Hawtness – Volume 1 – Chapter 1

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This is my completed original work, Hawtness, located at wattpad. I originally wrote it to be in volumes, something that doesn’t translate well to wattpad. So, I figured I’d start releasing it over here as well. Unlike Requiem, it’s actually done so the chapter releases will be stable for quite some time.

Hawtness is a parody of animes, supernatural romance, and harem tropes mixed into a reverse harem bag. I’m pretty sure the cover which depicts a half-naked man puts a lot of people off the story, but it was written to be humerous and satirical, so I think anyone could have a lot of fun with this one. I will release weekly for now.


Hot Nights and Demon Fights

This was the night that started my bizarre and crazy life. I never asked for any of this. All I ever wanted was to graduate high school, go to college, and become a journalist. Love wasn’t even something I thought about. I was a normal person with no discernible character traits or personality. I had typical looks, and my grades were average. Every single thing about me was so plain and ordinary that I could be an analog for any random girl on the planet. So why did this all happen to me? Why did my quiet life have to end? Why did I become the protagonist of my own teen romance? That’s right, it all started because of those mysterious boys who fell into my life one after another. Although, to be honest, it was my own idiotic curiosity that was the cause of all of this.

My mother worked nights, and I made good use of the plot convenient absence of parental supervision to my advantage by sneaking out. I considered myself quite the adventurer really. That night, I sat on the bench in the middle of a desolated park where I often went in an attempt to clear my mind and contemplate how ordinary I was, and how nothing interesting would ever happen in my life.

Certainly, no harm should fall upon a young teenage girl all alone in an abandoned park in the middle of the night. Or at least, that’s what I thought. It was late, and I was busy reading this romance novel about a vampire who fell in love with this girl, clearly a unique and original story. The girl had just realized that the man was a vampire, and he was racing against time to save her from another psychopathic vampire who wanted her dead. This novel would certainly win story of the year.

The lights lining the street flickered drawing my attention and forcing me to glance up from my book. I could feel the ground shake slightly beneath my feet. I would’ve easily missed the flickering purple light that emanated from a gap in the trees if I wasn’t staring in that direction already. Perhaps a normal girl would’ve run away. Maybe that is what separated me from the pack. I was curious, and that curiosity would soon shape the rest of my life.

Standing up, I walked towards the oncoming sounds and lights, leaving my book behind as I went. My body moved as if I was in a dream. My mind was numb. Of course, I didn’t move that way because I was in a trance; I just typically felt out of it after reading some particularly erotic teen fiction.

As I took my first step off the beaten path a boom echoed through the trees, and I saw another blast of flickering light off in the distance. The sudden chaos in that otherwise deserted park compelled me forward and I worked my way through the forest, being drawn closer to the mystery like a moth to a flame. Soon, I could hear voices coming through a break in the trees.

“Just give up, you can’t win,” shouted a steady and self-assured voice.

“The hell I can’t!” came another filled with anger and malice.

Another boom followed in response, and I continued walking forward. The danger should’ve been obvious to me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that whatever was happening over there in the distance, I should be running in the exact opposite direction. I knew that and yet, I was compelled to keep moving forward.

I soon found myself stepping out into a small clearing hidden deep within the park. The lights from the street were obscured and the only thing that lit this particular clearing was the light from the stars above. At first, the space in front of me appeared as empty and as desolate as the rest of the park, but then a purple explosion flashed from the other side of the clearing. I instinctively ducked out of sight.

A form flew out from the forest; a young man seeming blown back by some kind of force. He twisted in midair and landed without making a noise, his muscular arms flexing as he did. In an instant, he’d collected himself and then moved into some kind of a fighting stance. I took a step forward and felt a twig snapped under my foot.

The strange person spun at the noise, and I gasped at the sight of his face. I knew him; he was a boy in my school named Andrew. He wasn’t just any boy, though; he was the most attractive boy at school. He had a chiseled face. His body was muscular and hard. His rich blue eyes seemed to almost glow in the dark and his blonde hair was styled to perfection, even in the midst of the raging battle. He wore a simple t-shirt and jeans that had various tears and splashes of dirt on them, probably from all the fighting. I could see the outline of his chiseled pectorals, broad shoulders, and muscular arms even in the weak lighting.

Fortunately, he couldn’t see me through the series of bushes that obscured his vision. A fireball flew out from deep within the forest refocusing his attention. It had the same purple cast as the light flashes I had seen earlier. Andrew threw out his hand and the fireball snuffed out even before it reached him. My mouth fell open, and my eyes popped out. I couldn’t possibly have seen what I just saw. I tried to adjust my step so as to get a better look.

“Watch it! You almost knocked me down!” a grizzled voice came from a nearby bush.

I flinched at the noise, surprised that I hadn’t noticed someone else so close to me. However, when I glanced around, there was nobody there. A little bunny rabbit hopped out from a nearby alcove. I must have been hearing things. I took a deep breath of relief and mentally kicked myself for letting fear get the better of me. I returned my gaze to the clearing but Andrew was gone, and in a moment of panic I wondered if I’d even seen him at all. I glanced back down at the bunny and realized the animal seemed as intent on watching the clearing in front of us as was I. The bunny was white, with little black dots on each of its hind legs, and it was kind of cute. After staring for a few seconds, it started inching forward like a cat, albeit with lesser finesse.

“What’re you up to little one? You should stay away from that clearing,” I said reaching out to grab the bunny and pull it away.

The bunny turned to look back at me. “Some other time, I’m busy right now.”

My jaw dropped open; did that bunny just talk? There was a talking bunny in the woods! That’s… that’s… the cutest thing ever! There was a hot guy in the woods, explosions, and a talking bunny. Clearly, I was dreaming. I pinched myself and flinched from the pain. Maybe I was on some kind of drugs instead? There was another flash and another boom, but all of my attention was now focused upon the bunny.

“You’re a talking bunny,” I stated, trying to get a grasp on the situation.

“I am?” The bunny looked down at itself and then back up, its eyes popping as it did. “Holy Shit! Thank you! For a while there I thought I was a talking goat!”

“It’s just that I’ve never met a talking bunny before.” I ignored the rude comment, and when the bunny didn’t respond I tried again. “Can I pet you?”

The bunny turned back. “I’m a little busy right now.”

“What’re you doing?” I dropped down to my knees and reached out to stroke the back of the bunny’s neck.

“Hey! That is unauthorized physical contact. Don’t touch me! I… well… actually that’s kind of nice. How about a little lower?” The bunny’s nose twitched as I continued to pet.

“I’m trying to help my master take out pretty boy over there.” It nodded towards the clearing.

Just then, Andrew popped back into view, a flash of purple fire shooting out overhead.

“So what do you have against that cute boy? He is, like, the hottest guy in school!” I asked, continuing to pet the bunny as it twisted so I could reach its stomach.

“Well, yeah, of course, he’s dreamy. But he also happens to be the mortal enemy of my master. So he’s got to go. Ah, a little lower.”


“I said lower you naughty bipedal!”

“Okay!” I pulled my hand away. “You just stopped being cute.”

“Aww… come on, I was just playing!” The bunny twitched his nose, trying to look cute.

I wasn’t falling for it. “Yeah, we’re done!”

“But I’ll do you too!”

“The opportunity has passed bunny.” I shook my head in disgust.

“Reginal,” It replied.


“The name’s Reginal! Thought our relationship’s progressed enough for us to share our names.”

I shivered at the thought. After a moment of silence, I realized he was waiting for a response.

“Oh… I’m Jane, Jane Averygail.”

“You know Jane, for a human, you seem quite okay with all that’s going on here.” Reginal turned away, glancing back out at the clearing.

I shook my head and grimaced. “I’m kind of freaking out right now but I’m running on the assumption that I’m either asleep and dreaming or high on some kind of drug. I told my mom those mushrooms she bought looked suspicious.”

The bunny rolled his eyes.”Well, whatever helps you cope I guess…”

I frowned at him before focusing my attention back to the clearing. I could occasionally hear a light rumble or the sound of grunting but there wasn’t much to be seen. I didn’t know who Andrew was fighting in my probable mushroom induced hallucination but going by what Reginal had said, he was on the side of the guy shooting the purple fire. Reginal cocked his head as if he were listening to something that I couldn’t hear. He gave a distinct nod just as a purple fireball pushed Andrew back through the trees and into the clearing.

“Well, I just got my orders. Say, you wouldn’t have any large protruding claws or vicious teeth or something. No? I suppose no magic either since you probably don’t believe in it? Can you conjure any beings from parallel dimensions? No? Fine, I knew I’d have to handle this all by myself. My master is getting real frustrated out there so it looks like I’m going to have to spring the trap. Wish me luck!”

“Good luck Reginal!”

‘Yes, I’m definitely high on mushrooms!’ I thought to myself.

I gasped as the bunny exploded. Within seconds, the fur scattered into the wind, leaving behind a massive, hulking beast in its wake. The intimidating beast shambled off into the starlit clearing. It was tall, at least nine feet, and its skin was like darkened marble splashed with red. It had long horns and the only thought I could form in my head was that it was something demonic.

Reginal turned into a monster? Looks like the mushrooms were going to be a really bad high. Andrew turned to the beast and when their eyes met, the beast began its charge. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t get my voice to work. Andrew did not turn away, though. He met the creature head on. It slashed down on him, its massive fist ready to crush Andrew’s skull. I wanted to stop what was about to happen, but fear had a firm grip on my body and kept me in my place.

Andrew dodged the thing that was once the cute bunny named Reginal with ease and drew up his arm. A sword of fire appeared as if from nowhere. A single slash tore the beast in half. When Andrew stopped moving his arms, the sword flickered a little and disappeared, as if it only existed for the sole purpose of that one strike. The creature looked around, confused for a second, and then glanced back at my hiding place. He gave a shrug and then slid apart. Instead of blood and guts, though, the creature disappeared into a puff of dark black smoke. Andrew stood up straight, seemingly more relaxed with the creature now disposed of. He glanced back into the darkness, probably looking for Reginal’s master.

“No! Reginal!” I reached out to the puffy smoke that had been my talking animal friend just moments prior.

Before I could even register it, a purple flame shot out of the forest. It took me a second to realize that it was directed at me. I shrieked as the fireball erupted around me. Was this how my life was going to end? First Reginal the bunny, and now Jane the girl. A large force grabbed me and pushed me aside. I fell to the ground, landing in the dirt with an uncomfortable thud. I could feel a large muscular being trying to grab a hold of me and I struggled, fighting against the advances of this unknown entity.

I couldn’t think straight and how could I? I was probably on fire. Maybe the fire was an intelligent life form of sorts and wanted to violate me. The hell if my first time was going to be from a fireball! I knew that it didn’t make any sense but nothing really did at this point. The emotions that I’d been suppressing began to bubble up to the surface.

“Will you stop?” the being on top of me whispered.

“No! I will not stop!” I shouted back, tossing my hand out and striking flesh. “I’m freaking out right now. I just want to wake up! I’m tired of fireballs and monsters and hot freaking…”

That’s when I realized that the form on top of me wasn’t fighting back and when I opened my eyes, I saw Andrew straddling me. He watched me hesitantly with his piercing blue eyes.

“…Guys…” my voice weakened at the sight of him.

‘Why did he have to look so incredibly hot right now?

“Quiet,” he said shushing me before grabbing my hand and swinging his leg off of me.

He pulled me up and within seconds, he had dragged me behind a nearby bush. He wrapped his arms around me and held me from behind, the pair of us sitting quietly in the dark. It was kind of a nice change of pace from the bouts of hallucinations I’ve had so far. I wondered if Andrew was single or if he had a girlfriend. Then, I berated myself for having such a stupid thought right now. What exactly was wrong with me? More importantly, what was he doing forcing me behind a bush?

His breath tickled my ears; it smelled of vanilla. With his chest pressed against my back, his heavy breathing slowed down to a rhythmic pulse. It took me a moment to realize that he was listening for something. Upon concentrating, I could hear the faint sound of boots crunching through the forest. The sound was coming towards us. His arms tightened around me as if he were trying to shield me from harm.

I held my breath as the boots stopped just on the other side of the bush we were hiding behind. Then the person cursed and I heard his footsteps stomp off in another direction. Andrew held me for a while longer before lightening up his grip. Finally, he pulled away, the delicious warmth of his body fading. I sighed, only a little disappointed that it couldn’t have lasted longer.

“You’re all red! Did he hurt you?” Andrew frowned as he examined my face.

‘No, you idiot, I’m red because you’ve been rubbing up against me for the last five minutes with your hot body.’

I shook my head vehemently, not wanting him to press further. Either way, why did he care about my safety? I am a nobody. He always seemed to avoid me in class. Once we had been put in a group together, and it was one of the most awkward classes of my life. It was almost like he was afraid or embarrassed or something. Moreover, he killed Reginal. That poor, poor demonic bunny.

“You’re name’s Jane, right? You go to my school?” he asked, a small but reassuring smile spreading upon his face.

That smile made my heart leap. It was so full of innocence, respect, pride, and care that I almost forgave him instantly for putting my life in mortal danger. It was a smile that you could wake up to every morning, for the rest of your life. I wanted to respond, but I wasn’t able to find the words. There was a loud noise a short walking distance away from where we were. Andrew grabbed my hand, the look of concern returning to his face.

“We’ll speak again, but I need you to get away. It’s too dangerous tonight, just turn and keep running. I’ll his attention and cover you. Now… Go!” He moved me to my feet and gave me a light nudge.

I stood there glaring back at him as he turned and ran off in the opposite direction. How dare he tell me what to do? Who did he think he was, getting all snugly with me behind a bush and then running off? Well, I wasn’t going to move an inch, not one! Another blast of purple flame struck a tree a few feet away. With a crack, it came crashing down to the ground a few inches from where I stood. I winced at the sight.

‘Alright, you win this round; I’ll leave! However, it’s not because of your godlike voice, ripped body, and good boy routine, not one bit!’

There was another explosion, and I began to run. Okay, maybe, I was a little afraid. I could hear Andrew shouting in the distance, but I just kept running. I was confused and the only thing going through my mind was the instructions he’d given me. That and the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around me. I ran until I burst through my front door. Numb and exhausted, I fell into my bed. I kept telling myself it was a dream over and over again. Stupid bad mushrooms! All that’s left was to wake up.


“You look like hell, Jane,” Samantha winced, glancing over at me.

It was the following day, and we were just starting our second-period class. I had woken up that morning in the dirty clothing from the night before, feeling grungy and miserable. I had a nightly routine that involved brushing my teeth, taking a bath, looking at a mirror and describing my appearance in my head, and wearing pajamas. None of this seemed to have happened the previous night. Instead, I had a mushroom induced illusion of talking bunnies and hot abs.

“I just had a strange dream,” I replied to my close friend.

“A bad dream?”

“No… not bad,” I remembered Andrew pressed up against me, his sweet breath filling my senses; it was almost enough to make me blush.

“Oh, one of those dreams,” Samantha smirked.

“No, not that!” I explained, raising my head from the stupor I had been in since homeroom this morning, “There was a talking bunny in it.”

“Hey, whatever does it for you.”


“I’m just saying, sometimes in my dreams it’s a werewolf ravishing me. Alpha-ing my Beta if you know what I mean.”

“I really don’t.”

“Oh come now, we read the same books,” Samantha winked.

“You know wolves are pack animals.”

“I don’t follow.”  Samantha raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing, I’m just saying…”

“Well, naughty dream girl. How about we get some lunch. Should cheer you up.”  Samantha stated, standing up.

“I suppose it might,” I stood up, moving to join her.

A young guy my age pushed by; he glared back at me and gave a condescending sneer as he moved on. He had fiery red hair, dark eyes, and was as attractive as Andrew. He had a similar muscular build but seemed to exude a sense of danger. I also smelled spicy cinnamon as he passed. What a spontaneous and irrelevant event that occurred in my life that would have no bearings on my immediate future.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Wow, you were out of it this morning,” Samantha sighed, “That’s Rune. New kid, just transferred in from out of town. Although, he might be a serious contender for the hawtness.”

“Oh, come on…”

“Did you see him? He’s got kind of bad boy thing going on, doesn’t he?”

“Bad boy is just another word for a jerk.”

“Maybe, but sometimes you like a bad boy because they’re just…. Baaad…” Samantha enunciated the last word, breaking into a grin as she did it.

I smiled back, although I wasn’t sure I agreed with her statement. He seemed less like a badboy and more like a trouble maker. Then again, I didn’t really know what kind of boys I would like. I’d never dated anyone before. Whether he was a demon or a saint, I guess a lot of it depended on how he treated me.

“Besides,” I spoke the rest of my thought out loud, “Doesn’t the hawtness already have a resident bad boy?”

“Daniel,” Samantha seemed to caress the words, “Well, there are ten of them, they don’t all have to be different personality types.”

I rolled my eyes at her and shook my head. The hawtness was the name of a group of boys. Specifically, they were the ten most attractive boys at Fairmont high school. It was less an actual group and more of an ongoing joke between the pair of us. Still, it was always convenient to refer to the hawtness. When you referred to it, there are some people you knew were included; Andrew was one of them.

We made our way to the mess hall and got something to eat. I got a small salad, while Samantha went with a reheated cheeseburger. Samantha was right; I was starting to feel normal now that I had a little food in me. I was just about to tell Samantha about what I dreamed the night before when Samantha’s eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open. What was wrong now? I turned to where she was glancing.

“Are you alright?” Andrew asked in a low whisper.

He sat next to me keeping his head close to mine so he wouldn’t have to raise his voice in the crowded hall. Samantha shot daggers at me. It was a look that said ‘what is this and why haven’t you told me’. The complete look of shock on my face was the only reason she didn’t press more on the spot. Realizing he was still waiting for a response, I gave out a small nod.

“I saw that there is a new student that transferred in. He has a lot of classes with you.”

“I’ve seen him,” I stated.

“Don’t trust him, stay away from him,” he said, before standing up, “And I trust you won’t tell anyone… about us.”

Andrew turned and walked away, not turning to glance back as he rounded the corner.

“What was that? Tell him about us? You guys are a couple? When did you start dating a hawtness? Why didn’t you tell me?” Samantha demanded in a fervor.


It wasn’t a dream. Everything I saw the previous night was true. Talking bunnies did exist. Also, I had a hotty on top of me behind a bush. I wouldn’t word it that way to Samantha though. Her fragile mind could only take so much. The reality of the situation seemed to come crashing down on me. I told Samantha that she was mistaken and it wasn’t what it looked like. Samantha seemed to sense something in me, as she didn’t press further; she was a good friend for that.

After lunch, I ran off to the bathroom. I skipped the remainder of the third-period class, staring blankly at the fine literature written across the bathroom stalls. Samantha would take notes for me; she was good for that too. My brain seemed to move in a whirl, not quite coming to terms with what I had seen the previous night. Andrew, Rune, bunnies. It all spiraled in my head. If I kept thinking about it much longer, my brain would explode. I suppressed the thoughts as thoroughly as I could, took a deep breath, and then headed out.

I ended up meeting Samantha in our final period class, biology. The teacher asked us to divide up into our groups. I turned to Samantha, but before I could say anything, someone moved in between the pair of us. I found myself staring at a tight rockband t-shirt framing a muscular body. My eyes moved up and met those of the new kid, Rune. My mind went numb as a stared at him, then what Andrew had said came back to me. Well, how was I supposed to stay away from him if he just went and shoved his abs in my face?

“I’m new here,” Rune grinned, “Wouldn’t mind teaming up with a smart girl for a while.”

Then why did he pick me? I’m not the smartest person in this class and am not well known for biology skills. Why didn’t he sit by Janice? She was three months pregnant. If anyone knew some biology, it was her.

There was something off about Rune too. His grin seemed condescending and insolent. However, the way he moved and talked seemed on edge, like he was a water kettle ready to burst. His eyes were full of a kind of heat and energy, on the edge of extreme emotion. It was so much different than the cool and collected Andrew; it also held a bit of familiarity that confused me.

I didn’t have a choice, though; Samantha would never forgive me if I turned him down. It would look worse if I made a scene, and my so-called friend was already finding a new partner, meanwhile shooting me jealous glares. I nodded my head, not quite trusting myself to say anything at that particular point. Why did all these hot guys have to start throwing themselves at me? I must be the unluckiest person ever. He sat next to me, still grinning, but was content to remain in silence.

“The partner you just selected will be your lab partner for the rest of the year,” the teacher declared.

This was odd because it was November and we’ve been having labs for like the last two months, but who am I to argue? I cringed on the inside, but it almost seemed like Rune’s grin grew even more insolent.

Andrew would not like this. Why did I care what Andrew thought? What did this have to do with him anyway? I barely knew the guy. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I was my own person, and Andrew was just some guy. The hottest guy in school maybe, and he did save my life. Well, there was that. However, he stabbed Reginal… who was some kind of monster. I don’t know; this was just a confusing time.

“We should go out,” Rune nodded to himself.

“Out?” I responded, a little too loud.

Thankfully the word didn’t reach Samantha, god knows what she would do with that information. This was the first thing he had said anything to me. Up until that point, we had been working in relative silence. He sat just a few inches closer to me than I thought he should, but he was being respectful and didn’t touch me. Why did he have to go and say a thing like that?

“I’ll think about it,” I said the only response that came to mind.

“I look forward to it,” he grinned just as the bell rang. He stood up, grabbing his books and heading for the door.

“I didn’t say yes,” I called after him.

He put up a hand, either acknowledging or dismissing what I said before he was out the door. What a jerk, bad boys my left buttock.

“Oh my god,” Samantha exclaimed, joining my side, “What have you been doing? All these guys are practically hanging off you!”

“I don’t know what is going on, but it has to do with some bad mushrooms I think.”

“You’re so lucky.”

“It doesn’t mean you should be staring at me angrily throughout the class,” I responded.

Samantha blushed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“You just tweeted, ‘Ugh, Jane gets all the guys, what a whore. #Janesabitch’.”

“I have to keep face with the other girls.”

“Speaking of faces, I just looked up your Facebook on my phone, you just updated your profile with, ‘If I was Jane I would grab that piece of man meat and…’ Ugh, Samantha, this is not an appropriate Facebook post. Your mom is in on your friend’s list, stop posting this kind of stuff.”

“No, it’s okay, she liked that post. Besides, you should stop worrying about me and start worrying about the other girls in this class.”

I glanced around, realizing that I was seeing a larger than normal degree of venomous looks. I mean, most of the girls were always jealous of my mundane looks, average income, and no discernible interesting character traits, but this was worse. It looked like neither Andrew nor Rune would do me any favors in the foreseeable future.

“You’re going to tell me everything you did,” Samantha continued, “after I get back from cheerleading. I want the whole story. You must have said or done something to attract hawtness and newbie hawtness.”

I assured her I would and before long, she was gone, leaving me as one of the last to finish packing up and leaving the class. I never liked to leave too early, or I’d get stuck with all the traffic in the hall. I liked to wait for the school to start clearing out before I left. I assisted the teacher in erasing the chalkboard and putting away the lab supplies. Once I was certain that I could get out of the school without being shoved and prodded, I took off.

My phone buzzed, and I checked to see another tweet from Samantha ‘Rune/Andrew BoyXBoy fanfic’s finished and sold at my locker in 20 minutes.’ Well, I had to give Samantha some credit, she was diligent. When had she even written it? It had to have been during Biology class.

I barely had a warning when I saw Andrew and Rune together in an empty room. My instincts told me to keep walking, but my curiosity got the best of me. I stopped and listened; the door was open a crack, and I didn’t have to struggle to hear what was being said.

“Did you even tell her about what we are?” that voice was Rune’s.

“That’s none of your business,” Andrew responded; his voice was cold but angry.

“You didn’t, did you?” Rune laughed, “Well I might just have to, I owe you some payback for Reginal. It’ll be weeks before I can summon my minion again.”

“You stay away from her,” Andrew snapped.

“Oh, you like the girl, is that it? She’s your girl?” Rune chuckled, “Well, you know how I feel about things you claim are yours.”


“Oh, Andreatis, I will take everything that is yours, and make it mine.”

A few girls snickered somewhere down the hall causing me to break from the conversation. I turned and began walking away. They weren’t talking about me, were they? He didn’t tell me what they were? What were they? I remembered the fire sword, the talking bunny, and the purple flames. What were these people? What had I got myself into?

Worst, I realized why I had found Rune’s voice so familiar and unnerving. That was the voice that was coming out of the forest the previous night. Both of these men were dangerous, and both of these men had seemed to find an interest in me. Of course, they were treating me like a piece of property. I wasn’t some prize for either man to win. What a couple of asshats.

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7 thoughts on “Hawtness – Volume 1 – Chapter 1

  1. Just wondering: is this story just going to keep on makeing fun of the tropes or is it going to get darker later on (like most deconstruction stories)?


    1. Saw the notification some days ago and though “An other series? is he/she trying to kill him/herself?” and was to open the notification, but decided I would wait a bit more until there were mor chapters. “Since Cobalt-sama writing’s are good, I wonder what he came up with this time?”. Now this morning I woke up and was looking for something to read while I had breakfast, saw the notification again and decided to hit it while throwing my patience through the window. Just reading 3 paragraphs made me almost spill the coffee I was drinking from the laughter. Now I can’t wait 2 more days! \(T.T)/


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