Since We ALL Know You Guys Don’t Read…

Read a 5000 word chapter of Arifureta, easy, read 200 words I put in the front of the chapter explaining the situation… oops, I don’t do that!

You aren’t getting a chapter this weekend. You already got that chapter last Thursday. I’ve been releasing 2 chapters a week, that’s 8 times faster than I was releasing when I started and 2 times faster than I was releasing last month… and still people are complaining. It’s my birthday this weekend, leave me alone.


Seriously, if you can spend 20 seconds writing comments to nag me, you can spend 20 seconds reading the answers to your comments that I put in front of every chapter.

Answers to questions such as:

Am I going to complete Arifureta? Yes

Am I going to complete the after stories? No, Bakapervert is

Why did my comment not post? Because I have to approve some comments first, and I don’t live signed into wordpress waiting for every single one of your comments.

What is your release schedule? Minimum of once, maximum of twice per week. I shoot for Wednesday and either saturday/sunday based on what I’m doing with my family that weekend.

Why did you release some original work chapter instead of editing more Arifureta? Because fuck you, that’s why.

Speaking of which, why don’t you release more original work chapters? *Blood vessel explodes*

Your abrupt ending to the series (Alternative Chapter 157) felt abrupt? *Bangs head against wall until blood starts to splatter*

If Bakapervert was able to translate it so fast, why don’t you just edit them all and release all the chapters at once like we all want? *Pulls gun out and shoots self in face*

Are you still there?

Wait… are you going to complete Arifureta? …. *sigh* yes….

But what I really want to know is whether you’re going to keep translating the after stories? *Deletes wordpress*

Naw… I’m just kidding you guys are great. *Whimpers*



46 thoughts on “Since We ALL Know You Guys Don’t Read…

  1. ~Comes out from lurking~

    *Why did you release some original work chapter instead of editing more Arifureta? Because fuck you, that’s why.*

    Absolute gold! Thank you for translating, and have a happy birthday.

    ~Goes back to lurking~

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    1. I came to post this same thing. “Because fuck you..” is a favorite saying of mine. Keep up the awesome work cobalt. Love your writing as well!


  2. That was funny as hell. Please keep up the good work, and put out chapter when ever the hell you want. If they bitch, just remind them you can always go SLOWER. And shup the fuck up


  3. … you know I never thought that there would be people who just skip reading the title/200 word before the chapter. Well keep up the good work and uhh rest a bit yeah?


  4. I can’t believe someone would complain about your release speed I mean back then with the other translators we would wait a year or something just for 1 chapter it was 90 something if I remember correctly


  5. Just here to say… thank you and happy birthday… go rest~ us (leeches) can wait~ I left Asoran’s food and fruits on your front door, it’s a gift from a certain archer with a crazy amount of mana pool.


  6. Im pretty sure ungrateful 12 yr olds said that. Thank you for translating this LN. I did enjoy your chapter 157.
    Listen to this “Pinkguy – I will get a Vasectomy” and sing along with me.
    Happy Birthday!


  7. Thank you for translating arifureta as always cobalt-sama!!!

    And happy birthday cobalt-sama!!!

    And thank you for translating the after story of arifureta bakapervert!!!



  8. Why did you release some original work chapter instead of editing more Arifureta? Because fuck you, that’s why.

    Speaking of which, why don’t you release more original work chapters? *Blood vessel explodes*

    Your abrupt ending to the series (Alternative Chapter 157) felt abrupt? *Bangs head against wall until blood starts to splatter*

    *Rolling on the floor, crying, sharting, laughing and keep on rolling to the sunset*


  9. Sounds like a**holes are giving you a hard time…I’m sorry. As for everyone else,


    P.S. Happy birthday!! 😀


  10. I always read the extra little stuff you add at the begining of the chapter as it is kinda like a update. Also i feel like its rude to skip it as the translators, editors etc… take there time to do these chapters for us so we should at least read what the put as i little update or whatever they put there.


  11. Okay…I laughed XD Happy Birthday to you bro! I always appreciate your work you know. I want to help, but I really suck at working out a proper schedule, so I am really freaking grateful to you for translating Arifureta! Well, just know that some of us are really thankful for your work!


  12. well thanks to the given link of yours (the raw one) during every chapter of Arifureta, it doesn’t bother me if you’re going to take a break so yea and thanks for the chapter (many, many chapters) last week, i think that gives you “limit break” and get exhausted after that, and happy birthday……


  13. Well, all I can say is, thank you for all of your hardwork. I enjoy all of it (wheter the arifureta translation or your original work.). Keep up the good work and take it easy if you’d like. You deserve some rest and happy time. I’ll keep on counting on you


  14. Damn people need to seriously lay off on this guy. I’d still be happy waiting for chapters to come out once every 2-3 weeks like before than trying to mtl those monster size chapters…


  15. Wah! Happy (late) birthday! Now when are you going to translate the next chapter! (lol). No problem man, keep to the schedule you’ve set for yourself and us people notice when the chapters come out.


  16. Man dude, that made me laugh a little 🙂 . Anyways don’t let the newer/impatient readers get to you. We all like your work so just keep at it at a leisurely pace; what’s most important is that you enjoy what you do.


  17. Espero que hayas pasado un super feliz cumpleaños.
    Por lo que pude entender, necesitas un tiempo de vacaciones. Pues ¡tomatelo!, ya es mucho que nos traduzcas esta gran novela.
    Espero con ancias tu retorno.


  18. This literally had me LOL. No matter what anyone else says this is your option not theirs. You are not at anyone on this sites beck and call. I appreciate all your work and effort. Please spend your time how you wish, not based on anything else here.


  19. Sorry so late but happy b´day! I honestly don´t get you guys. You should be happy that someone translates arifureta, but instead of that, you keep crying. If you want to nag the translator just bite your tongue a don´t write anything. Elemental, thanks for all hard work to you and ofc to Baka too !


  20. Lol guys, we read for free and still complain? He translate/edit for free and some still complain?. WHERES THE JUSTICE?!!


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