Just a thought…

For the few people complaining about the release times for Arifureta compared to Requiem to the Stars, please note that I’ve already written Requiem to the Stars. All I’m doing is releasing chapters once a week that are already written. Also note there is a big difference between a 1800-2000 word chapter written in english by me, and a 3000-4000 word behemeth that I have to translate one line at a time. So I must reiterate, my release time for Arifureta is NOT affected by Requiem.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this… I’m trying to release Arifureta one chapter every 2 weeks. That’d make this weekend the release time for my next chapter. I’m about half done with the chapter.

Would you… the readers… like me to release Arifureta in half-chapters so that my release times are faster? The thought being if I only have to translate 1000-2000 words at a time, I’d be a lot more able to do that then take on 4000 word chunks. (Yes, in a perfect world, I would utilize my time wisely and spend two weeks slowly taking an hour a day translating, but let’s face it, this ain’t my job and I release usually the same day I translate, which right now, takes about 4-6 hours per chapter).

I can’t promise you it’ll lead to faster chapters… but it might lead to more frequent updates. Just a thought. Give me your opinion. 2-3 weeks for full chapters, or 1000 word chunks every week or so. You decide.


14 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. I vote for full chapters. Though if splitting them would make it easier for you, I’m also good with it.

    I won’t complain since I’m really really thankful for your translating of Arifureta.


  2. Same for me, do whatever it is you need to keep translating, although I would prefer full chapters, even if it takes much longer to translate. Keep up the great work!


  3. aint one of those self entitled 17y old, crying on my birthday cuz daddy got the wrong kind yellow ferrari says:

    If someone gives you something, you should not complain about what you get.
    Common sense, use it
    Geez it’s not that hard people!


  4. I don’t get the idea why ppl complaining seriously. You guys read it free thou.
    As for me I’d love to read a full chapter. I’m very pleased with this release speed.
    And I think the readers are willing to wait instead whining about it.


    1. I’m halvsies on whether it’d make my life easier or not. It might just give me an excuse to be lazy. With the overwhelming about of people saying full chapter, we’ll leave it that way. We’ll see if there will be a time in the future I can pump out more than 2 chapters a month. The only way I see that happening is if I start learning to read in Japanese. Might happen… I’ve thought about learning Japanese for a while now.


      1. So could you explain how you do it? Do you have some tool feeding multiple MTLs? I know that MTLs produce a lot of gibberish for Japanese. Do you use other tool like Rikaisama, Japanese-Englisch dictionaries?
        You say you don’t ltry to learn Japanese. Does that mean you “only” use MTLs without learning something e.g. about Japanese grammer?
        I want to learn Japanese sometime. But at the moment I only can sort of read kana and know a handful of kanji.
        And not to forget. Thanks for your work!


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