Be Back Next Week!!!

Just giving you a heads up I haven’t forgotten about you. Funny story, so while we were speeding through translating, I volunteered to translate this upcoming chapter, and due to the numbering scheme, I got it messed up, so I thought this one (Chapter 151) had been translated when it hasn’t. Only realized this a few days before Christmas. Holidays being the holidays, I wasn’t translating it over Christmas or New Years, so sorry for the absence of chapters, my mistake. You’ll have my MTL of Chapter 151 next weekend, and maybe… MAYBE… if I’m feeling good, I’ll release a second chapter to make up for my absence. We’ll see when we get to next week. I thought about spending the next four hours translating, and after staying up late last night and cleaning out my garage today, I just don’t have it in me, so please be patient and I’ll see you next week.


11 thoughts on “Be Back Next Week!!!

  1. I am really scared when I haven’t seen any update and was glad when seeing the news. I forgive you and want to thank you for this news because you don’t get my hope up and refresh this page every 2 hours
    On the second note, I wanted to appologize if I make any mistake(like the mikhail thing) and haven’t make any comment about it because I am busy with my college.


  2. Seven hells man I got scared shit less when I saw novel updates had this marked as completed with such a ginormous cliffhanger thanks for the update


    1. I’m pretty sure that just means that the writer finished the story we still have a lot left. Including the side stories that as it turns out are still being written, there are over 200 chapters. 179 of the main story and 61+ of the side stories.


      1. Is there really 61+ side stories? I’ve only seen the summaries, also do you know if they’re still making side stories?


  3. Glad to hear from you! Ten times delay over one unexplained disappearance, really. Waiting ain’t too bad when you know there’s a reward at the end of it!


  4. Glad to hear from you too! Because I like this light novel and you make a good job… And good courage for cleaning out your garage!


  5. dang and here I was hoping for a chapter spam as a later xmas/new years gift. 😦
    glad that it was just the holidays being busy that was keeping you but sad at the result of it keeping you from it.


  6. I’m really glad you keep us updated. I wasn’t too worried though, I’m used to waiting 1 or 2 months before I get to read the next chapter of a series I like.


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