Three Announcements

Alright, so there are a couple of things I wanted to bring up to you guys if you had any interest in this blog and it’s continued existence.

Announcement #1:

I was recently contacted by j-novel club, who currently holds the right to publish the LN’s for Arifureta. As per their request, Japtem will “likely” be pulling down the first few volumes of Arifureta so that the LN can thrive in its place. If you wanted to reread the first volume without becoming a member of j-novel… you might want to get to that. This will not affect my site for some time, but eventually, all things come to an end. Although, it’ll probably be a few years before they reach volume 6+.

Announcement #2:

I’ve become an affiliate of Rebirth Online World. This doesn’t mean anything other than that their link is to the side. This affiliation is designed to help bring original work authors with Japanese light novel tones together. I support this initiative, so do visit their original novels if you can.

Announcement #3:

Not really an announcement, more of a reminder. I have been updating the “List of Another World Novels” blog linked on the side. I deleted all the comments to make room for more comments, but added all of the suggestions to my blog and I’ve continually read and added stories. It’s easily three times the size the list was when I originally posted it, so if you saw the blog last year, it’s certainly got many many more suggestions to you since then.


Edit: To those expressing disbelief that publically available WN translation is affected by an LN, I asked the same question, and this is the response I received.

“we do not control the rights to the web novel and cannot demand that you remove your translations. However, just because the original work is posted for free online does NOT mean that the author has given permission for it to be reposted on other websites, or translated into other languages… and the author could, if they were alerted, request your translation be completely removed (and we could forward a DMCA request on their behalf if necessary).”

Please do not go and attack j-novel club. I merely posted this because I believe in transparency and want you to understand the situation. They can’t ask me to take the web novel down, but they can get the author (or more specifically Overlap, his soulless corporate publisher) to file a DMCA strike. So play nice.


35 thoughts on “Three Announcements

    1. Yea, i agree with that. Translating wn should not affect the ln in my opinion. Unless it’s the author him/herself are the one asking than that’s different story.

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  1. Btw, if and only this translation is possibly going to be deleted, can someone make a epub of the whole chapters please.
    Ps: the whole chap in japtem can be read offline with their app it seems… After we download the chaps.


  2. You guys are so pessimistic. As I said, it will be YEARS before the LN releases catch up to my chapters. This is not something that is going to affect you guys except for the first 2-3 volumes.

    They’re only asking for chapters that cover what they’ve already released to be removed, and if you noticed, all my chapters are over chapter 100! At 15 chapters a volume, that’s 7 Volumes before they reach to any of my chapters and they’re on volume 2.

    Unless I start posting their LNs for free, open up a Patreon, start selling pdfs, or openly attacking them, they have no desire to bring down my blog.

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    1. I have a question. How would I get in contact with Rebirth Online World. I would like for their admin to look at my work and see if they are willing to host my original works. Plus, I’m interested in editing for some people if they’re looking for an editor. My site’s name is


    2. Ok.
      Just a note though. LN volume 4 end at WN volume 9 chapter 2 so………..
      But it’s going to take years anyway since j-novel is very slow.


    3. Also, haven’t fully read volume 5 yet but from skimming, it end around chapter 98 when hajime is going to capital to help the teacher.


    1. According to law if you don’t get the permission from the original author, yes it’s illegal. But it’s pretty much hard to get you in court for translating so not much people cares about it, at most you got DMCA and content removal.


  3. Given that they have the possibility to use a DMCA strike to take all chapters down at once but go the long way and ask the sites to put em down slowly from the beginning on, i’d say that i rather like that way and if the LN is not that much different to the WN so they need to remove the translations from the web i can understand their point of few (would be another story if the LN and WN are way different like in the case of Overlord but i can’t tell the difference with Arifureta since i haven’t read the LN yet)

    I guess we should be thankful that they don’t just simply go and put everything down at once like others would do.

    and just as elementalcobalt said: it will take years till it reaches this side, so go and look for an epub/pdf file torrent that have the first few volumes and save em somewhere if ya wanna reread the story later on, or get the translated LN and look if they did a good job translating while also supporting the Author.

    Well these were only my thoughts on the matter really and if you disagree with me feel free to do so, won’t start telling people what top think on the internet.

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  4. Hey Elemental… Sorry for what im about to say sinfe you already told us in an update thingy of the questions that you get asked alot. So anyways what i want to ask is that i know you said that bakapervert would be doing the extra stories/side stories but is he gonna do em now or after your translation also in a post he did august 15 2015 he said he wouldnt do the side story stuff.. and again im sorry that i asked this after what you said.


  5. For second i got scared that the whole WN was going to go down instantly (got notification on my phone, so only small amount could be read), but it seems i got scared over nothing…

    And yeah, it will take A LOOONG time for them to catch up with the WN, so we can see this story to the end 🙂


  6. Elementalcobalt-dono, we will always support you for helping us read this novel. We love you. If only i could read japanese kanji, i’ll read from original source already, but your effort really struck my heart as readers.


  7. Wow… Thats kinda messed up. I guess they are playing the DMCA threat card. Good things truly come to an end. Oh well we have a few more years still and we are so close to the end cuz you guys have sped up and work like crazy. So Elementalcobalt and bakapervert, my dudes, thanks for all the hard work first of all.

    Second, do either of you know any good links to download PDFs? Thanks in advance.

    And lastly, are you gonna make PDFs for the volumes you translated cuz that would be super dope?


    1. Asking runs a greater risk of being pulled down. As he’s making money with the LNs, do you think he’ll approve something that would potentially hurt those sales, or since he has a publisher, you think his publisher will advise him to do something that may hurt their sales? He may say yes, but it’s just as likely he’d say no, and once he says no, the cats out of the bag.


  8. For Cobalt-kun and bakapervert-kun, can you make pdf version for Arifureta chapter that you are translated in this blog. It’s only anticipation for worst scenario. And also thanks for your handwork until now.


  9. I know what I’m about to say makes me sound like an a**hole, when do you think the LN be caught up to the WN and when will the next chapters come


  10. Quick question. How can I access the WN version of the story that has already been taken down? I plan on buying the LN version but from what I understand the LN is not the WN version that I started reading. In short, I simply want to continue reading the WN but can’t find it and the one that is being sold is the LN. I just started reading this series


    1. Google it. There are sights that (illegally) host the web novels earlier chapters. I was able top find someone with a wattpad account doing it, but there are also sights that make a business of ripping web novel translations (mine included) and rehosting them.


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