So, with several volunteers helping, we should be good for releasing Arifureta for a while. Just because I felt like it, I grabbed the MTL translation for Chapter 99, did some thorough editing, and hosted it on this site.

Arifureta Chapter 99

So here’s where I need feedback. Now… as a reader myself, I HATE reading books from google docs. I consider it really tedious, hard on the eyes, and you get those stupid swivels, no next or previous buttons… ugh, it’s just a mess.

So, would it be worth my time bringing the whole collection of MTLs onto my site for a more accessible format?

Also, is my editing, which takes 1-2 hours just for a single pass, worth doing as well? I fix the names, most of the grammar, use quotations because brackets are for suckers (jk), but yeah, check out 99 if you want to see what I did do, and let me know if you think it’s worth my time.

Just host them? Host them and edit? Or nothing?

Sylvia’s Library is redoing the entire series and they are already at chapter 15, so in another year or two they’ll be at 100, although they may appreciate a pre-edit before they fix the translation. So yeah, let me know what you guys think.

Also, this would be purely a side thing, and the first thing I’d drop if it was between releasing a new chapter or editing an old one, so it won’t affect my releases.



13 thoughts on “Feedback

    1. truly love your work and have just been procrastinating on leaving a comment please continue. congrats on your original work really like it


  1. Personally i hate the google docs as well and would love it if you added the chapters here for better accessibility. However I don’t believe you need to re edit them, yes there were a lot of errors in grammar and such that i noticed but I would rather have you translating/editing new chapters then editing the ones that have been out a while already. Again that is my personal opinion and there may be more then a few who can’t stand to see such a great novel ruined by the bad grammar and mistakes that have nothing to do with the story. Thank you for the chapters as always as well as doing this with the old chapters I look forward to the decision you make on this.

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  2. I’d rather you just had a TOC with a link to each chapter that gradually gets updated each time the SL crew release a new one. As for editing previous chapters, well, it sounds like a lot of unnecessary work considering many others and myself will probably wait several years for SL to redo a large chunk of them before rereading.


  3. well I think, recently chapter has some grammar improvement, to me at least
    anyway, if I were to compare c9x (before editing) with c139, I can easily understand the meaning of the story of c139 rather c9x.
    for reediting former chapter, it’s up to you, it’ll give a plus in the later date when some people want to reread from the beginning


  4. Personally, I read everything on my Kindle thanks to the EPUB files on the sites of bakanonymous and henkanepubs. But I guess that for those who read on computer, google docs feels indeed like quite an uncomfortable background display. I suggest re-hosting them at least if you have time. Editing is up to you… But I do remember there being quite some mistakes. If it ends up taking too much time just forget it.


  5. Considering that i’m planning to re-read this soon (thanks to the likely weekly releases in the future) it would be really good 🙂
    It was pain in the ass to read those mentioned few chapters for various reason.


  6. If i were to say, i would like to see you bringing it here with the edit, but if it’s too much work, don’t mind it, although it’s unpleasant reading the old chapters on japtem because of the grammar and all, it won’t be fun at all if you overdo it. Your health first, right? 😀


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