How I Translate

I’d thought I’d just go through briefly my “method of translating” just so you guys get where my words come from. So basically, I copy a paragraph from the Japanese web novel.


I paste it into several MTLs, and get back a result.

Google Translate:

“Barrier shining unawares “HEREM” disappeared, is Moesaka’ have flames had been extinguished by the disappearance of the tar is a fuel. Only surrounding the remains of vegetation that was attributed to strangely shiny metallic ground and the ashes are scattered. It seems the end of somewhere in the world of the century.”

Microsoft Translate:

Quietly shining “Saint relentlessly” barriers have disappeared, were extinguished by the loss of fuel, tar, the flame burned brightly.Only plants resulted in strange shiny and metallic ground and burnt debris scattered around. It seems to be a century of the world.”


” The barrier where “hijirizetsu” is brilliant all too soon went off, and a flame which blazed was extinguished by disappearance of the tar which is fuel. As wreckage in the glossy metallic ground and Kusaki which resulted in ashes is scattered on the environment strangely. It seems to be the end of a century of some worlds.”


“The barrier where ” hijirizetsu” is brilliant all too soon went off and a flame extinguished by disappearance of the tar which blazed was fuel. as wreckage which is in the glossy metallic ground and kusaki strangely. which resulted in ashes is scattered on the environment, it seems to be the end of a century of some worlds.”

So I take those hints, combine them with my knowledge of what has happened so far, and come to a conclusion about what it says, then rewrite it in my own words.

“The “saint shield” barrier finally dissipated as the outside blaze consumed the remainder of the tar and extinguished. The only remaining vegetation adhered to a strangely metallic ground covered with ash. It looked like an apocalyptic landscape.”

Then I rinse and repeat. Each chapter is a behemeth of 5000+ words. (a normal novel is 2500-3000 words) So yup, that’s how I do it. You’ll see the next one next weekend!

Also, if you wanted a good example of how I change wording, check out Nega’s Translation of Chapter 129. You can take his as a more literal translation to get an idea of how I “interpret” things and rewrite sentences.





14 thoughts on “How I Translate

      1. See… I can’t handle voices. I’m actually a better reader than listener. For example, I can more or less read french at a 4th grade level, but ask me to have a conversation in french and I’m stumped.


  1. Bravo, I don’t think anyone would have the patience to do what you are doing. And thank you very much for bringing us your translation !!
    This is a thousand time better than reading the summaries… Have a good day


  2. I’m surprised you were able to make sense out of those gibberish sentence, I can never do it.

    Tried MTL once and failed badly, gotta respect those who used machine to translates without any prior knowledge of said language.


  3. I recommend you “Romajidesu”, this web is very accurate and could translate slang stuff. Once tried this with Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?, when compared to fan translation with Raisingthedead team, it’s pretty accurate.


  4. Uhm… Do you know the Translation Aggregator app? Atlas? It’s also a translation program (mainly for translating visual novels, usually accompanied by text hookers like ITH or AGTH. It’s just an app with windows showing the MTLs of the engines you mentioned (google, bing, babylon, babelfish and other better translation engines like excite, honyaku, systran) all in the same window. I read the novel that way. You can check Aerogamer’s guide to using atlas if you’re interested. I really think it’s too bothersome to check every TL engine one by one per sentence.


    1. Thanks… I’ve been looking for one that compiled everything at once. I’ll look into this. It’s not so bad for me though… I have two wide screen 24 inch monitors with windows 10, so I can keep 4 windows on the screen without even cramping my window space, lol.


  5. モドキ Modoki Chapter 118 I’m going to paste this from another place because they say it better than I can.

    “Modoki” is a very useful word in Japanese. In my Japanese dictionary, “modoki” is defined that it is used after a noun. The word ending with “modoki” represents a word that isn’t as qualified as the word that you just mentioned. For example, “kiiro modoki” means yellowish, but not exactly yellow. In the case, “yellow” isn’t a noun but an ajective, but I think you can use “modoki” as this. When you see a creature that looks like a lizard but you don’t know exactly what it is, You can call the creature “tokage(lizard) modoki”. When you find a bag that looks like Louis Vuitton on the street but it’s not exactly Louis Vuitton on the street, you can call the bag “ Louis Vuitton modoki”. In the case “ modoki” is used as the meaning of fake or imitation.

    So When he is describing Yuu, her white dress is like a wedding dress.


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