Sorry for the 2 weeks of silence. I’ve been trying to rush out a publication, so I haven’t had time to translate. We’re supposed to submit on Friday, so after Friday I should have my time back.

I’ll get the next update when I get the next update. Apologies.


14 thoughts on “Update

  1. hey, no problem. most of us have waited for over 5 months for continuation of the story (that you have so graciously brought us). 5 days-a week is nothing compared to that lol. thank you for translating/writing.


  2. I don’t think anyone minds waiting as long as you don’t go silent completely…
    Anyway, thank you for still translating this series


  3. Dude I hope u know how awesome you are for translating and like everyone is saying thx for the chaps and we can wait. I love this series and can only dream that the manga trans can come at half the same speed as your novel trans. THX FOR THE HARD WORK!!


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