Some Q & A

Here is just some questions and answers regarding the continuation of Arifureta on my wordpress.

Are you continuing?

For the moment, yes…

When do you plan to stop?

As soon as someone starts posting chapters passed the ones I’ve already completed, and keep doing so reliably for at least a few weeks/months.

Will you be updating weekly?

It’d be nice, but who knows. I’ll try to keep you updated. I don’t anticipate flat out dropping the series, nor going 2-4 months without an update like certain nameless translators.

Is Negaraizu going to continue doing chapters too?

Although I haven’t talked to him, he posted that he was busy with other projects and would leave it to me. Thanks :/

How do you feel about <Insert person’s> desire to translate this series?

Excited. I’d love to see other translators do this. I like comparing mine to what someone who actually can read Japanese ends up with, but I’d also love to see someone fix it up or, best of all, take it over!

Do you need any help?

Someone else is free to take over translating. Someone is welcome to correct my translations. I’d also be fine with an editor, both on new chapters and chapters already written.

I’m always on the prowl for new programs to help me translate. I’m recently downloaded translation aggregator, but half of the sites are broken. If anyone has any other programs, I’ll try them.

You mentioned transferring over to Sylvia’s Library, when is this happening?

I have not discussed anything with the people over at Sylvia since I helped edit one of their chapters. I think there are some creative differences between how each of us want to do things, and at the moment I don’t want to give up my creative control. Right now, I can post what I want. When I see a mistake, I can quickly edit it. Once I moved over there, they’d be in control over everything, including what got released. Since they’re working on a half-dozen projects at once, any attempt to correct stuff could easily get pushed back or simply ignored. I said I’d transfer if things went well, and I kind of feel blah about the idea of pounding through edits and not really having any control over the final product. They suggested they won’t continue updating the series if I didn’t switch to work under them. I don’t want them to stop doing it (I think it’s a good idea to fix the series and consolidate it under one website), but I’ll just keep doing my own thing.


4 thoughts on “Some Q & A

  1. Well, just to clarify a few things, if you do officially join us as a translator, I will invite you to the blog as an author, and every chapter that you translated yourself from the scratch, you will be responsible for releasing that chapter.

    As an author (user roles of WordPress), you can write, upload photos, publish and edit your own posts. And I will also share a portion of ad revenues with you depending on the monthly views.

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    1. And of course, you are free to publish newest chapter on our blog, except that I will not go through a translation check until we finish the rest of the previously translated chapter.

      But other editors might be able to help you proofread the chapters if you upload them on the Google Drive, quite a few people had applied as editors recently after all.


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