Shameless Self Promotion

It has been a great honor translating for you guys. It’s fun reading your comments and I’m glad I can help move this series along for everyone who has been stuck waiting for months on end.

That said… I have a dream of wanting to publish books myself.

For years, I have been working on a Science Fiction book saga. I’ve written about 2/3 of the first novel to date. Recently, I became aware of a publishing site that might help me turn my work of fiction into a reality. The trick? It kind of functions like a kickstarter for books.

There-in lies the catch. I need to get pre-orders for my book.

Now, I’m not going to hold translations hostage (Is Yue a cockroach? Tune in next week to find out!), but if you could check out the book, at least consider pre-ordering it, I’d be immensely appreciative.

The book is listed here. It’s $10 for the ebook, $20 for the paperback. I could really use your support in making my dream a reality… so anyone who loves books, give me a try. If you want to check out more of my work, I have part of the book on wattpad.

Anyway, it’s a 300,000 word book that combines Tolkien-esque fantasy with hard science fiction. In a way, it’s a hero’s journey, mixed with the moral ambiguity of Game of Thrones, set in realistic science fiction future. If that looks like something you may like, I’d love your support!

Thanks again! And even if you don’t pre-order, you’re still awesome and I love hearing your comments. Expect the next chapter soon!




7 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. I liked the preview (chapter 4). From the description it seems that humans have evolved to adapt to the new planets they inhibit, and have forgotten earth so they made their own history. This brings about a question (maybe the book answers this but here goes): will humans have the same structure living on different planets? (Assuming that the “gate technology” took years even decades to make after landing)


  2. Since its part 1 of 5 books, im guessing that it would first center on how the colonies managed to identify who has human descendants, then a struggle amongst different colonies on who’s colony is superior.


    1. Ah… not quite so dry cut. The story follows a hero’s journey. It’s sort of an anti-thesis to star wars.It follows the story of one man, who in the right Time and Place can change the course of the universe.


  3. not only doing translation, but you’re a writer as well.. fufufu, i will read and review your writing thoroughly.. prepare yourself..


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