I wanted an update to let you guys know how things are proceeding on this blog, so here we go:

The Arifureta translation portion is done! Yup, I have all the remaining translated chapters in my possession. They are unedited, but still in a readable format. I’ll continue to edit and release them once a week until they are finished… which should take a little under a year.This was all done thanks to the incredible efforts of Bakapervert, who did almost all of the work at breakneck speeds. As far as side stories, he will be doing the side stories on his blog (link on the side) once I finish the main story, so look forward to going to his site to see all the extras.

But long story short, the Arifureta translation WILL be completely released. Will I release faster? Regrettably no. Editing is still pretty hard, especially when you have to rearrange long run on sentences written in passive voice, which is how a lot of Japanese translates… so no, I’m not going to suddenly dump out a chapter a day. I’m not a lover of editing, and one 6000-8000 word chapter a week is about the most I can handle.

For those wondering about the continuation of Requiem… I haven’t abandoned it, but I only have so much time to do this stuff on weekends. Since I’m spending 3 hours editing Arifureta, I don’t really have it in me to then write new chapters of Requiem. Basically, by moving Arifureta to once a week, I pushed out my time I would have worked on Requiem. Requiem is more/less on hiatus until I finish the translation, although I might throw out a chapter on a good day.

Once last note: If you post a comment and it doesn’t pop, I have to approve certain comments (usually from new unverified posters)… and I don’t happen to live on the website… so it might take a day or three for your comment to show up, especially if you’re a first time commenter. Rest assured even if I don’t approve it, I’ve seen it. There are a handful of posts that spread out spoilers or rude comments I have deleted, but they’re exceptionally rare.



13 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thanks for the hard work you are doing. Take your time. If the releases start really picking up I will just assume someone has you in a pit some where saying “it edits a chapter or it gets the hose again” over and over.


  2. Thanks for the news and I have some question for you.
    First, do you have a set day to upload a translated chapter?
    Second, do you know how the comment section work because at chapter 147, it create a new posters although I used the same account and at chsper 148 it used my old purple account?


      1. I think it used the mac address of the devices you’re using. Look, it used the new account here when I use my laptop. And I don’t know what do you mean by sign in


  3. Wow thx a lot ofr the news ALL HAIL LEOLUCH!…. no wait?…ALL HAIL COBALT!….thx for the hard work on the translations and i still waiting for a Requiem update… good luck


  4. hmm… might I suggest a passive and occasionally active search for more editors?
    I mean you ideally would want to release faster than 1 a week no? :p


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