimated that at the very least three stages of a process are necessary. …I told you already. That I swore I’ll certainly take her back.”

“Don’t tell me, in the middle of that fight…then, you also aimed for this since the start…”

Why, in the middle of an instantaneous battle that he was forced to do, Hajime frequently used weapons with time lag like grenades and the like until he used them all up? Why, did the Grim Reapers and Cross Velts would explode everywhere even when they got hit by slashing attack? Just what was the metal that flew out from Ehitorujue’s body?

The answer was this――the metal particle.

The metal particles that were unseen by eyes and floated in the air made by disintegrating metal very finely were filled into all the grenades, Cross Velts, and the Grim Reapers. And then they were exploded and scattered everywhere through the whole area. Among the grenades there were also those that were filled with nothing but metal particles, among the eagle model Grim Reapers there were also individuals that were only scattering particles all the time.

In the middle of that battle, when Hajime judged that he couldn’t overcome Ehito in a battle of resource, he made a Cross Velt to be shot down above Ehitorujue’s head which caused metal particles to be scattered, Ehitorujue sucked in the particles and after Hajime confirmed that he didn’t notice that, Hajime moved on to the second stage of the plan.

That plan was to give Ehito the impression that he was fighting desperately just to make his only trump card the ‘godslaying’ hit Ehito, but in fact he was sprinkling the metal particles that would become his transmutation material to the surrounding, for the sake of attacking and restraining Ehitorujue from inside his body. That was the second stage of the plan.

And then, the reason that the transmutation which should be unusable without touching the target could now transmute by gathering metal from wide range was because of the final derivative skill of transmutation, ‘Convergence Transmutation’. This was one of the two things that Hajime obtained at the same time when he obtained the innermost secret of transmutation, the ‘Imagination Composition’ that Hajime was awakened to at that devil king castle.

The effect of this skill was simple. It would gather the metal at the surrounding and the user could transmute without touching it, that was all. It had a plainness that was fitting for a common job.

But, what would happen if it was used with the metal that was taken inside the body? Ehitorujue’s lung and stomach that had absorbed a lot of the metal floating in the air were surely smeared with metal particles inside.

And then, that restraining using the artificial arm. Even the spikes that flew out from the artificial hand and stabbed Ehitorujue to bind him in place dissolved metal particles and poured it into his body. If those metal particles flowed into the bloodstream and then turned into splinters, it was self-evident that Ehitorujue would be hacked into pieces from inside.

“I got overwhelmed in the battle of resource. You showed me the gap between us at close quarter combat. I used all my trump cards, and went further than that. All of my hands(artifacts) were crushed. That was why…”

――you thought you had win right?

Hajime’s mouth that split like a crescent moon diabolically and his words, proofed that Ehitorujue’s conjecture was correct. Exactly because he was convinced of his victory, exactly because he had endured the trump card and became convinced that there was an overwhelming gap between him and Hajime, that Ehitorujue glued close to Hajime’s body so defenselessly like that. He was convinced of victory and showed an opening.

Having that opening which was actually Hajime’s true aim taken advantage of, and then taught that Hajime had been laying down preparations all the time in the middle of that breathtaking battle, and furthermore witnessing Hajime’s mercilessness of hacking to pieces his body from the inside even though it was the body of his lover regardless of the possession, all of those factors greatly shaken Ehitorujue’s mind with agitation. And what made it unbearable for Ehito was that agitation was then taken advantage of by the vampire princess.

While Ehitorujue was agitated and his mind split to handle Yue’s attack, finally the converged metal particles took shape and became a tiny gun of a single shot. It had really small and simple make that couldn’t be compared at all with Donner or Schlag.

Nevertheless, the bullet that was loaded into it was a lethal fang.

Hajime’s fingers that should be broken were forcefully moved using magic power operation and fixed on the trigger.

Ehitorujue was roaring while annihilating the blades flying out from his body and the metal shackle coiling around his body, while also trying to move his body, possibly he was trying to teleport away. But, immediately the pulsation became a level fiercer and obstructed all of his efforts. Even the automatic regeneration’s activation was stopped completely.

It was as though the pulsation was covering for Hajime’s attack.

Surely, that wasn’t just the imagination.

The blood soaked Hajime, with a fearless grin even now made the gun that looked like a small derringer pistol sparked with deep crimson electricity.

And then,

“I’m having her back. That woman, every single drop of her blood, every single strand of her hair, and even every single piece of her soul, everything is mine.”

The crimson flash pierced Ehitorujue who was screaming with a desperate face.

What was fired was the artifact Bullet of Blood Pledge(Blood Fea Bullet). The concept filled in it was [The Knitted Bond Into This Hand(I’m No Good Without You)]――this concept magic made the souls of Yue and Hajime that seek each other to resonance, it explosively strengthened Yue’s soul, at the same time it would forcefully tear off the joining of the foreign substance(soul) rooting inside the body, while at the same time granting horrific agony toward the intruder that felt like the nerves getting directly broiled.


A soundless scream. It was unclear whether in the end it was the scream that Ehitorujue raised, or else the loud scream of fighting spirit that Yue raised.

Right after that, a golden light exploded.

That color was far warmer and more vivid than the platinum radiance of before. It illuminated as though enveloping Hajime, making him feeling hopelessly heartrending. It was the light of his beloved without a doubt.

Right after that, two eyes opened as though awakening from the sleep. The striking rubies caught her beloved straight ahead.

And then, like a flower bud that was blooming proudly in its full glory, or possibly like the sun that showed its face by driving away the dark cloud, she displayed a bewitching smile that emitted glorious radiance.

Yue’s body floated gently.

She was blood-soaked, but such thing did nothing except promoting her glamor instead. With her figure that gave and adult charm, her abundant golden threads fluttering softly, both her hands spread wide open as though in welcome, or possibly it was her desire to welcome, she leaped forward, such figure, just what kind of words in the world that could possibly be used to express it?

Like a goddess――such words felt so hopelessly clichéd for this.

Hajime was merely, with an earnestly affectionate expression, he gently narrowed his eyes while his hand reached slowly in order to grant the wish of his lover.

Yue leaped to there. She dropped her waist above Hajime softly just like silk floss, without letting him felt anything like weight, without stopping her face rubbed on his chest. Her arms that circled around him tiiiiiiightly constrained Hajime, wordlessly, as though she was pleading for the two of them to melt together into one.

Hajime too circled his arm around Yue and embraced her tightly. Thing like the pain at his arm or stomach, was so small like a hair strand compared to the pain of his heart when he was separated from her.

Before long, Yue lifted her face that was buried on his chest. Those eyes were moist in a display of the emotion filling inside her, the breath leaking out from that lovely pink lips was so hot that it felt scalding.

Hajime softly put his hand on the cheek of Yue that was dyed in rose color, while he gifted her with words overflowing with affectionate tone.

“I came to pick you up, my vampire princess.”

“…Nn, I have faith. My demon king-sama.”

Hearing the joking names they called each other with, both of them let out a chuckle smilingly.

The kiss happened naturally. Their lips were merely touching each other, yet it was a gentle kiss that carried their whole feeling. The taste of blood was entertaining. Yue’s small tongue swiped out and licked the clotted blood pasted on Hajime’s lips.

But, at that time, as though trying to tear apart once again the two who were gluing at each other, a tremendous killing intent along with an immense torrent of light assaulted them.

Immediately, Yue turned behind with only her upper body while pushing out her hand. Instantly a barrier of light was deployed.

There, a shockwave that creaked the space along with a bombardment of light crashed.


Yue slightly leaked out her voice. Her eyebrows frowned mightily.

Yue herself was also quite spent after chasing out Ehitorujue’s soul, but this bombardment was filled with a force even more than that that made Yue’s barrier creaked along with the space.

She didn’t have any spare strength to use age of god magic. While Haijme was wounded all over his body and couldn’t move.

Therefore they were determined. With that will, Yue continued to hold up the ‘Holy Severance’, and Hajime leaned close to her. There, words that sounded like curse filled with madness were resounding.

{Kill-, kill-, kill-, I’m going to kill you-, irregularrrr!}

At the other side of the barrier, at the origin of the light bombardment. Over there, a human form made from light itself was floating. At the spot that seemed to be the head of that floating light human form, the mouth was irregularly distorted in an expression of rage.

Even thought that figure was blurred, but they understood well who it was. Even though the voice was different, even with rage coloring the look, that oozing out vulgarity couldn’t possibly be mistaken.

That lump of light was undoubtedly Ehitorujue.

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Arifureta Chapter 175

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The Specialty of Common Job

The roars of the five heavenly dragons shook the air.

The heavenly dragons that were turned into a monster while being half magic body left the control of the caster and aimed at the prey independently. The emitted pressure far surpassed the heavenly dragon that Yue often used before. The five elements magic that formed those bodies were also evolved where now they possessed a worthy wickedness that was clear to see.

“My former world was a world where magic was the foundation. I’m not boasting, but I remember that the development there was remarkable. There was abundant variety of artifact, people flew freely in the sky, they could get in touch with a far away place, they moved using teleportation, even their lifespan could be prolonged by a few hundred years more using magical treatment. Magic and technology that were based from that made that world abundant.”

*pashii!* That light sound resounded and the figure of the lightning dragon vanished. No, that large body changed into a streak of lightning and it moved with lightning speed. At the next moment, it appeared beside Hajime.

(Fast…but, if it’s only as fast as lightning then-)

The dragon raised a roar of thunder while its opened jaw rapidly pulled everything in the surrounding. Even the light stars were swallowed and extinguished inside there, Hajime who was almost got pulled in similarly like the light stars immediately took out several gravity hand grenades to empty air.

The gravity hand grenades that were easily pulled in exploded with a good timing just when they entered inside the mouth of the lightning dragon and generated super gravitational area.

The lightning dragon that swallowed everything while approaching was flattened by the downward pressure that was suddenly generated and passed through below Hajime who was hovering in midair using ‘Air Force’.

“But, what is waiting for the world that is over developed is only their end. Our world too wasn’t an exception to that. Something like a war of the end that happened because of exhausted resources, or sense of values, or possibly because of economical problems or different political idea, those weren’t the cause. The reason was something more, something that couldn’t be helped. Do you know what it was, irregular?”


Ehitorujue’s questioned, however Hajime couldn’t answer. He had no composure to answer.

Because after he staved off the lightning dragon, the azure dragon circled right behind him and pressed hard on him along with an immense amount of heat.

In front of him was the meteor shower. Below was a lightning dragon, at left and right were the storm dragon and ice dragon. If he evaded then he would undoubtedly aim from right behind and forced to bear damage that would be hard to disregard.

Therefore, Hajime took out the variable chakram ‘Orestes’ to empty air.

A *kashun* sound came out immediately and wire that was divided into three part formed a round shaped gate. The azure dragon charged straight into the gate, right after that the azure dragon flew out from above the ice dragon that approached from the right side. Hajime had applied ‘Presence Isolation’ to one more variable chakram and made it flew there.

The suddenly appearing azure dragon collided with its natural enemy the ice dragon which caused the ice dragon to roar in agony. And then, the ice dragon glared at Orestes which teleported the azure dragon and breathed out ice and snow. With that the Orestes froze instantly as though it was bathed with liquid nitrogen, right after that it was impacted by a light star and was easily smashed.

Regardless of the roar of the ice dragon and the sound of Orestes getting pulverized, Ehitorujue’s voice still reached Hajime’s ear smoothly.

“They arrived at the truth. The magic technology was developed thoroughly until they could interfere with the information of the world itself, to the material, to life, to the star, to time, to the environment. And then, no matter the era researcher is always unable to restrain their curiosity. They fumbled with the technology that interferes with the truth spreading in the world like playing with a toy…and that became the cause that destroyed the world. Our world was killed by the curiosity of the people who handled magic.”

Hajime neutralized the light stars using Cross Velt. Furthermore, he commanded the Grim Reapers to aim at Ehitorujue. Eagle type Grim Reaper scattered cluster bombs above Ehitorujue. However, the squall of explosive was easily pulverized by the meteor shower fired from the halos, resulting in only sparkling particles scattering around. Hajime’s attacks didn’t reach Ehitorujue at all.

Ehitorujue’s expression didn’t even show any annoyance.

“The truth crumbled and the world was rapidly crumbling…the situation at that time was exactly like a picture of pandemonium in hell. There was nothing that could be done at all. Mankind had no other path other than destruction along with the planet. With the exception of a part of ‘the arrived’.”

Hajime took out all the Orestes that he could control in his attempt to deal with the five heavenly dragons, but Ehitorujue snapped his fingers while talking.

Right after that, several hundred lightning divine spear rained down from the empty air and fried all the Orestes without leaving even dust behind. Furthermore, the lightning that was thoroughly packed inside the spears was released and attacked Hajime from all direction like a spider web. While reinforcing his body with ‘Vajra’, Hajime evacuated hurriedly but he was unable to leave with no damage. His flesh was roasted which harmed his nerve slightly.

There the earth dragon attacked him.

“’The arrived’――these were the people who were able to individually operate the essence of what all of you called as the age of god magic. They, only they were able to discover the method to be saved. That method was the teleportation to another world. Fufu-, isn’t that laughable? After all only the ringleaders who destroyed the world were able to escape from ruin.”

Amidst the reverberation of Ehitorujue’s laugh that was filled with irony, a wire with ores attached at both its ends soared through empty air.

The wire entangled around the approaching stone dragon and lightning dragon midair in many layers. Right after that, a fierce ripple spread from the ores. It was the binding artifact ‘Bola’ that had been strengthened by really far.

Operating together with the ores, the wire part that was also a developed model was fixed directly to the space, so the half magic half physical heavenly dragons were also firmly bounded in place.

The two heavenly dragons roared and rampaged violently to escape from the binding.

Hajime took out Schlagen AA once more and fixed his aim using his magic eye stone and pulled the trigger.

Spark traveled the barrel and Schlagen AA roared, the bullet then flew into the mouth of the lightning dragon and advanced forward without paying any heed to the lightning and destroyed the magic stone of the dragon.

At the same time, six bullets that were shot from Donner along the same trajectory gouged further the hole inside the stone dragon’s mouth that was hollowed by the concentrated fire of the Cross Velts. The bullets were instantly petrified and became brittle stone, but even so, the bullets advanced inside the stone dragon and the last bullet shot through the magic stone without getting petrified.

The last bullet was a bullet coated with sealing stone. Hajime only had a bit of it remained because he wasn’t frugal in using them for the weapons of Shia and others or his large shield, this bullet coated with sealing stone was something that he needed to think carefully before using.

Hajime splendidly defeated two heavenly dragons, but because of that his feet stopped moving. The compensation for that was large.

“Like that ‘the arrived’ including me arrived in this world. At that time we were surprised. After all, this world was so primitive that it shouldn’t even be compared with our world. Mighty creatures with special power were running rampant, while mankind was hiding in shadow like cave or hole in the ground while living barely scraping by.”

Ehitorujue had a distant look in reminiscence while waving his hand.

Immediately Hajime’s legs were fixed in a place altogether with the space. Even though he was concentrating on his story but he perfectly grasped the instant Hajime’s feet stopped, a compressed space in block shape that was the same like the fixed space which captured Metsurai Disaster completely seized Hajime.

(No good-)

Unease showed in Hajime’s expression. He immediately converted his magic power into impact to attempt to break the fixed space.

But, the opponent wasn’t that sweet to let such opening escaped.

Storm dragon roared while attacking the unmoving Hajime. Its jaw swallowed Hajime before closing with a snap. The wind blades and pebbles contained inside its body mercilessly assaulted Hajime. The damage went through to Hajime who persisted using ‘Vajra’. Blood sprayed everywhere and graphic unpleasant sound *gokibeki-* resounded.

Inside the storm of violence that was equivalent to a torture, Hajime fixed the aim of Schlagen AA along with a yell of fighting spirit and tore the storm dragon from inside its body.

Ehitorujue continued his talk without showing any care that the monster he created was killed.

“In that kind of world, we ‘the arrived’ decided to cultivate it. We exterminated the monsters that had lived since the ancient times, and granted wisdom to the native people. The small village turned into town before long and then became a city, and then before we realized it had become a country. At that period we had already been revered as gods. We used the secret technique of the truth and converted the religious faith into power, we attempted to reinforce and sublimate our soul was also around that period.”

Hajime smashed the storm dragon and blasted out from inside it, his body became soaked in blood which made his appearance looked wretched.

But, the ice dragon roared without even any time to breathe.

Hajime threw all the ‘Bola’ that he had toward the azure dragon that was approaching from the opposite direction, he also held the dragon back further using Cross Velts, ordered the Grim Reapers for concentrated fire, then he turned toward the ice dragon’s opened jaw and aimed Schlagen AA. Instantly Schlagen AA was freezing with dreadful momentum from its tip.

“Coordinate attack huh-“

It appeared the ice dragon was able to directly lower the temperature at the coordinate it targeted. It was an ability that the ice dragon Yue handled didn’t have.

Hajime was already unable to pull the trigger, the freezing kept moving with the momentum that almost froze even his artificial arm. Furthermore, with Ehitorujue’s instruction, a meteor shower and light apostles rushed Hajime’s left side with good timing.

Although he was able to somehow repel back only the light apostles using the suicide bombing Grim Reapers and Cross Velts, but he was unable to neutralize the whole meteor shower, Hajime received a direct hit on his left arm.

Although the armor of the artificial arm slightly decreased the damage he received, the Schlagen AA that he unintentionally let go because of the impact was sucked into the jaw of the ice dragon. Like that it was obvious how the artifact would end up. The Schlagen AA turn into little pieces at the same time when the pure white freezing ice dragon closed its jaw.

“A few thousand years later after that, this world became greatly developed. But, as though in inverse proportion, one of ‘the arrived’, and the one more person lost their will to live, regardless of how they had transcended the truth of death they ended their own life. I was unable to understand that but…the last person who stopped prolonging his life said this, ‘It’s already enough’. In the end, the remaining ‘arrived’ became only me.”

Hajime threw countless grenades at the surrounding and immediately shot them.

Right after that, a flame blast was generated in the air which created a crimson flame wall between Hajime and the ice dragon. For an instant, the sight of the ice dragon was obstructed, but something like that was completely swallowed into its jaw instantly like nothing.

But, after that flame blast cleared up, at the other side was a gigantic weapon――a gatling pile bunker held by Hajime was there.

At the next moment, a crimson spark crackled and two-ton giant stakes fired with a rate of twenty shot per second were fired and turned into flashes. The barrage of giant stakes that should be called as a crimson wall rushed the ice dragon from the front, coupled with the gravitational pull by the gravity spot in its mouth, the giant stakes stabbed into the dragon’s large mouth without any deviation.

The freezing ability of the ice dragon was instantly freezing the giant stakes, but because of their force the giant stakes couldn’t be resisted, they advanced unstoppable and gouged in. And then, one of the giant stakes hit the magic stone inside and splendidly succeeding in destroying the dragon. While raising scream of death agony, the ice dragon changed into mere mist and dispersed.

“I became the last one, since then how many months and years had lapsed then…was it a thousand or five thousand years…I don’t remember anymore but, day by day I watched the humans came to me lifting up prayer and offering, and then one day, suddenly I thought. ――Let’s destroy them.”

Hajime directed the cannon turret of the gatling pile bunker toward the azure dragon. The rushing meteor shower and light apostles were all blown away by the Cross Velts and Grim Reapers.

Like that, he turned toward the azure dragon who even now was almost finished burning the many Bolas binding itself and he pulled the trigger――just before he could do that, Hajime suddenly felt a chill and leaped away from that spot.

It appeared that his choice was correct. The place where Hajime was at a moment before was pierced by several dozen lightning divine spears, they spread immense thunders everywhere.

It was just a hair’s breadth. While trickling out cold sweat and blood, Hajime sent a sidelong glance at Ehitorujue. Ehitorujue was still looking at empty space with faraway look while talking about his path in the past. And yet, his attacks were still tormenting Hajime accurately with superb timing so there was nothing more irritating than this.

After being toyed around until this far, Hajime confirmed that Ehitorujue was sensing him accurately and he made a frustrated expression. At the same time, he decided that first, he should slaughter the last remaining azure dragon and so he was moving the gatling pile bunker toward it.

But, as expected it seemed he had let escape the timing for a sure kill.

The azure dragon that was restrained using all of Hajime’s bola roared fiercely. At that moment, the crimson ripple was enveloped by blue flame. The lit blue flame traveled along the bola’s wire before rushing all over everywhere and the blue flame swallowed everything.

Explosive sound resounded and blue beams of light illuminated the space, amidst that Ehitorujue showed an ecstatic expression. With Yue’s beautiful face, that smile emitted an amazing sex appeal,, but for Hajime it only made his blood boiled without end.

“You understand right? Just like how a man wants to defile woman, just like how someone wants to step on fresh snow, beautiful things, those precious things that you desperately piled up, they give off their true beauty when they are broken. The pleasure you obtained from that is something that is really difficult to be substituted by anything. That time when I trampled everything that I had protected the whole time for several thousand years let me tasted unimaginable sweetness. The people screaming, the shriek that asked for help from me…even now, that’s the only thing that I remember clearly.”

All the bolas were burned to nothing. The azure dragon resumed its advance with blazing rage.

Hajime was going to make the dragon into the prey of the gatling pile bunker right from the front, but then the space all around Hajime shook.


Omni-directional space blasting.

While holding his breath, Hajime leaped out from the encirclement before the space could generate shockwave.

A severe earthquake.

Although Hajime at least avoided a direct hit, he got hit by the after wave and blood sprayed everywhere grandly from Hajime’s wounds.


Hajime unintentionally groaned and his expression warped, there was a flickering azure flame at the corner of his sight. Contrary to the approaching heat, an ice lump was sliding down his spine.

He tried to use ‘Air Force’ to escape while reinforcing his body with ‘Vajra’, but the meteor swarm whirled and danced boisterously in anticipation of that and blocked Hajime’s path of escape.

“Even though I have forgotten completely how long I have lived, only the pleasure I felt at that time when everything crumbled is unforgettable. Therefore, I decided. That this world is my toy.”

Ehitorujue’s gaze finally returned back from the past.

He faced Hajime who was trying to break through the dance of the meteor shower using Donner and Cross Velts, and then he snapped his fingers.

That was the signal for the explosion.

All the meteors following Hajime like a whirlwind exploded simultaneously. The generated shockwave was equal with the hand grenade that Hajime used. Hajime immediately used Cross Velts to lay out barrier and furthermore the Grim Reapers used their body as a shield in their master’s danger to soften the impact even if just for a bit.

Hajime who was swallowed by flame blasts and the light was swallowed by the fully opened mouth of the azure dragon. The jaw of azure flame closed with a snap. Everything that was touched would be mercilessly returned to ash by the hell fire of the highest class of magic. Thinking normally, it was impossible to survive after getting eaten by that flame.

However, the torso of the flaming azure dragon――inside the azure flame there was a shining crimson that showed Hajime’s survival. There were four Cross Velts around Hajime. They connected to each other using string of magic power and laid out a barrier of space isolation, ‘Four Point Barrier’.

But, in compensation for that, the surface of the Cross Velts was melting down second by second. The seven Cross Velts that Hajime directly controlled were naturally enchanted with ‘Vajra’ and also coated with sealing stone, yet even so these Cross Velts couldn’t endure. It was something that he understood, but as expected the heat of this dragon far surpassed the dragon that Yue used.

“Guh, don’t, underestimate mee-!!”

Inside the stomach of the blue heavenly dragon, a voice that paused intermittently yet filled with tenacious will resounded. The astonishing thing was that even with the laid out space isolation barrier Hajime was still enveloped in a lot of flame.

It seemed that this azure dragon had penetrating flame the same like the Divine Flame slipped into it. Scorched by that flame, Hajime was stepping forward while trickling greasy sweats, he took out Orestes which made a gate that connected the inside and outside the barrier. Ahead of the gate was the azure dragon’s magic stone.

Donner fired crimson flash along with bursting sound, the bullet passed through the gate and pierced through the sea of azure flame. The magic bullet coated with sealing stone accurately shot the magic stone of the azure dragon. The magic stone became little pieces with an explosive sound, at the same time the blue flame was dispersing.

“Yes, everything is my toy, irregular.”

A sinister sound that he had already heard many times from Ehitorujue echoed. The sound of a finger snap.

As expected, the dispersing azure flame wriggled like living thing, it intruded smoothly into the four Cross Velts surrounding Hajime.

Right after that,


Hajime’s short scream accompanied a grand flame blast rising up. The four Cross Velts ruptured from their inside. The penetrating Divine Flame caused chain explosions from the bursting bullet loaded inside. Followed by crimson ripples, grand and countless shockwaves and scattering Divine Flame tormented Hajime thoroughly from four directions.

Hajime immediately scattered hand grenades. It was for the sake of drinking god water and forcefully making an opening. As expected, his damage had reached a level that he couldn’t ignore.

But, the wind of death caressed his skin chillingly at that time. Hajime’s instinct was ringing the alarm bell in full.

Right after that, the crimson wall that bloomed fully at the surrounding from Hajime’s hand grenades was pierced by a blowing down wind.

Hajime obeyed his instinct’s command and twisted his body, and right beside him a dislocated space passed through.

At the same time, his left hand that took out god water was fixed in space. It was a perfect timing that took advantage of the opening when Hajime took evasive action. The next move was also the same. The Lightning divine spear flew out from empty air and shot down the god water.


Hajime raised his voice unintentionally, but it was already too late. The god water had been lost from Hajime’s hand. On the same occasion, his artificial hand was also pierced and his palm dissolved.

Hajime immediately repaired his artificial hand using transmutation while leaping away in order to avoid the rushing meteor shower.

“Shit-, even though that’s the last god water-“

A swearing leaked out. Ehitorujue who heard that lifted the corner of his lips.

And then, he lifted his hand before dropping that hand quietly pointing at Hajime. Immediately, light swelled up explosively and light star shot out from the halos like missile moving in an arch with light trailing behind.

Hajime took out his gatling pile bunker, aimed it at Ehitorujue and then he charged forward while firing.

From above, like stars falling from the night sky, radiant stars were raining down, the Grim Reapers whose number had decreased considerably before one knows used their body as a shield, several Cross Velts laid out barrier above Hajime’s route, with those the momentum of Hajime’s charge didn’t stop. Even while that was happening, like a countdown going down, the autonomic weapons of Hajime’s quality products were bursting, their fragments scattered everywhere.

But, as though mocking that determination of Hajime who was forced to make those sacrifices…

“What do you think the devil and demi-human are?”

Such question resounded from right behind Hajime.

Hajime felt a shudder running through his spine. He used the intense recoil of his artificial hand to rotate at high speed and fired Donner behind him without even confirming anything.

But, there was no one there, in exchange a presence appeared at Hajime’s left-hand side where he was holding the gatling pile bunker. Hajime opened his eyes wide while sending his gaze there, at the same time a hand gently caressed the artifact.

And then, just like what happened at the devil king castle, the gatling pile bunker was easily returned to dust.

The one who was there was Ehitorujue. From his three layers of halos, in his back now there was only the first layer of halo, he skipped over even Hajime’s perception and his figure appeared in very close range.

(Teleport without using gate…as expected, he can actually do something like that.)

Hajime’s eyes narrowed from how one of the concerns that he harbored came true. It appeared that the magic which allowed the lightning divine spear to appeared suddenly from the empty air and teleported the artifact he possessed――’Heaven Existence’ could also be used for teleporting the caster themselves. And then, Ehito could also turn artifact into dust just by touching them.

The figure of Ehitorujue vanished quietly once more.

At the same time, a chill ran on his back.

Hajime fired bursting bullet behind from the elbow of his artificial arm, but the light emitted from the halo blocked it. Ehitorujue’s arm was swung down without even paying any attention to Hajime’s counterattack.

Sword of light attacked Hajime following the trajectory of that arm. Hajime rotated using the impact from firing bursting bullet and back-stepped to evade. He took a distance of more than ten meters within an instant using his super speed but…


A diagonal laceration was carved from Hajime’s shoulder until his flank. Even though he should have gotten out already from the range of the sword yet he was still hit. Hajime’s face warped in pain while his severe gaze stabbed Ehitorujue.

“No need to be shocked. This is called as ‘Divine Sword’, a magic sword that can freely contract and expand, it also can jump through space to attack. It can penetrate your defense is because it also has the penetrating ability like ‘Divine Flame’.”

Hajime had been reduced to a tragic appearance that was obvious at a glance. Ehitorujue was explaining to such Hajime who was breathing roughly while his hand was caressing along the divine sword.

That composed expression expressed how Hajime’s fang couldn’t reach him at all.

In contrast Hajime was all tattered. His black coat that was weaved with metal fiber which was stronger than even armor had become just like scrapped rag, the clothes under it was heavily soaked from absorbing blood. His skin that was visible from the gaps of the torn clothes was dyed bright red, his white hair was especially soaked with blood color from the fresh blood pouring out from his head, just looking at Hajime right now felt painful. The blood trickling down his head was like tears of blood.

Even the equal fight when the two fought a battle of resource was easily tilted completely into Ehito’s favor when he used age of god magic consecutively. The many artifacts that were the greatest trait of Hajime’s specialty were also being mostly destroyed.

What were left with Hajime was Donner & Schlag, Cross Velts, and then Grim Reapers…

“Hmm, it has become a little bit bothersome now.”

Ehito swung his divine sword. Not even afterimage could be seen from his hand motion. It wasn’t even clear whether he had swung the magic sword or not. But, the result was obvious. The Cross Velts and Grim Reapers that had been decreased until nearly fifty machines were cruelly turned into small pieces before they exploded everywhere they were.


What remained was only three Cross Velts that Hajime directly controlled. The army of demon king had been completely annihilated, even the crosses that symbolized death fell on the ground. Now Hajime only possessed mainly grenades of various kinds. Most likely Ehitorujue was intentionally aiming to destroy the artifacts in order to grant Hajime despair.

“Well, such thing doesn’t matter. Rather than that, I talked about devil and demi-human. What do you think they are?”

Without even showing particular care about the several hundred artifacts that he had cut apart instantly, Ehitorujue repeated his previous question. It appeared the talk of Ehitorujue still wasn’t over. He toyed around with his divine sword while staring at Hajime who looked like he could fall anytime with a wide repulsive grin.

“…Aren’t they…haa haa…the native here.”

Hajime answered the question in order to recover even for a little in this second opening he was given.

“No, you are wrong. The native people of this world are only the ‘human’. Whether the devil or the demi-human, they are the illegitimate children created by my magic technology.”

“…So you even, guh, synthesizing?”

“Fufu-, you have fast understanding. The devil and demi-human are synthetic organisms created by the combination of my monster and human. They are my genuine creation.”

‘Why did you do such thing?’ Perhaps Ehitorujue surmised that unasked question of Hajime, his tongue was moving smoothly to answer.

“No matter how much I was trying to sublimate my soul using faith and secret technique, no matter how much restoration and improvement I attempted on the body, the long several millenniums brought my body to its limit. Naturally, I searched for new body but…there was no flesh that could accept the soul of god.”

“If there is none, then just make one…huh?”

“It really helps that you have a quick understanding. Devil has high aptitude with magic factor, and the demi-human has powerful physic, they each came from me combining human with primitive organisms that possessed those essential aspects. I also tried creating the likes of dragon people by combining those two aspects but….they were a failure. They could only be used for side entertainment, like how the strongest race became persecuted.”

Just how many sacrifices came out along the course of those experiments? Even Hajime couldn’t help but sympathize with the people in the past. To say nothing of the fact that the reason of the persecution toward Tio and others was merely this guy venting his anger, knowing that caused Hajime’s killing intent to intensify further.

“In that process, I also created the currently existing monsters and apostles, but because of some unknown factor, in the end I was unable to obtain a body that could possibly become my vessel. Although some could endure to a certain degree, they would soon self-destruct.”

“…So the Holy Precincts…was because you had no vessel”

“Fufu. Correct. This place is so I can continue to exist only as soul and also a place where I can use my strength. Here I was enjoying the game while waiting. Extremely rarely there would be people with aptitude like Aruvheit or the ‘liberators’ that were born.”

Based on the truth that Hajime was told, it seemed that the people who were called as ‘true ancestor’ like Yue or Shia were more accurately people with aptitude. Although even the people with aptitude in the past like the liberators were insufficient as Ehitorujue’s vessel.

Hajime’s eyes narrowed quietly.

“Like, that…haa haa, three hundred years ago…you finally, discovered it, huh”

“Yes. At that time my heart danced for the first time after a few hundred years. Although, my vessel was immediately hidden after that…even though at that time I had even personally granted her the title as ‘miko’ specially. You know, at that time I was driven by fury that I even destroyed several countries unintentionally while destroying the vampire country. After that I thought of the possibility of another miko being born once more before I was able to finally calm down.”

Ehitorujue swept his divine sword. The halo on his back and the halos at the distance visible above the throne began to shine brilliantly.

“Let me say my thanks once more, irregular. You discovered my vessel and made me enjoyed myself until this much, you have truly done a great service. As the prize, I’ll consign you to oblivion personally by my hand.”

Platinum magic power painted over everything.

Hajime too also emitted his crimson magic power, he readied Donner-Schlag and lined up the three Cross Velts behind him.

A beat passed.

The figure of Ehitorujue disappeared.

Hajime fired the readied Donner & Schlag as they were. The launched flashes passed through the last Orestes that was placed in front of the gun muzzles and reappeared behind him.

Sure enough, there was Ehitorujue there.

However, without any hurry Ehitorujue surprisingly cut apart the bullets that came flying from Orestes with his divine sword.

Although Yue was a prodigy in magic but her close quarter combat ability was lower than average. Based on Ehitorujue’s feat just now, it seemed that because of the possession the body’s physical ability and battle skill were increased up like a joke.

The penetrating divine sword stretched toward the frowning Hajime. The sword flash that was impossible to defend against was somehow evaded by Hajime bending backward. At the same time the Cross Velts fired burst bullets wildly.

Those bullets were shot down by the light stars fired from the halo. The spreading ripples of impact bloomed everywhere between Hajime and Ehitorujue.

“There is nothing to feel surprised about. This is my original sword art that I learned for killing time. The twin large swords art of the apostle is also based on my swordsmanship. I can do not only magic you know?”

“Chih, so what.”

“Fufu-. At first, I put distance and stole the artifacts of you who were desperately struggling like plucking off your arms and legs. Next is close quarter combat, that’s how it is. There is no hope for you no matter what you try, I’ll teach that to you personally. How are you feeling getting overwhelmed with one hand by someone who was talking leisurely about the past? Hmm?”

Saying that Ehitorujue cut apart the shockwaves themselves and charged forward.

Hajime rapid fired Donner & Schlag. The bullets that he used were Living Bullet. Furthermore they were coated with sealing stone.

But, at the next moment Ehitorujue’s figure vanished as expected. And then, he appeared instantly at Hajime’s side.

Hajime who foreseen that used the recoil of his artificial arm to throw away his body. Immediately following that, the bullets that Hajime fired before this flew out from the space around Ehitorujue. Hajime understood that Ehitorujue would teleport using Heaven Existence so he made use of Orestes to teleport the bullets.

A storm of flashes that aimed at the moment Ehitorujue teleported. No matter even if it was Ehitorujue, it seemed that he would get drilled through by the bullets before he could teleport once more.

However, the moment the bullets impacted, the arm of Ehitorujue that was holding the divine sword vanished. No, that arm was moving so fast that it looked like it vanished. The sword moved flexibly like a whip, and sword lines rushed around Ehitorujue as though a barrier was layered surrounding him.

As the result, the bullets were wrecked into pieces. The sword was swung with a speed that even the Living Bullets’ trajectory correction couldn’t follow. Even the perception skill that Hajime had could only perceive the sword slightly as a streak of light. It was a terrifying speed.

“To be able to read my movement in this short time…that prediction came from experience rather than sense I guess. That’s really something. But, in front of my ‘God Speed’ that is still too slow.”

God Speed――it was the magic that Kaori used limitedly. But Ehitorujue used it with more refinement. It was beyond the pale that he was able to cut apart twenty shots of electromagnetically accelerated bullets that approached from a meter. Before this when he instantly cut apart several hundred Cross Velts and Grim Reapers was surely also because his sword attacks that were done within shortened time.

“Now then, how many artifacts you have left? Or else have you used up all of your plans? If not then you can use them all. I’ll crush everything you have and dye your brave face with despair!”

Ehitorujue used Heaven Existence.

Instantly, he appeared right in front of Hajime’s face.


The sword flashes that were swung while Hajime groaned were ten times. All of those were evaded by Hajime who mostly relied only on his instinct. But, his dodging couldn’t be called as perfect with how he was unable to defend, he was grazed, or even thinly sliced all over his body.

The recoil of Hajime’s artificial hand forcefully threw away his body to an angle that was normally impossible. Hajime rotated like spinning wheel while desperately taking distance, during that time he randomly scattered a lot of grenades from inside ‘Treasure Warehouse II’.

Many of the grenades were cut apart by the lengthening divine sword, and destroyed by the meteors from the halo. The grenades that weren’t even allowed to explode were scattered as sparkling particles and fell on the ground.

Ehitorujue laughed disgustingly to that useless effort of Hajime who couldn’t even buy time while teleporting consecutively. He appeared and then vanished, appeared and then vanished. Just like an illusion. It was like he was being omnipresence around Hajime.

And then the divine sword that reached regardless of distance carved multiple layers in the air. Although Hajime avoided lethal wound each time that happened, wounds were mass produced with certainty on his body. He also counterattacked with the combination of Donner & Schlag, Orestes, and Cross Velts, but in front of the elusive Heaven Existence and God Speed, Hajime was unable to inflict even one telling blow.

The second and third layer of the halos and the halo behind Ehitorujue were dyeing the white space with platinum light by endlessly firing meteor shower. However naturally those meteors were automatically avoiding Ehitorujue himself and rushed only Hajime.

Hajime was clenching his teeth while shooting back, he was staving off the storm of death sometimes with grenade, sometimes with Cross Velt, and sometimes with Orestes. Amidst that he was trying to somehow arrest Ehitorujue’s movement but…

He couldn’t reach.

Hajime was being overwhelmed even in close quarter combat just like Ehitorujue planned. Each time he was attacked, blood splashed while he was being rapidly cornered, just like a chess match.

“What’s wrong? Won’t you use your trump card(godslaying)? If you use it while praying, perhaps you will be lucky and reach this body you know?”

“Shu, shut uup-!”

Hajime was already holding out only by his guts. Even the vocabulary of the words that he returned to Ehitorujue’s provocation was poor. Perhaps because Hajime was bleeding out too much, or perhaps because of the limit break that he continued to use, Hajime’s eyes were beginning to strangely get out of focus and looked blank.

“Hmm. You don’t look like you will take out a new artifact, your body is also on the verge of breaking apart…are you waiting for a favorable opportunity?”

Ehitorujue snapped his fingers. Lightning divine spear was flying out from empty air.

Its target was naturally the heavily wounded Hajime. Even now it felt like his consciousness would fly away, his body felt like it would crumble down anytime. Even so, he still somehow avoided a direct hit, really what an astonishing survival instinct.

But, even his resistance only went that far.

The lightning divine spears that fired rapidly destroyed the last Cross Velts and Orestes altogether, on the same occasion the lightning the spears contained were also liberated nearby Hajime.


Terrific impact and thunderous sound, and then lightning hit Hajime. Hajime screamed and then fell on the ground with a smoking body.

Hajime bounced several times on the chalk white ground before collapsing face down. Then blood dripped out. Hajime’s tragic appearance that had been chopped up, beaten many times, and also grilled thoroughly, just from a glance he already looked like a corpse. It was hard to judge him as alive.

Ehitorujue descended soundlessly in front of Hajime. Looking at Hajime who was licking the ground in an unsightly state, while wondering if it was the end with this, Ehitorujue lifted up his divine sword in order to deal the finishing blow with an expression like a child whose toy was taken away.

But, ahead of his gaze Hajime’s finger twitched.


Ehitorujue reflexively leaked out an admiring voice. Even during that time Hajime’s body was moving and his body was rising up while dripping blood was dirtying the chalk white ground.

“Even with the majesty of god engraved to your flesh and bones, you are still going to stand up?”

Ehitorujue’s words were replied by Hajime with intermittent words that sounded like they were going to die out anytime along with his heartbeat.

“I’ll, keep…saying it. You are…not a, god. Rather, even, compared…to the ‘human’ fighting on the surface right now…you’re weak.”

“What are you basing on saying that? And with that heavily wounded appearance at that. Even though not even a single one of your power reach me.”

Ehitorujue made an exasperated expression, wondering if Hajime would still bluffing even after reaching this point of time.

“…Indeed, your strength, is astonishing. …Since I, got out, of the abyss, I have…never, felt death…this close”

“Hmph, if you understand――”

“But, that’s all.”

Hajime cut off Ehitorujue’s words. The focus of his eyes was disappearing. However, anyone would understand if they looked from close by. Far inside the wavering eyes, a flame that would never be snuffed out was residing there. As though to display that, strength was filling Hajime’s words little by little.

“Inside you, there is no…will to overwhelm others. That’s why, no matter how much…strength, that you show me, my heart…won’t waver. ――It’s like you are not scary.”

“…Are you making excuse?”

Ehitorujue talked provocatively, however, this times it was Hajime who was talking with a distant look. About the strong people that he met, or he knew in this world.

“I, know. …even though she is the weakest race, yet with a single feeling…that fellow stepped into a deadly no man’s land.”

Her face looked like she was going to cry, even so ‘to be together’, just for that little wish that rabbit ear girl kept running desperately

“Even though…despair, was thrust before her eyes…she just wouldn’t break, a fellow that continued to believe in hope.”

With a single feeling, even when no one believed other than her, she didn’t abandon hope. An earnest girl who in the end even chose to change her body to get close to him.

“For the sake of her comrade…in order to protect…a fellow that can use her body as a shield.”

Just how many times had he been protected by her? Even though usually she would screw around, but when push came to shove she would risk her life more than anyone, a wise woman with deep emotion.

“Even at the verge of death…a fellow that can think of her best friend, as the most.”

Surely, she was the most ‘girlish’ among his comrades. Despite so, she would take up weapon for the sake of someone, even many times at the verge of death, the one who she would think at the end would always be her best friend, it would always be somebody else. A kind girl who was too kind.

“Even when, the world changed…even when her own naivety was thrust before her, that fellow didn’t cast away her own dignity.”

Hesitating, scared, distressed, hurt, even so she didn’t stop being what she determined as herself. The teacher who admonished Hajime who only kept pushing on so he would stop and looked back.

“Even though she is just a little girl without any strength, that girl can risk her life in order to stop her idiot father.”

The time they spent together didn’t even reach a month. She was also just a four-year-old little girl. Despite so, she worried for her injured mother, she personally went to meet the father who informed her of their parting and spoke out, and in the end, that child could convey her feeling without taking even a step back against her rampaging father.

And then,

“…And then, even with her body taken, still, that fellow is continuing to fight.”

He believed. Yes, he believed. At her strength.

Hajime’s gaze, the gaze of someone who had been overwhelmed until he couldn’t move even a single finger and was almost died, pierced Ehitorujue.

The person whom that gaze was directed at didn’t notice himself. Of how the shining flame deep inside those eyes that were peaceful like a calm water surface yet dark like the abyss, was overpowering himself to shrink away with a step back.

“Even the monsters in the abyss emitted overwhelming killing intent and survival instinct. But, there is nothing in you. You are empty. Surely, since the time the things you have piled up together with your comrades were destroyed, you have been empty.”

Hajime stood up completely. In his hands, Donner & Schlag were clutched tightly.

“Your words were loud and clear. In short, you don’t learn anything since the past, you cannot even endure loneliness, however you are scared to even die…the point is that you are just a spoiled brat right?”

The meaning of “enough already” that Ehitorujue’s last comrade spoke was surely, because he believed that even if they let go of the hand of the people they guided in this world, it was enough, they would still be able to live prosperously.

That person was surely thinking of their destroyed home world, that existences like them who had touched the truth weren’t needed anymore, and then, seeing the activity of this world, surely that person thought that there was nothing left that he needed to teach to the people of this world.

Not noticing that feeling, unable to even sympathize, not learning anything from the past, scared of the fear of death despite being able to interfere with truth, and then unable to endure the loneliness, he went into a rampage. In the end, the existence named Ehitorujue was still ‘childish’ no matter how long he had been alive.

“…Fuh, is this a scheme to make my mind waver with that kind of provocation? After all it will be the end if your trump card fails to reach me. What a moving endeavor. But, at this rate your ‘godslaying’ cannot possibly work.”

That was why, he didn’t understand the meaning of what Hajime was talking about. Exactly the same like how he didn’t understand the meaning of the words of his comrade in the far past.

Hajime slowly drew back one of his feet and took his stance. Even though he was already at the death’s door, a supreme will was overflowing from that body.


A calm word of affirmation.

But, right after that…

“That’s only if I am still like before yeah-!”

Immense power burst out from Hajime. It was incomparable with his ‘Supreme Break’ until now. A torrent of power that was equal with several times his former power whirled with Hajime at the center. It was just like a tornado of level F5. The crimson color got deeper into a deep crimson, the space was rumbling as though it was screaming.

“What the-“

Hajime who he thought to be almost died just now suddenly exploded out with power so great at this point of time, for the first time Ehitorujue’s calm expression crumbled. That was undoubtedly an expression of shock.

Giving that expression a glance, Hajime stepped forward. No, his figure was erased.

Where he appeared was right in front of Ehitorujue’s face. Ehitorujue gazed in astonishment.

Just by being fast wouldn’t be able to surpass Ehitorujue’s perception. No matter how much Hajime was strengthened, it would still be impossible by nature. But, even so there were many ways to fight. Just who decided that an instant space teleportation was the technique exclusive for god?



The hand of Hajime that was holding Donner softly shifted the hand of Ehitorujue that was stabbing toward Hajime. At the same time, the bullet that flew out from Schlag ricocheted on the ground and aimed at Ehitorujue’s heart.

Naturally, Ehitorujue escaped with Heaven Existence. Instantly, a raging killing intent blew from behind him.

“-!? You bastard, as expected, you use Heaven Existence!?”

“Who knows, I wonder about that?”

Two gunshots resounded. However, there were twenty streaks of flashes that attacked Ehito violently. Half of them were slashed by the divine sword, but he then judged that he wouldn’t be able to deal with the rest of Hajime’s acrobatics rapid shooting that Ehitorujue escaped using further space teleportation.

But, at his next teleportation Ehitorujue saw it. Before his eyes one floating bullet vanished quietly, at the next instant, Hajime appeared at that bullet’s former spot. Yes, it was as though the position of Hajime and the bullet was exchanged.

――Special bullet   Exise Bullet

This special bullet that was transmuted from combined space-sublimation magic had the ability to exchange the coordinate position of the starting point and each bullet. Bullets so many like the number of stars in the sky had been scattered in this battlefield since the start of the battle until this moment. But, not all the bullets were attacking the enemy. Several bullets among them were scattering to the whole area and floated midair to become Hajime’s teleporting coordinate.

Ehitorujue used his divine sword to intercept Hajime who appeared in front of him.



He struck empty air. The blade passed through a bit in front of Hajime. With a returning strike Ehito attempted to shower Hajime with slashes――but when he noticed, Hajime had already slipped right in front of his face once more.

Hajime rushed at the opening of Ehito’s mind. He read Ehito’s breathing and made his timing and distance to miss. Hajime also intentionally disturbed his presence to make it difficult for Ehito to perceive his state. He used taijutsu to give an illusion to Ehito’s sense of distance. The more sensitive the senses of the opponent, the more these techniques could be used to throw the opponent’s perception out of whack. Furthermore,

――Illusion projection artifact   ‘Novum Idola’

This artifact layered shadow on the user, it strangely shifted the user’s position and enveloped the image-presence-magic power-etc of the user, at the same time it interfered with the opponent’s perception and made them misrecognized the camouflage and the truth. Hajime’s figure and presence that blurred in two or three layers, combined with Hajime’s own taijutsu realized a close quarter combat that was like an illusion.

“You bastard-, after this far, you still show new cards――”

Ehitorujue’s discarded voice was cut off. Seeing this person who had become that ragged, showered in words of humiliation, and made to snuggle really close to death, yet he was still preserving his cards until this time, as expected it was beyond the imagination of even god. For example even if someone actually was still hiding some plan inside their heart, but in a situation where it wasn’t strange that they could die anytime, the courage needed not to expose their hidden hand was already something that surpassed the realm of human.

Ehitorujue who felt a slight shudder going through his back unleashed attacks that were like surging wave.


Hajime’s war cry reverberated, at the same time a crimson flash exploded like a solar flare.

Even when Ehitorujue swung his divine sword and fired meteor shower from his halos, his disarrayed perception couldn’t capture Hajime. Hajime’s attack was also becoming closer and closer to hitting before he noticed, that fact was already a godly feat that surpassed superhuman feat――no, perhaps it was more fitting for Hajime for this to be called as a demonic feat.

Hajime bared his fang using everything that he had analyzed and pounded into his body from the battle until now!

Ehitorujue teleported consecutively once more. However, Hajime who was starting to grasp his teleporting habit rapidly approached within zero comma several seconds. Hajime wasn’t using only the speed of the coordinate exchange and his discernment. His raw speed that was continuing to increase second by second was also progressively entering the realm of god speed.

Even so, the sword flashes of Ehitorujue was impossible to defend against, therefore he possessed overwhelming advantage against Hajime in close quarter combat, was how it was supposed to be.



This time it was Ehitorujue who leaked out a shocked voice along with the resounding hard sound.

That was only natural. The divine sword that should pass through everything except Hajime was blocked by Schlag after all.

With no delay the right Donner aimed at Ehitorujue. The fired crimson flash was evaded by Ehitorujue using teleportation by a hairbreadth with shocked expression pasted still on his face.

“Just, what in the world――”

“It’s only transmutation.”

Hajime answered concisely without telling everything.

The cause that blocked the penetrating ability of the divine sword came from the transmutation that was done on Schlag.

――Soul magic neutralization artifact   ‘Delischanors’

If the attack could pass through everything except the target using soul magic, then he only needed to enchant Schlag using ‘Soul Reproduction’ to create a pseudo soul in it. Originally this was a ‘decoy’ artifact that was produced from the assumption that the ‘Divine Statement’ which forced a command on the selected soul in subconscious level couldn’t be defended using Miledy’s artifact, but it was also sufficient to misalign the target of the divine sword.

And then, the decoys that were applied with Delischanors weren’t just Donner & Schlag.

Ehitorujue swung the divine sword at the stepping forward Hajime, which was blocked by the muzzle of Schlag. At the same time,


A single gunshot. The flying bullet knocked back the divine sword that should be in a state where its penetrating ability was activated. Yes, what was enchanted with Delischanors wasn’t just Schlag. The bullets were also rejecting the penetration ability!


“You talk too much, small fry.”

The impact from the divine sword getting knocked back forcefully made Ehito’s posture to form a one-handed banzai, Ehitorujue who was making a humiliated expression fired meteors from his halo.

But, as though knowing that move ahead, Cross Velts and Donner’s bullet barrage repelled them. Hajime smoothly closed the distance and launched a fierce round kick. That attack, finally, run into the solar plexus of the god that Hajime had no hope to touch before! The kick that had ‘Strong Leg’ and ‘Impact Conversion’ applied to it was extremely intense. Ehitorujue’s body bent forward into ‘>’ shape and he was blown away.


Hajime pursued, but as expected Ehitorujue didn’t intend to allow him going that far and used Heaven Existence to make his escape.

Yes, he escaped. Different from all his evasion until now from the thinking that it was inexcusable for god’s body to be touched, now he was purely escaping. Of course, Ehitorujue had automatic regeneration. Even so, that he escaped was because his heart was shaken. It was an instinctual action.

Because of that, the humiliation that was welling up in his chest was great. As though to display that, the expression of Ehitorujue distorted grandly.

“You-, your new artifact, that power-. You bastard, you didn’t fight me at full strength!”

“Oi oi, what kind of gullible fellow would believe his enemy’s words. Of course, that was obviously a lie.”

While unfolding an offense and defense against Hajime who was saying such thing boldly, Ehitorujue suddenly noticed. That Hajime’s tone didn’t even sound pained at all and flowed smoothly. That his wounds from being tormented thoroughly had been mostly healed.

What was the reason that Hajime was healed? The reason was the same with how his strength was increased even after activating ‘Supreme Break’ already.

It finally melted, the capsule inside his stomach. The capsule filled with god water and cheatmate that Hajime had drunk beforehand.

Ehitorujue didn’t know about that, but he conjectured that it was impossible for such rapid healing to happen except by god water and he raised an angry voice.

“What you said about the god water being the last was also a lie-“

“It was a really delicious water that is worthy to be called god water you know?”

Hajime spoke indifferently. Toward such Hajime, Ehitorujue took distance without fussing over close quarter combat where he was about to launch space blasting and lightning divine spear. The humiliation of being fooled was oozing out from that expression.

As though to promote that displeasure further, Hajime constantly closed the distance smoothly not letting Ehito got away.

While the divine sword and Schlag were locked with each other, Ehitorujue asked from very close range.

“Why, only now.”

“Naturally, in order to obtain certainty. I’m not underestimating your strength.”

There was only one chance for the ‘godslaying’. Hajime didn’t understand what kind of strength Ehitorujue who had perfectly seized Yue’s body possessed, because of that it was necessary to make Ehito showed out his hands that Hajime hadn’t seen before in order to use that one chance with certainty. Ehitorujue intended to play around with Hajime, but Hajime was also doing the same thing albeit for a different reason.

The strength of Ehitorujue that surpassed the imagination was to the degree that made Hajime felt the scythe of the death god, but by paying compensation of pain and many of his artifacts, somehow Hajime was able to confirm the battle strength and hands that Ehitorujue possessed to a certain degree, also, he became able to grasp the ‘habit’ of Ehitorujue.

Ehitorujue regained his footing from the shock and his expression suddenly changed into looking amused. And then, he instantly invoked a large scale space blasting that didn’t even spare himself from being dragged into it.

The space creaked and the meteor shower that was sweeping over all around was popping off. Among them, Hajime whose expression distorted was also included inside. It seemed that he endured using ‘Vajra’ that had its output increased, but he bore a damage that didn’t look light. Hajime vomited out blood while coughing.

But, Hajime immediately rallied himself and detected Ehitorujue. Ehitorujue had returned once more to his throne where three layers of halos were behind his back. It seemed that he was injured by his own damage but he immediately recovered using ‘Automatic Regeneration’.

“Then, whether you are really not misunderstanding me or not, the might of this true god will ascertain that!”

Right after that, light exploded. The halos were releasing light so intense to the degree that would make anyone hallucinated that. And then, Each halo were beginning to rotate while shining brilliantly.

Even during that time, Hajime was approaching while slipping through the meteor shower that had been doubled in intensity, right after that, a very thick beam of light was fired from the halos. If anyone saw it, then they would think that it was just like the ‘Heaven Might’ that Kouki unleashed. Although, the power and scale of this one from Ehito were in a different league.

“This cannot be avoided you know, irregular! This light of ruin will continue to chase after you forever until you die!”

In contrast with Ehitorujue who was raising a loud voice, Hajime fiercely bared his fang and answered.

“Then, I’ll breakthrough frontally.”

A crimson flash with honed killing intent surged straight ahead.

At the same time, Hajime scattered all the grenades that he had, furthermore a huge assault lance coated with sealing stone was deployed in the front. A mechanical sound was reverberating from that assault lance, the lance was spreading like an umbrella while it was elongating by three stages and it began to rotate at high speed.

――Target dispersal assault lance   ‘Lob Regenschirm’

A three-stage assault lance that rotated at high speed with its surface engraved by sealing stone and particular unevenness, that was to say it was a drill.

The target that was touched would be pulverized and dispersed as though being dug out. Hajime floated it in front of him, he used it as a shield while spreading intense ripples in midair, immediately after that, he charged toward the bombardment of ‘True Heaven Might’ along with a fierce impact.

While the coated sealing stone was being broken in the blink of eye, Lob Regenschirm was forcefully scattering the god’s might while leading its master Hajime toward the target’s position. Hajime also used ‘Vajra’, ‘Magic Power Emission’, and ‘Impact Conversion’ as explosive reactive armor and charged through the light of destruction!


Blood spurted out from the wounds that just got healed due to the after-effect that couldn’t be dispersed, his internal organs, his flesh, his bones were screaming. The crimson aura he was clad with and another red were scattered around him, even so Hajime screamed without stopping his advance. He wouldn’t stand still even for an instant! Overwhelm back the overwhelming torrent! Crush the absurdity with even more absurdity! Just like how he came this far until now, tear apart all the obstacles-!

“You are breaking through even this-“

Ehitorujue saw Hajime who was advancing inside the Heaven Might he unleashed and got stabbed with that eye glint that was filled to the brim with tenacious determination and tremendous killing intent――and he prepared to run away once more.

He was going to withdraw from that spot using Heaven Existence. He was taking that action mostly subconsciously.

But, Hajime didn’t allow him to do such thing.

The whole area at the surrounding was enveloped by explosive sound. It was the grenades that Hajime scattered. The spaces at the center where the explosions happened were distorting like jelly, shockwaves were blowing violently due to the side effect of the spaces trying to return to normal.

The cause of this was the space explosion grenade that distorted the space and generated shockwave. Originally it was something that made use of space to attack the enemy using shockwave, but right now it was displaying a different effect.

That was the destabilization of space.

Whether the direct teleportation magic ‘Heaven Existence’ that didn’t use exact and delicate gate could be used in this place or not…

“――tsk. Another artifact again-“

It seemed Ehitorujue himself understood well the answer. At the very least it was something dangerous to the degree that made him spontaneously hesitating to activate the magic. And then, he was also unintentionally swearing from witnessing new artifacts appearing one after another.

Using that opportunity, Hajime finally broke through the True Heaven Might. The Lob Regenschirm was smashed up, Hajime himself was also worn out, but that terrifyingly sharply gleaming eyes pierced Ehitorujue that was right nearby.

Ehitorujue immediately changed plan from escaping to intercepting. He was already materializing divine sword in one hand and swung it with God Speed. The sword lines that were drawn within an instant easily surpassed a hundred. He was seriously serious. This was the full strength sword play of Ehitorujue.

It didn’t matter that his perception was shifted or whatever, that was irrelevant if he was just filling the space to the brim with sword slashes. Therefore, even Hajime appeared unable to react against that, without even any time to put a defense all the sword flashes passed through that body. There wasn’t even any resistance that could be felt from the sword cutting through flesh.

At the same time, the Hajime that should be cut dispersed lightly, from its shadow Hajime leaped out.

“Impossible-. Something that only has small effect of shifting perception is――”

“Just who said that such thing is the effect huh?”

Ehitorujue’s surprised voice was easily responded by Hajime. Illusion projection artifact ‘Novum Idola’ fundamentally only had the effect of derailing the perception. But, nobody was saying that was its whole ability or anything. Even if, that was the only ability it showed even when in a critical time.

The corner of Ehitorujue’s sight caught a bullet that was transparent like a crystal floating there.

――Illusion projection assistance artifact   ‘Vision Bullet’

Combined with ‘Novum Idola’, an artifact that completely projected Hajime’s illusion was put in the core of this bullet. The moment Hajime broke through the True Heaven Might, he predicted that a severe interception attack would be waiting for him, so Hajime fired the Vision Bullet to the front while he himself drew back from Ehito’s sword range.

Ehitorujue who had just finished swinging his god sword, in addition to the shock, became slow in reacting, with an intense step Hajime threw away Schlag and he turned his artificial palm toward Ehito. Right after that, the gimmick in the palm worked and the five fingers there greatly elongated. Now it looked just like a skeleton hand of a giant.

Hajime struck with that expanding mechanical palm toward Ehitorujue. And then, in a flash the five fingers curled and restrained Ehitorujue’s body, then Hajime hurled himself forward which carried them through the halos immediately.


Hajime roared and then the gimmick of the artificial hand activated which let out many spikes that pierced Ehitorujue’s body like iron maiden, furthermore Hajime activated a space fixation that was limited to inside his palm and completely restrained Ehito.

Ehitorujue immediately attempted to use magic, but tremendous magic power radiation came out from the artificial hand that was glued close to his body――the magic power cannon ‘Glanzen’ loaded inside the artificial arm performed bombardment of pure magic power that stirred up the magic power inside Ehito’s body, due to that Ehito was unable to invoke magic instantly. Furthermore, Ehitorujue was able to swing his divine sword just by reversing his wrist, but that too was beyond his power due to the anchor and steel thread flying out from the artificial arm which bound his body and operated vibration pulverization.



Like that, at the end of dense offense and defense that happened for less than a second, Hajime succeeded in throwing down Ehitorujue on the ground.

The gazes of Ehitorujue who was held down on the ground and Hajime who was straddling him crossed each other. At the same time, along with a *kacha* sound, something hard was pushed on Ehitorujue’s heart from the opening of the five fingers.

It was the gun muzzle of Donner.

“This is check. The ‘godslaying’ that was born at the end of drowning in alcohol, taste it to your heart’s content.”




A single gunshot.

Ehitorujue’s body twitched up.

What was fired was naturally the godlsaying bullet that picked only the god to destroy. The ‘Short Sword of Divine Crossing’ where the liberators’ tenacity resided was condensed, processed, and then remanufactured into a bullet.

Finally the trump card pierced through Ehitorujue.

Behind the halos were crumbling down as though they were weathering down into dust.

Silence filled the white space.

The closed eyelids of Yue quivered along with her long eyelashes. And then, on the eyes that slowly opened, the worn-out figure of Hajime was reflected…

“How unfortunate, irregular.”


Right after that, Hajime’s left arm was pulverized into very small pieces, and his body was spraying blood while getting blown away.

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